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Red Hair is the basis of the animes that will be explained belle. It is important to note that Red Hair, to the Anime world, represents memorable, beautiful, awesomeness and handsomeness. In Japan, RED is one of the sacred and most important prints, thus bringing prominence to these animes.

The main base includes acknowledging the prominence of the colour red in the nation and society. It brings out the definite d]need for prudence, and the Anime listed below has allocated colour in their films.

Hence, now we shall explain a number of the top listed Films that one would find interesting to watch. This list seemed more well-written with male red-haired characters.



I am glad to invite you on the journey of Sora, the first example of the Anime with Red Hair character. He is characterized by a life where he has a sister named Shiro. The character of Sora is portrayed as the once-in-a-while cocky character.

The protagonist shows his sister a lot of love, and he is willing to do anything for her. He is a brother who would give up all he has for his sister.

He also embodies an ability whereby he does his best to raise his sister in the best way possible. He is even portrayed as a critical thinker with a solution, even when pressure is mounted on him.

The Anime has a storyline which shows Sora’s young-age mentality. His mentality made him think that humans are not good as they are neither weak nor Beautiful; after meeting his sister Shiro, his faith in humans was restored.

However, the only problem with this young man is that at any point that he is away from Shiro, all his ability and confidence are nowhere to be found. He has a heart of Gold, always ready to help others in any way possible; he is just a rare breed in the community.



This is a beautiful piece as its name is One Piece. This Piece deserves to be on this list, as it is very captivating. The film’s main character is Red-Haired Shanks, portrayed as the leader of a group of pirates with red Hair.

He even acts as an inspiration to another main character, Monkey D. Luffy, in the pirate world. The gist is what strengthens him. He is strengthened by his ability to make use of the supernatural powers. It is a film in which most characters are taught to manage their abilities.

however Shanks proves to be outstanding in his unique gift. He even becomes a master of this gift and can fight all his enemies without any struggle.  

All for Haki, Shanks finds himself widely making people afraid throughout the world of Anime. The Marines even threatened to quit their attack on the pirates when Shanks joined the war because of fear. If the need to watch the film has risen, please catch him in the latest movie, One Piece Film: Red.



Story of a red-haired character who was an exhibition of supernatural abilities. This Anime should not be left out when talking about red-hair Anime.

Based on the character Sasori, the move begins when he resided in the village a long time ago. This was like twenty years before the transpiring of the Naruto Shippuden. However, it starts as Sasrori is just one of the Akatsuki groups.

He could make himself recognized in the group. This was because he had a lot of connections with great people from the Naruto world.

He even possesses a very unique gift. This gift allows him to magically have authority over puppets with great skills. This skill was taught to him by his grandmother and Kankuro, they were also the same people that unveiled the skill.

It is even seen in the film that Sasori possessed the post as the founder of the puppetry by Kankuro. This is what bore him the great red scorpion mark.



 A movie where justice is given to red hair anime by Kirishima. His character proves to be just like one of them as he cannot be quiet, loud and very noisy. He brings out a character worthy of all the respect in the anime in front of all the allies and opponents that crossed paths with him.

A movie based on the character of Kirishima, who is studying as a 1A student. He is mostly the main character in most plays and series. He has a character that is adored, as his availability never goes unnoticed.

He plays it well when motivating the other students he studies with. However a very tight and hard character is shown in him as a way he uses to hold onto himself and his will against the rest of the people. 

As the show progresses, he seems to have had a hardening quirk, which he manages to get the ability to handle and make strong. It even goes to the point of changing his look, giving him a new and huge look. If you see the look, by the sight of it, you would believe that he is indestructible.

He makes him strong in his ability, and he becomes a master of it. In the sense of suspense, you will have to discover what he does with his ability because a lot comes after that.



Renji is introduced by being friends with Rukia. His character is brought out as a famous figure but quite stubborn. He proves arrogant and rude but in a very beautiful comic way. There is even a beautiful way of insulting each other with Rukia, which would make one laugh.

There is a large sense of humour that you would not want to miss. However, in all his drama and humour, he is a very dangerous person when it comes to fighting. He proves to be fast and strong, giving a superhero energy.

What makes the movie even more beautiful is how he is at any point willing to go to any length to save his friend. He has a beautiful bond with Rukia and is very protective of her with everything he has. He is even strong to the extent of being a lieutenant.

Renji proves to be quite determined and looks forward to being a captain someday. Will he become one? This is just one of the reasons you should watch it. 

However, the Lieutenant he is trying to be better is characterized by scary marks all over his body. He is embodied with big brown eyes and a lot of decor on his body.

Also, Renji’s character seems to take a drastic change in the movie’s progression; he stops being joyful and smiley and becomes very angry, serious and focused.

The viewers view him as a very serious guy, especially when he is fighting his enemies and approaching his threats. He has very unique skills that make him one of the best fighters. It has even allowed him to be compared with the captain, giving him the possibility of becoming captain.



 Starting with a bad character view, the protagonist Gaara is characterized as a very harsh and dangerous murderer. This is the character that is used to introduce him in the film. The storyline brings out baby Gaara being born and believed to have carried a curse.

This curse gave him a different identity and behaviour because it bore a one-tailed beast in him. Because of this, he is perceived to be too bad that he becomes a demon to everyone around him.

However, as the film proceeds, he manages to control himself and change for the better for everyone around him. Also, because this has been added to the red hair, Gaara proves worthy of his power. He has even proved to be more powerful than many enemies.

He is believed to be close to indestructible because of his abilities, which are beyond imagination. Through the movie’s progression, he aims to lead due to his great ability to manage and strengthen his abilities even more and better.



The protagonist possesses a titular name, Sho, an expert in criminal investigation. He is known as a Division 01 enforcer in his 20-something age with a very intelligent mindset. He proves to be the best among his friends regarding understanding hologram techno.

All this is proven by the way he can recognize Kirito through the use of a hologram. He even has the ability to use the hologram while in disguise. She is multi-talented and able to see the difference between pills when he comes in contact with them. 

However, I realized bringing out the character’s personality would be important. Sho is a shy guy, showing a beautifully intact character of reverence. He is characterized by a background of being a victim of being depressed.

This part of his life led him astray and got him addicted to drugs, which brought a lot of unsettlement in his life. It led to the growth of other problems in his life while he was simultaneously trying to balance his job. He is a full package of vast characteristics in redhead anime.



A film based on the main character, Zora, an active part of the big group called Black Bulls. This group is made famous by its special ability to be strong in the world of Magic in a Kingdom called Clover Kingdom. One day, he seems to have crossed paths with a weird person dressed in a half-covered outfit resembling a Ninja.

It was just the way this person was closing the upper part of his face and the chin only exclusively to the mouth, it was giving a somewhat Ninja vibe. Zora is characterized by an unpleasant character, which consists of being annoying and childish sometimes. He has a personality without any respect for the surroundings. 

As the movie progresses, we realize that our Zora is not as bad as he looks; he is just an individual struggling with the problems of being around people. He is embodied with a beautiful, magical ability to make catching traps for his enemies and get them unaware.

His snares act as a reflection of the enchantment of other people who were against him. He possesses the ability to make a vast array of snares for the merging wars that rise. It is not easy for him as he struggles to prepare because wars emerge without warning.



This one is an important thing we cannot leave out when talking about the Anime with Red hair. Kagami is the main character in this Film and is a full character of red hair without any doubt. His top-notch gift characterizes him.

He has a personality with a hot temper, is gifted and aims to succeed massively in everything he does. He has a gift that never goes unnoticed, especially by his counterparts and enemies. He even goes to the point of being called a miracle that emerged and did not become part and parcel of the miracles. 

He got this name due to his ability to possess a massive level of goodness in playing basketball. He is a role model to many people, and if you are a basketball fan, you would love this movie.

He might even become your role model. He is very talented to the point that watching him play captures your heart; he goes top to top with his skills and even defeats the most popular group, Generation of Miracles.

This one is one of the essential films we cannot neglect when discussing the Red Hair Anime. The main character is Kagami, who embodies red hair without any negligence.

He is embodied with a very excellent talent, a personality with a lot of anger and many gifts. He has a mindset that is determined to make things go the way that he wants.

10. Hanamichi Sakuragi – Slam Dunk

Hanamichi Sakuragi - Slam Dunk

Shout out to all the basketball lovers; I am here with a film that will inspire and motivate your love for the sport. Hanamichi Sakuragi embodied a very handsome, tall structure, which most basketball players have. When the Film begins, we realize that Hanamachi has little to no knowledge of the sport.

However, as the movie progresses, his massive talent is exposed, and he even gets a post in the team as a start lineup. It’s really funny how the boy grew up with the behaviour of bullying other kids.

Imagine, with all his stamina definitely, he could do so. On the way, he meets a young lady who is a basketball lover, and her interests become his interest in the sport.

In most cases, his personality affects the play as he is boastful, quite stubborn, and full of himself. At every point of the Film, no one can stop him from the post of being the best.

In as much as he had no experience, he proved to be doing the best and becoming the best in every post and every part of the game he was given.

He was feared as the strongest part of the whole team and has served himself a spot as the leader at necessary points. This is a very beautiful basketball film that is very motivating and inspiring.

11. Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro Kamado

The Film starts in a very solemn mood where the main character, Tanjiro Kamado, is going through a period of depression trying to heal his sister, who transformed into a beast.

In the Film, he aims to destroy the master of the Beast and demons,  Muzan Kibutsuji. His grudge against this guy was on the basis that he had killed his family members. Hence, all this led him to join the enemies’ group to figure out a substance to heal his sister.

In many cases, he lost, but he never gave up on his mission. Tanjiro was characterized with a heart of gold, was very helpful and came around everyone with kindness. With his kind heart, he does not struggle or feel bad to come and fight the beasts.

He is fighting for justice and acting as a hero to those frustrated by the slayers. He is full of energy when it comes to this battle.

Trained and moulded by a very dangerous man called Sakonji Urokodaki. He was moulded in a stage-by-stage manner where he learnt to use the sword and breathe in the water skills. As good as he was, he even discovered new skills, especially those in which he breathed in the water, making him stronger and more powerful.

He was very calm and composed but very powerful he was not to be looked down upon. There a quite several series that you can watch again because he is very interesting.

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