Did Sasuke’s Mom Want to Adopt Naruto?

Did Sasuke’s Mom Want to Adopt Naruto

Well, the answer to this query is a complete no because, in the entire Naruto series, we are not getting any source of evidence where Sasuke’s mom, Mikoto Uchiha, would be saying that she was interested in adopting Naruto.

Yes, of course, Mikoto was a kind-hearted person, and she knew Naruto’s parents very well. Even though she was very friendly with Naruto, she never had such feelings in her mind related to Naruto’s adoption.

Mikoto Uchiha’s Relationship with Naruto’s Family

Mikoto Uchiha, Sasuke’s mother, had an amazing relationship with Naruto’s family, especially with Naruto’s mother, Kushina Uzumaki. They were more than friends. This friendship connection strengthened the familial ties between the Uchiha and Uzumaki clans.

  • Friendship with Kushina Uzumaki: Mikoto and Kushina were very good friends, and their strong friendship bond is highlighted between their sons, Sasuke and Naruto.  Though rivals, the Uchiha and Uzumaki families had mutual respect due to Mikota and Kushina’s friendship.
  • Impact on Naruto and Sasuke’s Destiny: As I said, Mikoto and Kushina were very good friends, which was the ultimate base of a good relationship between the two families. This friendship relation between Mikoto and Kushina also influenced the destinies of Naruto and Sasuke which became the central characters in the series due to their rivalry and friendship.
  • Shared Grief and Understanding: When Kushina died to save Konoha, at that time, Mikoto actually got a lot of pain as she had lost a sister in the form of a friend. Also, being a close friend, Mikoto could easily relate to Kushin’s fear about her newborn son Naruto’s safety.

Did Sasuke’s Mom Consider Adopting Naruto? Unpacking the Myth

I don’t know why, but there is a myth related to Mikoto wanting to adopt Naruto after the unusual death of his parents. But this is just the biggest myth related to the Naruto series because it is not depicted anywhere in the entire manga if she wants to adopt Naruto. Now, let me give you some of the specific reasons for this

  • No Canonical Evidence: As I have said in the beginning, there has not been any sort of canonical evidence where we would see Mikoto telling anybody or herself that she wants to adopt Naruto. Yes, she was deeply attached to Kushina, but she never had such a feeling related to Naruto’s adoption.
  • The Isolation of Naruto: As Naruto had nine tail beasts embedded inside him, Konoha’s Hokage decided to keep this thing a secret from Naruto and other people from the village. And this stopped Naruto from connecting with any other type of clan, especially the Uchiha.

The Bond Between the Uchiha and Uzumaki Families

Now, when Kushina was alive, she and Mikoto shared a relationship in the form of friendship. Now, this friendship could have become a unity between Uchiha and Uzumaki clans for Konoha.

But instead after the death of Kushina, this opportunity was missed as that potential unity had taken the form of  Conflict within the Village Dynamics.

How Mikoto Uchiha Influenced Sasuke and Itachi’s Views of Naruto

Although Mikoto never had any feelings about adopting Naruto, she understood Naruto well. That’s why you would see Mikoto making Sasuke and Itachi understand Naruto’s situation in the series.

  • Itachi’s Sympathy: We all know that despite the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke, Itachi always had a soft corner for Naruto. And that was obviously because of his mother, Mikoto’s friendship with Kushina.
  • Sasuke’s Rivalry and Brotherhood: Of course, Sasuke and Naruto’s relationship is complex, but you would often see Sasuke understanding Naruto as much more than just a rival. And this was influenced by the intertwined faiths and the strong bonds their families shared in the past.

Analyzing Fan Theories: Mikoto Uchiha’s Role in Naruto’s Life

Now, fans many times get emotionally connected with the series and explore the potential impact Mikoto could have had on NATO’s life. Naruto has always lacked one thing and that was the maternal figure family.

So if Mikoto could have adopted Naruto then Naruto could have got a beautiful family and a great supporter in the form of Mikoto.


So you might have got the perfect idea that never in her dream did Sasuke’s mom want to adopt Naruto. Of course, she had a soft corner for Naruto, but it was just because of her strong friendship bond with Naruto’s mother, Kushina.

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