Anime with wings

Normal anime characters are always fun to watch. But anime characters with special abilities like having wings add the cherry on top for us. 

Today, we are going to discuss such special characters with wings. Many of you might wonder what’s so special about having wings. Well, you might have seen birds. Their power resides in their wings, allowing them to fly high with elegance.

Similarly, the anime characters with wings have some mysterious power residing beneath them, which makes them the most powerful. So, without wasting much time, let’s begin our list of the best anime with wings.

1. Malga Naruze (Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon)

Malga Naruze (Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon)

We will be starting our list with Malga Naruze from Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon. You can imagine Malga as a beautiful angel with long, black wings. Not only her beauty but her energetic and calm spirit will surely make you fall for her.

Being the 4th agent of the Chancellor board, Malga has a strong fighting spirit. Knowing this, you might think of Malga as a grown-up adult. But you will be shocked to know that she is not that grown-up.

She is a student at Musashi Ariadust Academy. Yes, many questions might arise in your mind, like how Malga would manage everything. 

Well, that’s the beauty of Malga. You need to watch the series to see how Malga becomes an inspirational personality through her powerful wings.

2. Raynare (High School DxD)

Raynare (High School DxD)

You might have always seen angels with a good motive of living for others. But angels can also take another’s life. You might wonder how that is possible. Well, I know one such angel who was shown as the antagonist in the anime High School DxD, and she is none other than Raynare.

Being a fallen angel, Raynare’s primary goal was to kill Issei. That’s why you would see Raynare initially hiding her identity as Yuuma Amano. Knowing about her goal, you might think Raynare is a bad person. But her personality has something else to say. Despite having an evil goal, Raynare is someone you would love to be with because of her calm personality.

She always keeps her goal at the forefront, no matter what. That’s the reason Raynare achieves her goal easily by killing Issei. 

3. Ophanimon (Digimon)

Ophanimon (Digimon)

The anime Digimon has a lot of powerful Digimon. And Ophanimon is one of many such powerful female angel Digimons. Being a Celestial Digimon, she has stopped a lot of wrongdoings from occurring. She has stopped Cho-Hakkaimon from creating an unwanted crime.

In this scenario, you will examine the fighting spirit of Ophanimon. You will get to see how she stands strong against any wrongdoing. And this becomes inspirational for all of us.

Just like any God, Ophanimon was full of love and mercy. She always helped other Digimons. She was the saviour of her Digimon community. She was even titled the “Goddess of Darkness” in the series.

Later on, it came out that Ophanimon was the Goddess herself.

4. Carla (Fairy Tail)

Carla (Fairy Tail)

Now it’s time to make way for beautiful Carla from the anime Fairy Tail. Now, seeing her appearance, you might think Carla to be a happy-go-lucky blue cat. But, in reality, she is white in colour. 

Carla also inherited a special power from her mother, Chagot, the Realm of the Exceeds queen. And that was a premonition. She was able to sense unpleasant situations with 6th sense. And why didn’t Carla inherit anything from her mother? 

Carla belonged to Cait Shelter. But due to some reasons, she had to leave from there. Then, she became a renowned member of Fairy Tail, where she met her best friend, Wendy. You will enjoy watching the beautiful bond between Carla and Wendy in the entire series.

5. ShadowSeraphimon (Digimon)

ShadowSeraphimon (Digimon)

Originally, Seraphimon was a very positive character in the anime Digimon. But after some time, Seraphimon transforms, transforming his golden wings into darker ones. And the new Seraphimon is born who is named as ShadowSeraphimon. 

Just like our shadow is our darker side, ShadowSeraphimon is Seraphimon’s darker version. He is totally opposite in every single way from the actual Seraphimon. He is the corrupted version. Moreover, the problem doesn’t end here. If ShadowSeraphimon continues to exist, his powers will make him stronger each day, thus turning him into a complete demon.

Although Seraphimon’s fusion version is disturbing, it is worth watching how the Digimons deal with this darker version of Seraphimon. 

6. Angewomon (Digimon)

Angewomon (Digimon)

Make some way as we approach one of the most graceful angel beauties. And she is none other than Angewomon from the anime Digimon. As the name specifies, the Angewomon is given as per the combination of angel and woman. But, I want to add one more word before that: A strong angel woman.

She was a great warrior, too. Yes, she had high fighting spirits. Don’t think of her as an evil personality. She was a pure digital version of Digimon Angemon. 

And, what to say about her beautiful attire. For Angewomon, her beauty lies in her uniquely designed winged helmet which provides divine protection.

So, Angewomon’s unique beauty, high fighting spirit, and unique angelic appearance have put her on this list. 

7. Nymph (Heaven’s Lost Property)

Nymph (Heavens Lost Property)

Now enters into our list is Nymph. What sets her apart from other angels is she isn’t a normal angel. She is a beta-type electronic warfare Angeloid sent to Earth on a special mission. Besides this, Nymph also stands apart from the usual angels through her unique non-variable and stealth wings, which very few angels could do.

On Earth, Nymph meets a few people named Ikaros, Tomoki, Astrea, and Chaos. These boys become her good friends. Nymph binds up strongly with these people, especially Tomoki, and this bond forces her not to go back to her place.

Through Nymph’s character, you see many things, like a friendly attachment and a strong personality. That’s why I have included this angelic beauty in this list. What do you think, guys?

8. Flandre Scarlet (Touhou Project)

Flandre Scarlet (Touhou Project)

Now, next on our list is the angel, having an emotional and caring heart. She can rule on anybody’s heart with her cuteness and slightly mad gestures. We are talking about Flandre Scarlet from the anime Touhou Project.

Of course, when any anime character is highly emotional and cute, we cannot resist liking that character. However, that character is betrayed in the series. The same thing happens with Flandre. Flandre is confined to the Scarlet Devil Mansion in the series because of her emotional instability.

Now, you might wonder what is wrong with that. Well, because of her emotional instability, Flandre was not able to control her powers, which many times led her into difficult situations. However, despite these many weaknesses, Flandre can still add a beautiful charm to the Touhou Universe.

9. Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

Suigintou (Rozen Maiden)

Now, we have Suigintou, a cute little doll from Rozen Maiden, on our list. Though Suigintou could not make it to the Rosa Mystica, she has ruled our hearts through her amazing determination and high spirits. Now, you might wonder why. Well, Suigintou has faced a lot of abandonment from Rozen. This is because she had lost her stomach, which made her useless for Rozen, and this made it create new doll models.

But this is where Suigintou turns out to be inspirational for all of us. Thinking about it? Let me tell you. Despite being disabled, Suigintou learns about Shinku, an event that took place 68 years ago. She decides to participate in Alice’s game, and not only this, but she wins the competition out of innumerable Rozen Maidens by showing her amazing powers.

So, you can think how Suigintou became inspirational through her high spirits.

10. Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura)

Yue from the anime Cardcaptor Sakura has some distinct powers, making him the most unique angel. Yue is a cardkeeper who has a deep connection with the Moon. Initially, you would see Yue inside Yukito, who is completely unaware of the person in him. 

Yue resides inside Yukito until the final judgment day of the Mistress of Cards is to be made. This is the day you would see Yue coming out of Yukito in his original form, declaring Sakura as the Mistress of Cards, and coming under Sakura. 

Though Yue is very fond of his old master, it is interesting to see how he gets used to his new mistress. 

11. Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach)

Ulquiorra Cifer (Bleach)

This list would stay incomplete if I didn’t include Ulquiorra in it. If you do not know Ulquiorra, it is your luck. But don’t worry, I’ll tell you how this guy is becoming worthy of being here. Ulquiorra can rejoin the broken limbs. That’s why he is a secretive Cuatro Espada, which holds a lot of importance in Espada ranks. 

But how is it secretive? Well, nobody in Espada knows about this. Everyone, including Ichigo, thinks Ulquiorra is the Primera. However, Ichigo, anyhow, comes to know Ulquiorra’s truth. This is the point when everyone in Espada understands the importance of Ulquiorra.

After this event, you would see Ulquiorra serving as an important guy in battle. Besides this, you will love to watch the strong bond between Aizen and Ulquiorra. Now, you tell is Ulquiorra worthy of being here or not?

12. Seraphimon (Digimon)

Seraphimon (Digimon)

Everyone opens doors for Seraphimon, another great entry from Digimon. Seraphimon was one of the strongest Digimon. He had fought many battles and became victorious in them. One such battle was between him and Gatomon. 

The battle turns so intense that both the digimons turn regressive, leading them to come into their actual forms. At last, Seraphimon turns out to be victorious. This showcases how powerful Seraphimon is to win such highly intense battles. 

All such battles prove that Seraphimon is a full-packed Digimon whose fighting spirit is becoming inspirational for all of us.

13. Ikaros (Heaven’s Lost Property)

Ikaros (Heavens Lost Property)

Here, we have Ikaros, a companion Angeloid with a melancholy personality. She had feelings for Tomoki and that’s the reason she would not allow anybody to harm Tomoki. Another reason for this is Tomoki and Ikaros were connected with each other through Tomoki’s hand and Ikaros’s necklace.

Talking about Ikaros’s nature, she was very submissive and used to stay protective of her loved ones. Moreover, her love for Tomoki is to the next level, as she can do anything to fulfil Tomoki’s wishes. 

Besides having strong emotional bonds, Ikaros’s powers are extremely appreciable. She has a magic card through which she can make anybody’s wish come true. Isn’t it great? Of course, it is. And, that’s the primary reason for her being on this list.

14. Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!)

Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats!)

If you want to meet any mysterious anime character with multiple forms, then Kanade would be the perfect person to learn about. She was the student council president. Now we all know how difficult it is to serve as the President as it adds a lot of responsibilities. And one major responsibility out of many is staying calm in difficult situations which Kanade was able to do gracefully.

And let me tell you, Kanade doesn’t have just one form. Every time the council faces any challenging situation, you get to see Kanade’s new form, which, in the end, proves beneficial. Many times might get confused seeing Kanade’s actions, thinking about her intention behind this. That’s the reason Kanade is a very interesting character in the series Angel Beats.

Also, when you see Kanade conversing with Otonashi, you will see a completely different, humble, sweet Kanade.

15. Devimon (Digimon)

Devimon (Digimon)

It’s not necessary that Angels would be problem-solvers. Some of them would be problem-makers, too. And Devimon is one such problem-maker for DigiDestined. You would see Devimon misusing his power every time and creating problems for the most powerful Digimon. Now, you might wonder what kind of power Devimon is having.

Devimon can control the most powerful Digimon, like Mojyamon, Whamon, Andromon, Unimon, Drimogemon, etc. Now, Devimon is nothing in front of these powerful giants. But still, he can do it. Thinking about it? Well, he uses ominous black wheels for this. 

You will get a glimpse of Devimon in every part of Digimon, and why not see him? He is the first and foremost powerful antagonist in the series. You will see his first glimpse in the Digimon Adventure series and the extended version in its second part. 

16. Albedo (Overlord)

Albedo (Overlord)

Albedo was the Regent of the Guardians in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Though she was a succubus, she had a charming personality, which she developed with the help of Tabula, who had been a guild member in the past. What has led Albedo to this list is her dedication to her work. Whatever responsibilities were allotted to Albedo, she would work for them wholeheartedly.

She was supervising various work operations of the Tomb so perfectly. Ainz was the master of Nazarick Tomb. Just like Albedo, Ainz would always work for the betterment of the Tomb. And that’s the reason why Albedo fell for him. She had unconditional love for Ainz. That’s why she was handling his offspring. Even for Ainz, she took rivalry with Shalltear, who also had the same feelings for Ainz.

Albedo, due to her dedicated nature, has won my heart.

17. Hawks (My Hero Academia)

Hawks (My Hero Academia)

When it comes to Hawks, he is a hero in all forms. Many of you might not like him due to his carefree nature, but his dedication to becoming a Hero will win your heart. He was just 22 years old when he achieved the second position in the hero rankings. Isn’t it great? 

Though it was not easy, Hawks still made it possible through his firm determination, due to which he started getting trained from his childhood. So, you can imagine how dedicated the Hawks were despite being happy-go-lucky.

Hawks’s hard efforts were fruitful when All Might had to retire, and that was when Hawks became the Symbol of peace due to his special skills.

18. Monet (One Piece)

Monet (One Piece)

Now it’s time for you to know one of the most unique anime characters with unique power but in a unique way. She is none other than Monet. You might wonder what’s so special about her. Well, let me tell you. Monet can transform her limbs into bird-like appendages. Wow, that’s amazing.

Because of her unique abilities, she is designated as the assistant to Caesar Clown at the Punk Hazard research facility. Her designation has a lot of responsibilities attached to it. And the good part is she can do it perfectly.

Due to her dedication, Doflamingo sends her as an undercover member of the notorious group Donquixote Pirates. 

19. Mael (Seven Deadly Sins)

Mael (Seven Deadly Sins)

If you have seen Seven Deadly Sins, you might know one amazing warrior, Mael. And it is an obvious thing as he is the Mael of Sun. He was one of the four members of the Four Archangels.

You get to witness the fighting spirit of Mael when his son forges him as the son of a demon king. He was declared as the deputy chief of the Ten Commandments. What I like the most about Mael is his warrior qualities, which you would see in a few people.

Due to his great qualities, he has made it to this list. What do you guys think about this?

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