Best Anime with Fox with Most Interesting Plot

Best Anime with Fox with Most Interesting Plot

There is always something about the fox characters in the anime world. These characters make the anime series lively and more preferable. There are so many abilities associated with these characters, including rich symbolic significance and shape-lifting. We can’t deny the fact that these characters are cunning in nature.

The moment these creatures were introduced in the anime world, they came and added flavor to what was already there. Despite these foxes being so cunning, some of them even protect spirits.

The list below will help us with some amazing fox characters in the anime world. We will delve into the foxes’ personalities, cultural contexts, and their unique blending with Japanese mythology. This is because foxes and Japan have something you will understand through the list below. Let’s not waste time and get to business.

17. Sajin Komamura Bleach (2004)

Sajin Komamura Bleach (2004)

In the series by the name Bleach, there is a fox or wolf-like creature named Sajin Komamura. He belongs to the soul society, where he holds a certain significant position and is respected. Sajin Komamura has the largest Bankai; this should not be debated; why not when he is the tallest and largest character? The soul society is very powerful, especially when it comes to Bankai.

The giant gatekeepers are the only characters bigger than Sajin Komamura in the series. He must be a mixture of a fox and a wolf with red fur. Note that Sajin Komamura was betrayed by his so-called friend Tosen when he joined Aizen, leaving the soul of society. As the series proceeds, he is shown without gloves or any helmet, which is where you figure out if he is a fox or wolf.

16. Yukikaze Panettone, Dog Days (2011)

Yukikaze Panettone, Dog Days (2011)

Has anyone tried to figure out what Yukikaze Panettone’s name means? Yukikaze is a Japanese name that means snowy wind. We all can agree that this name is perfect for this fox girl. She belongs to the secret squad of the Biscotti Knights Squad. Most of the time, she is working next to Brioche d’Arquien.

But who would have thought that her surname could be that random I’m? not gonna tell you what Panettone means; it’s something that you have to find out on your own as an anime lover.

There is no weapon that her hands can’t use; she is a good fighter. Even without a weapon, she is unstoppable. She has blonde hair and two ears like a fox’s tail. Having her in her squad is the best thing that ever happened to her squad because she cares about the squad members.

15. Kyubi (Yo-Kai Watch)

Kyubi (Yo-Kai Watch)


This anime was derived from a certain game with the same name. But this is not our concern here; our major concern and center of attraction is Kyuubi Kitsune. This is one of the best good-looking fox characters because he is so colorful, and his personality is OMG. This character will just leave you like, wow, because he has a human form that looks like a child.

Pointing out flaws at others is one of the things that he is known for. He is sometimes serious and looks cold, which contrasts with his powers, which are fire-based most of the time. He also makes use of his tail to attack. There is a lot in this series concerning mythical beings and their personalities.

14. Gintarou (Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of The Gods)

Gintarou(Gingitsune Messenger Fox of The Gods)

This is one of the foxes that look scary and cold, but deep inside, they are so caring and amazing. He is an old fox about three hundred years old and a guard of the shrine. Before a certain farmer injured him, he used to be an ordinary fox, just like any other fox you know. A certain priestess helped this Kitsune; since then, he has become a messenger of the gods.

Initially, he had a partner, but his partner had to leave him to guard the shrine. That’s how the two separated. How can I forget to tell you that he is so fond of tangerines? That’s his favorite food, I can say. Fortune telling and helping search for missing animals and people are some of his abilities.

13. Yuzu – Konohana Kitan

Yuzu Konohana Kitan

What else would you expect from the central character of the series? Nothing but just the best, as always. Yuzu is just a young fox girl in the series Kohohaba Kitana. The setting of this season is in a world where supernatural creatures and humans live in the same country.

The main focus of this series is centred on the lifestyle at Konohanatei and how the inhabitants spend their days. Konohanatei is a traditional inn located between worlds. Yuzu was found working at this inn, and she doesn’t recall anything from the past. Grab your copy today and enjoy the amazing young fox girl.

12. Yoko Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Yoko Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho)

We are all aware of how demon foxes behave in the anime series. Yoko Kurama is a demon fox and is among the main characters in this series. Unlike other foxes, Yoko Kurama was not born a fox, but something happened when he was a baby. The whole series starts getting juicy when a real demon fox unleashes its soul into a newborn.

The newly born baby was none other than Yoko Kurama. Life was never normal for this boy because he was having a hard time trying to be a human, and the fox in him wanted space, also. Note that Yoko Kurama had some abilities, such as the seed of death plant and rose whip. Not to forget that he was super intelligent and caring when it came to those around him. We can’t deny the fact that he could be witty sometimes.

11. Catarina Devon – One Piece

Catarina Devon One Piece

How can you not know about this amazing character, Catarina Devon, if you have watched One Piece? Maybe you haven’t watched the series, but if you are still interested in manga, you must have read this manga. Well, this is not the concern here; Catarina Devon is the matter of concern. She belongs to the Blackbeard Pirates; she is one of the strongest members of the crew.

The Crescent Moon Hunter, Catarina Devon, has a dark and scary past. Before she was set free by the Blackbeard Pirates, she was incarcerated for being a cruel hunter of women. She is one of those foxes that I failed to understand today. This girl can transform into a fox with nine tails. There is a reason behind all this; it is shown that she ate a Mythical Zoan-type Devil fruit.

10. Park IlPyo’s Charyeok(God of Highschool)

Park IlPyo Charyeok(God of Highschool)

Just like most anime series, this series, the name God of High School, was also derived from a manhwa. It is usually not done, and it is rare to hear of Charyeok. Charyeok is nothing but the power borrowed from the gods, supernatural beings and demons. This series does not have a kitsune-type character; it only has a character who can use the powers of a nine-tailed fox.

This character is none other than Iipyo. This character is amongst the strongest characters in the series, and he went to get into a contract for powers. I’m not going to tell you the terms and conditions of the contract, but all I can tell is that the powers only elevated his natural power. He got into a contract with the nine-tailed demon fox, where he borrowed the powers and made use of them.

9. Senko – The Helpful Fox Senko-San

Senko The Helpful Fox Senko San

Only a few would understand Kuroto Nakano’s overwhelming loneliness and work. I guess by now, Senko-san was like, I had retired, and it was time to rest till she had to go to Kuroto Nakano. Senko-san is now an 800-year-old kitsune who has decided to leave her comfort zone to come through for Nakano. You can agree with me that this fox has motherly affection, and she is so full of warmth.

Her appearance does not match her age because she appears very young with a fluffy tail and fox ears. She makes use of her abilities to give comfort and to listen to Kuroto. This was not easy for a fox because she had to cook some meals, so she had to use her abilities.

8. Tomoe – Kamisama Kiss

Tomoe Kamisama Kiss

How can we talk about handsome, charming, good-looking Kitsune and leave Tomoe? That won’t be fair enough because his appearance is mesmerizing. This was pretty obvious, though; just check his romantic gestures in the story that captured the hearts of many. Of course, he is not just a fox but a Yokai fox; how he is so caring and protective of those he loves is unexplainable.

The only thing that people are not a fan of about this guy is that he is impatient and short-tempered should be surname lol. This series was adapted From a certain Japanese folklore with amazing and good-looking anime girls of all times.

We can’t all deny that these girls, despite being cute, actually had weird jobs; I mean, just look at Nanami. Imagine, with all that beauty and charming appearance, working at a shrine.

It wasn’t just working; she lived at the shrine. How could she not become a God with such beauty? This is where Tomoe comes in; he becomes the fox whom Nanami can count on at any time.

7. Kudakitsune – xxxHOLiC

Kudakitsune xxxHOLiC

Are you aware of what a typical pipe fox spirit looks like in anime? Kudakitsune is one of those foxes; he would transform into a good-looking furry Kitsune with nine tails. Just like some of the protective foxes, he always follows the little boy Watanuki to safeguard him from danger.

Don’t get confused by how it happened; he became Watanuki’s spirit animal. He was more than useful to the boy because he would always ensure that Watanuki was out of danger. Note that Watanuki has been able to see spirits since childhood; now, he is a teenager, and the same thing is still happening.

His life changed after he went to a certain shop of a wish-granting witch. What do you think? Did his life change for the better, or was it for the worse? Don’t forget to let me in the comment section below.

6. Shippo – Inuyasha

Shippo Inuyasha

Does anyone have a clue as to what happened to Shipp’s father and the Thunder brothers? Well, I have no idea; all I know is that Shippo lost his father to the Thunder brothers, but I also don’t know the reason behind it. He is just a young fox with no experience, resulting in a bad shape-lifting transformation.

It’s only because of a lack of experience, but this ability is one of the greatest. He is actually a naive young boy and a comic one; his playful behaviour is interesting.

This is shown after he meets Kagome and Inuyasha, the main characters in this series. When we talk about people who are loyal and who know how to stay true to the people around them, Shippo is among those characters. Despite being mischievous from joining Inuyasha’s group, he saw him as his elder brother.

5. Little Fox – Natsume’s Book of Friends

Little Fox Natsume Book of Friends

How could that other yokai bully this cute and young fox? It wasn’t fair, but he was fortunate enough to have Natsume come through for him. The reason why Little Fox used to get bullied is because he is just a kid and very emotional. How Natsume helped and protected him ended up bringing the two into a strong friendship.

It is rare for the foxes to be able to transform into a human form, but Little Fox is amongst them who does the rare ability. Grab your copy today and enjoy the mesmerizing moments spent by the two friends, Little Fox and Natsume. All thanks to Natsume’s ability to see spirits, which helped him save this cute fox from the clutches of its bullies.

4. Yasaka – High School DxD Hero

Yasaka High School DxD Hero

The way Yasaka was so influential in this series is something outstanding. This was all backed up by her position as a leader of the Kyoto Youkai faction. Who would oppose her decision or what she says with such influence that she had? No one would dare do that. She is also a nine-tailed fox with golden hair, and elegance should be her second name. She is also a mother figure to Kunou, where her affectionate and nurturing side is shown.

The way she is so protective and caring is something I didn’t expect from a fox. This series became tense and more interesting when Yasaka was abducted. Do you think her team will be able to rescue her? Drop your comments in the comment section below your opinions and thoughts, matters.

3. Soushi – Inu × Boku SS

Soushi Inu Boku SS

How can this character not be popular when he is amongst the most beloved SS agents? To make it more relevant, he made some special connections with Ririchiyo. If you talk about caring nine-tailed foxes that are caring and loving, you can’t leave Soushi on the list. Imagine the way that he died trying to save Ririchiyo’s life, dying for someone else.

No justice will be served on that list if you don’t add him. He is one of the rarest foxes with human ancestry. Of course, this series consists of those anime-forbidden romance stories that will drive you crazy. The way Ririchiyo was so weird and an introvert, I never expected Soushi to be so brave just to protect her.

2. Tamamo-No-Mae – Fate/Extra

Tamamo No Mae Fate Extra

You all can’t deny the fact that this caster class servant is Irresistible; she is one of the most captivating characters. Her magic is deeper than an ocean; what else would you expect from such an ancient fox spirit? She is shown in traditional attire, and her nine fluffy tails add flavour to her appearance and look.

Of course, she is a classic Kitsune; her appearance says it all. Tamamo-no-Mae’s past reveals that she is a fox in disguise who appears to be a very beautiful and charming woman. She has been featured in many other anime series. Let me know the name of the series in the comment section below.

1. Kurama – Naruto

Kurama Naruto

I couldn’t believe how Kurama started changing his thinking towards humanity after he was sealed in Naruto. I don’t blame him, though, for hating humanity because they had abused this nine-tailed fox for years, using him as a deadly weapon.

He had no intention of hating the human race because all he wanted and what he is known for was using his power for the greater good. We all can’t resist the captivating nature of this series. You will never get tired of repeating this series.

It will forever remain the best of all times. Naruto was not born as a fox, but just after his birth, the fox’s soul was unleashed in him, and that’s how he developed his abilities. You haven’t told me that you are an anime lover, and you haven’t watched Naruto. Maybe you haven’t watched it; I am not going to judge. Just grab your copy and enjoy.

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