Best Anime Dragons (Most Dangerous & Beautiful Anime Dragons Rated)

Best Anime Dragons (Most Dangerous & Beautiful Anime Dragons Rated)

Dragons! Does this word run shivers down your waist? If yes, then this article is for you! We will witness the most amazing dragons you have ever visualized in your dreams!

Welcome to the anime world! This platform brings these forgotten beasts alive, either in the adorable form or ferocious form. Any guesses? Why are we so impressed by these jaw-dropping abstract creatures? Well, friends, it’s not them, but your wild fantasy lures you to them!

Talking about their past glory, they are revered as worshipping deities across many countries. They are considered powerful enough to eradicate inertia and bring the momentum of change to the existing world. Their ferocious form, might, and immense strength are revered and feared simultaneously!

So, what’s the plan? Let’s sit on their back and take a flight to feel the thrill of these finely crafted dragons of the anime world. Don’t forget to tell me who your “Drecaurus” is at the end of the article!

1. Shenron – Dragon Ball

Shenron - Dragon Ball

Do you know why this dragon tops our list?

With a body as dark as the bushes and eyes as red as blood, Shenron from “Dragon Ball” doesn’t fail to frighten the viewers with its fierce looks!

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It is my first impression of Shenron; let’s witness its underlying story.

Heard of the genie granting three wishes to his master? Similar is the story of Shenron. He will fulfil any three wishes if the character has mustered all the seven dragon balls in the anime. And do you know what is baffling? He is neutral to the state of the wishes, good or bad; he will fulfil all.

Now you can imagine the thrill of the storyline as these heavenly creatures create havoc and pacify the chaos at the same time!

2. Haku


I would rank Haku from the Spirited World anime as number two.

Curious to know why? His twisting tales and miraculous power make him grab this rank. Let’s start with his appearance: He is a normal boy with black bob-cut hair and is a former river spirit. He is a blue dragon with turquoise hair and can fly in his innate form.

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Don’t worry; this one turns out to be good at heart! His story will make you fall for his generosity.

And his story goes like this: He is a knowledge seeker. Watch out for his quest friends; he wanted to gain magical knowledge and became a servant of Yubaba in the spirit world. Later, he met Chihiro and vowed to help her improve her pathetic life.

Yubaba would tolerate this newly formed relationship between Haku and Chihiro? Will Yubaba be afraid to lose his loyal and cursed servant? Watch Spirited World anime to know more about this beautiful and kind-hearted dragon of the anime world.

3. Azulongmon


Who is he, a dragon or an alien?

His transparent spiral form, with many small wings attached to his body and blue crown, makes his identification questionable at first glance!

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You are seeing the Azulongmon dragon from the “Digimon” anime series. Talking about his story, this dragon is pious and extremely strong. He is one of the protectors of the Digimon Sovereign. His widely used weapon is his lightning streak.

He may be just, but when it comes to safeguarding the nation, he doesn’t think twice about killing the opponent!

4. Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

This dragon’s face looks like a lizard; what’s fans? Okay, understood, no more mocking, let’s come to the point.

As his name suggests, he is a white dragon radiating a bluish aura! Blue-Eyes White Dragon appears in the “Yu-Gi-Oh” anime series. He is a wild tarot card and extremely powerful!

Do you know who is the most fascinated with this Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the series, apart from his original master, Kisara? It’s this effluent boy named Seto-Kaiba. There is a long story behind this powerful dragon spirit and the unveiling of its destructive powers.

Watch this “Yu-Gi-Oh” anime; it will serve you more with the thrill and adventures than the real-life tarot card games!

5. Acnologia – Fairy Tail

Acnologia - Fairy Tail

If he gets a glimpse of you, he is going to kill you at any cost! This is the mentality of the Acnologia dragon in the “Fairy Tail” anime series.

This hostility is not limited to humans but extends to dragons, too! He is one of the most brutal and evil dragon anime fans have ever witnessed in the anime world.

His appearance speaks of his cruel nature. As in human form, he is seen in a black robe, with long spike hairs extending his back. The hairs reflect the dragon’s bluish aura and its broad white eyes are sharp enough to cut the opponents with a single glance. His face is tattooed with various white streaks to impart fear in the minds of others.

His dragon form is as cruel as his human form. He turns into a blackish dragon with bluish stripes in between. His sharp claws and strong legs are standalone attributes to frighten an enemy.

Let me present the most fearful factor of his being. He is an antagonist of the series. His hatred of humans is understandable, but to the dragons of his clan, it has a vengeful story.

Do you know he has even bathed in the dragon’s blood to gain powers to become a dragon at his will? How ugly and disgusting! I would say watch him, only if you can tolerate the bloodshed and hatred!

6. Porunga


If you are a muscle freak, this dragon will catch your eyes for a while! He has got muscles, man! Strong abs and biceps adore his greenish body.

Imagine a devil genie and Porunga from the “Dragon Ball” manga series will flash in front of your eyes. His upper body resembles a crocodile, and his long tail gives us the sense of a snake.

Despite this terrified look, you will be surprised to know he is a good guy! He turns out to be a wish-granting dragon, too! He hesitates in doing the wrong things. On top of this goodness, he has a humorous touch, too!

Want to know more about Porunga? I feel “Dragon Ball” is the best source to grant your wish!

7. Kaidō


This beast has got a transforming devilish feast. I mean to say, Kaido has got a magical fruit, which, when engulfed, transforms him into a horrific dragon!

He turns out to be so powerful and cruel that even from a distance, he can turn his enemies to ashes! Blood-red fire draining from his mouth is his deadly weapon. And more deadly is his sharp bite when he hits an enemy nearby.

Watch him more in the “One Piece” manga series, devouring the enemies and turning them to ashes as he unleashes his long yellow dragon form.

8. Charizard


Hey, it’s the Pokemon dragon we got on the list!

Pokemon anime has ruled the hearts of the fans for ages, and so has Ash’s Charizard Dragon. Remember the Ash throwing the dragon card and the light brown dragon with fire at the tail popping from inside? Well, friends, he is the Charizard we have listed on the ninth rank.

Pikachu is the iconic character, but Charizard is Ash’s next favourite. It’s always fun to watch this dragon alongside other characters in the Pokemon series.

9. Fredrika – Chaika: The Coffin Princess

Fredrika - Chaika_ The Coffin Princess

Watch out for this dragon, as you may be mesmerized by her several forms!

Fredrika from the “Chaika: The Coffin Princess” is known to appear multilaterally. She turns up to this ever-changing silvery dragon during battles and kills the enemies.

She is witty, too! She enjoys hunting down the enemies as and when she receives the chance. Battles are enjoyable acts, where she is seen practising her favourite hunting skills.

Watch “Chaika: The Coffin Princess” to know more about this abstract dragon named Fredrika.

10. Tomoe


“Easy cheesy lemon squeezy!” This phrase resembles Tomoe’s approach.

Despite being a dragon, you will find her on a lighter note. Not taking anything seriously or being aggressive makes her stand out from the rest of the anime dragons.

One can easily guess her dragon colour from her hair colour in the human form. Her aqua hair and orange eyes in the human form are distinguishing attributes and catch one’s eyes.

There is no need to fear this Dragon; she has ice on her head, and it will be difficult to instigate her quickly. Watch the “Moonlight Fantasy” anime series to unravel more of Tomoe and the other dragons in the anime.

11. Blue Dragon – Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon - Blue Dragon

This one is truly blue and is quite close to a real dragon.

Blue Dragon from the “Blue Dragon” anime series has strong physical and wide wings. His spiky tail and short limbs complement his dragon look.

I guess it’s enough to give you the gist of his strength. Now, let’s know more about his role in the story.

Do you know he is a shadow of Shu, the series’s main protagonist? Despite being his shadow, Shu has struggled initially to tame this beast. Later, things roll smoothly for Shu, but Blue Dragon has always cared for Shu’s well-being, even in his disobedience.

It’s fun and thrilling to watch this Blue Dragon as he casts his wrath on the opponents!

12. The Winged Dragon of Ra

The Winged Dragon of Ra

Who is this oldy-goldy with a metallic body built showering its wrath? He looks more like an eagle than a dragon.

Meet The Winged Dragon of Ra from the “Yu-Gi-Ho” manga series.

The story is quite tempting. When summoned and sacrifices made, this Dragon appears from the human realm to destroy the enemies. He is not a simple dragon but very powerful and emits flames from his mouth. Besides this, he cannot be destroyed or mitigated.

This tarot card is the most significant in the entire “Yu-Gi-Oh” anime series.

13. Igneel – Fairy Tail

Igneel - Fairy Tail

This Dragon is going to fire up your dormant self! He is massive, and his fire dance creates havoc on his enemies!

During his fight with Acnologia, on witnessing his orange flames, one of the characters says: “It seems as if the Sun has fallen! “After all, he is the king, and fire is his identification!

Are you curious to know in which anime he appears? Well, it’s “Fairy Tale,” which portrays this majestic creature as a protagonist. Despite his mammoth size and fearful looks, he has a gentle side.

After fathering the adopted Natsu, he became calmer and developed a caring attitude towards human beings. He has a biological son named Ignia, and his true-born son happens to be of his kind.

Watch Igneel’s journey as a Fire Dragon King and a foster father of Natsu as he progresses in protecting humankind.

14. Ryūkotsusei – Inuyasha

Ryūkotsusei - Inuyasha

This Dragon has got quite an ego for his strength!

Destruction and ruthless fights seem to be his free-time hobby. He is such a proud dragon that he always seeks a chance to elevate his glory and combat strength. Timid combatants lack his taste, and the mightiest opponents are the ones who satiate his curious state.

He is Ryukotsusei from the “Inuyasha” anime series. His grey colour and muscular body, built with blood-red eyes, narrate his brutal attitude. Just like his ego, his story is quite fascinating, too!

He was captivated for two hundred years by Inuyasha’s father. What will you expect from his release after this long captivity? Will he create havoc in the life of Inuyasha and will once again terrify the country’s dwellers?

Watch this egoistic and cruel Dragon and his fate in the “Inuyasha” anime series.

15. Slifer the Sky Dragon

Slifer the Sky Dragon

We are seeing a slender serpentine dragon on the list once again. This time, this Dragon is red and has sharp claws.

Wait! Are you seeing something unusual on his face? Is it two jaws? Yes! Friends! What you witnessed is his defining attribute!

Meet Slifer the Sky Dragon from the “Yu – Gi – Ho” anime series. Let’s know his interesting story, too!

This ancient Dragon will unleash havoc on the enemies when summoned from the tarot card. His entry from heaven is described as that of the powerful being powerful enough to make even the thunder roar for his arrival. He refers to an Egyptian God, and his appearance signifies his importance in the storyline.

It’s interesting to watch “Yu-Gi-Ho” to know his primordial connections with the Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt and modern Yugi, portraying his wrathful form as and when telecasted in the series.

16. Hyōrinmaru


Known for his icy looks, this Dragon is bound to give you icy chills!

Meet Hyorinmaru from the Bleach anime series. His ferocious form reminds us of the long Chinese dragons with large wings and snake-like appearance.

In the anime, he is a spirit form of Toshiro. Manier times in the story, when Toshiro was a kid, Hyorinmaru tried to express his identity in his dream. He is a fierce beast with powerful abilities.

Watch his story and his might, along with the journey of Toshiro in the Bleach anime. You may be mesmerized by some of the ice-turning magic as the story embarks on the core crux.

17. Tohru Kobayashi

Tohru Kobayashi

Can you imagine this cute little girl will tame a beast inside her? Tohru Kobayashi from “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid” has you covered for the fun!

Yes! You heard it right! Tohru is meant to make you laugh and not to terrify. You may be dismayed by her greenish giant dragon form but will be dismayed more to see her extremely jolly and kind-hearted person beneath this beast.

She is fond of human vices we call drinks! She lives with Kobayashi in her house as her maid. It’s fun to see how this dragon girl gets entangled in the daily household chores and the outcomes she faces.

18. Masotan – Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan

Masotan - Dragon Pilot_ Hisone and Masotan

Is he a dragon or a toy? Your mind will question his appearance!

Maston from the “Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan” has a modern, techy look! Imagine an aircraft and a cutesy Dragon crafted to create a cartoonist appeal.

Masotan and Hisone become the dragon-rider duo to captivate their viewers with an interesting epic. Talking about Masotan’s role in Japan’s Air Force squad, he is an OTF- Organic Transformed Flyer.

His unique looks will remind you of your childhood days and adorable imaginations. WatchingIt this not-so-called Dragon, with its humorous tint in the anime series, is really fun.

19. Megidramon 


Meet this alligator like Megidramon from the “Digimon” series. He even has a snake-like tail. His blood-red dragon body with silvery stripes calls for his ferocious nature.

His bravery is sung in the entire anime series. He almost baffled Beelzemon with his strength. Despite his glorious might, he is questionable for his evil intentions.

His sole purpose to engage in a fight to become victorious makes him an ugly dragon. He feeds on Takota’s negative aura. He is a malicious and cruel Digimon.

His majestic form and dragon strength will leave a mark in your memories.

20. Bahamut – Rage of Bahamut

Bahamut - Rage of Bahamut

The defining terms of Bahamut from the “Range of Bahamut” anime are gigantic, terrifying, and brutal.

Rarest of all the anime dragons, I would rank him the topmost threatening beast, powerful enough to destroy the entire world. Everything about him is scary, whether it’s his body, limbs, wings, scales, scales,or looks,

His story is also frightening. He was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment by the gods of Mistarcia to stop his malicious deeds on the land. What follows next is nothing less than a thrilling ride!

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