Best Female Characters to Cosplay in 2024 to Get Famous

Best Female Characters to Cosplay in 2024 to Get Famous

If you have been stressing about what to wear in one of your costume play events, stress no more. I have compiled some of the best female costumes from the anime series you might have watched. But still, l know you’ll never go wrong with any of these.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or have been rocking some of these outfits already; there’s plenty to pick from. And l guarantee there is one that will feel like it was meant for you. Without wasting time, go through the list below and find some of the most jaw-dropping cosplay outfits you can choose from.

1. Hinata Cosplay (Naruto)

Hinata Cosplay (Naruto)

If you have watched Naruto, you can agree that Hinata is one of the characters that can’t go unnoticed. Her composure and special capabilities made the audience never forget about her.

She is a very good fighter, and her looks are just as good and noticeable. Hinata has an all-seeing white eye, which gives her an edge when fighting.

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Hinata’s outfit is one thing that can’t go unnoticed. She is always dressed in a stunning purple costume, long blue hair, and a touch of bangs. It clearly shows her inner calmness.

One thing you can do to make your outfit a hit is to mimic her purple. Trust me, it brings the whole outfit together. Her whole personality and character are made perfect just by the detail of her eyes.

If this outfit has caught your attention, this is your chance to feel like you belong to Hinata’s world. It’s like you’re wearing her peaceful nature; everyone will feel your energy because this is visibly an original costume.



One of the easiest outfits to cosplay is by Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail. This girl is loaded with boldness and is very attractive to look at. She has a big heart and is very considerate. You don’t have to go out of your way to imitate her outfit.

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A little background of who she is: her traits are not so far away from Naruto’s. She is not a quitter, and she wants to finish whatever she starts. In the series, she belongs to a group known as Natsu, which makes her a well-known character.

The following are the basics needed for you to put this masterpiece together.

  • White vest: You can be a little flexible by making a few alterations to make the blue color appear.
  • Blue skirt- I’m sure you can easily get yourself a blue pleated skirt.
  • Accessories: You can use faux leather to make the belt and pocket, which is the same as Lucy’s.
  • Brown boots: The shade of brown will vary from the quality that is accessible to you.
  • Blonde wig: You can imitate Lucy’s blonde hair by doing a ponytail on a normal blonde wig or do it with your original hair, but just make sure to roughly comb through for extra volume.

3. Lucy from Cyberpunk Edgerunners

Lucy from Cyberpunk Edgerunners

I think that it’s a good idea to cosplay an outfit worn by someone who is into things you might find interesting. Lucy is an IT genius and a good hacker. She is from an ultra-modern city where she is part of the thugs who are private soldiers in the hood.

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Her toughness and unruly character make her Lucy! She usually rocks in dark-colored clothes, but her white Bob makes a statement.

If you look forward to cosplaying her outfit, don’t ignore the art of looking rebellious, like you are coming from the future. It has to look innovative, not forgetting to be a little bit gothic.

4. Ai Hoshino from Oshi no Ko

Ai Hoshino from Oshi no Ko

Are you aware of the beautiful cosplay? It is perfect for almost every female out there. It’s from the anime series released in 2023, Oshi No Ko. Ai Hoshino draws attention by breathtakingly pulling off a radiant pink outfit. Who doesn’t love an easy cosplay that is still a 10?

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5. Lust From Fullmetal Alchemist (Evilest Anime Girl)


Do you want to know why this series has maintained its name on the top list of masterpieces up to this day despite it being an oldie? There is one stunning and sexy female character by the name of Lust. She has a dark but luring appearance that makes her name make sense.

Putting together her outfit in real life is quite easy. Just black hair and a long, lustrous black dress, and you are good to go. Do not forget the claws that add detail to this look. I hope you want to try this simple but impressive look.

6. Sakura From Naruto


Sakura Haruno is part of Team 7, along with Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke. She is one of the central characters; however, the audience doesn’t have feelings toward her.

Some are deeply fond of her, while others do not care about her. If I were to give my opinion, I think she did a better job, Shippuden. Regardless, she is known by everyone, and you can cosplay her to perfection if you put your mind to it.

Here are some of the essentials you are going to need;

  • A red vest that you are most likely gonna have difficulties in finding.
  • A pink skirt that I suggest that you wear your own for more accuracy.
  • Knee socks, which I assume are quite affordable, are also available.
  • Pink wig and this might be the easiest one to find since she is a well-known character, or if you already have one, just alter it to the right length.
  • Accessories: Just find black gloves if you don’t already own a pair.
  • Headband – I know you might want to make your own, or maybe you already have one, but trust me, a metal headband will be perfect. The good thing is you can easily grab yours from either eBay, cosplay sites, or Amazon.

7. Hitori Gotoh (Bocchi) from Bocchi the Rock!

Hitori Gotoh (Bocchi) from Bocchi the Rock!

If you love colorful clothes, then Bocchi can be the best inspiration for your cosplay. Generally, she is just a regular high school girl who is shy.

Viewers started to pay more attention to her when she left her comfort zone and became a guitar player in a rock band. Her character is seen developing into someone that you can rely on.

Bocchi’s outfit is nothing too complicated; it is just a school uniform she pairs with a track jacket. She has pink hair tied in a yellow and blue band. Her guitar is one of her staples.

8. Sailor Moon Cosplay

Sailor Moon Cosplay

The girls have been eating this look by Sailor Moon up. I am not surprised that it has become so common because this series was well-received by viewers. If you are looking for something that leaves an impression, this is the one for you, whether you are still new in the game or a regular cosplayer.

This outfit gives off a lot of energy. There is a hint of an advanced style, a vintage schoolgirl that goes with the sailor-style uniform that comprises a pair of gloves, a bow, and a mini skirt. The outfit looks trendy and cannot be out fashioned, especially because of the sailor collar that gives you a dreamy naval appearance.

With this outfit, you have to pay attention to detail. Ensure that you include classy jewelry, a perfectly done odango, and a shining bright crown. Just like the character you are cosplaying, this costume will surely get you into the mood of fearlessness.

9. Yor Forger from Spy Family

Yor Forger from Spy Family

Some people love to do a little extra, and that’s what you get if you perfectly cosplay Yor’s outfit. Her nickname is Thorn Princess, inspired by the rose gold thorny add-ons. Yor wears a chic black dress that is embroidered with vibrant red roses. If you are looking for an elegant costume, try this, and you will never go wrong.

10. Diane Cosplay (Seven Deadly Sins)

Diane Cosplay (Seven Deadly Sins)

Diane is a giantess who has been a fan favorite because she is powerful. Her physique and strength are out of this world. Everything about her appearance and abilities goes well together.

Her outfit consists of fire colors, which is like a direct display of who she is. She wears a foxy orange dress, dress, and rough leather boots, the costume staple. It matches perfectly with her fearlessness. Diane wears a big turquoise glove on one of her hands, lighting up the whole look.

You cannot miss her mammoth hammer for someone looking to cosplay her to perfection. This just shows how strong she was, and it’s a necessity. In honor of her unbelievable might, you can either buy or fix your hammer. You just have to have it.

11. Megumin Cosplay

Megumin Cosplay

Have you watched KonoSuba before? This is where this costume is coming from. Whenever she is doing rituals, she wears this yellow and red cloak. It has made her character and the outfit to be inseparable.

You can’t want to cosplay her outfit and miss this detail. The good thing about it is that you can be flexible while putting everything in place. Some people choose to sew their robes, while some prefer getting something already done.

What you choose to do with the robe is not important. The show’s stars are a staff and a big red hat; this makes Megumin Megumin. These are necessities, and if you follow my rules, you will outdo everyone.

12. Princess Peach from Mario Brothers

Princess Peach from Mario Brothers

Are you looking for something new that has never been done too much? 2023 added another character to cosplay following the American Nintendo World opening and the release of The Super Mario Bros.

The outfit is classic and simple. Just one jumpsuit that gives life to her character throughout the movie. Try this cosplay if you want to be outstanding.

13. Makima from Chainsaw Man

Makima from Chainsaw Man

Do you know how to use your personality to your advantage? If you don’t know how to, you should copy from Makima, whose sly and tricky traits help her walk away with whatever she wants. She is also a top agent of the Public Safety Devil Hunters.

Her easy-to-cosplay outfit is a simple, cute white blouse, black pants, and a black tie. One of the things that screams power in her outfit is her long black coat.

Amongst the Chainsaw Man, viewers have shown their love for her daring but very nice personality. I hope you look forward to cosplay if power and fright are the vibes you want to give.

14. Kuran Yuki Cosplay (Vampire Knight)

Kuran Yuki Cosplay (Vampire Knight)

The fans love Kuran Yuki for her unwavering determination and her vampire origins. You will turn heads if you try to cosplay her outfit because she is the female main character of Vampire Knight. I guarantee you your outfit won’t go unnoticed.

Like any other character, there are details you can’t miss. For Yuki’s cosplay to succeed, you must have her red-brown eyes and burnt-orange hair.

If you want to show off how much of an anime fanatic you are, her Cross Academy uniform is the one for you. It comprises a white blouse, a red ribbon gue, and a black blazer. Don’t miss her necklace, which indicates her vampire roots.

15. Touka Kirishima Cosplay (Tokyo Ghoul)

Touka Kirishima Cosplay (Tokyo Ghoul)

If you want to be far from the ordinary for your next cosplay, you should try Touka’s gorgeous outfit. She is usually called Rabbit because of her hunting signature, the rabbit mask.

She shines amongst other characters because of her iconic color mix. Touka pulls off a white shirt with buttons and a collar, a gray jacket, black shorts that match the boots alongside bright red socks, and stunning purple hair.

Let me give you the main tips for Touka’s outfit: a rabbit mask, one eye covered, and purple are a must. They are the bell of the ball. The rest of the outfit makes everything sit in place.

16. Princess Mononoke Cosplay

Princess Mononoke Cosplay

Japan has ranked Princess Mononoke as one of the best characters from the 1997 Hayao Miyazaki anime. The narrative centers around how people and Mother Nature have depended on each other. The credit should be given to Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli for their incredible directory and production.

She was usually referred to as San and was an enthusiast for nature because of how wolves brought her up. Her outfit combines a Japanese style and a bit of the wolf character.

Everything about her, from top to bottom, reflects how she is a bush girl who comes deep from the jungle, be it the hair and the outfit that screams bush girl.

If you have not watched this interesting anime, you should see how you might not even find a single error in it. Mononoke’s outfit is jaw-dropping and a statement of her identity.

17. Froppy Cosplay (My Hero Academia)

Froppy Cosplay (My Hero Academia)

You can agree that one of the most loved characters is Froppy from My Hero Academia. She is a marine and a brave woman, and most find her strong love for wildlife enticing. She is just a teenager capable of transforming herself into a savage amphibian.

Froppy is one of the breathtaking female characters whose style is to die for. You just need the perfect similar hairstyle and appropriate makeup, and you are set.

18. Misa Amane Cosplay (Death Note)

Misa Amane Cosplay (Death Note)

If you are familiar with Death Note’s Misa Amane, you can agree that she is an icon without even trying. Her acting and modeling experience has sharpened her confidence when the cameras are on.

She has a wavy bob spiced up by her overall dress sense. Misa’s flared skirt that she pairs with high heels makes people in every room she enters drool over her.

We cannot deny that besides the perfect-fitting clothes, she also has charming features. Her green and blue contact lenses are like a cherry on top. Nothing else can outdo her beautifully presented discoloration on her left eye.

19. CC Cosplay (Code Geass)

CC Cosplay (Code Geass)

One of the peculiar and captivating characters from Code Geass you might have found interesting is CC, a good cosplay inspiration. The way she puts herself is amazing, and if you do it perfectly, you will be outstanding.

The staples for CC’s outfit are the complementing green eyes and long hair. She is marked on her forehead with a golden glass, which can be a bonus point if you wear it perfectly.

CC wears a black dress that exposes her body that goes well with a high-end side slit. She is a gold jewelry girl with big earrings and a choker necklace with a golden pendant. Her character is given more meaning with her unique scar on the back.

20. Nico Robin Cosplay (One Piece)

Nico Robin Cosplay (One Piece)

An outstanding character named Nico Robin is in the anime and manga series One Piece. She is a very intimidating woman who is both strong and smart. If you are thinking of cosplaying her for your next event, let me tell you the basics you need.

It’s just as simple as a pirate costume that is black from top to bottom and long black hair with bangs. There is room for you to exercise your creativity when it comes to Nico’s cosplay. You just choose the one that works best for

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