Best Anime with Green Hair Characters

Best Anime with Green Hair Characters

In this post, we will be looking at anime characters with Green Hair; using colours to portray the identity of a particular character in an anime series is one of the things the anime industry knows how to do best.

Regarding the topic, anime characters with green hair often have the features of being so powerful; they always stand for Justice and are warriors in the making. So many anime lovers have fallen in love with this anime character with green hair.

It will also interest you that some of these green-haired characters are the finest in anime series. The likes of Zoro from One Piece and Deku from My Hero Academia. And so many others who played a unique role in most of these stories. They became so iconic and also a significant figure all over. Now, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of this anime with these unique features.

1. Deku (My Hero Academia)

Deku (My Hero Academia)

Deku was born a Quirkless boy, but despite that, it never stopped him from being what he ever wanted to be; his drive and passion for helping others never changed.

He possesses the spirit of a hero, and this nature attracted the attention of a powerful superhero that has ever lived on planet Earth, as he called Deku and willed all his powers and authority to him. The ability that he now possessed became so intense that his speed and everything became so powerful.

Another shift and extraordinary transformation occurred in Deku’s life when he took the legendary power Quirk, also known as One for All. This caused Deku to have powers beyond normal power.

It was vast, raw and visible to everyone. But then you know that to him, more is giving more than is expected of him. He began to use his powers to rescue people and help the ones who couldn’t help themselves. The responsibilities he now carries upon him are not just for himself alone but it’s now for everyone. Deku strives to exact his powers for the greater good.

2. Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

Roronoa Zoro (One Piece)

Roronoa Zoro is an iconic character from One Piece. Take it or leave it. He is one of the most talked about anime characters with green hair that has so many abilities. He is also a core member of the Monster Trio group, together with his colleagues Luffy and Sanji.

Now, when it comes to handling a sword, especially in the martial arts, they give it to Zoro, as he happens to command so much respect as a master swordsman and also an ex-hunter who catches in bunk then. People know him and respect him for his indisputable skills when it comes to blades. Zoro’s battle skills are just extraordinary. He uses the sword effortlessly without struggle.

Though other warriors can also be good at using swords, one thing that made him stand out from others was his ability to handle three swords at a goal. Zoro’s strength and ability to fight are just so unique, as is how he uses his weapon and strikes even from a distance with 100% precision towards his target.

3. (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) Jolyne Cujoh 

(JoJo Bizarre Adventure) Jolyne Cujoh

She is well known for how smart and sharp she is, and especially the way she approaches things and circumstances fearlessly. This made the anime fans love her so much. Now, as the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, she must find her way to this strange world known for being harsh and unforgiving.

Throughout her lifetime, she has spent in the arena of prison; all this has made her resilient and strengthened her to be a tough personality. She can let go of grudges and other unforgiveness when necessary, though.

She stands Stone free; this means that her combat and fighting skills are extraordinary and unique. She also has the power and ability to manipulate her body just like a string; this happens when she wants to activate her fighting mode.

One good thing many fans love about her is her ability to see how she can free herself from tight situations under every circumstance. Also, we have seen in some of the tough scenes where she slices her opponent with a blade. When it comes to combat, she is diverse and learns new skills at every moment.

4. Gon Freecs (Hunter x Hunter)

Gon Freecs (Hunter x Hunter)

From Hunter x Hunter, we have an amazing character, Gon Freecs, who happens to be a diminutive figure with a core sense of adventure; he inherited this skill of discovering new things and embarking on journeys from his father; he does this especially when his father is absent. Though he is still a young boy, that doesn’t make him a coward; he stands and confronts anything.

His boldness is out of this world. His enthusiasm and deterministic spirit made allies and other enemies form a gang against him, like Ninja Hanzo, who happens to be one of his major opponents.

Gon can be emotional sometimes. Many anime fans love him so much because he shows pity, compassion, love, and genuine humanity to people, which is worth emulating. Especially when he always maintains a level head. He doesn’t have a double mind when confronting a problem or challenge. He might not be good at mathematics, but his intelligence surpasses many others.

5. Senku Ishigami – Dr. Stone

Senku Ishigami Dr. Stone

The mind of Senku Ishigami should be studied as a full course at the university; this is my humble suggestion. In the Dr. Stone anime story, the character Senku displays his unique and great intelligence. He stands so brilliantly among the realm of anime characters.

His skin happens to be white, and his hair green. This only implies one thing, as you already know: anime characters with these features often have unique spirits, so the same thing applies to Senku.

He brings out his extraordinary scientific no harm to craft things and sends the world back to the age where it was before, which is the Stone Age.

As he focused on bringing and making his scientific discoveries, he collaborated with other academic juggernauts and co-headed members to help him reach his goals, like Stalwart Taiju Oki down to the cunning Chrome. He aims to bring civilization through science. His discovery caught on using both medicine and other scientific discoveries to enhance the lifestyle of humanity.

Dr Stone is one of the most interesting anime series that has produced one of the most amazing characters. He happens to be the main character who has diverse intellectual prowess and always showcases his skills and ability when it comes to sciences. This anime story is a must-watch, especially for science students.

6. C.C. (Code Geass)

C.C. (Code Geass)


The iconic figure in the Code Geass anime series is C.C. She happens to be on our list not only because of her green hair but also because of how gorgeous she looks and her immortality. She never wants anything to temper her emotions; she guards her heart with jealousy.

However, she occasionally shares and relates some of her secrets to Lelouch, who happens to be one of the people she talks to and confines things from. These characters of hers have saved her from a lot of problems. When it comes to character, you might rate her zero, but her love for pizza is exceptional.

Notwithstanding some of her indifferent facade, she often shows and proves her mettle in the most difficult moments of her life. She starts showing absolute selflessness that counters her outward persona. However, Some of the characters attached themself to the war that was going on in this series called the waifu wars.

7. Ribbons Almark (Gundam)

Ribbons Almark (Gundam)

Ribbons Almarks happens to be an expert when it comes to genetics, especially in the realm of Gundam. His unique ability makes him different from other scientists; let’s not forget to give credit to the nanomachines that help him in the harsh environment space to carry out his operation on the ageing process.

He is also skilled in combat, making him defend himself whenever his opponent attracts him; even while flying the comparatively weaker mechs, it never stopped him from fighting well.

Just as they say, that knowledge is power. He uses these ideologies as strategies to fight, not just his physical abilities. He also sees himself as a superior being. As one may say, he now equates himself with God. Maybe this is because he sees himself as a genius and having strength. Do you think he is right or wrong?

In this series, “Gundam, ” Ribbons is not a protagonist but an antagonist. I know most of the main characters you have read about are often protagonists, but here we have Ribbons as an antagonist.

8. N (Pokemon)

N (Pokemon)

From a renowned Pokemon series that has captured the hearts of many anime fans, we have this unique character called N; the name sounds strange, right? But unfortunately, that happens to be his name. Many things went down the line as he faced both opposition characters, the antagonists and other allies that tend to destroy humanity.

One unique thing about N is his ability to communicate even amid Pokemon shapes; he says his mind regardless. N is fearless as he states his view of why humans are exploiting the Pokemon; according to him, he does so because of what they know they benefit from; he sees humans as wicked and heartless. This made N stand as the saviour to set the Pokemons free from the hands of humans.

Though his aim for starting this movement was genuine, his focus deviated down the line as he was now manipulated and started behaving like an extremist. His disgust for humans led him to never think of any good things about them. Forgetting the fact that some humans are goddesses with pure hearts still existing. However, His journey towards freeing the Pokemon can be tagged as an introspective growth.

The full series of N’s character in the Pokemon series came out as Black and White 2. When he appeared as a protagonist from the start to the end of the series, he demonstrated the characteristics of an activist with his newly profound knowledge and understanding of why humans are exploiting the Pokemon.

9. Tatsumaki (One-Punch Man)

Tatsumaki (One-Punch Man)

Next on our list is Tatsumaki from One-Punch Man, one of the most powerful anime characters you should never joke with, no matter what. She has battled in sheer power with some of the strongest anime characters you can ever imagine, the likes of Saitama.

She also can summon an asteroid to make a colossal dinosaur monster disappear. You aren’t wrong if you imagine her causing disaster in a place just by mere sneezing from her nostril; that’s how dangerous and powerful Tatsumaki is.

Notwithstanding her stature, she has superpowers and some ego and pride. One of the things that Saitama always teases her about is reminding her that she looks like a kid. This is simply because of her size and how small she looks.

The most memorable experience of Tatsumaki is the very moment she became so drunk just to challenge Saitama. That led to a chaotic scene; it didn’t look at all. Zombieman was attacked in the process with a sword. This real act she exhibited here exposed how vulnerable she was.

Despite all her stubborn characters, this never stops fans from loving her, as she became the most outstanding character in the series One-Punch Man.

10. Broly (Dragon Ball)

Broly (Dragon Ball)

Broly’s role in Dragon Ball is unique, making him a significant figure in this anime story. Alternated by Vegeta as the most Powerful Saiyan in the galaxy. He also has the super ability of a true Saiyan. Broly also possessed so much power that he could devastate an entire galaxy and choose whether to remain in the galaxy space or not.

The form he took is so solid, like that of cement, that it made him a legend and a force you can just bypass. His hair was transformed into striking lime-green, though not green anyway. He eclipses the superheroes Saiyan Goku and Vegeta in a power tussle war. Even the powers of Goku were unable to defeat him. Some fear his power, which is Super Kamehameha. But Broly stood against it.

Fans often call him his name and are always fascinated whenever he appears in a scene. In the anime series Dragon Ball, Broly appears so often that even the fans are familiar with his face and body physique. The attention of the viewers was all on him. You aren’t wrong if you say he is the protagonist in the series.

11. Freed Justine (Fairy Tail)

Freed Justine (Fairy Tail)

Among the multiple anime characters we have mentioned so far who have green hair, the anime character Freed Justine from the Fairy Tail series has the most striking green hair, which has captured the attention of many anime lovers. Hair is sleek, and we all know the meaning of an anime character’s green hair. Freed also shows a great personality and a unique and disciplined lifestyle.

Freed is also the head of the group known as the Thunder God Tribe. His powers, which I consider magic, help him set control over other things and actions; these powers are used to his advantage in the Fairy Tail arc. He shows maximum respect and dedication to Laxus Dreyar; his loyalty towards his master, Laxus, is amazing and worth emulating. He follows instructions from his master without complaints and grudges.

12. Toto Sakigami (Deadman Wonderland)

Toto Sakigami (Deadman Wonderland)

You don’t talk of anime characters that have power without including Toto Sakigami in the list, just as Stain/ Monoma Crossover from BNHA, this is for Toto, but when it comes to bringing vibes that keep all the viewers thrilled to keep watching you consider Juuzou Suzuya from a renowned anime story titled Tokyo Ghoul.

If you are talking about nicknames in Deadman Wonderland, just think of Eminem songs that have made you cry. Combining these three metal pictures will form green hair; it sounds awesome, right? He is just like a very tough cat.

Many anime fans don’t know that Toto has a sister who seems older than him. This anime series is so unique that I urge you to try it. You will thank me later.

13. Envy (FullMetal Alchemist)

Envy (FullMetal Alchemist)

Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist is also one of the characters that fit into our list of anime characters with green hair. But though Envy’s hair isn’t pure green, it’s going towards resembling black. Well, we can say it’s dark green.

Okay, without further ado, let’s know more about Envy; he is the living embodiment of his father’s envy. He also has a supernatural ability to reshape things and shift them in his desired way and according to how he wants them to be. He can also create lethal injuries.

One of the incidents that happened that looks a little bit disturbing is the moment he refilled his body after almost being devoured by Gluttony. His hatred is focused more on humans rather than his kind. He also has thin skin. His weakness is that his pride and ego disappear instantly when you insult him.


Congratulations on reading through this list of anime characters with green hair and unique characteristics. I’m sure that you were thrilled with this post. You should recommend it to someone else. Thanks so much for your time. Goodbye for now until you come our way next time.

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