How Many People Did Sasuke Kill?

How Many People Did Sasuke Kill

Sasuke killed very few people directly, including Danzo Shimura during the Five Kage Summit and his brother Itachi Uchiha. Besides this, most of Sasuke’s actions involved incapacitating the opponents from battle but not killing them. This showed the softer side of Sasuke.

A Glimpse in Sasuke’s Journey: How Many People Did He Kill?

Regarding our character, Sasuke Uchiha, we all consider him one of Naruto’s most powerful rivals. And his following a dark path would make us assume that he eventually became a cold-blooded killer.

However, I’m here to tell you that Sasuke killed only a few individuals involved with Danzo during the Five Kage Summit and his brother, Itachi Uchiha. And it may seem like he was responsible for

  1. The Uchiha Clan Downfall: Unaware ofachi’s true intentions, belSasuke believed him to be the one who slaughtered the entire Uchiha clan, leaving only Sasuke as the sole survivor. This profoundly set Sasuke on a path of seeking revenge for the deaths of the many he knew and loved.
  2. The Five Kage Summit: Now, around the Five Kage Summit’s saga, Sasuke fights against Danzo Shimura, who was a key antagonist in manipulating many events in the series, including affecting Sasuke’s life. Sasuke decided to kill Danzo because Danzo was part of the people who were directly involved in the massacre of the entire Uchiha clan due to the staging of the coup d’etat.
  3. Battle with Itachi Uchiha: We all know that Sasuke’s battle with Itachi was a significant battle towards Sasuke’s development and one of the most intense fights we could ever have imagined.  We know that Itachi Uchiha was already suffering from a terminal illness. This illness gave him reduced stamina, which led to him being killed by Sasuke.

However, as he was already dying due to the terminal illness, we could say that Sasuke only delivered the final blow to end Itachi’s life.

The Moral Ambiguities of Sasuke’s Actions

  1. Non-lethal Confrontations: Sasuke was engaged in many battles and fights throughout the series, and mostly, you would see him fighting against the most powerful antagonists. However, in those encounters, none of them resulted in death. He fought to incapacitate and gain power rather than to kill. Therefore, His battle with his rivals would normally end with opponents being severely injured, but they stayed alive because Sasuke was not the cold-blooded killer that we all thought he would be. He still had a soft spot and knew that killing was not a solution to his problems.
  2. Shift Toward Redemption: With time’s help, Sasuke eventually moved from seeking power to wanting to know more about nature and how to lead people in the shinobi world. Therefore, his role in the fourth Great Ninja War was a reflective action that made him reluctant to take lives unnecessarily because he was now trying to look at the importance of protecting what he loved the most.
  3. Sasuke’s Legacy in the Shinobi World: At the end of Naruto Shippuden and as we begin the new sequel, Boruto, Naruto The Next Generations, Sasuke’s legacy was not defined by the people he tried to kill or he killed, but rather by the efforts he daily gave out to avoid threats and prevent war to bring a peaceful world.

So, we could see that his combat skills were overshadowed by his actions later on in the hopes of atoning for his past deeds and saving the world.


So, all in all, Sasuke did kill a few people, including Itachi and Danzo. Otherwise, you wouldn’t see Sasuke as a cold-blooded killer.

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