Best Anime Guy with Pink Hair Rated by Otakus

Best Anime Guy with Pink Hair Rated by Otakus

Pink is a hue that is primarily connected to women; it exudes happiness. Hello Kitty, My Melody, Barbie, and a lot of other feminine items are adorable in this color. Despite its endearing qualities for girls, this anime series has a lot of boys with pink-dyed hair. Because of the pink hair, this conveys the idea that viewers should expect an adorable boy character.

Almost all the artists in this lineup, however, are far from delightful and feminine. They are unpredictable, some may start a fight with just a look, and others sport solely pink hair. Let’s delve into these ten easily angered, attention-grabbing boys with pink hair, keep reading it’ll be worth it.

Each fan of anime can recall at least one finest characters regarding this hair color. That’s the reason why we also wanted to bring you the finest anime boys of pink hair that undoubtedly will capture your attention.

1. Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yuji Itadori (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yuji is the most famous male character with a pink hair feature. He used to be a typical guy before eating the Curse King Sukuna’s finger. Since then he has turned into a witch.

The most fascinating thing about Yuji is the fact that he has a selfless personality which makes him the ultimate sacrifice by giving up his own life to protect those around him. He never showed weakness on behalf of his enemies and will not cower in fear though his adversaries are way tougher than he is.

Despite being brought to the ground so easily, he was brave enough to confront Sukuna, the toughest known Cursed Spirit in the tale. Every so often, he gets manipulated because of his noble character.

Yuji’s natural toughness surpasses that of most others. After transforming into a wizard, his physical potential was enhanced. He defeats evil forces with a combination of his extraordinary strength and negative energy.

2. Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)

Natsu is a comrade of the prestigious Fairy Tale Magical group. His brisk disposition and charisma go along with his fire-based magic abilities. It usually has the appearance of a ridiculous, boisterous human being. When there are threatening incidents, he is the most reliable guy. He is determined to defeat Laxus, Ezra, and Gildarts, the S_Classes magicians in his gang.

In fights, Natsu makes use of his hidden treasure known as Dragon Slayer Magic. This is a kind of Lost Magic which was a mechanism of amusing the powerful creatures. He learned it from a fire monster who is also his encouraging father, Igneel. The reason why he stumbled on Fairy Tail is in search of the lost monster and turned out to be part of it.

The energetic nature of Natsu leads him to get into combat effortlessly. However, if somebody is trying to hurt his colleagues or does anything bad to the Fairy Tail as a whole, without any question he will start a battle to give them what they deserve according to their wrongdoings.

3. Szayel Aporro Grantz (Bleach)

Szayel Aporro Grantz (Bleach)

It’s not always true that a character barely having a pink color is not at all nice by default. We can see Szaeyl as a justification. He has a pedagogical atmosphere and was originally an Arrancar of the Aizen defense force.

However, regardless of his physical appearance, he has a brutal personality which makes him like to watch his adversaries’ misery. One time, he shattered Renji as well as inflicted a serious injury on Ishida’s internal organs.

He is a smart scholar who is believed to have a low warfare capability. Despite that, he can easily beat Renji as well as Ishida. He can come as another person whenever he gets a severe injury that is almost impossible to be healed. This nature of Szaeyl makes him an unbeatable creature who is way superior to the rest of Arrancars.

4. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

Hisoka, though he looks like a clown from afar, that shouldn’t seduce you. He is egocentric by nature and he wouldn’t hesitate to do whatever that makes sense to him. He has a great devotion towards combating with most powerful enemies. Because of that reason, he never cares about hurting young personalities having talents, such as Killua and Gon.

Apart from him being part of the Phantom Troupe, there’s nothing much known about his old days. He didn’t stay there either, he withdrew himself right after he assassinated a couple of comrades.

Since then he has been an adversary of them. The most fascinating truth is that even Hisoka has no curiosity about the time that’s gone, only he focuses on what’s coming. Specifically about the combats that he will encounter with the powerful foes.

5. Shiho Kimizuki (Seraph of the End)

Shiho Kimizuki (Seraph of the End)

Having pink hair won’t assure any anime friend with Sisho. He is a bad-tempered character and there is nothing he won’t criticize. Things won’t be changed because of the fact of being a class topper. However, everything is for a reason.

He has a keen interest in joining the Japanese Imperia; Demon Army’s Demon Moon Squad. It’s mainly to look after his sister, Mirai, who has been affected by the apocalypse virus

Shihon, who is a hard-working individual with a cool character, can do whatever he loves to. However, he has a genuine personality that brings an argument between him and Yuichiro because of the cool character that opposes Yuichiro. Across the storyline, it’s portrayed as their attachment gets tougher to the extent that one of them could beat the other.

6. Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.)

Just picture this, possessing all the potential that can smash the entire universe, and you just declare yourself an unlucky individual. Consuming curry with just a spoon would be tough for the one who possesses a mystical power. Saiki Kusuo is the same. He has so much potential to a great degree.

Of all the powers that he possesses, the mind governing is the most savage one. This mind-controlling power gives him the ability to transform individuals to a genetic extent. In one incident, he could mutate human DNA, which makes it impossible for people to get doubt in his pink hair. We can simply say he is the ruler of his universe.

Irrespective of his intentions of playing it cool and concealing his hidden potential to the universal community, he preferred drawing the anomalous characters of the tale. With most of them, either by hook or by crook he winds up making use of his potential as a way of ceasing their problems.

7. Gilthunder (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Gilthunder (The Seven Deadly Sins)

This is a mesmerizing anime character who is portrayed as extremely genuine because of his compound identity. Irrespective of your perception, there is something completely fascinating about Gilthunder, and yet not known.

At the start, he is portrayed as a careless and wicked person. He is a real felon who doesn’t have thoughts about mankind and is ready to smash even naive personalities just to fulfill his needs.

Though, through the timeframe of the story, it displays Gilthunder as a righteous guy. We can come to a conclusion where we can say the judgments he makes are biased by his ideology. It depends on what he believes in and what gives him supernatural power.

8. Toyohi Utsumi from This Boy is a Professional Wizard

Toyohi Utsumi from This Boy is a Professional Wizard

Now let’s delve into the second section, which talks about a character who is facing challenges with a person whom he falls in love with, Chiharu Kashima, a well-experienced witch. At the time when Toyohi and Chiharu interact, Toyohi falls for Chiharu for the very first time. Because of the reality of him being a direct individual, he was letting his feelings out and was eager to get to know Chiharu more.

Whereas Chiharu from the other dimension, took advantage of Toyohi’s openness and eagerness for a witch power. Here complications begin as Chiharu is not caring behaves so meanly and tries to stay away from Toyohi.

What can we conclude about the mild character of this guy? He has an obstinate nature and a determined mindset. He would like Chiharu to realize the fact that he is drawn to him as a human being and not as a witch.

3Toyochi was able to put a smile on Chiharu’s face by making him aware of the wonderful, good-hearted person he truly is. Those were, in fact, the causes of his addiction to Chiharu.

Having said that, we can conclude that Toyoshi possesses all the elements that are expected from a pink-haired guy. What do you say, considering his unwavering attitude about Chiharu, doesn’t he qualify for the 2nd rank?

9. Ringo Tsukiyama (Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪)

Ringo Tsukiyama (Uta no Prince Sama)

Here we have Ringo Tsukiyama who is an idol that dresses in drag and is a classroom lecturer at Saotome Academy. He is actually from Uta no☆Prince-sama♪.

Ringo’s gender fluidity character began when he was advised to continue doing so as he was a commercially successful public figure. What surprised me was that the more he used to crossdress, the more interested he got in how they suited him. Yes, that was so accurate though.

Ringo is not just an amazing person to look up to, moreover, he has a playful personality with a caring heart. He tells his scholars a nugget of insights. Not only that but also he is an open-minded individual who would love to show his wonderful outfit collections as he has a unique sense of fashion.

10. Akari Dezart from Karneval

Akari Dezart from Karneval

It’s time to talk about the 7th-ranked absolute sizzling pink-haired physician, SKsri Dezart. He is from Karneval and is engaged in scientific research as a researcher at the Circus Institution.

Frankly speaking, he is a dictator, heartless, unsympathetic individual. Despite this, however, he is well-known among the nurses, who truthfully give him appreciation. But we can’t point our fingers at them; how can we? Yes, he is a cruel person, that’s for sure.

He never fails to treat people badly with his speech, even if, as long as it wasn’t his intention, he didn’t do anything wrong. Akari says what he has to say without considering how unpleasant the truth may seem or sugarcoating it. Because he speaks the truth, that’s why things look harsh.

Akari gets upset too easily; this is how his character is, and it’s the main cause behind the constant rag Hirato uses against him. It was fun for Hirato, but it always made Akari upset.

Akari is a hard-working individual. However, it’s fascinating to notice that his patients usually would like to discontinue getting their examinations done. Specifically, when it comes to Yogi, who is afraid of Akari to the extent that he can’t keep eye contact even for a couple of minutes when it’s time for him to see Akari for his annual physical, he invariably disappears from the scene.

11. Renzou Shima from Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)

Renzou Shima from Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist)

Here, we have another pink-haired anime character who exists in Blue Exorcist. He is named Renzou Shima. Life is not easy, especially for someone who is a spiritual healer and has to confront many characters full of vigor and strength.

Renzou Shima is well aware of this because of the fact that he has to confront the one who’s called Satan’s descendant, Rin Okumura, and the easily angered Ryuuji Suguro, the one who likes arguing about pity matters.

His devotion to pink was to the extent of dyeing his natural brown hair. It suits him perfectly, though. But some wouldn’t stop making fun of him, including Rin. Renzou is an easygoing person and passionate, especially about women. He is a teenager, just 15. He is not mature enough to understand the depth of love, and that’s the reason behind his unrealistic perception of emotional attachments.

Renzou portrays a feminine character to him. It is not hard to frighten him. However, nothing scares him more than insects. He overreacts whenever he sees even a tiny bug next to him. Because he gives them so many excuses to play him, they will not quit making fun of him.

12. Kisumi Shigino from Free! – Eternal Summer

Kisumi Shigino from Free Eternal Summer

Coming to the 4th ranked anime character on the list, we get Kisumi Shigino, who recently obtained admiration from the audience. This character has a joyful vibe that makes him the first person that people can choose. Despite his ambiance, there were parts of the plot where he didn’t seem good. However, focusing on the big picture, most people have positive opinions of him.

It is believed that the reason is highly probable because of his appearance; he is a really attractive man with lovely violet eyes, pink-colored hair, and an unusual aura. Indeed, we can’t disagree that he stands out as a positive influence from the group of teens from Free! – Eternal Summer, who were facing their difficulties

Another aspect of Kisumi’s personality is that he is talkative and gregarious. He even caused pain to a few people during his talks, not considering the potential harm to the listener. Because he is so naive, he never notices that.

13. Ryuu Zaou from Cute High Defense Club LOVE!

Ryuu Zaou from Cute High Defense Club LOVE

Coming to the 3rd rank, we find Ryuu Zaou, a second-year second-year scholar at Binan High School and a part of the Earth Defense Club. He possesses a power that can be altered into the Thrilling Prince Battle Lover Vesta whenever a pink wombat comes into sight on his side, as well as the quadruple comrades of the squad.

Ryuu is only interested in one thing: women. We have seen that clearly when Wombat pressurizes them to have a war under the banner of love; he doesn’t hesitate to fight for them, as women are the ones who make this life interesting. Despite this, he wasn’t a bit flexible in his role. It’s possible to say Yumoto is the only one performing as well as expected. He didn’t get frightened of listening to the Wombat.

The characteristics of Ryuu are something unusual. He has a good connection with his fellows from the Earth Defence Club. Most importantly, he is close to Lo Naruko B because they have known each other for a long time since they went to school together. Ryuu has a very caring heart and a cheerful vibe, and his friends like him.

14. Tomoya Matsunaga from Rainbow Days (Nijiiro Days)

Tomoya Matsunaga from Rainbow Days (Nijiiro Days)

The egocentric guy Mattsun took the first rank and is from Rainbow Days. Mattsun is among the movie’s four main characters, which is currently shown. He has three best friends: Tsuyopon, Nacchan, and Kei-chan.

But out of all of them, Mattsun is the only one who is fortunate when it comes to girls. He is a playboy. He never took any girl seriously. He keeps changing one over the other as he gets tired of staying with just one girl for long.

Things shift their direction whenever he encounters a strange girl. But this didn’t work for Mari, a girl who doesn’t fall for his unctuous characters. On the other hand, Mari was able to turn his stomach to the extent she spit on his face.

The storyline is portrayed when Mattsun tries hard to get attention from a girl, probably for the first time. The girl who was hard to get was the one who was smitten with Anna.

It’s hard to conclude how things will turn out and how they will deal with their emotions as the show is still on the air. However, it will be a fantastic fight for Mattsun, who is forced to wait until the girls arrive.

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