What is Sasuke’s Favorite Color?

What is Sasuke’s Favorite Color

Sasuke’s favourite colour is black, as it reflects many different aspects that give us more glimpses of the character’s traits in the Naruto series. Sasuke was known to be mysterious and followed a dark path along his journey.

Therefore, he chose black to be the color that suits him or symbolizes the path he has taken and the journey he took. And it does compliment his introspective personality and the way he always looks so serious, as if he is a ninja of stealth and efficiency.

Sasuke’s Favorite Color: Black

Now, in Naruto, every character has a specific colour that symbolizes certain features and character states.

Symbolism of Black

Being his favourite colour, it plays a huge part in the key developments we see in the series. Normally, when we look at Black, we look at Devious power, enormous mysteries, elegance, and sometimes being rebellious. These are the complex traits that Sasuke is aligned with, thus making the colour black his favourite

Representation in Sasuke’s Apparel

As the only remaining survivor of the Uchiha clan from the early days of the academy, he normally preferred wearing blue and black, but over time, as he moved on to being a rogue ninja and leaving the Hidden Leaf, he eventually started wearing mostly black clothes.

This choice of black colour just shows us the preferences in highlighting his status as being treated as an outsider and how he eventually started following a darker path with the intention of vengeance towards his brother, who he believed was responsible for the death of their clan.

Psychological Implications of Sasuke’s Favorite Color Black

Reflecting Inner Darkness

The black colour on its own resembles him to have been mourning his Uchiha clan after the massacre by his elder brother, Itachi.

The narration brought us to the character wearing black in hopes of us identifying that he was following a dark path in hopes of vengeance and revenge towards his brother, therefore making it the primary colour that he wore throughout the series, or most of the time throughout the series.

Contrast with Other Characters

Naruto Uzumaki’s favourite colour was orange, and it was mixed in with a bit of blue. This appearance blended well with Naruto’s personality as well as his facial features.

Sasuke’s black highlighted the opposite of Naruto, representing darkness and vengeance. Therefore, the true being rivals also depicted them choosing colours of opposites, which meant that Naruto was the series’s bright light and Sasuke was Naron’s darkness and shadow.

Sasuke’s Development and Color Association

Changes Over Time

The change in Sasuke’s path after the Uchiha clan massacre also led to him changing his outfit to the traditional colour of a Uchiha clan symbol, which shows us how loyal he was to his clan.

But Black remained part of his identity, symbolizing a core part of his identity, and the outlook remained Unchanged because as Sasuke evolved throughout the series, he shifted his vengeance Towards a different path, which led to a way of attaining peace in the world.

Visual Storytelling

Now we all know that even though his past was a bit dark and rather immoral compared, the consistent use of Sasuke’s black shows us how he wanted to resolve the peace in the world.

Sasuke decided to become the shadow behind the success in attaining peace whereas Naruto was working in light as the Hokage to achieve peace in the Shinobi world.

Therefore, Sasuke’s outfits were a constant reminder of his trials and the strength he had to gain to attain peace and the desired future.


So, now you might know why and how Sasuke’s favourite colour was black.

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