Best Anime with Gangs: Get Ready for Gang Fights

Best Anime with Gangs Get Ready for Gang Fights

This is a must-read post you should read through. You might have heard of some secret societies like the mafia, the triad, or the yakuza.

But the most dangerous group of cultists ever are the gangsters, or you can call them the mobsters or the crime bosses; when it comes to social vices, they are the best at causing havoc and exploring people’s properties, also deal with hard drugs and some cultural demolition, comes to gun-toting they are there.

They also bring deep morality exploration. The effect it has on the youth of this generation has affected many psychologically and changed their entire belief system.

Though it’s an anime character list of the most dangerous gangsters ever and their uniqueness, you can relate it with some of the Hollywood gangsters you might have seen before in any of the crime movies.

It’s just blended alongside the hallmarks of Hollywood characters. There is not much difference between the gangster’s animes because their soundtrack and the crime dramas are the same. Many fans love this so much.

You should take a chilled soft drink by your side with popcorn and relax your mind as you go through this amazing article on anime with gangs. You won’t regret reading this post; it will make you feel like you are watching a real gangster movie. Anyway, let’s jump into the business of the day.

1. Gangsta


This anime series, just as the name suggests, brings us a lot of scenes that are usually rated for mature minds. If one is not yet mature in mind, one might easily fall for all these things being acted in this series. Here, we had a lot of scenes that involved people taking drugs, prostitution, and gangsters.

In this town called Ergastulum, you will discover so many superhuman gangs that call themselves the ‘Twilights’; this extraordinary power they have is a result of this special kind of drug that is helping them.

Now, from this group, he broke out his other anime characters, the likes of Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo, who formed their separate gang, which they called Handymen. Now, what they do is to take over the day-to-day business.

This very anime series ended on a cliffhanger, though the studio where it’s been produced is the Manglob; this also went with Gangsta, which happens to be their swag song. Though fans are already expecting the next season, the next season may or may not be available.

2. Buddy Daddies

Buddy Daddies

In Buddy Daddies, we have two amazing characters, Kazu, Ki, and Rei, both dangerous hitmen. However, their mission is to eliminate the powerful-hearted people linked to Tokyo’s crime.

This very story is all over the social platform. Even when they try to live the lifestyle of a good person, it becomes strange to him, and even he becomes surprised. After a while, they adopted this anime character girl named Miri.

Now, the irony of this story is how these two hit men try as much as possible to balance their jobs and also train their children. These innocent daughters of theirs never even know what is happening around them. Though these two guys, Kazuki and Rei, had a very bad upbringing, they promised themselves their only daughter would live in fullness.

For most anime lovers, I’m pretty sure you must be familiar with this series; here, you will witness many things, like happy moments and dad moments. I know by now you must be asking about the true status of these amazing characters in the Buddy Daddies: Kazuki and Rei. WellWell, the truth of the matter is that we don’t know.

3. Switch


When it comes to crime and action, this anime story Switch is one of the most amazing anime series ever. So many social vices have happened here, the likes of guys engaging in some secret organizations, killing, bad gangs, even drug dealers and psychopaths.

Everyone on this list I just mentioned now is all into the mix in Switch. But then the battle is between these two powerful Narcotic dealers; they are named Haru and Kai. These guys are so powerful.

Let me briefly tell you how the title Switch came about. Once upon a time, these guys called Haru and Kai were just doing their business code without anyone knowing their secrets. Haru focused more on the mafia branch. What they do is to commercialize drugs. The name of his group is the Funny Angel.

While Kai happens to operate his empire in one of the shady greenhouses it sees, ms they were producing the Funny Angel. Now, at a point, Kai has to Switch from being a nice guy to a very dangerous and heartless murderer who doesn’t consider humans again before taking any action. So, from him, the title Switch was coined.

Previously, no one knew the atrocities that had been committed by Kai all this while, but as his true nature finally showcased to everyone, as that of Haru and Kai’s business, the Funny Angel, their life was in terrible danger because the legal team took drastic action on them one fateful day.

4. Jormungand


Though this anime story has already created a lot of impact in the anime industry, other series share almost the same thing, like that of Jormungand. The likes of a former child soldier take up the task of protecting an illegal arms dealer, crime-themed anime series Koko Hekmatyar, Jonah Mar, and Black Lagoon.

All these stories have some similarities with the Jormungand. But now, the surprising part is that Jonah, who happens to be the protagonist, dislikes weapons; even when it comes to making deals, and the dealer has a weapon, he declines it. Now, this act has caused him so much damage. One is that the client thinks he is being unloyal.

But then, nevertheless, if we should compare an anime series titled Phantom, most anime fans will agree with me that Jormungand has got up hands as it surpasses it in terms of actions and crime scenes that are so powerful as if it’s a real experience.

Still, some people also argue that the reason is that the anime characters in Jormungand are more advanced, and the plot settings are also great. But with the look of things, that argument doesn’t hold any water.

I will suggest you watch this anime series and even share it with your friends because you can barely find anime series that involve a lot of gun-blazing shootings and also brain-turning-off scenes. I promise this is the anime story you must put on your watchlist. You can thank me later.

5. Michiko & Hatchin

Michiko & Hatchin

You will agree with me that finding anime series that are produced outside Japan isn’t that difficult. But then, knowing the ones from Latin America is difficult and even sometimes important. Following the story in this series, we have a convict named Michiko Malandro who escaped prison.

However, the reason for her escape is her quest to find her former lover, Hiroshi Morenos, in an unknown world called the South American country of Diamandra.

Now she has started strategizing on how to rescue Hiroshi, and one of the ways she got to do this is to free a girl named Hana Morenos, but it’s been alleged that this girl might be Hiroshi’s daughter.

I think the reason why she rescued this girl was to help her locate her lover. But then, sadly for her, Michiko met this terrible crime guy who had been involved with so much crime throughout his entire life, and they met in this situation. The battle began between them.

5. The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited

The Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited

Most times, some of the crime task forces nowadays are corrupt because the officers who are meant to protect and prevent crime and save the lives of many are poor, so they engage in bribery and corruption so they can get rich very fast.

Still, here we have a detective who is not just a force member but happens to be a multimillionaire; his name is Daisue Kambe, and the way he handles issues of crime is just something amazing. The part of the task force to eliminate crimes in Tokyo. Though he might be strict while dealing with serious cases, he greatly respects people.

Haku is also a worker in this task force; though he is not rich when it comes to money, as kindness and helping people who are in need, he takes it upon himself to make sure that everyone is safe and the world becomes a better place for everybody to leave. Compared to Daisuke, who takes action directly as it is. But still, they both form a great team.

6. 91 Days

91 Days

This very anime story focuses more on revenge before we go in depth of this series “91 Days”, following the 1920s era that has been banned as fertile ground for mafia media.

The protagonist here is Angelo Lagusa, who was involved in this unfortunate incident of witnessing the murder of his parents right in front of him by this gang that calls themselves the Vanetti Crime family.  As a result of what happened to him, he vowed to take revenge on the killers of his mother, so he went into exile.

On his return after seven good years of hiding without anyone knowing his whereabouts, he now came back to where they gave birth to him, where they called his hometown of lawless, Illinois; his mission was to avenge the death of his parents on the Vanetti’s Don Vincent. So, his first strategy is to start a relationship with the son of the Don, Nero.

Before you snub this anime series because you might think there are no scenes of crime and action, I will suggest you first of all see it. However, this series resembles The Godfather or Goodfellas more than a typical anime series. The nice thing about this anime story is the character that was used as the protagonist; he is full of drama and has gambits in his DNA.

7. Bungo Stray Dogs

Bungo Stray Dogs

In this anime story, Bungo Stray Dogs, we have one of the main characters, Nakajima Atsushi, who happens to be an orphan. Still, fortunately for him, he was adopted by these two Armed Detective Agency members, Osamu and Kunikida.

This special agency does these impossible tasks; they always fight battles that the police and other armed forces cannot do due to their unique powers. With Atsushi’s help, he can transform himself into a very large tiger to help the special force his adopted parents use to defeat their enemies.

Though the only fear of this special force is the Port Mafia, it happens that they were in full control of everything happening in the underworld, anything illegal. That is where all Port Mafians operate, supplying illegal products to vendors all over.

Now, lucky of the special armed force group, one of the members of the Port Mafia, who happens to be their leader, defected and joined the detective agency. His name is Dazai. Do you think they will be able to defeat this Port Mafia group with the help of Dazai in the game?

These two groups have been in a fight throughout this series; the Armed Detective Agency wants to take the Port Mafia, and in the same hands, the Port Mafia also wants to eliminate the Armed Detective Agency group. This struggle continues for a long time.

The post-Mafia group decided to lay an ambush to kidnap Atsushi to extort some of the 7 billion yen that they would use to enhance their evil agenda, buying ambitions and other dangerous weapons. On the other hand, the Armed Detective Agency wants to create peace among everyone and build a peaceful community.

8. Gungrave


This anime series is just the full definition of what we can call sci-fi because all the elements here have been packed into this crime drama. It followed the story of these two best friends, Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell; when it comes to crime, they rank so high in this Millennium.

Here comes a very tragic moment when Brandon is murdered by his own best friend, Harry. But then, fortunate for him, he was brought back to life by a power, but though forbidden, it’s called the Necrolyzation. The major focus of this story centers on how Brandon was betrayed by his friend Harry; Now he is coming back in full force for revenge.

Some people underrated the impact of this video game adaptation series, not knowing that it is one of the best ones that can ever be discovered. You should see it. Gungrave is a must-watch anime series.

9. Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

If care is not taken, this series can kick out the full Hollywood-style action as it’s meant business. Lagoon is the name of the Company that kidnapped Rokurou Okajima.

The reason why this Company that is involved in smuggling goods across seas, especially the Southeast Asia sea, kept this man hostage is for them to extract and negotiate a particular skill from him that he got from his former job. Dubbed ‘Rock’ by his kidnappers, Okajima now must find his way to the city of Roanapur, the unknown people who took him hostage.

The anime involves a lot of crime scenes, and it also has some humorous scenes. There are a whole lot of characters that are involved in different businesses, like heroin dealers and also some fraudulent and criminal activities.

In this series, I assure you that you will find whatever you expect from a very interesting anime series here. Especially when it comes to comic moments, action, and laughter. Black Lagoon is indeed a series to watch.

10. Spy x Family

Spy x Family

This anime series is mixed with action and humor and involves families coming together and building a happy home. Following the Spy x Family story, we have the most wanted spy character that happens to the protagonist from the beginning of the series till the end. Loid Forger is his name.

His mission is to stay undercover by changing his identity into different things, such as being a psychologist today; tomorrow, he will be a husband, father, and so many other things. But his goal is to improve the world so everyone can live in peace and harmony.

Because of his role as a very skillful and well-trained spice in the whole world, he trained his mind not to be emotionally attached whenever he went on a mission. Forger is good at this, but his first experience wasn’t funny.

As he came into this family pretending to be a husband, the bond grew so strong that he was caught for the first time because he allowed his emotions to control him.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t the only spy in that very family. Even the wife, Yor, is a well-trained assassin who pretended to be a wife but was on a mission. Surprisingly, their daughter Anya also pretends to have secret telepathic powers.

All of them became one family for just one single reason: to pretend and spy on one another according to the mission they gave them. But here they are, building a family with a genuine mindset. Wow, what a series. It is so interesting and amazing.


I’m glad you made it through this post of anime with a gang. I’m pretty sure you were entertained and thrilled. Though there are complicated series to understand, I recommend you watch the series itself to get the full gist.

Also, most of the ones that appeared on the list were amazing and were life-teaching experiences, too. Keep expecting more amazing anime posts from us. Have a nice day.

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