How Did Sasuke Get His Arm Back?

How Did Sasuke Get His Arm Back

Both Nacho and Sasuke lost their arms during the intense battle between them. Now, after the battle and the war had ended, with the help of the medical team, Naruto got a prosthetic arm made from Hashirama Senju’s cells, which enhanced the healing abilities and integration.

Sasuke, on the other hand, who had also lost an arm, decided not to get an arm because He thought it was his way of atoning for the things he did in the past. So even though the prosthetic arm would have felt like an original arm, he decided to keep the option of not having his arm back.

Sasuke’s Decision About Getting His Arm Back

Now, in the aftermath of the epic showdown he encountered with Naruto Uzumaki, both of them lost their arms severely. However, Naruto was replaced by the Hashirama Senju cells, which enabled quicker regeneration and higher integration. However, Sasuke decided to take a different path by choosing not to replace his arm.

Personal Atonement

Even though the prosthetic arm looks like the original one, Sasuke decides not to get the replacement. This was because he was looking up to atoning for the deeds that he committed in the past, as well as the crimes against the many people, especially the ones he committed against the people of his own village, the Konoha district.

Therefore, it was a way for Sasuke to punish himself for the mistakes and the dark paths he went through due to his vengeance and revenge towards his brother.

Symbolic Gesture

In refusing the arm, he intended to remind himself of the consequences he had to take for the actions he took and to atone for all the bad misdeeds he had towards the hidden leaf unknowingly.

Therefore, refusing an arm was like saying, “I have to pay for what I did, at least.” Therefore, this gave him a sense of redemption in his decision.

Sasuke’s Journey Without the Arm

Adaptation and Skills

Despite being one-armed, he kept participating in the wars due to his Sharingan and Rinnegan abilities, which gave him intense power.

The Rinnegan allowed him to create portals between dimensions, whereas the Sharingan could be used to enhance his visual abilities. So, Sasuke continued to be one of the most combat-skilled characters with his single right arm.

Continuing Missions

Along his solitary journey, he encountered challenges that he could overcome through the power of his Sharingan and Rinnegan.

Also, Sasuke was one of the most dedicated ninjas who had mastered the art of ninjutsu, Genjutsu, as well as Taijutsu. So, all these abilities still made him a valuable asset to the village, even though he was left with only one arm.


Sasuke’s decision was not because of people, but It was according to his own personal feelings, which shows us that Sasuke did feel guilty for the actions he took towards the people around him as well as the village.

So, his growth and journey through this physical and emotional therapy was a way of atoning for his sins.

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