What Jutsu Did Hashirama Give Sasuke?

what jutsu did hashirama give sasuke

During their encounter, Hashirama shared with him a little bit of knowledge about the implication of chakra with Sasuke, who played an important role during the fourth great ninja war.

He taught him how to use a few of the Shinobi techniques. So, the interaction didn’t give  Sasuke any specific Jutsu to learn, but a better understanding of mechanisms on working on different types of techniques such as Sage Modes and the power of the Sage of the Six Paths that he was given during the fourth great ninja war.

What Jutsu Did Hashirama Give Sasuke?

The relationship between Hashirama and Sasuke Uchiha wasn’t much deepened, but it was a key.  Point of old versus new, where the old Hashirama, the first Hokage,  just shared a bit of wisdom with Sasuke Uchiha, who was going to be part of the great ninja war to change the ninja world and create a better future.

The Meeting During the War

Sasuke met Hashirama Senju as a re-animated character in the series because Hashirama Senju was the first Hokage. Therefore, the reanimation of Hashirama gives Sasuke an opportunity to learn. And not just in terms of learning, it also helped him find a clear path on the darkest decisions.

He was thinking of his future and the stationary impact. Hashirama gave him a bit of knowledge on the ninja world and  What he needed to know for the Konoha district that he could use in order to create a better future.

Hashirama’s Influence

Hashirama shared certain wisdom that helped Sasuke attain knowledge, making him a better leader. Hashirama was considered one of the shinobi world’s most famous and successful leaders during his time. So due to his experience.

of the shinobi world and lifestyle, this conversation was beneficial to Sasuke as he was able to make decisions that would impact more on the global peace side, and not only did Hashirama impart his wisdom, but rather he gave him a bit of chakra to help him with the casting battle.

The Transfer of Power and Knowledge

Chakra and Healing

Throughout the series, we’ve seen that characters mainly use Hashirama Senju’s cellsfor healing fast due to their regeneration skills.

Therefore, Hashirama did not give Sasuke any bit of Jutsu, but rather he did give him chakra that would boost his healing capabilities. And this showed us the will and strength of the first Hokage.

Understanding Sage Powers

Now, the first Tokage was one person who was a master at Sage Mode and the use of Sage Jutsu. He helped Sasuke to master Sage Jutsu as well as the newfound power he had gained which was the Sage of the Six Paths.

So this knowledge and enlightenment helped Sasuke in understanding and countering the powers of the famous Madara Uchiha, who was Hashirama Senju’s disciple rival in the past during that time, and Kaguya Otsutsuki, who could change and shape dimensions.

So the assistance of Hashirama to Sasuke helped him a lotduring the battle.

Sasuke’s Evolution Post-Interaction

Enhanced Abilities

The knowledge imparted to Sasuke about jujutsu and how to use the sage of six packs helped Sasuke understand his vulnerabilities far better and reflect on enhancing his skills because Hashirama did not teach him any new jutsu.

Rather just gave him a bit of wisdom on the jutsus he already knew. This eventually helped him become more knowledgeable about his jutsus and their strategic application.

Leadership and Decision-Making

Sasuke knew that he would be one of the key members of the people who were to create a peaceful ninja world. Therefore, getting knowledge from Hashirama would greatly help when he takes up the leadership role and makes crucial decisions, which would benefit the Shinobi world.

Therefore,  Sasuke’s strategic decisions during the war and in the future were taken by the influence of Hashirama because it helped him find better approaches and ideologies to peace rather than the ones he thought seemed right.


The conversation between Hashirama and Sasuke gave Sasuke a chance to better understand how to utilize different jutsus to perfection while fighting different opponents every time.

This knowledge between Hashirama Senju and Sasuke played a crucial part in the war against Madara Uchiha and Otsutsuki, as well as helping him make precise, important decisions in his future.

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