The Daily Life of the Immortal King Characters

The Daily Life of the Immortal King Characters

Based in a future advanced earth, a high school filled with student cultivators is learning how to manage their unusual powers. Imagine having magical powers in a scientific-based anime[ almost similar to that ].

We find similar real-life scenarios like high school bullies, challenges, meeting new people and having friends, and our connections with our parents. One kid, Wang Ling, possesses powers beyond anyone’s understanding.

Knowing he had the strength to destroy the universe, he lay so low that his friends and classmates didn’t suspect a thing. Other students had power abilities in the 100s, but Wang Ling’s powers were just near five hundred.

1. Wang Ling

Wang Ling

Wang Ling is a 16-year-old cultivator who has been changing worlds every two years since birth. He’s looking forward to finally settling for a simple private life.

He does not know the limit of his power. That would terrify anyone. Sometime back, he tried to see his limitations but only discovered he had none. He searched for his world to be united with people who could explain his abilities. His powers scare him, making him wonder where he is from.

Socially, Wang Ling is distant and detached from his friends and always feels like it’s a must to be always hanging around with them. Although truthfully speaking, I am sure he cares about them deep down because even though he keeps his distance, he’s always there to help them when they are in a situation.

Dazzled by the beauty of the most popular girl in school, Sun Rong, a genius from a well-respected family, Wang Ling immediately understands the human notion of love and romance.

Through his mind, he occasionally repeated words describing her beauty. Sun Ring’s popularity might put him in the spotlight since he wanted to stay out of sight.

His seal does not allow him to feel anything for anyone.[I think he was afraid to approach her ]. He decides to ignore his desires unless he is left with no choice.

Wang Ling is a walking infinite powerhouse. His body pores are tiny worlds able to keep spirit power. Like Every inch, part of him, every cell can store massive spirit power. I can imagine that the body has millions and millions of body cells. Wing Lings everybody’s cell stores a huge amount of spirit power.

Trying to avoid the spotlight, he reduces the magnitude of powers he utilizes. Sometimes, when he assured his powers were in check, they burst out of control [I guess he would have underestimated them].

He used his powers to advance to the Elite class of No.60, but between you and me, Wing Ling wasn’t academically given. He is what many might call a struggling student.

As he spent more time in the universe, he now knows how the universe works, including every belief, law, idea, and aspect of the universe. This includes all the methods, complicated theories, how he can upgrade himself [ cultivation system ] and how space and time link

2. Sun Rong

Sun Rong

Wing Ling first met Sun Rong on the very first day of school. She needed help in finding her way to her next class. One time the Donghua had her come to help him against his bullies, and to her surprise Wang Ling just thanked her with money and didn’t even bother to give her the attention she wanted.

Guess his choice to stay unnoticed kept him in check. I mean, this is the girl everyone in the school wants, she could get anyone she desired, but SIGMA Wang Ling still kept his cool.

She got so angry that it became her goal to win him over. However, she realized she wasn’t getting anywhere with him and fell for him herself.

In the series, Sun Rong is the main female character. She’s a talented 16-year-old who is the current president of the Cultivation School League student council of the Songhai Faction. She is also the inheritor of her family company, Huaguo Water Curtain Group. [ she was already rich before even finishing high school ].

On top of her wealth, she also has a great innate spiritual energy [ certainly not greater than Wang Ling’s]. Basically, both her reputation on and off the streets is remarkable. I mean, look at her: a class monitor, student council president, with high strength and grades.

After everything that went down at the Xiao Family Compound ( the amusement park ) – she was held at gunpoint by Shadow Stream’s Assassins, she was finally brought down to earth (humbled).

At that moment, she realized that despite her fame and family wealth, she could just be easily taken and murdered like anybody else. Her craving for fame and attention lessened. She started acting like the “spoiled child “she was.

Sun Rong does not keep her gifts a secret; like Wang Ling, she is openly and freely respected for it. The beginS with Sun being strongest at the Foundation Establishment stage.

She’s also the nearest to entering and breaking the Golden Core stage. ( which is almost impossible for someone her age ), but I say give her a few more years.

You will see. As per Wang Ling’s evaluations, someone needs 256 meridians to make it past the Foundation Establishment stage, and since Wang can estimate people’s Meriden levels, he noticed that 70% of Sun’s meridians were already opened.

She is the heroine of the series; she has strength and wealth, and people love her. Both males and females are drawn to her and want to be around her.

Deep down, she wants to become more famous, so she occasionally completes challenging tasks just to be applauded and adored by her classmates. You might be wondering why she needed more when she already had it all; it’s later disclosed that she wanted to be loved by every soul.

3. Chen Chao

Chen Chao

Chen Chao is from the Chen family and is well-known for the Chen technique. He had an above-average muscular build with a defined jawline, grey eyes and dark hair.

He has a unique low-cut fade with dual strips along the hairline. He is in the 60TH high and is regarded as the strongest among his classmates. Chen Chao is a member of the class 1 and 3 sports board group and the elite class president.

Besides the fact that he is a leader and sports committee member, his behaviour is really bad, no lie. He is disorganised, naughty, careless, distracted, and too open.

He does things unplanned, and as he pleases, anytime he likes. However, he has shown signs of compassion here and there. The other time, he assisted an old lady across the road and is well-mannered around his trust.

One of the Chen family teachings is “It’s your responsibility to step in to help whenever you come across any injustice”, ” which was also taught to Chen Chao.

No wonder he joined that exorcist group; he defended all huaxiu against remnant demons. Sadly, it turned out that the group had provoked the demons, causing them to attack. QUICKLY SWITCHED SIDES. What a powerful insight of justice, right?

He had a soft spot for any girl he thought was good-looking, including Sun Rong and Lin Xiaoyu. During his fight against Yisha Bei, he first started easy with her [ was confident he was gonna defeat her ], but given Yisha Bei’s power and boldness, he gave it his all. COWARD move, right!!

4. Guo Hanoi

Guo Haoi

I think Guo Haoi has the highest knowledge of almost anything in the entire series. He knows something about magical artefacts [ how to create and refine one ], the spiritual immortal herbs and their aftereffects. He also worked for his family’s spirit beast shop, making him a genius of spirit beasts.

He always depended on his knowledge and understanding in any situation. He only needed his brains and luck. In cases he knows he doesn’t stand a chance against his enemies, he keeps his distance.

Physically, he’s a bit overweight and has spiky brown hair. He is in the elite class of 60TH High. I almost forgot that he is Wang Ling’s best friend, shocking given that Wang Ling prefers a low profile while he is sometimes tricky and naughty. Guo Haoi is generally friendly and socially confident.

5. Pan Shengcong

Pan Shengcong

One teacher we all hated in high school, Pan Shengcong, is similar to her character. She has purple eyes and dark hair styled into a bun and wears glasses.

She is a middle-aged, mature woman. Her outfit was well known by most of her students: red earrings, high heels, and blue-appropriate attire, as well as a similar coloured pencil skirt.

She obeyed each and every regulation of 60TH High School. Obviously, she was very strict and did not joke with her students. She made sure students were always on time for their classes.

She is silent, always keeps a straight face, and hates disorder and disorganization. Although students like Sun Rong and Lin Xiaoyu, who had exceptional scores, had a positive side.

She teaches classes for the elite class, and her core objective is the talisman seals. She always teaches them how the yellow talisman [ cinnabar ] spirit water and brush make talisman seals for innovation spirits.

6. Froggy Two

Froggy Two

Froggy Two is another of Wang Ling’s contracted beasts. He is a frog demon king of the demon world with a gift of consuming spiritual energy and a specific skill of controlling time, speeding, slowing it down, or even stopping time sometimes. Although he was a toad, he usually transformed into a dog.

He has multiple forms: a demon toad and a contracted beast form. As a demon toad, he’s a giant green frog with big shining eyes, and as a contracted beast, he transforms into a dog, a green Shiba inu dog with eyes surrounded by an orange pigment.

For years, he had been imprisoned at 60TH High School and made it his main goal to escape. His plan was to absorb enough spiritual energy from each and every student bit by bit until it was enough to break the seal.

Ten years later, froggy two and wang ling bumped into each other for the first time after their last disagreement. He was filled with so much fear that he wished he was dead than to go through it again.

7. Zhou Yi

Zhou Yi

Zhou Yi is a young, grown man with unique blue eyes and pale hair. You have seen him, I am sure, he usually wears a business suit and a formal light purple shirt with a blue tie around his neck.

He had a bit of facial hair on his chin. Zhou is a cultivator of the Brilliant Void Star System; he always wears his standard seven-star squadron uniform wherever he is on a seven-star squadron operation. He is resurrected into the Immortal Astral Continent, where he gets the name Qing.

Before, Zhou Yi penetrated the Rain Celestial Realm. There, he meets a dead celestial body. He grew fond of the ghost spirit from the celestial fragments and fell in deep love.

He fell so deep that he betrayed his sect and emptied their vaults just to bring back the ghost to life [ having an actual real body and being a person ]. Tinger used her divine blood to change him into the sword spirit of one of the four Rain Celestial Swords.

Wang Ling later enters the Rain Celestial Realm and runs into Zhou YI. Zhou YI helped him trick the Corpse Sect’s Suzaku Branch Elder into agreeing to become Wang Ling’s servant. Shortly after, two of the four swords Ting’er gave himTing’ertolen by Ling Tianhou.

Filled with anger, he went after him even though he knew it might be a trap. In case he fell into the trap, Zhou handed the pagoda to Wang Lin. In the pagoda was the corpse of the deceased Qing Shuang and an ascendant crystal he made at the ascendant stage. The crystal could boost the user’s chances of attaining the ascendant stage by 30%

8. Wang Zukang


A retired assassin who recently was a teacher and instructor at 60TH High School. During his assassin days, he had a well-built physique, but ever since the stuttering heartbreak he went through, he gained a lot of weight. He used to wear a grey ulster coat and would tie his hair into a ponytail.

Currently, his hair is black; he always wears glasses, regularly wears a beige formal shirt, and puts on a brown coat on top. The story of his heartbreak is my personal favourite. On one of his missions, he meets Idle Beauty, a famous assassin from Songhai.

She was well known for her unusual killing methods with a simple kitchen knife. The two fell in love and became partners in crime. His time away from his lover for so long broke his heart, and to cope with it, he ate a lot, causing him to gain a few more pounds.

He also taught at 60TH High and is well respected by students and co-workers. I am sure he might be the most respected person in the whole school.

He is always cool, calm and collected, although he can be something else when required to act accordingly. As a leader, he can identify and solve any issues presented [his responsibility].

His extensive knowledge and experience as a cultivator helped him think tactically and carefully. In some novels, he was portrayed as a chatterbox and knew a thing or two about epic historical figures.

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