Why Does Sasuke Only Have One Rinnegan?

Why does Sasuke only have one Rinnegan

Sasuke was given the rinnegan by the sage of the six paths, also called Hagoromo or Suzuki.  He is the one who granted Sasuke the power of the rinnegan by a special infusion of his chakra, allowing him to possess one eye that was the rinnegan.

And this rinnegan was different from the typical rinnegan that usually comes with both sets of eyes, whereas this rinnegan had enhanced abilities, making it very unique to Sasuke.

Why Does Sasuke Only Have One Rinnegan?

The Origin of Sasuke’s Rinnegan

The sage of the six paths, Hagurama Otsutsuki, Helped Naruto and Sasuke during their intense battle against  Adarochia and Otsutsuki.

So, to have a balance of power over these threats,  he had to give  Sasuke the Rinnegan, which granted him better abilities and capabilities. Sasuke’s one-eyed Rinnegan had much power, making him more unique than the typical Rinnegan.

Unique Characteristics of Sasuke’s Rinnegan

Unlike the typical rinnegan, the one Sasuke possessed had abilities to manipulate space-time and create portals that allowed him to move between different dimensions.

This also heightened his visual abilities to attract and repulse forces similar to the powers of a deva, Which has been seen being used by other Rinnegan users,  like Pain, for example, who was also known as Nagato.

Tactical Advantages of a Single Rinnegan

Maintaining Balance with the Sharingan

When he attained the Sharingan on his other eye, he could utilize the Rinnegan plus the Sharingan Which was one of the most iconic moments to see and one of the most key developments of Sasuke.

Because he became more deadly than before in the battle, he could manipulate a foe through Genjutsu and utilize the force that comes with the Rinnegan abilities, which in turn became a powerful analysis when battling powerful opponents.

Energy Conservation

We all know that using Rinnegan in both eyes normally takes huge amounts of chakra from its users.

But because Sasuke only had one rinnegan and one sharingan, it was less taxing for his chakra reserves. This allowed him to utilize the power of both Rinnegan and Sharingan simultaneously by giving him reserves of chakra, which allowed him to perform at his best, especially in prolonged battles.

The fact that he attained the Rinnegan and the Sharingan proved that he could become a crucial key moment in battles that required both techniques and chakra intensity.

Implications of Sasuke’s Unique Rinnegan

The bridge between the old Uchiha clan and the new era that Sasuke was hoping to create was symbolized by the power he was bestowed on through the Rinnegan because this showed us that he was now beginning to carve his path in regards to the rebirth of the Uchiha clan, rather than the path that Madara Uchiha followed back when he was still alive.

And,  due to the power bestowed upon him through the Rinnegan, as well as the wisdom he got from Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, allowed Sasuke to disembark on a dark path along his journey to a better path because he could now realize that he could grow as a character into a better world that was made up of peace.


So, due to the power of the Rinnegan and the wisdom he got from Hashirama Senju,  Sasuke became a better character, which symbolized his role in the series, because he later on became a strong support for the Hokage,  who was none other than Naruto, his best friend as well as his ally.  He decided to work under the shadows while Sasuke and Naruto worked as the village leaders.

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