Most Attractive & Famous Anime Males with White Hair

Most Attractive & Famous Anime Males with White Hair

For everyone to do something or love something, there has to be something unique enough to grab your attention. This is something that the anime and manga industry understands very well, so they always take their viewing experience to the next level.

Most industry enthusiasts know that the best that could ever happen was how manga has been adapted to anime. The anime fans are being treated with this.

One of the ways they have managed to make their characteristics unforgettable is by giving them some of their iconic white hair. It is not usual to find someone with white hair in real life, so this brings a whole new feeling to the viewers.

Most of them are adorable and are nothing like the ordinary character; once you see them, they will become a part of you. According to what I have seen, most roles these white-haired characters take are so relevant, which just sets them different.

It means different things to have white hair; sometimes, it’s because of transformation, the reveal of their inner might, and where they come from. In most cases, they are full of grace and power and mysterious. It can also mean that they are a deity from another world and that they are pure. I have compiled a list of the most legendary male characters that effortlessly pull off white hair.

13. Atsushi Nakajima – Bungou Stray Dogs

Atsushi Nakajima Bungou Stray Dogs

If you have watched the Bungou Stray Dogs, you know who we are talking about. One of the most iconic males with white hair, the main character named Atsushi, was part of the Armed Detective Agency.

It was a group of people who possessed great powers of the spiritual realm. Atsushi grew up in an orphanage where he went through saddening physical and emotional abuse. He grew up being lousy and having no confidence because of these circumstances.

His voice grew louder, and he could now see the power that was inside of him. Atsushi became better daily, polishing up his capabilities to become courageous and smarter in everything he did. Contrary to how he grew up, Atsushi now had the Beast Beneath the moonlight, just one of his great abilities. It allowed him to change his appearance into a huge tiger covered in white fur.

12. Licht – Black Clover

Licht Black Clover

As I have said, white hair is usually a sign of power cases. Let me briefly explain to you Licht, the superior of all in the Elf tribe. His strength was just something born inside of him, making him the most powerful of all ages throughout the entire series. Regardless of all this power, you would expect him to be ruthless, but he is the opposite of that.

He was a man of a big heart, and his patience and understanding were unmatched. This was a testament to loyalty and the humility he displayed to all who stood by him. At first, they introduced him to us as a villain, but later, this perspective is clear. The plot proceeds to show us how he was just trying to get back on the misfortunes that his relatives had gone through.

Licht wanted to one day make sure he brings back the glory of his brothers who were killed during a fight they did not start. There is nothing that I loved more than his mastery of the sword game. The Demon Slayer and the Demon Dweller had nothing on him, and you can’t miss this for no other reason.

11. Inuyasha


Get ready for this fascinating story I will tell you from the Shonen series called Inuyasha. We have to thank Rumiko Takahashi for giving us this masterpiece that successfully aired between 1996 and 2008. The plot centers around Kagome, a high school student who unexpectedly was teleported to another time.

She is dragged into the Bone Eater’s Well by a demon during the Sengoku period, which was her reality. Kagome crosses paths with a creature that is partly demon and partly human.

Together, they join forces and set out to search for the pieces of the Jewel of Shikon. No matter how much you try, you cannot find yourself not to like Inuyasha. There is a perfect balance between his kinkiness and his straightforwardness, but he is also warm-hearted.

How can you not be drawn to a character like him and almost only want to see him during the entire series? No anime fanatic would want to see his character’s development. Inuyasha is one of the characters with the most catchy looks made of long redbeds.

His hair is fluffy and white, and his dog ears are like a cherry on top paired with gold eyes. Inuyasha’s white hair is top-tier and one of the most unforgettable.

10. Garou – One Punch Man

Garou One Punch Man

Garou is no stranger to anime’s die-hard fans die-hard, especially those who watched One Punch Man. He used to be under the guidance of Bang, one of the most well-known martial artists and heroes of his time.

When the series starts, he is an antagonist on the hunt to take down heroes. Because of this, they started calling him Hero Hunter. Garou had great power, skill, endurance, and stamina to do different tasks simultaneously.

These are not just ordinary tasks but those aligned with his heroic identity. All the other characters in this anime do not even come close to his resilience and perseverance. One of his abilities was to understand the moves of his rivals and use their skills against them. This only makes him unstoppable. His mind was set on becoming a monster; the more he achieved, the more he wanted.

9. Tengen Uzui – Demon Slayer

Tengen Uzui Demon Slayer

Famous from the demon slayer is none other than the fashionista Tengen Uzui, who is known for his brightly colored clothes. He was clothed in jewelry and accessories that upped his appearance. Apart from being catchy in his looks, he is a very loud and talkative weirdo. He is proud, but his bossy personality won’t allow him to be around people who don’t appreciate his style.

Before all this, he was a ninja, and he learned sound breathing, resulting in him becoming the Sound Hashira. Tengen did not play games when it came to the Demon Slayer Corps; his loyalty could not be wavered.

He had so much love for his companions and his three wives, Hashira. It would not have been the same if he had not been available during the fight between Muzan and the Demon Slayer. We, as the fans, needed him because he made everything possible.

8. Tobirama – Naruto

Tobirama Naruto

Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage, is depicted as a serious and pragmatic individual known for his exceptional talent and mastery of various jutsu. He is well known for creating several powerful jutsu, including the dreaded reincarnation jutsu and the flying thunder god technique for which the Fourth Hokage is well known.

Tobirama’s tenure as a strong sense of duty marked leader. He prioritized preserving the village and made controversial decisions like segregating the Uchiha clan, which had long-term consequences in the Naruto storyline.

7. Decim – Death Parade

Decim Death Parade

Death Parade features one of the white-haired characters that I couldn’t help but tell you about. He is the main character of this tale, which follows the story of what would happen to human souls after people die.

One of his roles was to decide whether the souls should be brought back to life or just be wanted for nothing. Being a bartender at Quindecim, Decim was more important than that. He appears stern and cold; he does not play with his arbiter role.

It mattered more to him than anything else. But something disadvantages him; he doesn’t even get people’s feelings. Everything was strange to him. It is a disadvantage because it led him to make biased decisions even though he has been a judge for the past five years.

Decim is not as entertaining as the other characters with white hair, but this doesn’t change the fact that he has unique capabilities and features nobody else has.

6. Gintoki – Gintama

Gintoki Gintama

If I were to give my opinion, I would say that Gintoki has to be the most hilarious character with white hair. He is the main character in the well-known anime series called Gintama.

I am sure you have heard about it. Occasionally, you will see that he is portrayed as lazy bones and a chill fellow. Of all the Shonen main characters you know so far, Gintoki surpasses them all when it comes to being relatable.

He is the king of sarcasm, and sometimes his remarks are just top-tier, which brings up the whole comedy of the whole series. He was once a Samurai, which inspired him to make the Yorozuya, where people came to buy his services. Even though he is known to be lazy, he is always diligent with his work. If he was working for you, you wouldn’t have any complaints.

The intense, heated scenes featured in Gintama are so much that you might forget all of the comedy. These are the moments that you will see Gintoki showing off his expertise with swordsmanship. Most of the mastery that he shows is fueled by the undying passion to be a shield to his beloved friends.

5. Griffith – Berserk

Griffith Berserk

Because Berserk is one of the best series the anime industry has given us, unsurprisingly, some of the most iconic characters are from there. Kentaro Miura probably looks like a heartbreaker; he looks out of this world and has a very sharp mind. This is where Griffith comes in as someone who was once an ally but later became an enemy of Guts, the protagonist.

In the whole series, Griffith takes the spotlight because of his undeniably handsome looks, intelligence, and self-esteem. You cannot watch this series without fixing your eyes on him because his presence cannot be ignored.

His main character’s energy is what sets him apart. He feels himself so much that it sometimes gets frustrating, but the love is always going to be there deep down. I think it’s because he knows people are always drooling over him. This makes his ego go even higher, so everyone has to lick his feet somehow.

4. Sho Kusakabe – Fire Force

Sho Kusakabe Fire Force

This white-haired character isn’t the main character per se, but he is a brother to the protagonist, which gives him the spotlight. Sho Kusakabe was a younger brother to Shinra but possessed great powers despite him being so young. A few characters used the Adolla Burst, and he was one of them. The white-clad raised him, which is how he and the Evangelist’s grace connected.

If you’re unaware of the Adolla, it is a clean and pure flame from another world. Then, by default, everyone who had access to the flame could use the powers from the supernatural, like the white-haired Sho; he could stop and move space and time according to what he wanted. This ability made him unstoppable when it came to fighting.

3. Kanade Uryuu – Platinum End

Kanade Uryuu Platinum End

Have you watched Platinum End yet? The show first aired in 2021 with Kanade Uryuu as the main character. The way he showed out in this anime makes him effortlessly stand out among all the other characters. Even though he was among other God Candidates, Kanade has shone brightly.

All these candidates were aiming to become the next God, but believe me, you won’t be able to take your eyes off Kanade. As this looks like an ongoing battle, Kanade fights his way in and gets rid of all the other Candidates.

He had tricks that made him conquer backup with allies, which made this easier for him. Unfortunately, he died sometime after Takahashi, other Candidates, and the main character ganged up against him.

2. Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki is not just an ordinary character who happened to have white hair by birth. It was the endless and heart-wrenching torture he went through. I can only imagine how bad it was to get to the point where hair changes color.

With all that he had gone through, Kaneki was still one of the most powerful characters in the series Tokyo Ghoul. He was a half-ghoul, but things were about to take a turn the day he met Rize, a one-eyed ghoul carrying Kagune inside of him.

They saw each other at Kamii University, where Kaneki was studying literature. After some time, Jason forcefully took him away and started to torture him. He also had a history of being tortured, so it’s like he was spreading it to someone else.

Kaneki lost his insanity and could not remember anything that had happened before. During that moment, his hair turned white, making him worthy of being on this list.

1. Kai von Granzreich

Kai von Granzreich

Before I say much, I just have to say that Kai is not as threatening as he looks; you have to look up to him because of his height, which is above six feet tall. Cowards cannot bear to be in his presence because of the cold stare. You will be lucky enough to see his soft side if you don’t pay attention to his sharp-edged haircut and stern eyes.

Not only is he generally calm and kindhearted, but he is also a big fan of aggressiveness. He only wants softness and fluffiness as he pulls his lazy bones around.

His character turns into something else when you cross the people who are in. It is undeniable that no one can beat his speed amongst all his brothers. This also comes to the level of unmatched power that he possesses.

The funny thing is that there are several white-haired characters, but Kai takes the spotlight. I asked myself this question until I realized this look was more natural to him than anyone else.

Most viewers have been able to relate to Kai because, just like him, many other people have angry faces in real life. This is not even who they are from within.

No one could have played this role better than him, especially the big brother side of him.I can safely say that Kai has fewer to zero haters worldwide. As you watch this anime, you will agree with me as you start to find yourself drawn to him.

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