Did Sasuke kill Karin?

Did Sasuke kill Karin

During the heated battle of the 5K Game  Summit, there was a point where a girl named Karin, who was one of Sasuke’s associates,  was eventually struck down by  Sasuke himself because she was being used as a shield by Danzo, during the summit when she was captured by Danzo Shimura,  one of the  Hidden Leaf Village people.

But Karin did not die in this incident. Anyhow, she did manage to survive.  And later on in the series, he did express how he was willing to cut all ties with her.

Did Sasuke Kill Karin?

During the intense battle with Danzo, who was supposedly the current Hokage of the Leaf Village, Sasuke found himself in a desperate situation where Danzo put Karin as a human shield in front of him, hoping that  Sasuke would try to be lenient and wouldn’t hurt his comrade.

But that wasn’t the case because Sasuke would sacrifice anyone to accomplish his objectives. So,  due to his cold-hearted vengeance,  he decided to kill her as he knew that once she died, it would cut all ties related to him and her.  But in the process, she didn’t die, unfortunately.

The Aftermath and Reconciliation

Karin’s Survival and Recovery

Even after being struck down by Chidori, which was one of the most lethal techniques, she was capable of surviving the severe injury due to her healing abilities.

Also, the medical team was able to help her escape her crucial injury, and her survival was a key factor in the series because this allowed her to grow and take up a different role in the series.

Reflection on Sasuke’s Actions

Even after Danzo captured Karin, Sasuke’s  Goal was certain that he had gone down a dark path due to his cold reactions, like cutting down your ally in the hopes of achieving your goal.

He thought that only revenge against his brother and vengeance for the Uchiha clan was more important than any associate who would be engaged along the way to the completion of his battle. That’s why he didn’t hesitate when Karin was used as a shield against him during Danzo’s fight.

Sasuke’s Redemption

As the series went on,  he realized what he did in the past was wrong towards Karin. He tried to reflect on his actions and sought forgiveness from everyone he had wronged.

Now, this part was a pivotal moment along his journey, which showed us the transition of our key character, Sasuke,  who was driven by vengeance to avenge his clan, to someone he sought to protect, The ninja shinobi world.  So, he was trying to align his ideas with Naruto’s ideas to create redemption and personal growth along the way.


So, Sasuke didn’t kill Karin because she survived the crucial blow she took.  Due to her regeneration abilities and the medical team that arrived at her on time, she survived the blow.  Because if she hadn’t managed to survive, we would have seen the end of Karin after the Danzo Saga.

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