Best Anime With Panty Shots Girls That Will Attract You

Best Anime With Panty Shots Girls That Will Attract You

Have you seen anime characters with sexy panties since you started watching anime series? Worry about knowing more because, in this post, I’m going to release the best anime with panty shots girls that will lure you and make you feel nasty.

As you already know, most anime storylines come with deep meanings, historical facts, and sometimes fictional entertainment. Now we have in this post the anime characters that are ever willing to showcase their pretty butts; I’m sure you will fall in love with them.

Please take note and read carefully because I will be sharing the best panty anime on the list that enticed you the most. It will interest you to know that Akiba Souken conducted a poll and got three hundred and four votes out of the people who were asked to list the best anime they have ever watched with the best panty shots ever.

Without further ado, we will discover the best panty-shot anime the Japanese love the most. Here we go!

1. Strike Witches

Strike Witches

From the anime series called Synopsis, to be precise, in episode 12. Let me give you a brief story of what happened here. In 1944, an invasion of some unidentified flying object called Neuroi was causing a lot of harm and damage to the entire world.

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This became a very dreadful incident that kept everyone thinking. Now, humanity has to form a body to fight against this terror happening to them; here comes the “girls of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing”.

Now it happens that as this very war started, the girls of 501st were defeating these mysterious aliens that were destroying the entire world. As the battle became fiercer, they used the little magic and divine powers that they got to win this battle against the pants and aliens!

2. High School DxD

High School DxD

From High School DxD, we have Issei, who played the part of the main characters. These guys live pressing very big butts; even he doesn’t mind spending his entire day squeezing and resting on the ass of any girl that has what he wants.

He spoke about an institution called Kuou Academy. This school has a lot of sexy girls with big butts. The majority of the population here are female. Now what Issei did was join this very institution just to have access to these butts.

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I don’t know if I should say luckily or unfortunately for Issei, he succeeded in getting himself a girlfriend; little did he know that this girl thought she was beautiful and had very dangerous butts; she happened to be a fallen angel who had what it takes to destroy and even kill him.

As if that wasn’t enough, he also found himself with another of his classmates who also happens to be a demon. Now, this demon friend decided to help him in the situation he found himself in but gave him some terms and conditions in which Issei would always be servicing her.

At this point, he was so confused about what to do. Now, please, if you were to be Issie, which one would you have chosen?

3. Highschool of the DeadHighschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead is one of Japan’s most recognized and watched anime series. It has been said that once upon a time, there came a diverse range of deadly diseases, which one might call a pandemic; this disease transforms and changes the formation of humans into Aliens and Zombies.

This outburst caused many calamities to these characters (奴ら, Yatsu-ra). This story focused on a student and a group of students planning to eradicate this very incident.

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As far as this continued, there were a lot of casualties in these stories. The zombies destroyed so many lives; some sustained injuries but were lucky to survive.

They even went home to check after those alive so they could help them, but little girls and dogs. Luckily, they made it to a safer place, an elementary school.

Trust the audience more, especially the anime lovers who grab every detail from any anime they watch. Some of them noticed the girls’ shiny and sexy butts.

4. Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire

I am not sure if anyone has experienced more bad luck in their entire life span than our guy Aono Tsukune did. If you are a fan of anime, you might have come across one of the most educational and entertaining anime series called Rosario to Vampire. Now, let’s talk about our iconic character, Rosario.

Due to his bad luck, he could not be admitted into the best schools ever, and it became worse than he could ever have been admitted into high school.

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So his parents decided to register him in a school where you don’t need to write exams before getting admitted. After he got admitted into the school, he started getting familiar with everything: the trees and the beautiful environments.

One faithful day, Tsukune met a beautiful damsel who also studied in the same institution. Not knowing that his girlfriend is a vampire. Her name was Akashiya Moka, and she bit off his bat. But then they became so close that whenever you see Tsukune, you will also see Moko.

But then this school was also occupied with so many monsters. Here comes the problem: Moka is the only Vampire in the school. Do you think if they discover that she is a vampire, they can spare her life? For me, I doubt it.

5. Francesca’s shimapan

Francesca's shimapan

From Strike Witches, we get to know about Francesca’s Shimapan, who happens to be part of the girl’s character from this very anime series. Some of the favorite characters from this anime most often showcase their buts and panty shots to the audience, not knowing what they did.

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And some don’t even care if they are putting on any undies, as they showcase everything in and out to their audience. But here we have Francesca, who became separated from the rest of the girls, as she puts on oversized dresses and wears pants and shorts whose color is always blue. Some might say the reason why she is hiding her backside is because it’s so large and sexy.

6. Punch Line

Punch Line

This story centers on an iconic character named Yuuta Iridatsu, who played aunique butoversial character from one of the beof st anime series, “Punch Line.”

Let’s see more about this young boy; he is a high school student. Secondly, He gets carried away whenever he sets his eye on a girl’s panties. This looks strange, but it’s just who Yuuta is. Also, most times, he goes as far as fainting simply because he saw a girl’s panties. Now, this has become part of him.

Something happened at a point where he encountered a ghost cat, and this very incident disconnected him from the real world. Some inhabitants stay in the same apartment as him. He uses them for fun.

But along the line, he did something that the world keeps talking about till now: Yuuta discovered the gateway to save the entire earth.

7. Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven's Lost Property

Counting down on our list, we have one of the interesting characters. His name is Tomoki. Growing up as a young boy, he had different kinds of imagination that mostly wouldn’t come to reality.

One of those was having a very beautiful girl who could love and cherish him the way he was, but then it ended up just being mere talk all the time. However, he has a friend called Sugata; this guy suggested to him that his problem might be that of a new continent that is wolverine around the planet.

Fortunately for Tomoki, a fallen angel came from the sky named Ikaros; she also calls herself a pet-class Angeloid. She immediately revealed herself to Tomoki and gave him the opportunity to make any wish of his choice that she would grant.

Here comes the confusion in Tomoki’s mind due to the different stories about angels, how pure-hearted they are and don’t do bad things, so he was like, “Would this angel grant me what I really want”? And surely what he wanted was a very beautiful girl with panties. Tomoki loves panties so much that he can see what is beneath them.

8. Freezing


Nova is a deadly being that invaded the earth’s realm and caused a lot of havoc. Now it is said that these deadly creatures only gain their strength because of the presence of the most beautiful girls that have both butts and boobs; they are called the Pandora girls.

Thiss became an advantage to the military academy Genetics as theyided to invest and train the girls to face the Novas. Now, they introduce a young boy to assist them in the combat.

Among these girls is Bridgette L. Sattelizer, who often scares the rest of her classmates away because of her power; no one comes close to her, not even an inch closer. But here comes a new student called Kazuya Aoi. I can say that he spends all his day lying on her boobs.

9. Ayumu and Haruna’s shimapan

Ayumu and Haruna's shimapan

We are these two amazing characters that are sometimes from the Chimapan; often, people mistook them for a zombie. Well, are they really Zombie? These guys are known for their amazing pantie shots, which are pink.

Whenever they pass near you, you definitely must stare at them. But among them, we have Aymu, who happens to be a male but wears the same panties, too, and we also have Haruna, who is a girl and the same thing; her panties reveal all her butts. These two sexy characters are from the epic Mystletainn Kick attack.

10. Walkure Romanze

Walkure Romanze

In Walkure Romanze Episode 12, we have an amazing character who goes by the name Takahiro Mizuno. His ambition was to be a Begleiter, which also means a knight’s assistant, so to achieve this goal, he had to be trained and master the skills and the rules on how to fight, so he decided to go to an academy where he was being taught these skills.

After acquiring these skills, he returned to his home nation, fought for a championship, and defeated his opponent; hence, he lifted the championship cup of the junior league. In the competition, he sustained an injury. They forced him to leave the competition because he was not fit, with that very condition.

But instead of giving up totally, he decided to give the competition to one of the most trusted members of his group; she was a maiden knight from his academy. He aimed for her to win this game for them since he couldn’t make it to the finals.

11. Samurai Girls

Samurai Girls

Now let us see a very slight story of the Japanese from the anime series Samurai Girls. We saw how Japan’s internal security depends totally on some supernatural powers willed by this special force known as samurai. They are known for their skills and how well they handle swords and fight with them.

Here, their leaders are known as “generals”. We can’t finish this story without talking about their supreme master, Muneakira Yagyuu, who taught his students and many families, especially the Shogun, how to fight at Buou Academy.

His mindset was that after mastering these skills, they were going to give him the position of the head boy in their school. So with that, he can get any girl of his choice.

But then, unfortunately for him, here comes a very beautiful damsel who even has the Master Samurai power as she falls from the sky, but then it was investigated that she doesn’t remember anything about herself.

12. Date a Live

Date a Live

Shido Itsuka is the protagonist of this anime story, Date a Live. The story is such a touching one. Trust me, you will learn so much from this young child.

We all know that no one chooses where they want him or her to be born. Unfortunately for Shido, he was born in a particular city where there are a lot of disasters that happen constantly.

This very disaster has taken away so many lives and destroyed so many properties all over. This situation has continued for a long time; people call this disaster a space quake.

One faithful day, Kotori, who happens to be Shido’s younger sister, was involved in this particular situation. The disaster happened, and his sister was at the point of dying. So he tried to rescue her, but unfortunately for him getting there, the situation wasn’t funny at all.

Now, while trying to rescue her, he saw one beautiful angel who was so charming and seductive; now, this being always deceives people from the main mission.

But Shido discovered this and refused to be tempted. But then he also had one choice: date the spirit, or else the whole community would continue to experience that disaster.

13. Maicching Machiko Sensei

Maicching Machiko Sensei

Mai Machiko is one of the most beautiful anime characters ever. One of the most unique things about her is how elegant and sweet she is. Despite her age, she stands out as the most beautiful teacher among the rest of the teachers at Asama Elementary. Her shape is just perfect, like everything is on point.

There comes one of their first-year students called Machiko, who has tried his best to lure her teacher by allowing her to grab her beautiful breast.

Not only does her student get confused whenever they see her, especially when she skits all her butts showing, but also every other department wants to feel Machiko. Her breasts and behind are causing serious havoc in the school.

One of the most interesting things about her is that she is dignified. She loves playing sports and always coaches her students to behave well. This proves so many wrongs that she was never as wayward a teacher as it might seem.

14. Doraemon (2005) 2nd Season

Doraemon (2005) 2nd Season

One of the most recent anime series you will ever find there now, according to Fujiko Fujio’s manga, is the 2005 version of Doraemon from 1979.

This guy called Doraemon is so dumb and naive at the same time, but he is only doing this to safeguard his future. He is a cat-like robot. What he does mostly is to stare at Nobita’s ass.

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