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This is a very internally rich selection from the Anime world; it even includes the good subs that come under such selection, which fans would be very interested in. The anime world has combined some fiction, science and fights but mainly focuses on the romantic part of the stories.

It is of great pleasure to appreciate the unique way Anime does well with the audience; this is mainly done in anime love stories. This list shows how friendships and love bonds are important in this world and the magical world.

This is emphasized by how it shows how relationships end and are mended in a way that everyone can understand.

They mainly give in to the idea of young couples but that does not stip off the maturity of the Anime. They maintain the flow of emotions and suspense in a non-offending way, thus giving a feeling that undoubtedly resonates with the audience.

This is a list of top-ranked love anime which would help select what to watch. This could be a great start to the adventure of Anime for those who have not started.

12. A Whisker Away (2020)

A Whisker Away (2020)

I would start writing about the anime “A Whisker Away,” where love and bonds rise in the life of a young lady named Miyo (Mirai Shida). This is your type of story to the teenagers out there I’m sure you would like to watch. This beautiful girl seems to like Kento so much and is on a mission to get him to be hers.

It’s funny how Miyo finds herself with a chance that turns her into a cat, and she uses that opportunity and form to get to Kento. Fate looks at Miyo as Kento finds himself attracted to the cat; he even gets to the point of spending time with it and bonds with it.

I loved it because he did not know he was being affectionate to the girl who had been crushing on him. With time, Miriyo realizes her unending desire to be with Kento and tries to risk herself by revealing the truth to him. The question is, will he find her as accommodative as the cat itself?

It is a beautiful story that charms both adults and youngsters. Since it has more to do with romance, I believe adults would better understand this series than the other category. However, I also think kids would better understand human-animal affection. 

11. THE WIND RISES (2013)


The Wind Rises is one of the top anime love stories.

Hayao Miyazaki stands out in this animation which he wrote and also directed. However, he did a great job with Studio Ghibli, which animated the movie. The story is based on the character Jiro, described by his professional as an engineer known for having done the design for Zero Fighter.

It brings out a story where love has to prevail against all the odds standing in its way. The two lovebirds seem to have met during an unexpected time of terror and earthquake on a train.

Naoko is recorded as the only time she had been out with her workers; hence, the atmosphere in which they meet sets up the whole fire in the movie.

It brings out an interesting anime with some ancient information and interesting events that could have transpired during that time. It is a combination of a heart-shuttering and a love story. Giving us love bonds and challenges faced in those relationships.

We are referring to it because it is a famous award-winning Academy Award for Best Feature and the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film. It is one of the Anime we have seen that is even novel-based but exquisite.

10. A SILENT VOICE (2016)


This one differs from the ones we have been mentioning because it does not have a bright love story. However, there arises a very intriguing relationship or friendship, I can say, between two main anime characters, which makes it worth a trial.

It is based on the story of Shōya Ishida, an aspiring scholar with a very sad social life. He has a social life where other students don’t like associating with her for bullying a disabled female in the school.

However, for us, who are the audience? The writer brings a different view of the story where Shoya wants to commit suicide as a way to try to solve the issue he had with the girl he had bullied.

The characterization of the anime is quite interesting as it is shown by how the two become good with each other as the movie progresses. The two even get to the point of assisting each other to heal their disabilities and emotional instabilities.

There also seem to be unique bonds and ties that are able to be made in life. It gives out a good quality of animation that plays with the emotions and feelings of the audience in a very blissful way.



 This anime is a production of the  Bones Studio, also in the direction of Kotaro Tamura. It is a motivational movie showing the audience that they can counter any challenge. The main character responds to the name Tsuneo Suzukaw, a scholar with a booming business.

However, in the movie, she acts as a survivor to a girl who is paraplegic. This happened when he was walking home from his workplace. The beauty of the anime comes when he takes care of her as his after-work duty.

At the beginning of the Anime, Josee, the saved girl, is not on good terms with Tsuneo and how he spends time with her. However, they take their time as they start getting close to each other.

Life takes its natural turns, forcing them to put themselves in a position where they can face their challenges and fears. It is a beautiful series that will keep ringing in your mind after watching it. It is ranked as one of the best to be produced Best Animation Film Award.



Voices of a Distant Star is quite a movie, and just like the title, it is romantically mysterious. 

Just with a small difference from the other films the writer usually creates. This time, he came up with an interesting anime. We can practically describe it as a combination of love and science, which is very exciting.

It even comes in a plot of childhood counterparts becoming lovebirds. It gets a bit emotional when fate tries the love of Mikako Nagamine to Noboru Tera by having her taken for space protection when he was 15.

Unfortunately, the only possible way the two could communicate with each other was made unavailable by the conditions of where they were going. The more he is far from him, the more she cannot reach him.

I know you would want to find out how they reached out to each other and if they met each other on the same terms again… well, it is a beautiful film that has even been awarded for excellence. 



A story about Shizuku and Seiji, who are described professionally for togetherness to get to what they aim. 14-year-old Shizuku has the inspiration to write and come together with Seji. This was after having noticed they had the same interest when it came to favourite readings.

However, continuous meetings make Shuzuku realize that Seiji is a luthier in aspiration. They get to know each other better and encourage each other in their dreams.

The combination of Yoshifumi Kondo and Studio Ghibli proved to be very powerful in directing and animating, especially in this series; this even comes with a 94% rate of being good.

In continuation to the Anime description, it is important to note that the movie brings out a very honest, emotional and captivating story which builds up in a very romantic way.

No one should be disadvantaged by not seeing this movie, as it provides an experience everyone should have. It has also been provided with a sub-film that involves the same characters as these ones, named The Cat Returns. This is for those still craving for more of the same nature.  

6. DOUKYUSEI (2016)


The main basis of this film is the crossing paths of two different people with an unusual friendship. Hikaru Kusakabe and Rihito Sajou are two strangers who have a completely different way of living but meet up mistakenly while getting ready for a school festival that is to come.

In the process, the two strangers surprisingly have a very weird relationship or bond per se. It’s interesting how the writer makes a meet-up between one of the best students with the best grades (Sajou) and a rock boy (Kusakabe). Just a glimpse of summer school in Japan. 

It is a beautiful movie gathered, directed, and compiled by Shoko Nakamura and Asumiko Nakamura. It is also known as the first theatre shoot film. It is known for giving the best narration and a beautiful storyline that suits the atmosphere and amazes the audience.



A very romantic film compiled by Masaaki Yuasa. This movie is described as one to give out a very different take on love and is a novel-based film. It is an animation created with a unique sense of nameless characters. Different right? The two people are often parted by circumstances of life beyond their control.

They cast the impression of having the male protagonist express his feelings to the lady. All this brings out an atmosphere of romance and some love, but quite unusual as it proceeds.

It also portrays some comic scenes so possibly one could group it as a romantic comedy. It has won an Animated Feature at the 41st Ottawa International Award.

Also serving as a nominee for the absolute best film. All these grades give you a solid grip on why you would want to watch it. It is a must watch as it gives a different approach to love issues.



This one is for one of my favourite groups of Anime lovers; these are the ones that love a combination of fiction, science and a sprinkle of romance. It is based on the story of Maloto Konno, a Tokyo Kuranose High School attendee.

She is a beautiful female student at the age of 17. She ends up time-travelling after an incident of getting hold of an object that has the shape of a walnut. With the excitement of having powers the young lady carelessly uses the powers for her selfish reasons.

However, as they say, what goes around comes around, and the aftereffects of her actions follow up on her massively. She even discovers that she has a limited number of chances and tries to fix the damage she has caused. Will she be able to fix it??

There is a lot of heart-wrenching fear that the protagonists face during the progression of the movie. It is a Production of Madhouse Studios, also directed by Mamoru Hosoda; it is one of the best films produced and has been credited with several awards for its good compilation. 



A hot, interesting film produced by Makoto Shinkai. It is a film that gives a very unusual friendship which eventually turns into love. The main characters are a boy who ran away from home and a girl who lost both her parents.

This one is for those Anime lovers who are into enchantment and myths; this is a perfect combination of all that with romance sprinkled on top of it. It is a CoMix Wave Films production. This story comes with the character of Hodaka Morishima who is said to have left home because family issues had disrupted it.

However, he ends up in Tokyo. This is where the knowledge of Sunshine girls gets to him, symbolically, as the film is a rainy season film. He beautifully crosses paths with Hina, who can control the weather. 

This is also one of the films that have received beautiful positive reviews on how they have been structured. They score a mark in how the stories have been told and how the atmosphere makes the audience delusional, especially ladies. It won quite a number of medals and is also a nominee.  

2. CLANNAD (2007)

CLANNAD (2007)

This one is the one we call a journey, especially for those who have an understanding of Anime Series. Moreso, the movie now serves to be a bit different from the series but gives the information from the real source. The movie is a love story of Tomoya and Nagisa as the main subjects. 

It is directed by Osamu Dezaki very unique and different but in a beautiful way that would capture the hearts of the audience. It dwells on how the main character, Tomoya Okazaki, has managed to go through a waiver he has faced in his life.

The movie comes to a day when Nagisa Furukawa decides to make friends with Tmoya. Unfortunately for her, the guy refuses to befriend her. They end up talking more frequently, which acts as a path to the unveiling of a love story. They help each other achieve their goals, strengthening their bond.

This movie involves evoking emotions to the emotions; hence, it comes with crying. So, for those who are going to watch it for the first time, please be ready and have your wipes beside you. It serves as the best Anime among others. 



This is a very famous Anime, which is a Studio Ghibli production. This is a great amusement to the ones that love fantasy and enchantment. This story is based on Sophie, who has been cursed by a witch and loses her beauty, making her turn into an old lady.

She crosses paths with a wizard who goes by the name Howl. He tries to help her, but she resists getting help from him. This one would be more interesting to those who love History, fiction and enchantment.

This movie has a large world full of enchantment, which is magic coming with the current use of technology. It could literally sweep you home with a History atmosphere.

It includes a war that is happening while Howl is fighting to resist and survive. The movie is a combination of beautiful themes, sweet romance and a number of things that would captivate the hearts of the audience. 

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