Best Soccer Anime (Top Rated Fifa Anime Picked by Otakus)

Best Soccer Anime (Top Rated Fifa Anime Picked by Otakus)

We all have heard of the big name Christiano Ronaldo. We also know which industry he belongs to,. If you guessed it right, it’s the “soccer” game.

Sports is something we all enjoy no matter what age or gender we come from. Although we can enjoy watching sports on our televisions, we still can’t continue watching the same sport again and again.

You would be glad to know that we have a list of sports combined with animation. Does that make you happy? It would be great to watch intensive matches with a touch of animatic drama to it.

You can start celebrating as we bought the list of best soccer anime here. These are the top-rated soccer anime that are specially picked by Otakus.

By watching these episodes you will not only get the thrill of watching soccer and anime together combined just for your entertainment. In our list of soccer anime, there is something for every soccer game lover who also loves to watch anime.

This crowd-ranked anime collection comes from the dream soccer king’s recommendations and also the research data from our side. If you like anime where great game-winning strategies are involved, you will really enjoy our provided list of anime. Continue reading below to get the list we have for you.

20. Blue Legend Shoot!

Blue Legend Shoot!

Blue Legend Shoot! It is a popular soccer manga series that shows the era of the 1990s. Blue Legend is an old anime that continues to be a part of the list of modern soccer anime shows.

In this anime you’ll get to watch the intensive thrill of watching the Blue Legend Shoot from 1994. The players prepare for the soccer game and train themselves so that they can perform well in the sports that are going to be held in the year 2022.

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Soccer fanatics who are highly passionate about soccer anime will surely like it.

Toshiko Tanaka is from the same team of idol soccer players who is popularly known as Yoshiharu. He thinks that he will win the games by joining his team, but soon, he realizes that this is not the case.

As Kubo suddenly falls sick and the team loses one essential member, another team member gets prohibited from playing at all due to certain reasons.

19. Offside


Goro Kamagaya is a skilled goalkeeper, but he is still unable to perform well due to a variety of reasons. But the situation has arisen, so he might lose his spot on the soccer team. It was his dream to be in a soccer team, will he be able to do that is still a lingering question.

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Yokonan High School’s team stands in a weak spot because of underperforming. Will their team compete well with the Kawasaki High School soccer team?

Goro’s team still strives to be the best by playing their part well in winning the game. It will be a suspense to watch if the Yukon soccer team will be able to take the trophy and the title home.

18. Meoro! Top Striker

Meoro! Top Striker

Meoro! Top Striker is the story of a guy named Hikaru, passionate about playing soccer. Once he receives the soccer ball near his playful feet, the ball will definitely reach the goal. Hikaru keeps on polishing his skills so that he can achieve maximum goals.

For this, Hikaru decides to join the Italian soccer club, where he doesn’t feel adjusted and leaves not too long after.Instead of choosing a strong team, Hikaru joins a weaker one. His soccer journey takes on a real adventure where he continuously picks up his pace.

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With his strong resolve, he can finally achieve what he wants. As his team continues to develop, he even gets the opportunity to play soccer at a very big tournament.

As soon as Hikaku hears that he received an invitation to play soccer in the grand soccer tournament, his happiness sees no end.

17. Detective Conan: The Eleventh Striker

Detective Conan_ The Eleventh Striker

Have you been looking for something that is a  mix of sports and mystery? Detective Conan movie,  If you’re unfamiliar with Detective Conan, you have missed a great part of the anime. Should we tell you how the story stars?

You would be surprised to know this teen skilled detective. Shinichi’s body reverts into a small child. It’s a lot of fun to watch a child solving crime cases and even murder mysteries. Shinichi has to try everything to not get caught.

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In the 16th movie, a J-League soccer match is announced. However, Shinichi comes to know about a bomb threat. He tries to stop the criminal whose plan was to plant it.

If you love detective, mysterious and adventurous anime, while being sport-centric, you should definitely give it a try.

​​​​​​16. Victory Kickoff

Victory Kickoff

Victory Kickoff anime shows how a young boy, Shou, goes through big and little struggles to be a wonderful soccer player. He is extremely passionate about the game of soccer.

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But the problem he faces the most is that he is not good at playing soccer. Victory Kickoff is the journey of a young little boy who struggles to play soccer but still doesn’t give up on it.

Since the game of soccer requires Shou to put his mental resilience to the test, will he be able to perform well or just remain an average soccer player? His passionate struggle to become a good soccer player is glorified in the end.

15. Sayonara Football

Sayonara Football

With a very good anime rating, Sayonara Football is a good pastime anime to watch for the fans of soccer games. It is a highly-rated iconic manga that follows the story of girls who love to play soccer.

The anime not only shows the women players playing soccer but also highlights their issues and struggles. After all, it would be a good watch to see women pro soccer players in action kicking a soccer ball.

Each drop of sweat shows their dedication to playing soccer. This soccer manga is written by a well known writer named Naoshi Arakawa.

The show’s main lead is Nozomi Onda, who is new to soccer, also wants to be on the women’s team. But she faces opponents who are physically superior to her. Please show your support to Nozomi by being present to view her journey.

14. Farewell My Dear Cramer

Farewell My Dear Cramer

Farewell, My Dear Cramer is the sequel to the previous anime Sayonara Football. There are characters in this anime, Midori Soshizaki and Sumire Suo.

The two of them enjoy playing soccer a lot, and hence, their love for playing soccer turned them into friends.

Together, these two make a really good team. They are natural winners and keep scoring high merits as they continue playing more soccer games.

13. Clean Freak! Aoyama Kun!!

Clean Freak! Aoyama Kun!!

Clean Freak! Aoyama Kun!! It is a unique sports anime, or, should we say, soccer anime. This anime closely focuses on the character development of the players who play soccer to become pro soccer players one day.

Character doesn’t develop just in a day; it takes many years of grinding process to turn out to be a pro at any game you play. Soccer is not a game of speed or scoring goals; it also requires immense stamina, mind capability, and incredible speed to be really good at it.

12. Fantasista


We have one more soccer manga written by a writer named Michiteru Kusaba. This manga started in 1999 during the Shonen Sunday week. The anime ended in 2004. This anime also had its sequel released later on, which also became popular.

The Fantasista anime tells the story of Teppie Sakamoto, a countryside soccer player. He is the biggest soccer player. He has an elder sister who teaches him every skill he needs to become a pro soccer player.

She even suggested Teppie Sakamoto join the high school soccer team. She supports him throughout his journey to taking all the steps to become a good soccer player.

11. Hungry Heart: Wild Striker

Hungry Heart_ Wild Striker

The popular anime and manga series Hungry Heart: Wild Striker is very well written by Yoichi Takahashi.

The anime aired during September 2002, and its last episode was aired in 2003. The anime has over 52 episodes.

Its story follows a soccer player’s life whose name is Jyoyo. He is a student at Orange High School. His elder brother Kyosuke is also a soccer player himself.

Kyosuke plays at the A.C. Milan stadium. If you are ready to see his game, you are heartily welcomed to binge watch this game anime.

10. Giant Killing

Giant Killing

A soccer club which is based in Japan is known as East Tokyo United. This club faces a hard time continuing as the country’s best soccer team. The people at the club try their level best to keep on; the club is facing heavy losses and is trying everything it can to stay afloat in the market.

When they can’t handle it anymore they hire a new coach at their club and make new strategies to improve the condition of their club.

The new manager has a very big responsibility of saving the soccer club while their club also has to compete against the other big-budgeted clubs. Takeshi’s reputation exceeds his name. The other clubs hate him, and this issue makes his job even harder.

9. The Knight In The Area

The Knight In The Area

Soccer is such a shame that it requires the players to be strictly fit and be healthy. Playing soccer also causes physical injuries to the players. These injuries are not just on the playground but also behind the scenes.

The Knight in the Area anime is the journey of an emotional guy who becomes a really good soccer player.

Kakeru suddenly injured his leg and can’t play anymore. So he decided to become a soccer coach. But his problems do not end at that, as he and his brother suddenly meet with another accident.

But to save Lakeru, his elder brother decides to give his own heart and dies young. For the love of his brother, who also loved to play soccer, Kakeru now decides to play and win the Soccer World Club, which will be held in Japan.

8. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa is undoubtedly a very amazing soccer manga series that has been going around. This anime was written by Yoichi Takahashi. Tsubasa is the main lead who dreams to win the FIFA world cup in Japan.

7. One Piece: Dream Soccer King!

One Piece_ Dream Soccer King!

One Piece: Dream Soccer King is one of the sequels of the famous anime One Piece. This is the third One Piece Movie that has the soccer game element.

This anime was made prior to Japan’s soccer hosting World Cup which was held in the year 2002. You will have fun watching how the soccer hats try to play the soccer game.

6. Whistle


The anime, written by the famous anime writer Daisuke Higuchi, Whistle is a high-rated manga series. It tells the story of a young soccer player, Daisuke Higuchi.

The anime has the story of a young boy, Shou. He dreams of being a professional soccer player.

However, the biggest obstacle he faces between him and his dream is his inability to play soccer on the professional level.

Daisuke starts working on his soccer skills as soon as he joins the SakuraJosui High school. He starts supporting his teammates, which helps him get closer and closer to his soccer dreams.

5. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven

The Raimon Middle School soccer club has been facing turmoil for a long time. Hence, it is the responsibility of Mamoru Endou, who is also the captain of the soccer club, to fix the situation.

But the captain doesn’t know this job is going to be very difficult for him to do it all alone.

When he gets to know this, he decides to fix his club by extending help from others as well. His first task is to convince Shuuya to join his club.

4. Days


If you want to see some kicker soccer action, writer Tsuyoshi Yasuda’s Days manga anime will prove to be a great soccer anime. This isn’t just some soccer game, its a soccer battle between two boys Tsukushi and Jin.

Tsukushi is seen as a talentless soccer player, while Jin is deemed as a genius soccer player with high-rated soccer playing skills. The boys meet accidentally and continue to meet each other as their destiny seems to be intertwined with one another.

3. Ao Ashi

Ao Ashi

Written by the writer Yugo Kobayashi, Ao Ashi is a famous manga soccer series. Its first episode was aired in the year 2022. A school junior high team has a hot -tempered guy. When this hot-tempered guy gets removed from the team, their team’s performance starts to go down.

2. Be Blues! Ao Ni Nare

Be Blues! Ao Ni Nare

A new soccer player, Ryuu Ichijio, plans to enter Japan’s national soccer team. Everything was running smoothly until Ryuu Ichijoi was faced with a dire situation to save his friend from an accident.

In saving his friend from the accident, Ryuu gets hurt, joins the school’s soccer club and starts to recover his health.

1. Blue Lock

Blue Lock

From the anime Blue Lock, the Japanese National team is in dire need of developing more good skills. They hired coach Jinpachi Ego; the new coach believes that his team needs a new striker to score multiple goals.

Yoichi Isagi is one of the players with whom Bluie Lock has to compete against. This is how Yoichi Isagi takes his first step towards his journey of becoming the world’s best striker in the world. But to know his full story, you will have to watch the anime and read the manga as well.

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