Why did Itachi spare Sasuke?

Why Did Itachi Spare Sasuke

Itachi spared Sasuke with a desire to protect him. He wanted Sasuke to live untainted by the darkness of the coup that the Uchiha clan was planning.

Moreover, he wanted to strengthen Sasuke for the future as the hero of the Hidden Leaf village. While doing this, it filled a lot of hatred in Sasuke’s mind for Itachi. But Itachi knew he was doing it for the betterment of his brother and the village.

1. The Heartbreaking Reason Why Itachi Spared Sasuke

Love and Protection

Now, we all know that Itachi had a deep love for Sasuke. However,  It may seem like Sasuke didn’t realize it. He thought that his brother had gone entirely mad the moment he decided to kill the entire Uchiha clan.

This eventually made Sasuke think of nothing but revenge against his own brother because he assumed that Itachi killed his entire family, especially their parents, for his own sake.

Itachi spared Sasuke at the time when he eliminated his clan because he could not bring himself to destroy or kill Sasuke as he was an innocent little boy who didn’t know anything about his clan’s motives. While doing this, Itachi proves to us just how loyal love Itachi has for Sasuke.

A Future for Sasuke

Itachi knew that if he hadn’t done that, Sasuke might have fallen into the corrupted politics,  conflicts and power struggles within the village that initially had tainted the Uchiha clan.

Therefore, his sparing  Sasuke forces Sasuke to change his dark path to plot revenge against  Itachi. This is because Itachi hoped that  Sasuke would ignore the whole fight behind civil wars and political struggles that the Uchiha clan had depicted.

2. The Truth Behind Itachi’s Decision to Spare His Brother Sasuke

Itachi’s Sacrifice

Now we all know that after Itachi’s actions of massacring the entire Uchiha clan, Itachi mantle up the villain role by massacring his clan.

Itachi made this sacrifice just to keep his younger brother alive and hope he would not fall down the wrong path, just like the old Uchiha clan, which could have led to civil wars and, hopefully, a coup d’etat against the Hidden Leaf.

The Hope for Redemption

Itachi’s plan to hide the truth from Sasuke was brilliant because Itachi made Sasuke plot his vengeance and spend his time planning his vengeance against his older brother rather than trying to investigate or try to depict the Uchiha clan’s tainted actions.

So  Sasuke eventually finds out the truth about  Itachi’s plans after he defeats him and returns to the village as a hero.  Itachi was the mastermind behind this plan that he would die at the hands of Sasuke,  cleansing the Uchiha clan, and restoring the Uchiha clan through his younger brother.

He had high hopes and trust that his younger brother would continue the legacy and also hoped that one day he would forgive him for all the misunderstanding he had put him through.

3. Itachi Uchiha’s Motives: Why He Chose Not to Kill Sasuke

Now, there was a complex understanding of duty and family in the Shinobi world that came to Itachi’s decision to destroy the Uchiha clan,

  • Preserving Sasuke’s Innocence: We all know that Sasuke was a young, innocent boy at the time of the Uchiha clan massacre. Sasuke was an innocent little boy who looked up to his brother, Itachi. Therefore, when the time came for Itachi to take up these huge responsibilities for Sasuke to take up the clan’s legacy, he had to let Sasuke grow into that hatred towards him rather than towards the Uchiha.
  • Strategic Manipulation: Itachi’s plan to make Sasuke focus his energies on revenge and vengeance against him for the massacre of the Uchiha clan was more like a solidified plan because He manipulated the events around this massacre, creating a misunderstanding for Sasuke and everyone around them.
  • Legacy of Hope: Now, Itachi hoped that after  Sasuke’s plot for revenge was done, he would eventually attempt the village as a hero and thus try to rebuild the Uchiha clan in the hopes of peace and harmony with the Hidden Leaf Village.

4. Itachi’s Sacrifice: Why He Left Sasuke Alive

It was a huge burden for Itachi to leave Sasuke alive. Therefore, this proved to us just how deep their love for each other went through. And  How strong the power of brotherly love is.

5. Itachi Uchiha’s Actions: The Deep Bond That Saved Sasuke

Later on in the series, Sasuke actually realized that the real reason behind Itachi’s actions was a way of saving him and hoping that his love would continue to live on even after Sasuke took his life by means of his own hands.

So when you look at the reason why Itachi spared  Sasuke after the massacre of  The Uchiha clan, It shows us the deeper meaning of love he has for Sasuke Uchiha.

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