Best Anime with Cat Maid: A List for Echi Anime with Maid Lovers

Best Anime with Cat Maid A List for Echi Anime with Maid Lovers

It is no longer a debate that the most used features in anime, manga, and Japanese production is that they always use cats and catgirls. I bet you this is true, especially if you are a true lover of anime stories. You would have seen how this anime or manga used a catgirl or catgirl archetype; for you to have noticed this, you must have watched anime stories for at least 30 years or so.

Though the catgirl is also known as “nekomimi,” you might be wondering why these characters are known as catgirls; this is because the human girls that act this way always have the ears of a cat and their tails.

Not only that, but she can also act and behave just like a cast, folding her hands in the shape of paws. She can lick her paws just like a normal cat and even make a normal cat’s noise; you see how most cats act so humble and unique? These girls, who are called cat girls, also act like that as well. Almost all the anime stories that involve these sets of characters tend to be scary.

This character trope was chosen as the next girl who would act like the catgirl, just in the next door. Now, I will list most anime stories that look exactly like the catgirls in manga and anime. You should read, though, and enjoy yourself with the amazing stories that it tells.

1. Eris (Cat Planet Cuties)

Eris (Cat Planet Cuties)

Eris from the “Cat Planet Cuties” is one of the cast members of this amazing anime series. This cat girl is so unique, and the story is that she was transferred from earth to this planet, where Captain People are everywhere to explore the planet.

One of the reasons why most anime fans love Eris so much is that she is so beautiful and elegant; she is endowed with so many beauties. Her beauty makes even cats and humans fall for her. However, by the time she hasn’t left the earth, the friends she keeps are cats and sometimes real humans.

Many fans have been asking this very question. Does she have a love life? Yes, she does; she fell in love with her classmate named Kio, which was still when she explored the Earth realm. When it comes to fighting, she is so unique and well-skilled.

2. Melwin (Cat Planet Cuties)

Melwin (Cat Planet Cuties)

Still, from the Cat Planet Cuties, we have this exceptional character called Melwin, one of the most adorable cat girls in this manga and Nike story.

Fans love the role she played in this story. He happens to be the First Officer ever in the Captain Starship; wow, what a flex for her. Her physique is attractive and sweet; she has a thin, smaller chest and short blue hair. This is when you try to compare her with other cat girls. This feature makes her different from them all.

3. Kuune (Cat Planet Cuties)

Kuune (Cat Planet Cuties)

The anime story Cat Planet Cuties is one of the most popular anime series in the world, and the majority of girls ever.

Now, in this very story, we will into another amazing character whose name is Kuune, who happens to hold several positions, such as the captain in charge of the Starship for the girls and also she held the position of the head girl who negotiates and establishes some sort of diplomatic relation with most leaders that is existing on the Earth realm.

One thing you can say is common between her and Eris is that they both eat Okinawan food, and how they react is almost the same after eating it.

The best thing about Kuune you can’t take away from her is the part where she negotiates with these leaders on earth. How she tries to convince them on behalf of the girls is amazing. When agreeing on a deal, we can say Kuune is just an ice-cold bargainer. She will never accept cheating whatsoever.

4. Chaika (Cat Planet Cuties)

Chaika (Cat Planet Cuties)

Also, in the same Cat Planet Cuties anime series, we have seen some characters that fit into the list of the best catgirls in anime stories; here, we have one of the finest, Chaika. However, she seems to be the youngest among the other members of the other Captain Starship group.

Though her field is specifically to take care of the ship’s analysis group, the good thing is that she happens to be the head. Also, when securing the Captain Embassy, especially when Eris and other teams are out of the starship, she takes over as the leader in that area.

Now, one unique thing about her is that part of her open-mindedness; it’s just something super amazing; you can take that from her. In fact, among other Captain, she happens to stand out. And the way she expresses her sexuality is just something inspiring, and she doesn’t feel ashamed of who she is.

5. Yoriko Sagisawa (Da Capo)

Yoriko Sagisawa (Da Capo)

This story happens to be rated for adults only, so please be guided; thank you. Now let’s go; it’s now released in 2022 in Japan, and in the US, it came out in 2009. Da Capo focused more on the adult visual novel, but the stories seemed interesting.

Here comes Junichi Asakura, who spends most of his life in this unknown place or, better still, a fictional place called the island of Hatsune. By the time he got here, he was a supernatural man; he had acquired so many powers and physical strength as well, but it was together with his friends who were also present here.

One beautiful day, his cousin’s sibling returned from America just to tell him about the promises they had made for one another long ago. However, this came as a reminder to Asakura from his cousin Sakura Yoshino. This sicky girl called Misaki, by the time the tree of Sakura accepted her wish game. She possesses the body of her cat.

Finally, this character, Yoriko, transforms from her former self into a catgirl. This anime story differs from the regular ones in that this character transforms into their owner, and here we see her transforming into herself.

6. Ao Nanami (Yozakura Quartet)

Ao Nanami (Yozakura Quartet)

You might have seen different kinds of beautiful anime characters so far. But then, you haven’t come across this very one right now. Ao Nanami is from the anime series Yozakura Quartet; she is one of the most amazing and beautiful anime cat girl characters. He is cute, which makes her more beautiful, with her blue and chin-length hair.

And, to look like a true cat, she must have this antenna ear over her head, which is so perfect on her. Still, in terms of her physical appearance, she possesses a light skin complexion and blue eyes. One thing that distinguishes her from her cat ears is just her hat toque.

She does not always put on the black Alice band; she sometimes does this just to hide her identity whenever she doesn’t want people to know her amongst youkai.

Without any equivocal, I must confess that Ao Namami happens to be amongst, if not the best, anime catgirl so far.

Though she has some clothes and things she puts on that makes her look good and special, more especially her summer clothes, like the dark sleeveless mini dress, which also has a blue button on it and a white collar, the boots she wears on her leg is a dark colored one. These are just her favorite outfits, which always look good on her. Trust me.

8. Alicia Rue (Sword Art Online)

Alicia Rue (Sword Art Online)

Up next on our list is the very veteran character who is also one the best anime catgirls ever; the name is Alicia Rue, played in the Fairy Dance Arc, one of the most amazing anime series, though as a supporting character. And then here we also have in Sword Art Online, where she is one of the major characters.

Some might ask why, and then she appears on our list as if she is just a normal catgirl. Well, that’s a unique question; Alicia is quite different from other cat girl casts because of her cat ears; as you know, the other cat girls usually have their cat ears on top of their heads, but hers is by the sides of her head.

Another thing that makes her stand out is that she wears a bell collar and puts on clawed weapons that help her defend herself during fights.

Her physique is amazing; she is petite, and her hair is blonde but wavy. You can see through her skin even when wearing her favorite garment, the one-piece armor. Many fans are so delighted to ever know such a pretty and sweet cat girl anime character.

9. Shizuka Nekonome (Rosario + Vampire)

Shizuka Nekonome (Rosario Vampire)

Here, we have one of the best anime cat girls who happens to be a homeroom teacher. She goes to her student’s homes and lectures them. Tsukune and Moka happen to be her students. One of the things I cherish most about Shizuka Nekonome is how cute she looks. I can say she is one of the cutest anime cat girls you can ever think of.

She is not just a homeroom teacher alone but also acts as the advisor to the Newspaper Club. Though she can be easy to go with sometimes, it’s as if she is not herself. When it comes to the kind of food she loves the most, it’s always raw fish. Another thing you can’t take away from her is her kindness to everyone around her.

Her knowing that Tsukune and Moka are humans never stopped her from relating well with them; instead, she became so close with them that she embraced them like her.

She believes that humans and monsters like her can walk together. But due to her softheartedness, some people tend to take it for granted, especially when someone reminds her of her tail, and how it’s showing out, she gets mad and pissed off.

10. Yoruichi Shihōin (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihoin (Bleach)

Have you ever seen a cat girl that seems to showcase everything about a real catgirl? Let me introduce you to the finest cat girl you can ever find. Her name is Yoruichi Shihoin, and she is one of the most unique characters from the Bleach manga and interesting anime series. If you have watched this very anime series from season one up to the second season, you will agree that Yoruichi can transform into a black cat.

One of the most shocking stories about this character is that she was never a cat girl originally, but even in her human personality, she acts like a cat. Also, we discovered in the later series that she transformed herself into a girl with the ears of a cat, eyes, and even the tail of a cat.

Though all cat girls are not the same, they vary according to the roles they play. He exhibits many characteristics of a real cat girl. She deserves the position of being among the best anime catgirls ever.

11. Coconut (Nekopara)

Coconut (Nekopara)

It will be a big error if we don’t remember this amazing cat girl character ‘Coconut’ from Nekopara. The role she played is interesting and amazing, and she has become an inspiration to many people.

Her kindness and calm approach to things is just so sweet. When it comes to loyalty towards her master, she puts it her number one priority to always be submissive to her master at all costs.

However, when it comes to coordination skills, she is not all that good; her advantage is that she is so pretty and has physical powers. But this never stops her from improving her fighting skills; she is always eager to learn and overcome her weaknesses.

Also, she uses her little power to help others who need help. What a pure spirit she has. Coconut sees herself as a very pretty catgirl, which is the truth.

12. Vanilla (Nekopara)

Vanilla (Nekopara)

This anime story brings along some comic features that will crack you up, just the names of the characters and what they are being identified as, which is just funny. It’s generally speaking of two twin sisters, Chocola and Vanilla. Vanilla happens to be entirely different from her twin sister, Chocola. But then, the only thing that brings them together is their love for Kashou.

Though she is the youngest of the two, she seems unable to express herself properly while dealing with others. But this is due to the aloofness she is having. For this reason, some people think she is not as caring as her sister.

13. Chocola (Nekopara)

Chocola (Nekopara)

Just as we have seen the character of Vanilla in our previous list, we also have her twin sister, Chocola. She is well known for being sincere and honest in all that she does. She is quite different from her twin sister. She is not like other cats that just have cat ears and tails. She also wears a bell around her neck.

One of her problems is her inability to make decisions alone, as she tends not to think very well before doing anything. This is due to how she behaves like a baby most of the time. She even has the same characteristics a real cat has, too.

One of the most unique features that she portrays is her kindheartedness and the love she shows to friends and well-wishers around her. She also works with Vanilla, her twin sister La Soleil, and Kashou Minazuki, who share this strong affection and relationship with her.

14. Kyaru (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)

Kyaru (Princess Connect! Re Dive)

I know most fans of anime series have seen “Princess Connect! Re: Dive.” from this anime series, we have one of the most unique anime cat girls, Kyaru. She has been sent on a deadly mission to ensure she guides Yuuki and doesn’t fail to eliminate Pecorin; nevertheless, she is on her way to accomplishing this mission.

She became so frustrated and confused at the same time. So her mindset was like. “Should I continue or not?”. Do you think she will continue or not? Now, by the time she transformed into a catgirl, she all the characteristics you will find in a cat she started having, cat ears and cat tails; this made her climb and jump towards anything.

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