Best Sword Fighting Anime (Japanese Samurai & Sword Action Anime)

Best Sword Fighting Anime (Japanese Samurai & Sword Action Anime)

What comes to your mind when we talk about simple characters with sharp features, minimalistic cuteness, and profound emotions?

These characters also have interesting stories of their own to strike up your imagination. Give your imagination wings and let it fly through the stories that include action, adventure, comedy, and even morality.

Welcome to the world of Anime, which has it all. Anime has gained a lot of popularity owing to its exceptional cartoon characters and in-depth storyline since its inception.

Amongst them, the amine portraying sword fighting skills, martial arts techniques, and the samurai philosophy captivates the heart of the majority of the amine lovers.

The more we talk about the “Best Sword Fighting Anime”, the more we find ourselves dwelling in the rich Japanese culture of legendary stories. It would be fun to see the finest combats across the mortal world and stories full of courage, tragedy, and adventure casting various characters in their mystic forms.

Can’t wait to see what this epic Series restores as we walk down the lane of “Best sword fighting anime” illustrating its heroic characters.

1. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

What would you do if the demons attacked your family and you were the only one left behind to live a dreadful life? Will you give up and live with unbearable pain, or will you stand up to avenge the massive loss?

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Well, an innocent boy named Tanjiro Kamado is on the same journey of revenge, turned to a demon slayer to avenge his family’s fate and to cure his sister.

Demon Slayer, popularly known as Kimetsu no Yaiba, turns out to be a fascinating epic of Japanese culture, Strong Emotions and dramatic battles with the satanic world.



Have you ever encountered a ghost? Once in a lifetime in your Dreams be? The memory is so frightful and vivid that we dare to revive it. But can you imagine what happens if a teenager like you can see ghosts in daylight and not in dreams?

Bleach is the Series to look for. Bleach revolves around the life of a teenager named Ichigo Kurosaki, who is capable of seeing ghosts.

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But suddenly, his life takes a drastic turn when he acquires the power of Soul Reaper from another Soul Reaper named Rukia Kuchiki and is bestowed with the responsibility of saving the mortal world from the blows of devils widely termed as Hollows in the Series.

Owing to its dramatic plots, never-ending combats, and meticulously crafted characters, Bleach still dwells in the hearts of Anime lovers.

3. Berserk: The Golden Age Arc III – The Advent

Berserk_ The Golden Age Arc III – The Advent

Watch out, fellas – it’s Berserk we are talking about!

It is one of the most dreadful Anime, filled with violence, bloody battles, and ruthless killings with some epic heroes. Viewers will get allured by the demonic powers of villains in the Final Chapter of the epic Berserk: the Golden age arc trilogy named Advent.

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The Series portrays fantasy characters named Guts. He is a lone mercenary, and his leader, Griffith, turns against his comrades to acquire demonic powers to rule the realm.

Guts can be seen fighting to take revenge against Griffith, who betrayed his members to become powerful. Guts’ path is not very easy; he is also responsible for surviving on his own in a world full of demons and saving the world.

4. Gintama


The Anime world has seen a lot of Demons. Now it’s time for Aliens to pitch in! If you are looking for something fresh, Humorous stories filled with artistic sword fights, Gintama will come at your fingertips.

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The story is set in the Edo period where aliens invade the world and a former samurai named Gintoki Sakata sets out with his friends to save the world.

5. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Aesthetic Sword fights, in-depth plots, challenging battles, and demanding escapes attract the gaming world. Inspired by the Anime Fantasy, Sword Art Online empowers players to portray their Samurai skills in the MMORPG virtual world.

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Nothing gets more fascinating and indulging when it comes to living your favorite anime characters in the virtual world with a story blending into a saga of love, Friendship, and anime fantasy.

Sword art online is one such gaming medium wherein the player has a demanding job to make a compulsive escape to explore further virtual worlds.

6. Dororo


Demons, a Young thief, and a swordsman, make up the story of Dororo. Similar yet compelling as compared to other anime, the story embarks on the journey of a swordsman named Hyakkimaru, who has lost his body parts to demons since his birth and is set in the vengeance demonic world, teams up with a young thief named Dororo fighting battles and combating the demons.

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7. Noragami


The quest to restore identity and respect takes a lifelong journey to live, fighting for yourself and with yourself against all the odds.

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Noragami is one such epic telling a saga of friendship, recognition, and seeking identity wherein a minor god named Yato, along with a human girl, embarks on a journey of gaining a name amongst gods, fighting evils, and acquiring at least one shrine to be revered.

8. Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo

If you like sword-fighting animation, then you will definitely love the Samurai Champloo series.

Based on a Japanese alternate series, this series is based on the journey of Mugen, Jin and Fuu. They travel the countryside in search of Samurai who smells of sunflowers.

In this journey, they encounter a variety of opponents, including Ninja, other swordsmen, and an eccentric group of beatboxing monks. One of the unique features of Samurai Champloo is that it is a blend of modern and historical elements. Hip-hop dancing can have a really good impact on our mood.

The characters come out as more beautiful when music, design, and overall tone give these characters their own unique style.

9. Sword Of The Stranger 

Sword Of The Stranger

If you are curious about when the film was released, let us be your information source. This film was produced by Bones and was made publicly available to the audience in 2007.

The story features a young boy called Kataro and his dog Tobimaru. Both are traveling to Japan for the treatment of the mysterious illness of Tobimaru. On the way, they encounter many swordsmen who promise to protect both from the emperor of China.

The movie has great animation technology with detailed research in every aspect of the movie. The film features the best sword fight scenes and big-scale battles between enemies. The designs and background are beautifully created. The overall movie includes all the aspects that are beyond expectations.

10. Ninja Scroll

Ninja Scroll

As an audience, we can recommend watching a classic series called Ninja Scroll. Having some background information always helps; the Ninja Scroll movie was released in the year 1993. Yoshiaki Kawajiri was the film director of the Ninja Scroll movie.

The movie’s main character was a skilled swordsman, so please don’t confuse yourself between rival fractions of Ninjas. Aren’t you curious to know more and solve what’s behind the mysterious stone?

He must use his skills to uncover the conspiracy, which includes powerful and mysterious stones.

If your interest is in watching anime with political betrayal, this anime opens the doors for you. Its story about the great mysterious stone will amaze you.

Only powerful spirits and ninjas can control Jubie. Controlling someone so powerful is not so easy, but spirits still have their ways.

11. Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin

This series has 94 episodes, which was produced by studio Gallop. It was telecasted from 1996 to 1998. Samurai X is the popular name of this series.

The story revolved around Kenshin Himura. He was an ex-assassin who promised never to kill anyone in life. He wants to hire the best swordsman. Kenshin wanted to protect the innocent and to spread peace in Japan during the Tumultuous Meiji era.

The unique thing apart from sword fighting is the historical settings and characters. At a time of great political change, Kenshin wants to forget about his past impression as a killer. Kenshin is a master swordsman who abides by powerful spirits and Samurai.

12. Afro samurai 

Afro samurai

As an audience, we can definitely recommend watching a classic series called Afro Samurai. It has 5 episodes and was first telecasted in 2007.

Every movie needs a producer; Afro Samurai was produced by Gonzo. Takashi Okazaki is the base manga on which Afro Samurai was created. Revenge builds in the heart of the victim of crime; Afro Samurai is searching for the murderer who killed his father.

Everyone loves to see something unique, and Afro-Samurai anime has this spice. Would you like to enjoy it? This anime will make you feel like you are with Afro on his revenge journey with the Warriors. This is a fight for supremacy; it’s not an easy one.

Let’s talk about his dressing sense, he can be seen wearing black outfits most of the time. You will love to see the unique sword fight scenes between big armies of warriors.

13. Drifters


“Drifters” delves into the theme of a story about a group of warriors who have different personalities who existed in history. These warriors are teleported into a fantasy world where elves, dwarves, and Sauron reside.

Shimazu Toyohisa, the male protagonist of this series, comes from a samurai clan. He died in the historical battle of Skigahara. This was the battle that established the Tokuhawa Shogunate. It is the same battle where Oda Nobunaga (who was once killed) was also found.

360 years later, Nasu no Yoichi joined them. These warrior groups were named “Drifters”. The Drifters were teleported from the afterlife to fight against the “Ends” another iconic group from the historical times who harbored their grudge against the human race and planned a war against humans. This is one of the best anime if you like to watch sword fighters in action.

14. Katanagatari


A great strategist and general manager of the Shogunate army ‘Katanagatari’ and a girl were obsessed with 12 legendary swords. They both joined hands to find all 12 legendary swords. It was the girl who asked Shichika to go on a joint search for swords together.

But on this adventure, to find and take the legendary swords, they have to find the sword owners and eliminate them for collecting the legendary swords. On their journey to find swords, they meet 12 leaders of the Maniwa Ninja Corps, who have their own fascination for the Deviant Blades.

Viewers who want to enjoy sword fights will really enjoy this anime. After all, who wouldn’t love to watch a story where the main leads fall in love in the midst of great sword action? More and more things get revealed as the story moves ahead.

15. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal

A sword fighter who cannot be killed, that’s Manji’s advantage, who fought and killed over 100 samurai and got himself cursed. To remove this curse, Manji has to kill a thousand bad guys to remain immortal (because in exchange for his death, another’s death is needed).

A girl named Rin, who lost all her family members at the hands of some bad guys, vows to go on a solo revenge to kill them all. But she alone cannot achieve this goal, so she turns to Manji. They both go on a joint mission, which involves a loveable adventure along with some brutal fights where there are murders happening.

If you see severed limbs, don’t get scared. This anime is a complete package of sword fights with a brutal storyline and character enhancement.


If you like to take your sword-fight viewing experience to the next level, our list will greatly help you in finding the best sword-fighting anime.

Unlike most of the sword anime based on the setting of the Edo period and Sengoku period, the anime in our list will elevate your experience of watching sword fights on an advanced level.

With these anime, you can expect similar enjoyment to the “Sword Art” anime. For more recommendations, stay tuned with us. Until then, enjoy watching!

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