14 Anime Guys With Tattoos That Inspire You To Get One Soon

In this post, I will list 14 anime characters with different types of tattoos. You will agree that even in the real world, now moving away from the fantasy world, tattoos have increased so dramatically that almost everyone who has realized their importance also wants them on their body.

Some of this is due to their idea, how they feel at that particular moment, and also wanting other people to recognize them through it. When you know what they said when the means of a thing is not defined properly, abuse of that particular thing is inevitable. So nowadays, some people inscribe some insulting stuff on their bodies to demoralize others.

Even as this is increasing in the real world, the anime world has taken it by storm; nowadays, in most anime stories, you will see a character with tattoos of different styles. This has made some of the anime series look more attractive to watch.

Most anime fans now want to draw tattoos on themselves, considering that their idol in anime also has tattoos, some of which are crazy styles. Some draw their names on their skin, and some their wives’ names. It could be anything that makes them feel alright when they wear it. But then, what do you think about putting on tattoos? Is it wrong or right?

1. Gaara


Now, before I tell you more about one of the anime characters with tattoos on our list, permit me to briefly tell you a few things about him, most of which is his appearance: he has red hair, and he is not tall, so he automatically we place him as short, his eyes are green, then one more thing about his appearance is that his back is huge gourd.

The next thing we will see about Gaara is his personality: I don’t think anyone is more serious than this dude; he is so serious about being intimidated that it’s impossible; instead, he intimidates you. But then, he is not a social type of guy. The last feature of this young man is his ability to manipulate sand.

Some people call Gaara an evil child because his mother died during his birth. This made him to be hated by many people in his community. After a long time, he decided to be isolated, so loneliness came into his life.

Though it wasn’t easy for him, not until one day, he decided to get a tattoo and call it ‘ai’, which was inscribed on his forehead, which means Love. That means his tattoo is a unique representation of self-love.

One shocking history about Gaara that people don’t know is that he is the first stone of Kazekage; his father had the power of a tailed beast, which also means (Shukaku).

2. Hisoka



From Hunter x Hunter, we have one of the most amazing characters called Hisoka Marrow; this series was listed as number 4 of the Phantom Troupe. Though he is a sadist, he defeats his enemies through his powers. Hisoka is so popular and powerful. If you have seen Jester before, you will agree that Hisoka has appeared more than any other person.

Let’s talk about the various tattoos on his body, though it’s just two tattoos he drew on his face: one below his right eye and the second like a tear dripping down his eyes. Though some rumours say that if you draw that kind of tattoo of tears dropping from your eyes, you might get arrested.

3. Killer Bee/B

Killer Bee_B

If you are a Naruto fan, you will understand why this anime appears in the top 3 on our list. As we discuss the anime characters with tattoos, we have a wonderful anime character from Naruto, also known as Killer Bee/B, whose name is Jinchuriki; this very one is that of the Eight Tail and also the younger Raikage.

His village is hidden in the cloud, indeed. But then people sported some tattoos on his body; one was on his shoulder, and the other was right below his left eye. The very one on his shoulder is writing Kanji for “Iron”.

There is a motive behind what he did. If you remember, they use the same words as his tattoos to seal Gyuki and Killer B. The one in his left eye represents the beast in him, which is like a horn with a tail.

4. Raizen


In the Yu Yu Hakusho anime series, we have an amazing character called Raizen; his role in this anime series is so unique and spectacular. Also, if you trace his history and lineage, he comes from a family that had the strongest protagonist fathers that have ever lived, whose name is Yusuke Urameshi.

Today, people can’t believe that Raizen is one of the strongest and most strategic kings to have ever ruled Makai, even better than the other three kings that stayed before him. It will shock you where he had his tattoos; one is under his left eye, but then it’s so abstract, and its colour is blue. It’s like a three-horizontal line running along the left eye.

It reached a point when Raizen approached what Muzoku was no longer what he used to be; now, the tattoos he had started appearing in his pectoral regions. But then they became so identical. Also, have five and six that move in opposite directions towards others, and it was just the two anyway.

 5. Chrollo Lucifer


From Chrollo Lucifer, we have a unique character, also known as Hunter X Hunter Chrollo, the only character that stands out no matter how the script is; he plays his roles perfectly without any struggles.

Most anime lovers keep talking about Chrollo. I think people love him because of how good-looking he is, especially his hairstyle, how sleek it looks, and how his dresses are so good-looking.

But then, on his forehead, there is a tattoo on it just right in the middle of it. When you take a good look, it looks like a cross at first, but then, if you take a closer look, you will discover that the tattoo on Chrollo’s forehead was actually a Locus. But I think he is not bold enough with the tattoo he got on himself as always, when you see him, he is always on a scarf to hide it.

6. Jellal Fernandes

Jellal Fernandes

From the Fairy Tail anime series, we have one of the most interesting and romantic, Ezra. Jellal Fernandes is one of the most unique characters from this anime story; he was spotted having a very simple tattoo but then a very mysterious one. The tattoo is so deep and red that it cuts across his forehead and cheeks like a tribal mark.

Some people give themselves tattoos by the time they come of age, but Jellal had his tattoo from his village when he was a child. Most anime lovers love this guy so much. Some even want to have the same tattoo as him.

7. Zero Kiryu

Zero Kiryu

This guy called Zero Kiryu is a former human and now a vampire; he happens to be one of the strongest vampires that have ever lived, and he came from a vampire hunter family. His closest friend is Yuki.

In his family lineage, they have this symbol on their neck that helps them identify each other from that lineage. And for Kiryu, he had a neck that looked so cute on him.

For you to get a clue about what this tattoo that he drew on his left neck looks like, let me take my time to explain. A cross-like shape cuts across each other and another one in between. Hence, it forms a diamond at the centre. In the middle of the cross lines, another thing is like melee knives on all four sides. This might look slightly confusing, but it won’t after watching the anime story.

As I mentioned, this tattoo symbol is part of their family lineage, passing from generation to generation. His tattoos are also used to overpower other vampires; most groups nowadays use this tattoo to swear allegiance to their secret society.

8. Portagas D Ace

Portagas D Ace

Portgas D Ace happens to be a previous 9th division commander of the group called Whitebeard Pirate; he was spotted to have two tattoos on his body, specifically his back. This inked the jolly roger of his father figure, Whitebeard, mentioned in this anime story.

One Piece is an anime story that everyone should watch; this guy’s tattoo is inspiring and educational. On his left arm, the tattoo was spelt ASCE- with ASC, which swore brothers Luffy and Sabo and then became his name.

Sabo, which means the S, was there because he believed that he was stroked by a dragon, which was why he died. Meanwhile, this dragon is celestial. And now the E tattoo signifies White Beard’s true name, Edward Newgate.

Though this is the measure tattoo on him, some people also discovered a hole in his chest and called it a doughnut tattoo, and exaggeration started that this was given to him by Akainu. This is unbelievable because this guy is not just an ordinary man; he is incredible.

9. Izumi Miyamura

Izumi Miyamura

Before the emergence of Izumi Miyamura, who happens to be the most popular anime character that ever existed from 2021, the mantle was on Horimiya.

Still, then he faded off, and the focus shifted to Izumi, who happens to be the most famous and lead male play in most anime series. But then Izumi is a double-sided person; when he is in class, he appears to be so calm and gentle, but immediately the bells ring for maybe break or closing time, he changes so differently.

No one knew the secret and the reason why Izumi had so many pieces and tattoos all over his body, some like huge tribal tattoos that were on his side. No one really knew about this, not until he became acquainted with Hori one fateful day, so he had to open up to his fellow classmates and share his story with them.

10. Takao Kawafuji

Takao Kawafuji

In the Barakamon anime series, we have a unique character whose name is Takao Kawafuji; in this anime, he is the most loved and viewed; almost all the time, he goes to visit his friend Sei Handa, who was banished from the land to an island where no one can communicate with her.

But then his tattoos are so spectacular that he doesn’t allow people to see them, as he wears sleeved shirts probably all the time except only the times he wears a tank while coming to visit Handa, which is the only time one can see his tattoos.

If you remember the tattoo spotted on Kojiro Nanjo, it’s almost the same as Takao’s as it also has a sun inked and was designed just like a tribal mark. This was actually on his right hand, but then the left side of his hands is an eagle and then over his neck, there is this dark tattoo that covers the nape and proceeds a little bit in front of this neck.

Though he has these tattoos, no one knows what they all mean to him, but I’m sure they do to him. But anyway, they are beautiful to behold.

11. Renji Abarai

Renji Abarai

In the history of anime, I will say Renji Abarai has the highest number of tattoos ever on his body because he has tattoos all over his body, including his chest and stomach; this, according to him, is supposed to be like a frame for him.

But then he became one of the most known and experienced cast members; his rank was that of a lieutenant of the 6th division, and due to his hard work, he made his first manga debut in chapter 51 of this very anime.

His plan from the onset of this anime series is that after he has helped save Rukia, he will take down Ichigo also, but then he decides to change his mind. However, he decided to send a serious threat warning alert to Ichigo at the beginning of the series; this threat alone left him thinking Renji would cause him much damage.

12. Gilgamesh


From Fate Grand Order: Babylonia, we have one of the most famous and loved anime characters named Gilgamesh, but he is probably the previous archer version of himself. This time around, Gilgamesh is so calm and gentle. This is more like him in the previous authoritarian version.

On his right and left should be identical tattoos that look just like each other, and the description is that they both look like crosses in the form of a flower.

But on the other side of him, I can say his Archer version has a different tattoo entirely, where his entire body is covered with tribal tattoos, which signifies his ability to use Bab-ilu- the access point or gate to get through his treasure of life.

13. Natsu Dragneel 

Natsu Dragneel

Suppose you remember the famous anime series titled Fairy Tail. In that case, you will know this anime character called Natsu, as he is the protagonist of this very anime series and is famous and loved.

He has an adopted father whose name is Igneel. The two had issues before they separated, but now he wants to make peace with him. Natsu, by himself, is very strong and has always had spiritual powers of fire by his side.

The Fairy Tail guild brought him into light, and his journey began there. But though these guys started describing his reputation on the first note as bad, he is so pretty to touch. His body was covered with tattoos all over.

14. Trafalgar D Water Law

Trafalgar D Water Law

From the anime One Piece, here comes an amazing character who happens to be the captain of the group called Heart Pirates and the former Schichibukai of the seas; his name is Trafalgar Law; in fact, his own story is quite different as he owns a plethora of tattoos, instead of just his Jolly Roger.

His tattoos covered his entire fingers. What is spelt on both fingers is strange; the word is ‘DEATH’. Can you just imagine what kind of person Trafalgar is?

And then, when you come down to his chest, he knows his jolly roger that was designed inside a heart-shaped that represented evil fruit. Another tattoo on his entire back, even on both his shoulders. And then the last but not the least is the one he gave at the back of his hands that looks like a cross.


Congratulations on finishing the post, I’m sure you enjoyed it. Please recommend it to someone else. Have a beautiful day till we come your way next time. Bye

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