Best Anime with Eyepatch Characters

Best Anime with Eyepatch Characters

Just a little insight: I think the characters usually designed with these elements to ensure they perform well or showcase themselves should also be careful. Because most of these things most artists put on are not really needed, or better still, they are meaningless; if not, they are just risking making generic anime series MCs.

In this list of anime with eyepatches, you will notice that the easiest way to discover or know any character is from their glasses or eye patches since we are dealing with the topic.

I’m pretty sure you also have some idea of most of the anime characters and series cast with these eyepatches, but let me take you to a comprehensive list today. Some, though, have lasted for years and decades as well. So why don’t you sit back and enjoy this post? Let’s go !!

1. Ken Kaneki From Tokyo Ghoul

Ken Kaneki From Tokyo Ghoul

We have Ken Kaneki, though, in this series, Tokyo Ghoul, the protagonist, played a very important role. His part in this story made it so unique and interesting. But then he had this unfortunate incident that almost took his life. He had a date with a girl, the worst date ever. It became a bloodthirsty ghoul party.

This girl destroyed his entire body, and for this reason, he became so helpless that even the doctors had no option but to implant some of the ghoul organs into him, hence making him a half-ghoul. This alone can help him to survive.

Before Kaneki started putting on his signature mask after this terrible incident, he covered his face every time with this medical eyepatch from the doctor.

He did this to hide his identity as a ghoul so that no one around him would know he has some of the characteristics of a ghoul, though a half-one. But even his mask doesn’t cover his left eye: his Kakugan. Now, the guy who did the mask for him comes out to tell us why he is using the mask; according to Uta, the mask helps him see some parts of the world that his normal eyes cannot.

2. Hange Zoe From Attack On Titan

Hange Zoe From Attack On Titan

From Attack On Titan, we have a veteran cast called Hange Zoe; she is also engaged in the world of rather bright and starry-eyed. Most anime fans have once upon a time strumbled into this very story; you will agree that there has been a Fourth Squared Lead from season one.

Now, the shocking part of this story is that Hange is even responsible for discovering everything about the Titans, though, by that time, she was very little, so not everyone knew her. This position of hers as the corps leader wasn’t easy for him because she felt she should quit.

When things became more intense, she had no reason to change her eyeglasses in exchange for an eyepatch, but this happened after her detention.

This series is one of the series that involves a lot of action and fighting, so you should watch this anime series. Now, by the time she went to war with others, she wouldn’t have survived if she had not been lucky. But many things were damaged in her due to her explosion encounters.

3. Denji From Chainsaw Man

Denji From Chainsaw Man

This anime story can make you weep like a baby. It talks about a protagonist called Denji, who, from the beginning of this series, Chainsaw Man, has been falling sick and always looks sick. However, he wasn’t born like this. This results from most of his body parts, including his right eye, missing from his body.

Denji had taken on a lot of debt that he never had the money to pay back, and this burden became so intense for him. So, he had no option but to start selling his body parts just to ensure he cleared some of the debts he owed.

Though his predicament only endured for the first episode, by the time we got to the next series, it was just like a miracle as she had started regaining most of their body; this is immediately when she merged with his little pal, Pochita. Please look at the Chainsaw Man; it is indeed amazing.

4. Chifuyu Matsuno From Tokyo Revengers

Chifuyu Matsuno From Tokyo Revengers (1)

If you have seen this anime story of Tokyo Revengers, you will notice something: Chifuyu Matsuno did not use the eyepatch throughout the series. This is how everything began that made him start wearing an eyepatch.

His friend, who happens to be the first-division captain, Baji Keisuke, was propelled and coerced to show how submissive he is to Valhalla this is by the time he already left Toman. The task they gave to him was to beat his friend Chifuyu.

Now, because his hands were tight, he never had an option to retaliate. Instead, he watched back as Baji gave him a series of punches back and forth, especially his face. This was so bad that he had to cover his face and eyes with bandages all over.

The pain he went through lasted for weeks. Though Chifuyu is a nice and kindhearted friend, he understands why he has to do what he did; in fact, he even approves it so that his friend would not be punished. Wow, this story is so touching. Do you think there are such people like Chifuyu existing on this planet again?

5. Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler

Ciel Phantomhive From Black Butler

From Black Butler, we have Ceil Phantomhive, who happens to be the protagonist in this series. This anime story is a must-watch if you haven’t seen it before. The story started very sadly, how Ciel got back home to his parent’s house one fateful day, and to his greatest surprise, all their dogs were brutally murdered.

As if that wasn’t enough, the assassin was even hanging around, and before you knew it, they kidnapped Ciel and his twin brother, intending to sell them to anyone who could pay the highest amount they wanted. Initially, before these heartless kidnappers started treating them badly, everything was just going well, but all of a sudden, they started cutting sacrifices for their king.

Now, something very strange happened during this sacrifice: a dreaded demon appeared to Ciel. The name of this demon is Sebastian. This demon proposed to him to grant his wish so he could defend himself and fight back against those who had done wrong to him.

On agreeing to this deal, a seal came upon Ciel’s right eye, making his eyes so powerful that he could visualize the unseen. Now, so people would not notice what was happening with him, he covered it with an eyepatch. It made it impossible for anyone to know what was happening to him.

6. Kakashi Hatake From Naruto

Kakashi Hatake From Naruto

Kakashi Hatake made it into our list of anime characters with an eyepatch. You must have heard that name before if you have watched the Naruto anime series. Regarding talent, he is the best Shinobi in the entire village of Konoha. What a legend. Here comes the story of Kakashi; he happens to be in team seven by the time he is still growing up.

This was with some of his friends, the likes of Sasuke and Sakura; among all his peer mates, he was the laziest, but every student wanted to learn from him. But he had this thing called Sharingan that happened to him by the time he was still growing up. But was never born with it at all.

His kind heartedness caused him to lose his eyes during the world war of Shinobi through the 3rd war, and the reason why he lost his eyes will shock you. He was trying to protect his friend Obito, who happens to be in the Uchiha clan, and having Sharinga with Kakashi.

Now, his friend decided to donate one of his eyes to replace it with the one Kakashi had lost during the war. Since then, he has been hiding his eyes with a Konoha Forehead protector, though this was his left eye. Do you think Kakashi was a good person?

 7. Fuhrer King Bradley From Fullmetal Alchemist

Fuhrer King Bradley From Fullmetal Alchemist

Now follow me as I highlight why this amazing character, King Fuhrer Bradley from the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist, has been included in our list today. He is one of the main characters and a protagonist who played a vital role in this series.

If you can recall the 2009 animated reboot in the FMA of Brotherhood, but though it was known as Pride, this was in 2003; Bradley is the most Wraith in that particular manga of that year. He is also a human-based homunculus; this is all his uniqueness.

He has this uncommon gift to predict his opponent’s next moves and even to see every possibility and strategy on how he can defeat them in that battle. So he got a signature eyepatch and started wearing it to cover his left eye, which is having that “Ultimate Eye.”

8. Midari Ikishima Fr0m Kakegurui/ Kakegurui Midari

Midari Ikishima Fr0m Kakegurui Kakegurui Midari

One of the most dangerous female characters from Kakegurui/ Kakegurui Midari is Midari. When it comes to how she learned, she happens to be in the most unique private academy ever called Hyakkaou during her second year at this prestigious college.

She is also in the student council union. And also the head of the beautification council. But in as much as she held all these prestigious positions, she can be violent; there is this thing called masochistic something that she has that tends to be so scary.

Kirari Momobami is the antagonist in this series, making Midari start wearing a signature eyepatch to cover her damaged eyes with an ink pen. As a result of the 300 million yen, she was indebted to the student council. Without a strong opponent to stand against Midari, she wouldn’t have done anything about the debt she owed to the entire council.

9. Worick Arcangelo From Gangsta.

Worick Arcangelo From Gangsta

Also, from Gangsta, we have a veteran character, Worick Arcangelo, who is 35 years old, has blonde hair in a ponytail, and has an eyepatch. But then, before I tell you more about Worick, let me briefly tell you about this series.

During the summer of 2015, it was announced that it was one of the best anime at that time, and the source of the manga materials was very authentic. Tsutchie is an amazing composer, and the magic hand behind Cowboy Bebop also created a huge wave in the entire anime community worldwide.

Unfortunately, Manglobe could not produce nice anime then. So, back to our amazing character. His smile and look are just attractive to most women around. Even though he wore an eyepatch, it didn’t stop him from being so handsome.

10. Kenpachi Zaraki From Bleach

Kenpachi Zaraki From Bleach

Most anime fans have had or watched this anime series titled Bleach. It has one of the most iconic anime characters ever wearing an eyepatch. His own was just an eyepatch but had some spiritual powers on them. It was well-designed and fortified.

The uniqueness of this eyepatch is something so amazing. Some Shinigami Research and Development Institute groups came together during the captain of the 11th Division, though in the Gotei 13, to make this amazing eyepatch for him.

Even though he is extraordinary in fighting and combat, that doesn’t make him unleash all his power on his opponent during any fight.

As much as he has the power to send them to death, he tries everything within his ability to control himself so they both will have a peaceful fight and a well-deserved defeat without disrespect. He does this control by removing his eyepatch, the source of his enemies’ powers. So he can go further in beating them to death.

11. Pirate Bananya From Bananya

Pirate Bananya From Bananya

Let’s dive into how the Pirate Bananya came about from the Bananya series. I have never seen a pirate as respectful and humble as the Bananya, apart from the nifty hat, though this is when it comes to an eyepatch. This very pirate character is one of the most popular banana cats ever. But his mission was centered on searching for treasures that had been hidden for years.

To also tell you more about his amazing eyepatch, one fateful day, he spotted a skull pirate hat that came alongside a hat that had a feather as a very tiny hook on the right-hand side.

Let me shock you, in case you never knew the voice behind this unique Pirate Bananya, and it was coming out from Yuki Kaji, also the voice behind the likes of My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki and Attack On Titan’s Eren Jaeger.

One of the advantages he has to defeat his opponent is his cute-looking appearance; whenever they see that, they feel reluctant to fight very well, not knowing he happens to be one of the most dangerous anime eyepatch characters you can ever think of.

12. Mei Misaki From Another

Mei Misaki From Another

The last but not the best on our list today is Mei Misaki from Another; you must have watched this famous anime series. Sources say it’s more watched than the famous Yukari Sakuragi of all time. The characters that played important roles in this series have once upon a time acted in most of the unique anime series ever in the world.

I shouldn’t over-hype it; you should see for yourself and appreciate this amazing character in this series. Mei played a protagonist role in this series. Her past wasn’t pleasant at all. The most shocking part of it is the death of her only twin sister, though at first she never knew that her twin was her sister before she died.

It severely damaged his mindset. Also, one of the things that made him traumatized is his losing her right eye and now wearing an eyepatch as a lady. It looks awkward, though.

As all those weren’t enough, she became isolated from people who affected her negatively and negatively impacted her. Now, despite all of this, she never lived a selfish lifestyle. She always thinks about good for others. What a character, indeed. You should see this anime story, trust me.


Congratulations on your completion of this amazing post. I’m sure you enjoyed reading this post about the anime characters with eyepatch. We have seen some inspiring and heart-touching stories that can make someone repent; please recommend this post to someone who might need it. Thanks so much for your time. Goodbye until we come your way next time.

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