Best Anime with Elves: These Whole Anime Elves Will Steal Your Heart

Best Anime with Elves These Whole Anime Elves Will Steal Your Heart

As a result of the fancy genre, the widespread presence of the elf character is a broadly encountered thing. Stories in this genre have a lovely and smooth plot with a country-inspired style that attracts the audience. Not only that, but the anime also delves into several traditions, and elves look to be the dominant tradition on which the fans focus.

They have a special feature that uniquely identifies them from the rest. They have a prolonged sharp ear and formidable magic, which sometimes is a way of manifesting their elegance and skill. Moreover, they are presented as magnificent creatures gratified by their extraordinary potential. This writing will teach us some of the finest and most appealing elves in the anime genre.

25. Ruu (Elf 17)

Ruu (Elf 17)

There is no doubt that Ruu took the 3rd position on the list. She has extraordinary power, including the potential to fly, making her a marvellous human being. Her unwavering justice, enthusiastic identity and lovability make her a flawless ally for a journey.

In Spite, Ruu is portrayed as a sturdy dunce, but she is way greater than that. She is smart and has the most lenient heart. Most significantly, she is aware of how to make her adversaries surrender.

24. Yousei Yunde (Goblin Slayer)

Yousei Yunde (Goblin Slayer)

You better not look for trouble with Yousei Yunde. It’s highly recommended that you don’t upset her for your own sake. Like seriously, she would make you disappear within a blink of an eye. Of course, she is able to; she has 2000 years of experience. Trust me when I say Yousei Yunde is an elf who can make you curse why you spoke to her rudely.

Moreover, you have to be careful when she is drunk. You can imagine an individual’s confidence after taking a few sips; they might even dare to navigate a minefield. The same happens to Yousei; she turns into a TNT field after getting drunk. However, this is not the only thing she turns into.

She believes in her perspective of what is considered an adventure or not. Her innocent nature is the one she wants to keep with her and stay optimistic.

23. Juana (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)

Juana (Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere)

It wasn’t in your imagination to encounter such an elf over here. However, that’s what is behind Juana’s unforgettable character creation.

Here, we have a rounded, half-elf lady with blue hair who has a prolonged salver across her waist and shoulder and appears exceptionally confident that even she could defeat the mecha unit herself.

If Juana didn’t possess those prolonged ears and wasn’t the princess of Tres Espana ( which consists of elves and partially elves in addition to human beings), folks wouldn’t believe her being an elf. Instead, they would have mocked her. However, this fictional story will discuss some unusual aspects, so familiarise yourself with them.

The anime presented to the audience a meticulous queen ( also a second in command of the student committee) who seems unsociable but is easygoing_, and she is physically appealing round the clock (a lot of gratitude for Rie Tanaka, who is voicing her in the background).

22. Marcille Donato (Delicious in Dungeon)

Marcille Donato (Delicious in Dungeon)

Of the Delicious in Dungeon manga series, Marcille is the most famous character, and those who read the book could relate to it. From the start of the series, getting audience attention and appreciation wasn’t hard for heration. Despite being a bit anxious, she has a kind heart and gets her friends back whenever they’re in need.

Moreover, being trustworthy for her colleagues, she is also a magic expert. Throughout the play, Marcille Donato is portrayed as being on the right track to take control of being the finest, most appealing, and most famous elf character in the series.

21. Frieren – Frieren

Frieren - Frieren

Here, we have Frieren, who is sluggish compared to other actors in this lineup. She is not that friendly, and sometimes, it’s portrayed as her facing some difficulties with her perspective of time. The fact that she has existed for generations is the main factor behind her clumsiness in being on time for particular matters.

Keeping that in mind, she has a sympathetic personality and signifies an interest in the people close to her. The way her character enhancement from time to time added to the appealing look has brought her tremendous fan support and a lot of love.

20. Echidna – Queen’s Blade

Echidna - Queen Blade

From being a background actor in Queen’s Blade, Echidna excelled in the Yuri anime series for her distinct identity. Echidna is a contract killer elf with extraordinary skills, leading her to be the finest competitor in the Queen’s Blade contest.

Despite everything, Echidna’s main aim is not to crown the title; her focal point is to get her sentimental affection and mock those who capture her focus.

19. Lyrule From CHOYOYU!: High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!

Lyrule From CHOYOYU_ High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World

It’s hard to accuse people of forgetting about CHOYOYU’s presence, as it came into the picture not long ago. Compared to others, the only way it could be remembered is because of the wicked narration and implementation.

However, there exists one noteworthy and optimistic thing:

Lyrule, the elfin bunny (and minor character), just missed a single letter to have an identical title like the realm in The Legend of Zelda. Even though sometimes those termed experts and ancillary heroes upset me, I have got Lyrule to bring me a pleasant vibe. About her hair colour, we can’t certainly say that it is fully neon or even dark green. Instead, it is a dull shade of green that perfectly suits her benevolent character.

There we go with her beautiful blue eyes, the light reddens on her cheeks, and her cute grin (as well as her fanwank blasts), which instantly seems as if CHOYOYU can rescue itself -which is ideal.

18. Tuka Luna Marceau – GATE

Tuka Luna Marceau - GATE

For action anime enthusiasts with Isekai components, it’s easy to get to know Tuka, originally from GATE. While being part of an uncommon elf clan, Tuka’s life turned into a disaster at the time a dragon bombarded her home, which made her the only one to fight for her outliving. To maintain their living, her father made a sacrifice, which turned into a heartfelt trauma that made her struggle.

Never think of turning a blind eye to these played-down Isekai anime. Seriously, they are among the finest lists in this series.

Despite having a count of almost 200 years, Tuka keeps the fresh-faced look of a 16-year-old girl. This is the most shared feature by all of the elves. The competency she achieved as a shooter and her expertise in using ghost magic play an important role in her fearsome appearance in the plot.

17. Tiffania Westwood – The Familiar Of Zero

Tiffania Westwood - The Familiar Of Zero

Here, we have Tiffania, who acquires every character a vintage elf could have. Her ears are prolonged and tapered, and her eyes are sky blue, which gives her an attractive look. In the initial phases of the series, however, she struggles with her identity as she is partially elf and partially human.

The inner battle that Tiffania has because of her dichotomous nature is portrayed in the anime as she covers her ears with a hat so that others won’t see. Her self-esteem rose step by step soon after she encountered and rescued Saito and was given the name goblin.

16. Victoria Samanark – Restaurant To Another World

Victoria Samanark - Restaurant To Another World

Here we got Victoria, a partial elf with a distinct mark she got from her being elven, together with her prolonged ears and sparkling silver hair, dazzled with her enduring look. Regarding her clothing, most of the time, she wears a green dress that indicates her attachment to the ground, which shows that she appreciates her features.

Despite her age, which is 40 years, she preserves a teenage look, which contradicts her real age, looking as if she is not older than 20 years. After her mentor introduced her to a new eatery, she frequently visited it.

15. Puck – Berserk

Puck - Berserk

Puck is a naughty and appealing elf with good humour and brings good vibes to the world of Berserk. In the tale, which is full of tragedy, evil spirits, and challenges for the main characters such as Guts, Puck is the one who brings sparkling joy and psychological aid.

Taling about the elf’s honesty to Guts, adding to their potential for recovery places them as the top worthy characters of the team. In particular, the existence of Puck in the story is used as a nudge for the robustness of a long-lasting spirit. This makes Puck a very important and cherished personality among the audience.

14. Licht From Black Clover

Licht From Black Clover

It’s expected that you will cover all the episodes to learn the highlight of Licht (though even after that, it’ll just be hindsight). However, the anime did his best, which is enough to showcase his unique interest.

About the time concerning Licht, I wasn’t confident enough, to be honest; he resembles Patolli, who is the Eye of the Midnight Sun and William Vengeance.

However, after penetrating through everything, It’s for sure that everyone will appreciate this ruler not solely for his physical appearance ( a skinny, tall, light-skinned elf with beautiful golden eyes and white braided hair) but as well as they appreciate him for being perfect, too.

Nevertheless, Li Li got hurt because of the foolishness of elves and humans; he always recommends good interaction between his elves and people and elves.

13. Marielle – Log Horizon

Marielle - Log Horizon

Here, we have a fascinating and mesmerizing guild head named Marielle. Marielle has an energetic character, and she possesses electrifying management skills. Her characteristics prompt a good vibe of friendship in the Crescent Moon Alliance group.

Nevertheless, despite being caught in the game sphere, she stayed hopeful and decided to find a way to return to reality. The potential she possessed to integrate the team members, added to her commitment to her fellows, makes her the vital essence of Log Horizons.

12. Kokoro Natsume From Princess Connect Re: Dive

Kokoro Natsume From Princess Connect Re_ Dive

From the number of competitions between Princess Connect Re: Dive and KonoSuba, we can conclude they have a lot in common, such as the same genres and being produced by a similar director, Takaomi Kanasaki.

However, something exists in Princess Connect that is not there in KonoSuba. It is the most captivating ( but little) Kokoro Natsume.

Anyone familiar with RPGs earlier can remember those games at their first sight of her. Kokoro is the one who lets Yuuki know about the imagination universe_ as in the classic video game lesson.

I do like the character of Kokoro; she has several kawaii moves that I kept as GIFs, and I also admire her because she is not a dull elf, unlike the rest. She indeed has prolonged ears, though. However, she acquired pink eyes and short, wavy white hair in the expected spots.

I love how she dresses up in a blend of white, gold, and green. It gives the far eastern sense. My liking doesn’t stop there; I also like her spear, the way it opted with a masterpiece, which is slightly higher than hers.

11. High Elf Archer – Goblin Slayer

High Elf Archer - Goblin Slayer

This elf exemplifies an everlasting lovely look, prolonged ears and exceptional shooting expertise. Regardless of her confounded age of 2000, she is considered the youngest. She has a delightful purity regarding the planet’s dusky sides.

Like her elven colleagues, she is capable of being exceptionally supercilious and obstinate, which is a quality that is simplified through the consumption of alcohol. Regardless of everything, she gleams as an iconic shooter, turning her into a priceless scout for any endangering party.

10. Eina Tulle From Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Eina Tulle From Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon

I have a great affection towards anime girls who wear spectacles. The elf-touched Eina Tule is a truly heavenly scent. I value female elves who care for themselves and are full of themselves, and I demonstrate this through how they dress up. However, one can tell from Eina’s natural attire that something is appealing.

Despite Eina’s hair not being long and bold, her blunt brown-coloured hair is not well tied but fits her.

Even with her spectacles on, the hair highlights her green eyes. Not only that, but I also fancy her disgruntled look and absence of spectacles, which gives off a distinct charm almost irresistible.

It’s funny that only Bell has finished all of her classes because of her excellent attention to detail and genuine concern for the safety of explorers.

9. Pwyll From Tears to Tiara

Pwyll From Tears to Tiara

Tears to Tiara is notable for the number of elven characters with important roles, but the one that sticks in my memory the most is Pwyll.

To begin with, the two protagonists, Riannon and Arthur, share a legitimate bloodline with him.

The course of the series portrays how other individuals act before their eyes. This is because they noticed their descendency to the renowned chief of the Elves, who combated by the side of Arawn in opposition to the Heaven troops.

Regarding the second point, certain people consider that Arthur isn’t a different creature. Instead, he might be Pwyll’s transformation into a new body. That’s why they resemble each other.

Ultimately, He was primarily seen in Episode 22 during Arthur’s fArthur’ss, although his presence was felt long after. That scene was sufficient to demonstrate his power, appealing character and his inclination to modify himself. It helps shield his community, which are believed to be the three vital skills a real master should have.

8. Shera L. Greenwood – How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord

Shera L. Greenwood - How NOT To Summon A Demon Lord

Regardless of the purdah parts that How Not to Summon a Demon Lord comes into the picture as time passes, Shera Greenwood is still among the series’s most appealing elf types. She has been through the most awful and heartbreaking and was forced to learn the hardest life lessons at an early age.

Nevertheless of her rude brother’s brother’s, she denies choosing the route towards antipathy and payback. Instead, she stands in her way of living a satisfying life and prefers to prove that she is beyond a simple elf with an expert in witchcraft.

7. Myucel Foaran From Outbreak Company

Myucel Foaran From Outbreak Company

Alright, we agreed that elves are truly incredible. Even so, how would you like it if I let you know that Outbreak Company has a dual-tailed partial elf who is a servant with a few years of military service experience?

Myucel Foaran, unfortunately, lives in an environment where being innocent is taken as a dumb idea, making her cover her ears most of the time.

This is the part where Shinichi is the most vital human being to her. Because he is from another planet ( as well as being an otaku), he couldn’t do bad things about her partial elf and possessing prolonged ears. On the other hand, they were good-looking for him ( which is the reality).

Myucel is a remarkable individual who quickly picks up on Japanese nuances and is constantly conscientious about her work, especially in Shinichi.

6. Fiel Nirvalen – No Game, No Life

Fiel Nirvalen - No Game, No Life

Fiel Nirvalen is the game pair of Challamy Zell in the No Game, No Life series. She supported her colleague, who was determined to make friends with elves and to be her companion. Sometimes, Fiel is portrayed as having a personality that zones out. In reality, she is super intelligent and frequently artful in both the anime and manga series.

Her trustworthy personality can’t be can’t be, especially regarding Challamy. Because of that reason, it’s clear in the anime that the elven characters have developed feelings that can go beyond friendship. That said, adding her good-looking nature is believed to be why Fiel got a lot of love from the fans throughout No Game No Life.

5. Aura Shurifon – Tenchi Muyo! War On Geminar

Aura Shurifon - Tenchi Muyo War On Geminar

From the start, Aura Shurifon portrays a grave and devoted character, which shows her duty in her contest. However, her mysterious personality is visible when it is portrayed that her look changes according to the time throughout the day.

Her look swings result from her community’s challenge to adjust to the new environment completely. On some parts of the day, she appeared innocent and feminine. While on the other part of the day, she would be uncomplicated and savage. Coming to her feelings for Kenshi doesn’t have much effect other than adding some profundity to her personality.

4. Mare & Aura – Overlord

Mare & Aura - Overlord

Here, we are introduced to the twin black elves belonging to the anime Overlord, whose names are Mare and Aura. They are an energetic duo who enhance the anime’s fantasy universe. They portray a variance in their personality while Mare possesses a soft and kind character; Aura, on the other hand, is vibrant and blunt.

These two siblings are faithful followers of Ainz Ooal Gown. In addition to that, they supervise the defenders of the Great Tomb of Nazarick. The creature’s mastery and handling potential of Aura and the mysterious power of Mare are the factors that made them famous.

3. Deedlit – Record Of Lodoss War

Deedlit - Record Of Lodoss War

Deedlit is portrayed as an everlasting model of the elven archetype in the universe of imagination. She manifests the nature of elven beauty and elegance through her drawn-out curly hair, prolonged ears, and sophisticated character.

Deedlit has soccer expertise; she has a bottomless attachment to wildlife and is part of the anime’s venturing party. Her existence in the anime brought a graceful and charismatic sense to the story of the Lodoss War.

2. Sylphiette – Mushoku Tensei

Sylphiette - Mushoku Tensei

Sylphiette, sometimes also called with the name Sylphie, is one of the headline elf characters of the anime and has roots in the Mushoku Tensei series. Because of her presence in the series, the story has a captivating and athletic vibe.

She has a typical elven character, counting in her graceful look, greenish hair and prolonged ears. Apart from her physical appearance, what makes her unique is how she took to her soul-searching journey and flourishing.

1. Emilia – Re: Zero

Emilia - Re_ Zero

Emilia is famous for her benevolent personality, unshakable mindset, and resilient impartiality. Her personality is lovable, and her long, shiny hair and eyes, which look like a lavender crystal, make her a mesmerizing elf character.

Her adventure in the complex and hazardous universe of Re: Zero has cherished her fans throughout the globe, which leads her to be the most treasured elf of the story. The attachment she built with Subaru and their love life also amplifies her demeanour.

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