Best Anime with Good Villains: Broken Heroes List

Best Anime with Good Villains Broken Heroes List

Hey, AnimeUpdates’s Fans, you would have always seen every anime’s main protagonist to have a huge fanbase. The protagonists always have some amazing things to be loved for.

But what if I say you can even fall in love with the anime villains, too? Yes, you read that right. Now, you might wonder how. Well, this is because not all villains have bad motives. Some villains, because of their good motives, become everyone’s favourite.

Today, you are going to see such anime with good villains here. So, tighten your seat belts to start your exciting journey of meeting the best animes with good villains.

20. Tsukasa


When discussing anime with good villains, Tsukasa has to be on this list. Though Tsukasa’s actions of turning the human world into stone figures might make him a bad person, his intentions were not bad. He wanted to free the world from dependence on technology and just wanted people with pure hearts.

Not only this, but Tsukasa also used to love his family a lot. He could do anything for the happiness of his family. That’s the only reason why he gave up everything just to save his sister’s life. So, you can think of Tsukasa as a villain with a pure heart.

Now, can you tell me how many of you have become Tsukasa’s fans after learning about his spellbound qualities?

19. Azami Nakiri

Azami Nakiri

If you want to see a group of antagonists in one frame, then Food Wars anime would be a perfect option to watch. You can consider it to be a house full of villains. And, out of these many villains, one is my favourite, Azami Nakiri. Of course, many of you might hate him for implying a strict school curriculum. But there was a reason behind doing this.

He wanted all the restaurants to have hygienic and standard gourmet food through his strict actions. The only reason for this was that he wanted all his people to have a healthy life, though it also meant eliminating creativity from the food-making process and following the same old food-making pattern.

So, just as every coin has two sides, Azami’s intentions can be looked upon in two different ways. On one hand, he might seem to be a strict guy who doesn’t want anybody to enjoy innovative food. On the other hand, he might seem to be a caring person.

18. Garou


Some people are not born bad, but certain situations make them bad. The same thing applies to Garou. Garou was not a bad guy initially. Heroes always bullied him. So, he started believing that there was no line of difference between the heroes and the villains.

But the one thing I like about Garou is despite being a villain, he never left his morals. That’s why you would never find Garou killing any hero in anime. But he also never helps save the heroes from getting killed. This is the thing that pushes Garou’s character a bit to the negative side.

17. Takano Miyo

Takano Miyo

Takano from “Higurashi When They Cry” and “Higurashi When They Cry: Kai” will always have my heart for him. He never received any sort of care or affection from any of his peers except his adopted father, Hifumi. Despite being an adopted father, Hifumi always loved Takano a lot.

That’s why, for Takano, Hifumi mattered a lot. But, some happiness does not stay for a long time. The same thing happens with Takano. His happy world gets shattered when Hifumi has a sudden death while researching Hinamizawa Syndrome.

But Takano decides to complete the research anyhow, even by killing people. Because Hifumi always gave him love and affection that society never gave him. That’s the reason why Takano does not care about society.

16. Soo-Won


Despite being bad, some people always seem to be good in the eyes of their family. The same thing applies to Yona’s father. He was a cruel king. He used to harass his country’s people a lot. That’s why he never received much love and respect from his people.

But, for Yona, her father was a good man who meant a lot to her. That’s why when Yona’s crush, Soo-Won, killed her father, Soo-Won became her biggest enemy. Though a villain in the eyes of Yona, Soo-Won was a hero for the country’s people.

Soo-Won freed them from a terrible king.

15. Daki & Gyutaro

Daki & Gyutaro

The “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” anime highlights two demon brothers, Daki and Gyutaro. You would find them to be the upper-rank demons. But does success come in one night? Not at all. You need to work hard to achieve it. This is what happened with Daki and Gyutaro.

Initially, both brothers had to struggle a lot. They used to cry. They were at last left alone on the street to die. But thanks to the demon who saved them and gave them a second chance to prove themselves.

In their second chance, Daki and Gyutaro worked so hard that they could destroy any strong morals in no time. Of course, they were destructive in one way, but they were proving their strength.

14. Suguru Geto

Suguru Geto

Who would like to have curses from mortals? Of course, nobody. We know that curses from great mortals will become true one day. Suguru from “Jujutsu Kaisen” also fears being destroyed by the curses of mortals.

That’s why he decides to destroy all the mortals from the planet so that no human being gets cursed. But are all humans going to be good? Not. There are people with bad intentions, too. And they need to get cursed. So, considering this, Suguru decides to free the planet from such humans with bad intentions.

Of course, Suguru can be considered a bad guy for killing mortals and humans, but what is your viewpoint after learning about his intentions?

13. Lord Kagemitsu Daigo

Lord Kagemitsu Daigo

Sometimes, we need to make sacrifices for the well-being of our people. Lord Kagemitsu Daigo also does the same thing. For the well-being of his land, he has to sacrifice his innocent child to the demons.

Luckily, the child is not fully sacrificed. He is saved, and when he grows up, he starts killing the demons to get his other body parts.

Now, you might think how bad Kagemitsu is. To save his lands, he sacrificed an innocent child. Of course, it cannot be taken positively. But we cannot ignore that he did it for the well-being of his lands and people.

That’s why Kagemitsu is on this list of good anime villains.

12. Zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager from the anime “Attack on Titan” is the other good villain on our list. Zeke’s family is not normal. It’s the family of titans. Also, they are highly knowledgeable. They know very well what outcomes the world will face if humans get the power of titans.

Also, humans want the power of titans anyhow. That’s why they started killing the Indians. Seeing this, Zeke decides to stop this unwanted killing, and so he sterilizes the Indians.

In this way, Zeke saves numerous innocent lives. Although you would find Zeke performing many sins in the series, this one good thing wins all of our hearts, and that’s why he is on this list of best anime villains.

11. Gendo Ikari

Gendo Ikari

Who can bear the pain of losing their loved ones? Of course, nobody, and that is also when it is your true love. Gendo Ikari’s character from the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion” teaches us what true love is.

Gendo loses his wife and cannot bear the pain. In his grief, he starts doing wrong things like stealing, cheating, and more. This makes Gendo a bad villain in our eyes. But Gendo is not a bad guy.

We see this when Gendo accepts the opportunity to get his wife back from the Human Instrumentality Project. For this, Gendo is even ready to destroy the entire human world. Seeing this, I felt how much Gendo loved his wife.

10. Shogo Makishima

Shogo Makishima

Shogo Makishima is truly an inspirational anime character for me. Though his heroic deeds had the intention of killing someone, they saved many people’s lives.

The anime “Psycho-Pass” highlights the life of Japan when the Sibyl System ruled it. This low enforcement enterprise would judge the person’s crime coefficient and give them the desired punishment. Besides this, the Sibyl System was conquering the lives of the Japanese people through their cruel acts.

Seeing this, Shogo decided to free the people from Sibyl’s acts. However, his real intention was to murder someone. So, we cannot think of Shogo as a completely good villain, but somehow, his act saved many people’s lives.

9. Stain


Who is said to be a hero? The one who saves people’s lives through his heroic deeds. The anime “My Hero Academia” shows that society does not value the actual heroes. This is because many fake societal heroes use their powers to gain power and fame.

To improve the reputation of the true hero in society, Stain decides to remove all the fake heroes.

Though Stain’s actions while fulfilling his desire are not good and his actions ultimately make him a bad guy, his intentions are meant for the well-being of society.

8. Shishio Makoto

Shishio Makoto

Shishio Makoto was the successor of Kenshein. Due to his ruthless and sadistic nature, Shishio was not anybody’s favourite. Moreover, if he sensed even a small threat to his regime, he would assassinate that person.

Besides this, Shishio, through his powerful swordsmanship, proved to be a gemstone during the Bishnoi War. He would not allow any sort of wrong acts in his regime. But the government didn’t like this. So, it decided to kill Shishio. However, Shishio managed to save himself from getting killed. This is where Shishio’s life takes a turning point.

Seeing this government act, Shishio felt sad that despite being so dedicated, he had to face such an outcome. And so he decides to destroy the government. Though in the beginning you would feel Shishio to be a ruthless guy at some point, you will surely love this villain with a good heart.

7. Shinobu Sensui

Shinobu Sensui

We humans have always believed that demons are those bad people who slaughter humans. Well, this belief takes a turn when we see the anime “Yu Yu Hakusho”. Just like us, the villain in this anime, Shinobu, also believes that the demons are not good people. And being captive with this thought in mind, he starts slaughtering the demons.

Whenever he killed the demons, he would feel happy that the land was free from the evil demons. But soon, he gets saddened when he learns one strange ritual where humans used to torture the innocent demons. This is where Shinobu’s happiness turns into a lifetime of guilt. Also, this is the point in the story where you start loving Shinobu as he decides to get defeated by the demons to get atonement for his wrong deeds. How good it is!

6. Lelouch


Now, the good anime villain on our list is none other than Lelouch. He was a Britannian Emperor’s son and was sent to Japan to conquer it. However, a turning point comes into Lelouch’s life when he loves Japan and doesn’t want anyone to harm it.

Not only this, but to save Japan, he stands against his Britannian empire, friends, and family. However, he commits many wrong acts, such as killing and lying. However, you can imagine how much love he had developed for Japan, and this is the love that made him on this list.

5. The Principality of Zeon

The Principality of Zeon

Zeon was the ruler of his regime, which was no more than a Nazi camp. However, it had good motives compared to Gihren’s regime. Gihren wanted to destroy the entire humanity from the Earth and wanted to rule globally. To achieve his goal, he even killed many innocent lives.

Seeing this, Zeon decides to free the world from Munzo’s liberation. But, see the tragedy. He suffers a heart attack just before he makes the declaration. This is where Zeon becomes a villain in our eyes, but before leaving the world, he leaves his regime in the safe hands of Degwin, who decides to end the federation. At this point, Zeon becomes a good villain.

Though Degwin, inspired by Zeon, takes many wrong steps, ultimately, he has a good motive of freeing the regime from the evil Gehrim, who is no more than a Hitler.

4. Pain



Seeing Pain on this list, you might wonder how this is possible. Pain hurted Jiraiya and Konoha a lot. For this reason, I am sure you would have a bad image of Pain in your eyes. But there is a reason why Pain did these many wrong deeds.

In his early days, Pain was Nagato, who was very calm and lovable. He cared for his friends and family and did everything to make them happy and safe. But, every time, the world will not be good for you, even if you are a good person. And the same thing happens with Nagato.

Despite being good, Nagato doesn’t get peace in return, so he returns the same trouble to the world. This is where he turns himself into Pain from Nagato.

3. Light Yagami

Light Yagami

Yagami was born as the son of a detective. Throughout his life, he had only one goal: to free the world from crime with the help of his death note powers. He would write the names of evil people filled with crime in his Death Note to destroy them.

Initially, you would see Yagami using Death Note’s powers to destroy evil people. After some time, as he is young, his mind diverts a bit, and he starts using Death Note for his self-preservation. This is the point which pushes him to the bad, villainous side. However, he soon realized his mistake. And this makes me fall for Yagami every time I watch the “Death Note” anime.

2. Scar


If you have seen the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood”, you might be aware of a guy with an X-shaped wound on his face, Scar. You might wonder how a serial killer can be a good villain. Scar is a good villain because of the motive behind his serial killings.

He wanted to free the world from the bad State Alchemists who used to slaughter the innocent lives of the nation during the Ishlavan Civil War. However, while doing this, Scar loses the difference between the good and the bad. And he started killing the State Alchemists who were innocent.

1. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager

So, here comes the best anime villain, and he is none other than Eren. Throughout the series, you will see Eren having one goal: to destroy all the Titans. This is because people are turning evil and are not safe for the rest of the world.

Because Eren knows that this act can only bring peace to the world, though his acts are not good, his intentions made me bring him to the number one position on this list.

Through his bad actions and good intentions, Eren deserves to be number one.

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