How Did Obito Change His Voice?

How Did Obito Change His Voice

Obito was implying a form of vocal manipulation and disguise techniques, which made him depict voices identical to that of Tobi and Madara Uchiha.

While not exactly detailed in the anime or manga, it is very well understood that he used his ninja skills to alter his voice and hide his true identity and actions.

1. Why does Tobi Sounds Different Than Obito?

The difference in Obito and Toby’s voices is a key element in Naruto because it shows us how he maintains his disguise and separates his identity from Toby. However, people would not notice the difference instantly as it is minor.

Voice as a Disguise Tool

There was a point in the series where Obito took the persona of Toby, who was carefree and possessed a lighter voice than that of Obito.

Toby’s character was almost like a goofy boy who was very careless and always added a bit of funny moments to the series through his actions.

When Obito changes his voice to that of Toby, it reveals his true intentions and identity due to the thin line of difference between his and Toby’s voice. However, It became an important tool in confusing his enemies during the battles..

Psychological Impact

The change in his voice also made him change to the specific character whose voice he used to adapt, which gave us a brief difference between the two characters, Toby and Obito.

Obito’s original voice matched his dark and vengeful nature, aligning it with his role as a serious antagonist,  whereas Toby was a non-threatening, more of a comic character.

2. Did Obito Have Two Voice Actors?

In the series, Obito was voiced out by two different voice actors to distinguish the differences between the personalities of both Toby and Obito.

So, in this series, two voice actors had to be used to separate them audibly from a serious Obito to the playful and careless Toby. So,  the story’s narrators had to find two different voice actors to maintain the suspense about Toby’s true identity and keep the audience engaged in the mystery.

3. Why Did Obito Act Differently from Tobi?

Misdirection and Manipulation

Toby was an unthreatening and goofy person, which allowed Obito to act as an infiltrator in organizations and form alliances without the need to reveal the true mastermind, who was none other than Obito.

Therefore, Toby’s goofiness reflected in his voice made people see him as less of a threat. This allowed Obito to manipulate people easily and perfectly.

Hiding His Identity

Now the manipulation of the voices of two different characters, Toby and Obito, allowed Obito to hide his true identity and arterial motives he had for the future to become or to play the role of the main antagonist along the storyline.

This made him one of the most intelligent antagonists because he had a way of manipulating not just the people in the Shinobi world but also the fans who were watching the series.

Because most of us were always confused whenever we’d see the goofy Toby playing around we would think the voice of Toby.


Therefore, we are safe to say that Obito was using some form of Jutsus or techniques that allowed him to change his voice and true identity, making him one of the most intelligent yet promising antagonists known to the Naruto series.

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