How Did Sakura Get Pregnant?

How Did Sakura Get Pregnant

In the Naruto series, we were not given specifics on how Sakura got pregnant. It mainly focuses on how she grows emotionally, improves her relationship with Sasuke, and deals with her personal and professional life.

The natural consequence of their marriage implied Sasuke’s pregnancy after they got married. And that was the reason why Sarada Uchiha, daughter of Sasuke and Sakura, came into the picture in the sequel series of Boruto: The Next Generation.

So, both the anime and manga do not give us much detail on how or when Sakura became pregnant besides telling us that she conceived a child after they got married.

1. Did Sasuke Know Sakura Was Pregnant?

We are not given many details about the pregnancy of Sakura, and we get to see when Sasuke learned about Sakura’s pregnancy.

However, the birth of Sarada was a main or key point in the new sequel, Boruto, because Sarada was believed to be one of Boruto’s teammates and friends in the series. This depicts the bond shared between Sasuke and Naruto when they shouldn’t have decided to become teammates.

So that’s where the series mainly focuses on, rather than focusing on the specific details of how Sasuke knew of Sakura’s pregnancy. Because of his other responsibilities as the shadow of Naruto, Sasuke was often seen staying away from home.

Communication Between Sasuke and Sakura

Communication between Sasuke and Sakura was normally through the adoption of messaging. Crucial information was often passed down from Sasuke via the intellectual communication ninjas to Sakura because Sasuke spent most of his time away from the village while being on secret missions to gather more intelligence to avoid threats.

2. Did Sakura Get Pregnant During Her Travel with Sasuke?

This show does not address Sasuke and Sakura’s pregnancy and the time they spent together.  However, we know that  Sakura and Sasuke spent time together travelling before Naruto became the Hokage. But after that, Sasuke had to do solo trips for secret missions, so he started spending less time with Sakura.

The Time They Spent Together

While travelling together, Sasuke and Sakura deepened their bond and relationship. And this hinted that they were now ready to start a family during this time frame.

When Did Sakura Conceive Sarada?

The exact timing of Sarada’s birth was not detailed in the show. However, considering the known ages of Boruto’s characters and different timeline events, I can say that Sarada was born before Sasuke left for his mission to investigate all about Kaguya.

Timeline Considerations

When we try to depict Sarada’s age and the sequence of events that happened after the Great Ninja War,  we can see that the beginning of Sarada’s adventures started and ended.

Time sometime after Sasuke began his missions, thus telling us that slightly after  Sasuke and  Sakura spent some time together, that’s when  Sarada was born or was brought into the series.

3. How Old Was Sasuke When Sakura Was Pregnant?

When we look at it based on the timeline and the events, it was by the end of the great ninja war. So, we would assume that Sasuke was around 19-20  when Sakura got pregnant.    As the end of the grade ninja war ended,  it led to the new sequel, Boruto.

Age Calculations: It’s probably about the age of 17 when the 4th great ninja war ended. and given the few years of rebuilding and attaining peace before the series of Boruto started, we’re able to consider that their daughter and series had a rather similar age within the timeline, making us believe that Sasuke was 19 to 20 years old by the time Sarada was born.


Therefore, we can surely say that we do not exactly see the details in the anime or the manga on how Sakura got pregnant or how she even gave birth.  However, it does show us the growth and maturity of her relationship with Sasuke.

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