14 Interesting Anime Characters With Short Blonde Hair

In this list, we will look at the best anime characters with blonde hair, their roles, and how beautiful their hair looks. Did you know that seeing the Japanese cut their hair is very rare? They only do it on special occasions; one of them is either a non-Japanese ancestor, or they will dye the hair blonde.

That’s why if you notice some of the anime stories, you will discover a lot of color riots everywhere as their hair is dyed into different colors. Still, the male and female characters are all dyed into different colors.

Most of the time, the hair color says a lot about their personal life. But then, it is uncommon to see people with blonde hair, even in the anime world of Japan. If, at all, you see an anime character with this kind of hair, that must probably be the protagonist of the storyline.

I’m sure you must now be expecting to see the list already; worry no more, for you are about to be entertained so well with this list. This list covers everything you have ever wanted from an anime story, such as comedy, action, drama, horror, etc. Now, let’s kick off.

1. Vinsmoke Sanji

Vinsmoke Sanji

Vinsmoke Sanji must be very lucky to appear first on our list of the most interesting characters with short blonde hair in anime. But then for him to be the first on our list means he has extra spectacular characteristics, one being how calm and charming he is.

His hairstyle makes him look cooler. If you look at most other anime characters, their hair looks so rough and unkempt, but here we have Sanji, who has a cleaner look.

I’m pretty sure you might have watched the anime story One Piece if you notice the direction of his hair brushes closely, but this is before and after the skipped two years. But then, it became a serious argument amongst anime lovers and fans about whether the brushed hair was on his left or right side.

Now, pay attention as I give you the direct source of the story. The left side was brushed, and not the right side, before the skip time. He also tried his best to ensure he covered the right side, but after two years, he skipped entirely. This is how it happened. I’m sure you are cleared now.

2. Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki

Here, we have Naruto Uzumaki, who comes from the Uzumaki clan in the community of Konohagakure. His role is to be a shinobi. Now let me tell you a brief history about this young man; ever since he gave birth when he was very little, this burden has been pressing on him to become the jinchūriki of the most sacred Nine-Tails.

This alone made almost all his villages reject him; wherever he goes, they don’t accept his presence; instead, they say they don’t recognize his face.

Now, he needs to blend in and prove to people that he is worthy to become a Hokage since that has always been his aspiration and ambition. So, for that to come to pass, he joined the Kakashi Team and trained tirelessly to be the best.

What they said about hard work paying is true. All the efforts he put in to emerge the best weren’t wasted at all. Though he faced a lot of failures, tribulations, suffering, and rigorous training, he never gave up, and now he came out the best among the rest and a well-skilled ninja, hence earning the title of the Hero of the Hidden Leaf. This alone gave him recognition in his village, and everyone started respecting him from that moment.

If you see his father, you have seen him, for there is no difference between them; the resemblance is so striking, as he is also spotted to have spiky yellow-blond hair and a blue.

Now we know that since his hair is colored automatically, it is blonde and short. Apart from the facial looks that he acquired from his mother, the rest are from his father. Most anime fans have fallen in love with Naruto’s personality.

3. Clare (Claymore)

Clare (Claymore)

In the Claymore anime, we have a unique main character, and guess what? This time around, she happens to be a girl. Wow, isn’t this interesting? Like, I mean, all the rest of the anime characters we have seen so far are all guys, but now Clare comes into the scene.

Normally, this girl is unique and special in everything she does; when you talk of beauty, she is there; her pretty face and smiles make everyone around her attracted to her. She has also witnessed most of the deadly events you can ever imagine, even in the dark world, the likes of death that happen consistently, but then she is resilient and fearless.

One thing that baffles me is how on planet Earth she will wake up so early after everything she goes through, like the hell and deadly moments of her life, but then her head is still up and focused. What uniqueness she has.

4. Yoshifumi Nitta (Hinamatsuri)

Yoshifumi Nitta (Hinamatsuri)

Here comes a very notorious gangster called Yoshifumi Nitta. He belongs to this group called Yakuza and then just a member, but he takes him to another level of becoming a gangster. But then Hinamatsuri played a different character in his life.

Do you know that some of these gangsters, most of the time, live normal lives as well? They visit family. They even do well for families. So, in a nutshell, we can say that they have “sober moments.”

Outside of being a member of the Yakuza, if you meet him personally, he can be so calm and nice to you. His lifestyle is not as bad as people think; Nitta is a good guy, and maybe he joined the gang due to the situation. Who knows.

5. Ikumi Mito

Ikumi Mito

Here, we have another female character who made it to our list, and her name is Ikumi Mito. Her uniqueness and role are captivating and interesting, and I’m sure you will also fall in love with her; if you have watched the Food War anime series, she happens to be one of the lead characters who also played several roles.

Now, she is also fighting against the main character, Souma. Just as the show continues, her character changes from violent to calm. Ikumi is also the only surviving member of Mito’s family. Hence, this automatically brought a lot of responsibility to her.

One core reason fans love her so much is that her appearance is so attractive; he has everything a man could ever want from a beautiful woman. So this means she is not just a fighter alone but a beauty pageant.

6. Krista Lenz

Krista Lenz

From Attack On Titan comes Krista Lenz, who happens to be one of the major and unique characters. Though she is such a beauty, her beauty isn’t considered throughout the story. But then, as you proceed further with the story, you can tell yourself who the beauty queen is.

But then, whether you take it or leave it, Krista Lenz is the best anime female character ever in the anime world.

7. Keita Tsuwabuki

Keita Tsuwabuki

From Good Luck Girl, we have Keita Tsuwabuki, the poor character in this series. Keita passed through hell, as almost everyone around him kept mocking him because he didn’t have money. But then what he did will interest and inspire you a lot. He didn’t look at all of these barriers, but he motivated himself and struggled to ensure his younger siblings were well taken care of.

Keita Tsuwabuki also has blonde hair; one might say it is due to hardship, but he is unique and special. I think the world should learn from him. He is determined when it comes to life and the situations surrounding him.

8. Anzu (Hanamaru Kindergarten)

Anzu (Hanamaru Kindergarten)

Hanamaru Kindergarten is one of the must-watch anime series ever, as it also produced the prettiest anime character ever; her name is Anzu, and her beauty radiates like the morning sun.

Let the truth be told: her role in this anime series makes it the most viewed anime series ever. I’m not exaggerating when I say she is the most pretty anime female character ever. Once she is displayed on the screen, everyone’s eye becomes so glued to it.

If you think I’m over-emphasizing her so much, why not watch this series yourself and testify to me later? Anzu also made it into our list.

9. Lutz (Jormungand)

Lutz (Jormungand)

Before becoming a bodyguard in Koko Hekmatyar as the main character, he happens to be the former police sniper who shoots so excellently in Jormungand.

You might think he is weak, but then, no, he is not. He can defeat anybody who comes close to his boss, Koko Hekmatyar. Still, on the other hand, despite how good he is when it comes to combat, he is also a funny guy who likes bringing up jokes and making everyone around him smile and laugh so hard.

In this series, if you say he is cool, then it’s fine, but don’t forget the dangerous part of him as well.

10. Usui Takumi

Usui Takumi

Just from Maid Maid Soma comes Usui Takumi in troll girlfriend. He is always involved in mocking and making the gest of the very antagonist, Misaki Ayuzawa, even for things that are not even relevant. It might either be this or that, then calls him out for his controversial behavior and lifestyle.

Though he is indeed not straightforward, on the other hand, the funniest person on earth, he is so interesting and puts laughter wherever he goes.

Now Usui Takumi has left being a troll girlfriend to becoming a romantic one. The fans can’t stop talking about how he protects and admires his girlfriend, Misaki Ayzawa, as they love it so much and would want their boyfriends to be the same to them as well.

11. Annie Leonhardt

Annie Leonhardt

Annie Leonhardt is a typical example of not judging a book by its cover. Her height, when u see her for the first time, can make you believe she is a gangster, but it’s not true.

She just happens to be short by nature, but her real physique will manifest by the time she starts hitting the gym. But then, even now, she has the ability and skills to fight and defeat anything. She also has short blonde hair, but a unique one tied at her back and along the right side of her face is also draping with that.

The way other anime you might have seen smiles and looks good is the opposite of this very character called Annie because she is brought up in a very harsh situation. So u barely see her smile. Some people even consider her as a weirdo.

This series can make you cry as it’s so emotional and makes you smile. I recommend you see it and confirm what I’m saying, but if you are not emotionally strong, don’t watch it cause you will cry so much. Anie can be such a badass buff girl who harbors so much in her heart.

She drives joy in killing soldiers that come on her way to Eren. Don’t be surprised how Annie fights so well because her father trained her to become a warrior. She masters all the acts and fights so well.

You might want to ask yourself why she is so powerful like this. Well, it’s simply because of her dedication as a warrior; she takes deadly risks, knowing she might die, but she still goes ahead and executes her mission. She also has a normal life.

12. Mikaela Hyakuya (Owari No Seraph)

Mikaela Hyakuya (Owari No Seraph)

Here, we have someone whose main motive is to wreck people’s emotional feelings about a place called Owari No Seraph; his name is Mikaela Hyakuya. But this very character of his wasn’t what he was at all, but then, it hit him so hard due to the situation of life that happened to him. And his entire character changed immediately.

To the extent, his friends that tried escaping from him in episode 1 all died before they could try to. As the story may have it, they said it’s because of what happened to him during his childhood.

He became an introvert because of what had happened to him lately. Also, part of what is destroying his mind is the thought of Yuu, who happens to be the only childhood friend he has left. He is not a word, but his circumstances have changed his state of mind entirely.

13. Android 18

Android 18

Gero is such a wicked soul, as Android 18 used to be a human initial until this doctor changed and modified her into a killer cyborg. Meanwhile, she is programmed to destroy Goku.

Her real name till it was changed to Android 18 was Lazuli. Her personality is so cold, and she enjoys roasting everyone. Merely looking at her hair, you can guess how cold and bad her nature is; her short yellow hair reflects her nature.

Regarding the most dangerous female characters from Dragon Ball, you must mention her, as she is the only female to defeat 3 Super Saiyans. Though she has all these bad natures, deep down in her, she is such a sweetheart and caring mother. You dare not come close to Krillin because she cares so much for him and goes to any length to ensure he is always happy and enthusiastic.

14. Sailor Uranus

Sailor Uranus

Here we have Sailor Uranus, who happens to be a civilian and a young teenage girl but was directed to be an older teenage girl that has short blonde hair, but so amazingly amazing and pretty; her eyes are blue and stunning, and the way she looks at someone the person falls in love with her.

Her clothes are so pretty as well. You can testify if you have watched this series before. This is the end of the list we have gathered so far. Thanks for reading through. Goodbye.

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