Best Anime Girls with Black Hair That Will Raise Your Heart Beat

Best Anime Girls with Black Hair That Will Raise Your Heart Beat

We have a wide range of hair colours in the anime world, especially when it comes to female characters. In anime series, we can see that hair colour can also be used to define someone’s character or personality. On our list for today, we are focusing on anime girls who have black hair. Black colour hair in the anime industry is usually associated with bad or negative characters.

It also has some good qualities, such as its symbolism of power. It can also represent some mysterious and strange characters as well. We will use various anime series to come up with the best anime girls with black hair. Don’t forget to tell me your favourite black hair colour girl in the comment section below and why you like her. Let’s not waste time and get into business.

28. Kurumi Tokisaki From Date A Live

Kurumi Tokisaki From Date A Live

This girl is one of the most outstanding anime girls, and she can multiply herself. She is capable of time travelling, and she can make use of her past self to do evil acts.

The moment you set your eyes on Kurumi, you will not believe she is evil. That’s her cover-up; her appearance is the opposite of who she is, as she appears to be a beautiful girl. Killing people is her thing despite having herself killed countless times and coming back again. The reason why she can do all this is because she is a spirit.

I don’t think you would mind trying this series and watching this girl with deceiving looks and a charming appearance.

27. Kurenai Yuhi From Naruto


Kurenai Yuhi From Naruto

If you have watched Naruto, you must know of Team 8, where Kurenai is a strong member. She shares a very strong bond with Hinata to the extent that sometimes you get confused about what she is responsible for Hinata. This girl is responsible for Kiba and Shino despite being close to Hinata.

Kurenai supports everything that makes Hinata happy, even regarding how she feels for Naruto. She is not a fan of spicy foods, but sweet dango dumplings are her favourite. Kakashi Hatake sometimes teases Kurenai, but she respects Kakashi so much.

26. Yaoyorozu Momo From My Hero Academia

Yaoyorozu Momo From My Hero Academia

I won’t say much about this girl because I have failed to understand her. She can inanimate stuff from her bare skin. The only requirement she needs is to know the molecular structures of the objects.

She must be smart because she is even the deputy head of her class and amongst the best four students. Momo reveals that the more she consumes food, the more objects are created. This might sound lame or weird, but welcome to Yaoyoruza Momo’s life.

25. Maki Oze From Fire Force

Maki Oze From Fire Force

I know you were not expecting this one on the list, but Tamaki. Well, I am sorry, but this one takes the trophy according to the demands of today’s list. Of course, first and foremost, she had black hair; yes, her hair was black. How can we also not talk about the shape of her body? Come on, don’t be jealous.

We all know how this girl is well built, and when it comes to being smart brain-wise, she is still the one. Her reasoning capacity is a strong weapon against her enemies. What’s stopping you from watching this girl? Grab your copy today and enjoy.

24. Hishiro Chizuru From ReLIFE

Hishiro Chizuru From ReLIFE

We all need to take a closer look at this amazing girl. She appears normal, and you can’t tell that she is actually not normal concerning time. The leading male character in this series has even decided to approach this young girl.

Well, she has medium-cut black hair and appears to be a loner no one to be close to. But the question still stands: is she really who she appears to be? I sense danger; let’s wait for the leading character to try his luck since he wants her to open up to him.

23. Azusa Nakano From K-ON!

Azusa Nakano From K-ON

Does anyone have an idea why Azusa had to pretend to be unfamiliar with the guitar when she joined Volume Two? Well, the comment section is open to your opinions; don’t be hesitant to share your opinions.

Others might know her as Azu-nyan, not Azusa, but she is the same person. To my surprise, I realized that Azusa was more skilled in the guitar than Yui. That is why she became a very serious and dedicated club member.

22. Sango From InuYasha

Sango From InuYasha

What do you think about Sango’s children eventually inheriting that signature black hair? Well, I don’t think it’s gonna be a bad thing, lol. Sango and his brother, since their childhood, all they were taught was how to slay youkai.

She was supposed to be shown fighting throughout the series because it gives her an iconic look. The way she styles her when fighting is far different from the way she styles it when she is doing nothing. Her black hair looks so good on her when she is putting on a commoner’s kimono. I love her ponytail, and she ties her hair when fighting.

21. Yumeko Jabami From Hyakkaō

Yumeko Jabami From Hyakkao

I don’t know how to describe Yumeko’s love for gambling. Just after being transferred to a new school where she had to do her gambling full-time, her new school is full of kids from rich backgrounds, and they wanna show off through gambling at night.

Yumeko is now kinda different from them all because she seems not to care about money, and she enjoys putting her money at risk. I don’t know what is exactly wrong with her, but I somehow question her sanity because the way she is so observant during gambling is something else.

20. Shana From Shakugan no Shana

Shana From Shakugan no Shana

This girl’s appearance makes her appear older, but her behaviour and actions speak otherwise. I also have another question concerning Shana: is she the person she portrays herself as? This is not our concern today; the most important thing is that she has long black hair.

There is also something you must note about this girl: she changes her form, so don’t confuse her true form and her transformations.

19. Yomiko Readman From Read or Die

Yomiko Readman From Read or Die

When it comes to violence and any situation in which she has to use force, don’t doubt her. She has it all. Just by setting your eyes on her, you can never think of her being such a badass.

Of course, when it comes to studying, she is so cool and knows what she does. Mind you, she has a certain responsibility that she has to take to be successful in her quest. Don’t doubt her. When the time is up, she will do what she must.

18. Enma Ai From Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)

Enma Ai From Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)

Despite the many characters in the anime world who have the same style as Ai’s, you will never mistake her for someone else. She has long hair, a hime-cut black hair, and pale white skin.

How can I forget about her red eyes that look damn hot and cute on her? But of course, she has some negativity, which you don’t wanna know. If you watch this, you will thank me later because this girl will drive you crazy. Grab your copy today and enjoy.

17. Suzune Horikita From Classroom of the Elite

Suzune Horikita From Classroom of the Elite

Are you aware of interpersonal communication? l I’m not gonna tell you it’s your homework to find out, but just know that Suzune Horikita was so bad at this. Despite all this, she is one of the best students in her class with outstanding results, and sports is also her thing.

She sits next to Kiyotaka in class, but do you think they even talk? Well, check it out. These two are just weirdos sitting next to each other, lol. I didn’t mean to judge them, but it’s pretty obvious; just look at them.

16. Honjou Kaede / Maple From BoFuri

Honjou Kaede Maple From BoFuri

Let me not confuse you by using the name Honjou Kaede but Maple, which you are all familiar with from the game. Her style with z is cool. She has a black cut bob. How can you not know about this awesome z with a smile that will melt your heart? She is amongst the industry’s favourite anime characters of the early 2020s.

Her actual hair colour is black, but you all know that as a technical character, there are some things that you don’t have control over. This concerns her hair; it changes colour according to her defensive skill.

15. Kuroyukihime From Accel World

Kuroyukihime From Accel World

Of course, she has a strange signature look, but I think that mostly draws the audience’s attention. Her appearance is something irresistible, with orange eyes and black hair. This was gonna look perfect from a uniform point of view. We are on the same page if you know the Black Lotus from the Accel World. She owns a virtual avatar that also owns her username.

Her world is full of cruelty, and she is known for being a heartless and very hard person. You would never want to mess with this girl, not even in your dreams.

14. Yayoi Kunizuka From Psycho-Pass

Yayoi Kunizuka From Psycho-Pass

Like I said in the beginning, having black hair as an anime character doesn’t only mean negativity. Despite this girl having a psycho pass, she was struggling to get over it. The reason behind this is that it ruined her musical practice, and she even ended up in prison.

She even refused to become an executor despite having the potential to do so. Yayoi later on helped with the issue of resistant fighters in the place where she last stayed. However, her main focus is centred on getting over her psycho pass.

13. Sakurajima Mai From Aobuta (Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl)

Sakurajima Mai From Aobuta (Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl)

This girl feels so real and relatable because of her realistic ideas. She is one of the best and most fan-favourite anime black hair colour female characters. We can’t deny that this girl, Mai, is smart and gorgeous. Why is she upset and disturbed when things are not going well for Shoujo? Well, it’s a story for another day, but all I can tell is that her cuteness is portrayed through that gesture.

12. Nico Robin From One Piece

Nico Robin From One Piece

Robin’s life has not been the same since she ate the Fior Fior Devil Fruit. After consuming it, people started discriminating against her, even the children of her age. I blame her aunt for all this because she treated her poorly, and this happened. In Robin’s community, almost every person dreams of becoming an archaeologist. This is why her mom left her because she went for her studies.

11. Shiina Mayuri From Steins; Gate

Shiina Mayuri From Steins; Gate


She is a waifu but a unique one. Look at her black spiky hair and eyes; I guess you can understand what I mean. She is a very concerned person for those in need; she always tries her best to be there for them. Note that during hard times, she can be very sensitive.

10. Tousaka Rin From the Fate series

Tousaka Rin From the Fate series

This girl is the daughter of those parents who specialise in Western magic. She is sometimes kinda dumb; I know you know what I’m saying. If you don’t get it, forget it lol.

Anyway, if you convince her logically on something and your argument is someone valid, it’s a win for you. She has a creative mind and can do great things because her solutions are not typical. However, her technical skills are somehow limited, hence the need for other people’s help.

9. Kanao Tsuyuri From Demon Slayer

Kanao Tsuyuri From Demon Slayer

Her past was not something cool, but after Tanjiro’s training, she started to heal and tried to move on. Kanao was sold to her master, and this psychologically affected her. She is portrayed as quiet; at some point, you might think she can’t speak at all, lol.

Her childhood is full of traumatic moments, and this is what makes her past dark. Since she was sold to her master, she can’t make her own decisions; she waits for other people’s decisions. Talking about her abilities is something that we won’t finish because they are exceptional.

8. Kamiya Kaoru From Rorouni Kenshin

Kamiya Kaoru From Rorouni Kenshin

Her skills are not relevant enough to make them useful throughout, but she can use them well when she has to. Her hair is black because of her Japanese external features. It’s mandatory. She is not a young girl but a mature lady with a caring and loving heart towards her family. Kamiya is one of the sweetest female black-haired anime characters.

7. Akame From Akame ga Kill!

Akame From Akame ga Kill

This lad did not start as a member of the Night Raid, but she was later convinced by Najends and joined the group. She became one of the best and strongest members of the group.

Akane was at first a government assassin because they took them when she was still a child and trained her. This led to her being a very good sword wielder, and that’s when she met Najenda. She is one of those characters you would never want to mess with.

6. Chitanda Eru From Hyouka

Chitanda Eru From Hyouka

Most people believe that Eru’s eyes shine, but no, her eyes don’t shine. She is curious, and curiosity is the one that leads her eyes in that way. Maybe I will try to be convinced that her black hair is unique but not shiny eyes.

She wants to know about Oreki Houtarou, or she is definitely up to something. Well, I don’t think that she has the energy to be able to pursue Oreki. What do you think? Drop your opinions in the comment section below.

5. Boa Hancock From One Piece

Boa Hancock From One Piece

I don’t think you still want to be captivated by Boa’s beauty after knowing what will happen. Everyone believes that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Despite appearing selfish and spoiled, she can still be the captain of two pirate groups. She even earned herself a nickname, “The Pirate Empress”. She is among the most capable women who can lead and control men.

4. Rukia Kuchiki From Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki From Bleach

This girl’s past life on earth remains a mystery. No one was what she used to do or what she did on earth. She is a tomboy, and Ichigo was the one who brought a change to her life and made it meaningful. Rukia is also sweet sometimes, but she is not always like that. This lady is not a biological member of the Kuchiki family, but she was adopted.

3. Yukinoshita Yukino Anime: Oregairu (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru) 

Yukinoshita Yukino Anime_ Oregairu (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru)

She is one of the anime characters who has always been true to themselves and the people around them. Because of that, they also want people to be true to them. She is, of course, the Ice Queen, and yes, she sometimes insults people.

2. Shinobu Kocho From Demon Slayer

Shinobu Kocho From Demon Slayer

She somehow has crazy desires, as she wants demons and humans to live together in the same world. Well, this was after the death of her sister Hashita, and she became her successor. Her smile is perpetual; I can only tell she enjoys teasing others. Killing demons without feeling anything, not even for a little bit, is her thing.

1. Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan

Mikasa Ackerman From Attack on Titan

Mikasa lost both her parents after human traffickers killed them, and that’s when she moved in with the Jager family. She is the main character of this series, and I urge you to grab a copy of it today. The drama and her true self are yet to unfold since she is the last descendant of her generation.

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