Best Bald Anime Characters (Is There a Baldy Better than Saitama?)

Best Bald Anime Characters (Is There a Baldy Better than Saitama)

Anime fans love to watch anime not for one but for many reasons. It could be the storyline, the dialogue, or the anime characters. Anime characters are so versatile in their character, style, and looks, and we can’t deny that some of them even have specific powers.

Let’s explore the anime characters’ side in a more specific manner with the Best Baldy Anime characters in our article today.

Keeping aside the cute anime characters, the gorgeous ones, the handsome characters, let’s jump to the characters with shiny shaved heads, the baldy anime characters!

Baldy characters in the anime look anonymous unless and until their real character gets revealed. This is what brings charm to the Baldy characters. Here’s the list of Top 20 Awesome Bald Anime Characters.

20. Hanzo


We all like to see characters that display high moral values and live by them. Hanzo does what he says. He walks on the line of his morals and doesn’t deviate. He is the keeper of the rules, but he can’t stop himself from standing against injustice.

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Hanzo handles a large group of Ninja army forces. Hanzo wields immense strength, which he developed as a part of his many years of tough training.

When Gon stands against him, Hanzo stops when he realizes he cannot break him. Hanzo is the anime’s bald character.

19. Superalloy Darkshine

Superalloy Darkshine

The Baldy character of the anime One Punch Man, Superalloy Darkshine, is one of the controversial characters among anime fans. The reason is his dark, shiny, oily look, which got him named Darkshine.

Anime fans argue regarding his name, and there was a stirring up of controversy regarding the naming of an anime character due to his skin color and appearance. Before training, he was a light-skinned guy, but after training, he suddenly turned into a dark-skinned guy.

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But if you go further than his looks, Darkshine is a highly trained anime character who was able to become a powerful character. Darkshine can take on any foe, no matter who gets in his way.

Some say that his body is shiny and tanned to mimic the oily appearance of bodybuilders.

Whatever the case, Darkshine is still one of the most memorable and powerful Baldy characters from the One Punch Man anime.

18. Kamaji(Spirited Away)

Kamaji(Spirited Away)

Kamaji is one of the famous Bald guys from the beautiful anime film “Spirited Away”. He is one tough guy with the softest heart who is rude to Chihiro at first, but later on, he goes to greater lengths to protect a girl by even pretending to be her grandfather.

His appearance has his looks six hands like a spider with his prominent shiny and bald head.

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His spider hands make it very easy for him to grab any item away from his spider arm’s length. Kamaji also has a sharp memory, as he can remember every herb bottle without even looking at it.

Fans love Kamaji for his beautiful bonding with Chihiro by pretending to be her grandfather. This leads us to arrive at the conclusion that when a person’s nature is built strong, the looks don’t even matter.

His appearance as an egg man would have made him less loved by anime fans, but his caring nature won everyone’s hearts instead.

17. Hajime Sugoroku

Hajime Sugoroku

A stern-faced protagonist bald character, Nanbaka, is an ill-tempered guy who is shown remorseless, and on top of that, he is also arrogant.

He is a violent guy for everyone except his pet cat. Even though the place where he is doesn’t allow him to have a pet, he still doesn’t let go of his pet cat.

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Hajime’s pet-lover side won him a good amount of place in anime fans’ hearts. As one of the great sides of him is no matter what situation he is in, he never lets go of his pet cat. He is one of those guys who prioritizes his pet cat over anything else.

16. Connie Springer

Connie Springer

Even though Connie still has a buzzy hair line over his head, he still got to make it to our bald guys list. As Connie Springer still has his hair cut short enough to look bald.

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Connie is a reckless guy who never missed a single chance to showcase his scout skills in the Regiment. A silly character like Connie is much needed in a serious combat anime like the “Attack of Titans”.

15. Agil


Andrew Mills is the supportive character from the anime “Sword Art”. Regular anime viewers know him as Agil.

Agil is one of the 10,000 players in the “Sword Art” game. Agil gets trapped in the game along with others and is shown as an incredibly generous individual who is even ready to use his money mid and low-level players to get on to the next level to save them.

14. Dot Pyxis

Dot Pyxis

Respect is never given; it is always earned. This goes right for the baldy Dot Pyxis, who is not even physically strong or powerful but still gets respected for his amazing strategic skills.

He is a loud guy who makes brilliant plans for attacking the Titans. This is why he is the commanding head of the teams attacking the Titans.

In terms of position, he is second to Erwin Smith. He has the ability to inspire his troops and turn their fighter’s spirits to the maximum. All these things make Dot Pyxis one of the memorable guys of the anime”Attack on Titans”.

13. Keith Shadis

Keith Shadis

Keith Shadis is another bald guy who is the last remaining old and Bald commander of the anime “Attack on Titans.”

Before him all the old male and female commanders have died. He even had to lose his commander in head. Dot Pyxis died an unfair death.

Keith wasn’t a rough and tough guy from his starting life. But he became one as he rolled through his life. As time passed, he became a bald and bitter guy responsible for training the new recruits in the army.

Keith grew old in the profession where most of the people die young. On top of that, he naturally became bald. To make it to our list of bald anime characters.

12. Alex Louis Armstrong

Alex Louis Armstrong

Alex Louis Armstrong is a high ranking official in his service as a military man. He was first a Major and then he got promoted to be a Lieutenant Colonel.

Alex is giant in appearance and backed with high combat skills. His height is up to 212 cm when he stands, meaning he is 6 feet 11 inches tall.

While the anime is more focused on showing the fight between Elric siblings, Alex Louis still gets some screen time where he tears apart his shirt in a fit of anger moments and shows off his big muscles, and he’s bald, too.

11. Aang


People’s favorite character from the Avatar anime series, Aang the Airbender, could be the chosen representative of all bald guys. Aang is a master of all four elements.

Avatar is a Japanese anime series that tells the story of Aang, who learns from his coach to master all four elements: Earth, water, fire, and air. He is still known as the air-bender in the anime.

Aang thinks about world peace when he sits by himself. Aang is the reincarnation of his past avatars. He is also on our list for representing the bald protagonists.

10. Gluttony


Gluttony is whom we all know from the anime Full Metal Alchemist. He is a Hulk-like, bald character who debuts second in Full Metal Alchemist anime.

Gluttony is a simple-minded individual whose favorite hobby is to eat. This probably is due to his acidic saliva, and with his powerful jaws, he can eat almost anything he wants to eat. But his eating habits aren’t limited to eating food. He also eats girls, which is horrifying.

9. Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai

Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai

Do you remember purple-haired girls from the anime based on Shinigamis? There we have Yamamoto, who has a bald head and a sage-like appearance. He has a long beard with a thick mustache above his lips.

Yamamoto is also popular as the strongest captain of team Gotei 13. Even though he has aged, he is still highly respected amongst the Shinigamis. Yamamoto is a serious man dedicated to his work, being a Shinigami. He has little tolerance for insubordination.

8. Ikkaku Madarama

Ikkaku Madarama

Ikkaku Madarame is one of the initial characters from the “Bleach” Anime. Ikkaku is shown as the enemy against whom Ichiko Kurosaki (Protagonist) has to fight.

But it doesn’t take much time for them to become friends from being enemies after Ichiko Kurosaki gets integrated into the soul society as the temporary soul Reaper.

Later, viewers get to know that Ichiko and Ikkaku have a lot in common. Ikkaku is a very skillful bald guy whose captain is Zaraki, the terror commander from the Eleventh Division.

Even though Ikakau has many skills as a Soul Reaper from the Soul Society, he is still famous among his teammates as the bald guy; some even mistake his shiny bald head for the moon.

He often gets called by the name Cue Ball by his team members for having a bald shiny head.

7. Issac Netero

Issac Netero

An old, venerable, and bald man, Issac Netero, is the character guy from the HunterxHunter anime. The anime involves multiple powerful beings.

In his youth, Netero was the holder of the highest authority in the Hunter Association due to his young age and power.

Opponents cannot take Netero lightly, as he is capable of defeating nearly everyone in the anime series, even being an old man.

Issac Netero poses godly strength when he uses his skill techniques of gigantic astral hands. He can crush any opponent with his mighty strength.

6. Master Roshi

Master Roshi

Master Roshi is a memorable bald mentor of Goku (Super Saiyan).

Dragon Ball watchers know that the Kamehameha attack used by Goku throughout the anime series was discovered by Master Roshi.

Master Roshi was the one who discovered the powerful attack of Kamehameha from the Dragon Ball mythology.

If we talk about his appearance, Master Roshi might look like a weak old man, but his appearance has nothing to do with his fighting powers. He can defeat and even annihilate the whole troops of the enemy if he gets to it.

Master Roshi has lived for more than 400 years and still impresses the young audience with his old voice and powerful attacks.

5. Krillin


Krillin is one more bald anime character from the Dragon Ball Z anime show. Krillin chooses to rely on prolonging his fight instead of winning the fight, this is due to his ability to be reborn again after being dead.

He came back 3 times after being dead. If we count well, Krillin even came back after dying 5 times. Because what seems impossible in real life can become possible in anime life.

Even though his enemies might think that they defeated Krillin by killing him, Krillin still gets to have a last laugh because he knows he’ll be reborn again.

4. Piccolo


Viewers know him as the bald green guy from the Anime Dragon Ball Z series. Even if you have seen other bald anime guys, Piccolo will still stand out the most for you.

Because of his twisted character, he is a mix character guy who may seem sometimes bad and sometimes good, which gives the anime viewers a thrill as to what Piccolo will do next. Will he choose to stand beside Goko or go against him?

In the beginning of the anime Piccolo is shown as one of the biggest enemies of Goku. But as they both form a beautiful friendship bond with Goku and his son, Gohan, their team becomes unbreakable once they stand together.

Piccolo has become a permanent team member of Goku’s team. He is one of the most popular characters. Many cosplayers loved to take on his attire at Cosmo parties in Japan when the anime was released.

3. Frieza


It may seem like the anime makers do not have hairstyle designers for their Dragon Ball characters, as they’ve put so many Bald guys in just one show. The anime makers must have been in a real hurry not to give any kind of hairstyle to Frieza, who’s another one of Goku’s enemies in the show.

Because you can’t come up with a new hairstyle for the character, let’s keep him bald.

Frieza is the most powerful ass-kicker that Goku fought against. With his massive galactic powers, Frieza was one invincible enemy that Goku, the main hero of the anime, had to defeat.

Frieza was on a goal to kill the whole super Saiyan race as soon as he got to know about their evolving super Saiyan powers. Frieza thought that if the super Saiyans were allowed to live, they might become a big threat to Frieza in the future.

Anime fans remember Frieza is the memorable Baldy villain from the Dragon Ball series.

2. Jiren


Another hair lacking character from the Dragon Ball anime series is Jiren. He is the most prideful and strongest antagonist from the Universal Survival saga of Dragon Ball.

His gray skin, bald head, big eyes, and traditional alien looks make him stand out even from the large crowd.

1. Saitama


Saitama is the most popular character from the Shonen Comedy series.

Saitama is the famous man from the One Punch Man series.

There is no enemy or challenger whom Saitama cannot defeat; you can call him the Superman of the Dragon Ball series. He wasn’t always bald, but he went through intensive training, which made him lose his hair out of it.

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