How Did Sasuke Survive Deidara?

How Did Sasuke Survive Deidara

The Battle Setup

Deidara was known for his explosive clay techniques, and encountering Sasuke was a high-stakes confrontation, which made this battle one of the best battles we could see in the Naruto saga.

Therefore,  we all hoped to see how intense the battle could become. And we saw that Sasuke did have a few troubles while fighting with Deidara.

Because of his explosive techniques, he did display a very serious threat because he would create bombs from his clay and would put them in areas where Sasuke wouldn’t imagine them to appear, thus making him a very formidable foe.

Tactical Use of Abilities

During the fight against Deidara, Sasuke tries to utilize his Sharingan to cast Genjutsu on Deidara, but he does not succeed. However,  he managed to heighten his senses, which allowed him to be a step ahead when detecting Diedara’s explosive attacks throughout the fight.

I’m sure you’d ask yourself, how did Sasuke summon Orochimaru’s giant snake? Manda was summoned using a summoning scroll. He then cast Genjutsu on the giant snake,  making it shield him from all the explosives that  Deidara threw at him.

This minimizes the potential damages while he plans with his counters. However, it was unsuccessful because Deidara was way more powerful and had the upper hand against Sasuke.

Mastering the Sharingan

Sasuke was not used to the use of the Sharingan for longer periods in battles.  Therefore, this was a chance for him to master Sharingan.  And it was a very crucial moment for him because Deidara was a powerful enemy.

So, using the Sharingan allowed Sasuke to enhance his senses and try to predict where the explosives would be and anticipate others’ movements.  He could strategically find a way to counterattack as well as attack Deidara without the necessity of sustaining huge damages.

So, we will say that the Sharingan played a huge role in helping Sasuke through the battle.  Survive and plan a strategic battle and attack patterns in defence and attack.

So Sasuke did succeed in managing to attack and counterattack effectively. However, it was not enough for him to sustain any serious injuries on the Deidara because he could barely escape the attack that Diedara threw at him.

Chakra Management

We all know that the Sharingan drains a lot of energy if you use it too long. And worst of all, it might even give Backlashes to the user like impaired visions So this made Sasuke use most of his chakra reserves throughout the battle.

So  It made the battle rather short because Sasuke was forced to fight strategically and use high-level jutsus against Deidara to put huge damage or high damage levels on Deidara.

But because these techniques take amounts of chakra and require immense energy,  it was not sufficient for him to cause significant damage to Deidara, which means Deidara had the upper hand against Sasuke in the battle due to his immense powers.

Strategic Execution

Sasuke had to find a way to fight strategically against Deidara’s infamous explosive jutsus because if he had acted rationally,  he would have found himself stepping on Deidara’s explosive devices.

So he had to take very crucial steps, and at the same time, he had to remind himself that his chakra reserves were limited. So Sasuke had to prove he was one of the best strategic fighting ninjas, and he would surely prove us in this battle against the Deidara.

The Climactic Escape of Both of them

  • Summoning Manda: Summoning Manda was Sasuke’s last option because he knew that Deidara was bound to win the battle as the fight went on. Sasuke had to use his last chunk of chakra to summon Manda,  which allowed him to escape more easily.
  • Genjutsu on Manda: Sasuke was intellectually intelligent and smart. So, his strategic last-minute move was summoning Manda and then casting a Genjutsu onto the giant snake. And let me tell you that summoning jutsus and illusion techniques takes immense pressure. So we could see just how strong  Sasuke is and he demonstrated just how powerful he can be.
  • Narrow Escape: The narrow escape of Sasuke from Deidara’s clay techniques and the aftermath saw Manda taking a huge brunt due to Deidara’s CO explosion technique.  And when Sasuke came out injured from the explosion,  his escape was a unique reminder of his ability to remain calm under pressure.

This was a development of his key characters and traits and was one of the strategic plans he hoped to develop as he would face other opponents in the future.


So,  that was the most intense battle we had seen of Sasuke against Deidara.  However, Sasuke couldn’t win it, but it was one of the moments that was intriguing and entertaining due to Deidara’s immense power.

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