How Long Was Sasuke in Jail?

How Long Was Sasuke in Jail

Sasuke did not spend a prolonged time in jail. Soon after the Shinobi world war ended, Sasuke was detained with the grant of some village leaders.

And thanks to his contribution to the war against Kaguya, he was quickly pardoned due to his impact on the Hidden Leaf at the time of his rogue times.

1. The Context of Sasuke’s Detainment

Sasuke had embarked on a dark path during his early days. And, therefore this caused the village leaders to put Sasuke Uchiha under constant surveillance due to his impact on the village. Soon after the Great Fourth Ninja War, he was pardoned for his actions towards the Hidden Leaf.

End of the Fourth Shinobi World War

Sasuke had turned tail and ran away with Orochimaru, making him considered one of the rogue ninjas. Also, attacking the Five Kage summit made a higher bounty placed on his head, and his fate was uncertain as the leaders of the different villages were putting a bounty on his head and hoping that when he got caught, he would get his appropriate punishment.

So, after the war concluded, he was taken into custody as he played a huge part in the war, which granted him a pardon for most of the actions he committed before the war.

Intervention and Advocacy

Naruto Uzumaki and Takashi Atake, the sixth Okagi of the Hidden Leaf Village, were advocates to help Sasuke get pardoned for his actions because they had fought against Kaguya Ootsutsuki and saved the world.

So their support helped Sasuke face the village leaders’ decision-making across the Shinobi world, thus helping Sasuke have less jail time.

2. Duration of Sasuke’s Jail Time

He spent time in detention for a very short time. The series did not depict the exact number of days, but Sasuke was held in custody for a few days because, during the time he intervened at the Five Kage Summit, he was bound to face the consequences.

And he faced these consequences by being held in custody for a few days.

3. Sasuke’s Release and Redemption Journey

  1. Pardon and Freedom: Following the number of days he was put in detention, Sasuke was to leave the hidden village, hoping to atone for his sins. It wasn’t upon the village leaders but upon himself that he wanted to resolve. Therefore, Naruto put his trust in Sasuke. And not only that, the Kage himself knew that Sasuke contributed significantly to the wars and the battles they had fought to save the world. Therefore, they decided to pardon him.
  2. Reflecting on His Actions: The time he spent alone when he decided to leave the Hidden Leaf Village helped him reflect on the mistakes he made in the past and create a better character of Sasuke rather than the one driven by vengeance and revenge towards Itachi. So, the time Sasuke spent after his release was to reflect on his mistakes in hopes of creating a better version of himself.


So, Sasuke didn’t spend much time in jail. This was because of Sasuke’s extreme contributions during the wars that saved the Shinobi world from damage.

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