Best Ghost Girlfriend Anime (Spooky and Wholesome Stories)

Best Ghost Girlfriend Anime (Spooky and Wholesome Stories)

The world has made us believe that there are ghosts that really exist. This story was brought to us through different means, especially in today’s entertainment industry.

We all know that the story behind these ghosts is as scary as anything. Ghost stories are usually associated with fear, horror, crimes, mysteries, magic and so on, But more especially, those fairytales are usually brought to us by the anime industries today. Anime is considered the modern media that publishes most fairy tales and fearful scenes.

If you are a fan of anime, you might have come across the Yurei. This story talks about a ghost that stays in Japanese culture. The way the anime industry distributes and publishes different categories of episodes is like the speed of the light. It spreads so fast, more than u can ever imagine. Also, you have seen an anime ghost girl in that story, too.

As the title suggests, we will look into the list of best anime girlfriend ghosts; this list contains the most interesting characters you can find from any anime series. Despite their nature as ghosts, they can be so loving and charming; their smiles can make your heart twinkle.

Rest assured that this list will not only entertain you but also give you a deeper understanding of what ghosts look like, and you will also discover that these ghosts also have some spiritual powers.

They are entities that dwell in an unknown realm; ghosts don’t have bodies, according to stories that have been told over the years, telling us how ghosts are; they can actually have some spiritual powers, but you can’t trace that origin.

If there is any post, I should recommend to you, this very post is simply because while reading this post, it will be as if you are seeing a movie, the actions, the characters, the mysterious scenes, the moments that made sense. In fact, without further ado, let us dive into this very list.

1. My Ghost Girlfriend

My Ghost Girlfriend

Some will never believe that a guy can stay for a long time without a girlfriend. Well, let me shock you: here comes a guy called Jung-hoon, who has never had anything to do with a girl throughout his lifetime. He was focused and determined in his life after completing his service as a military personnel.

He decides to go back to college to have a degree. While in College, Jung-hoon decided to join an organization at his school. He joins the school paranormal activity research club, which people know is called Mysteria. Here comes the most interesting part of this story now. This started having deep feelings for Eun-ji, who is also in the same group as him.

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He ran into a virgin ghost named Ji-sun; he happens to be a virgin ghost. He approached Jung-hoon and requested him to help him with a pressing issue; it was about Ji-sun passing the test and being reborn. Jung-hoon agreed to help him but with the condition of also helping him get his crush, Eun-ji.

So an arrangement was made at this point by Ji-sun to link these two together. It turned out well, but as time went by, they faced some disagreements. This kept them moving, and the love and bond they shared grew exceedingly higher.

2. Elaine’s Devotion To Bam Allows Her Spirit To Live On

Elaine's Devotion To Bam Allows Her Spirit To Live On

Liones is the name of the king of Britannia; he calls his warriors the “Holy KKnights’, He happens to be a very popular and influential leader who has the people’s well-being at his heart. Liones happens to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest, kings that have reigned in this kingdom for a very long time.

He is not in any way an ordinary leader. He has acquired so many spiritual powers that he uses to protect and preserve his kingdom. The other side of this story that nearly became a tragedy if not the king full of wisdom was that there was a faction within the kingdom where some of the young men from this kingdom decided to form another knight just to overthrow the present king, Lione.

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Trust me, he brought all of them to their knees. Another news broke out that there is a group that calls themselves the “Seven Deadly Sin” as the news may have it, and that this group is still very much alive. The main king conducted a celebration party of their own.

Now, the story becomes more intense as there comes a princess from another land, Princess Elizabeth, whose aim and motive is to also defeat Britannia. But because she knows that the knights from this kingdom are so strong, she devises another means to go and fortify herself so she can get more power and stand against the Holy Knight.

A tragedy comes upon Elaine, who happens to be the sister of the king and the most loved by Ban. Her death was such a great loss; this was because she was never a warrior and had not fought before but decided to go to war on that very day.

At the spot, she was slain by a demon on the fountain of youth. Bans was expecting that her immortality would be granted by drinking the fabled water. But instead she strict her by partaking instead. Mysteriously, she was brought back to life. I don’t know how. But that was according to the story.

3. Fuko Ibuki’s Character Arc Sets The Tone Of The Story

Fuko Ibuki's Character Arc Sets The Tone Of The Story

Okazaki Tomoya is one of the major characters in this story. When you mention the 10 list of troublemakers in anime, this fellow should be the number one; he doesn’t believe so much in a bright future.

Tomoya has friends who I can refer to as partners in crime; we have Sunohara Youhei, and this one misses classes like no man’s business. One faithful day, Tomoya bumped into a pretty girl who studies with him in the same class; her name is Furukawa Nagisa.

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Whenever you see her, she seems confused and lost at every point. The very thing that attracted Tomoya to this girl from his class was the declaration she made one day in their class when she was professing her love for bread and how sweet it was; Tomoya had never really gathered so much momentum to talk to her.

But as time passed, he summoned courage and approached her, and from that moment, they became friends. Tomoya never stays a day in school without making sure that they both meet at all costs. As time passes by, the bond they share grows exceedingly bigger.

As they frequently meet each other Tomoya starts discovering so many factors about her, one of them is her not agreeing to join the acting club in their school due to her long illness.

He also decided to help four others. He didn’t just help them because he didn’t have any other thing to do, but he was touched by all their stories from a personal perspective.

Another character came into the scene. Her name is Fuko. She is a first-year student; her school was the same as that of Tomoya, Nagisa and others. As a new student had just come into the school, she was acting like a child, so things were just obsessing her, more especially the way she craved starfish.

No matter the time of the day, you would see her out of the woods searching for starfish; her behaviour was insane. Her sister graduated from that same school 3 years ago, but no one at the school really knows who she is. But at a point people now discovered that they have been communicating with her spirit all this while.

4. Noragami Aragoto

Noragami Aragoto

From the anime series Noragami Aragoto, we have one of the most exciting stories that also made it into our list today. Now, let’s briefly discuss Yato. She happens to be a king who struggles, but in spite of that, he also has a supernatural weapon called Yukine.

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Adding to that, he also has his devotee Hiyori. Yato happens to be the protagonist from the most popular historical stories ever, Bishamon’s grudge. Yato also has a brush with the god of goodlucks whose name is Ebisu. As time passed, Yato discovered that she was returning to her past.

5. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Anohana_ The Flower We Saw That Day

The death of Meiko Honma caused all her friends to be separated; her death came unexpectedly, and no one knew she would die so early. This incident had already taken place long ago, but the impact never died. After several years, about 10 years has already passed Meiko came back into the scene as a ghost.

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By the time she returned as a ghost, she had decided to make herself visible to Jinta, who happens to be the former leader of their group, while she was still alive. But she brought a proposition to Jinta, and that was for her to help her fulfil her final wish that would make her rest well.

The request was that Jinta should re-unite their old circle of friends; this alone can grant Meiko’s wish. But before Mieilo’s death, they had an unresolved conflict. The rhetorical question is: will these guys ever come back together?

6. Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Nene Yashiro is a high school girl who formed a strong connection with one of the most stubborn spirits you have ever seen. This spirit is from Kamome Academy, also known for his mischievous character. They said the spirit came from Hanako-Kun. After this connection was formed, she had free access to divine realms.

But one thing I love about their collaboration is that these two entities teamed up together to bring peace and harmony to the entire school. However, There was once a point in time when challenges came their way. But they keep maintaining their goal, which is to bring harmony to the school.

7. Magister Negi Magi Negima

Magister Negi Magi Negima

Magister Negi Magi Negima is one of the most famous anime stories you can ever see. Here comes a 10-year-old teacher known for his skills and wizardry practice. He goes by the name Welsh Negi; he is also a wizard in training from Springfield.

Now it’s time for him to put his profession and what he is known for into action, as he was called upon to teach the girls in certain high school English.

This school happens to be in Japan. They probably didn’t inform him about the school he will teach. Just on his first day in class, he disgraced a female student, and to make matters worse, the girl he disgraced was assigned to him by the school to be her home teacher.

When he finally found out that Kagurazaka Asuna was actually a wizard, too, things became harder for him. They both faced difficulties together; they didn’t plan for any of this. But it happened as a result of his ignorance.

The name of this institution where Negi teaches is one of the most renowned and most recognized educational institutions that have ever been discovered. It is called Mohora Academy. In this institution, we have Aisaka Sayo, also a student of the school for six decades, just close to the events of Negima.

She dedicated herself to the clocktower gardener together with her junior sister. Her sister’s name is Tsuwabuki, these two sisters believed that filling the garden with flowers could bring back their dead mother to life.

Though Professor Takahata tried to stop them, they were so determined to protect the flowers in the garden at all costs. This continued for a very long period. When Negi learns about this, he ensures that no one tempers with her seat until she comes to class. The rest of their classmates also aligned themselves to her.

8. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God)

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi (Sunday Without God)

Here comes one of the amazing characters from this story, Ai; she is a young and promiscuous girl who decided to take over her mother’s occupation since her mother is no longer alive. Other than the role her mother was playing to some people, it was a very difficult one, and to them, no one should take that part at all, not even a young girl like Ai.

Her late mother was a grave keeper in their town. After her mother passed away, she took over the role without hesitating. Her conviction is that no one chooses to die, so the death of others should be a barrier for others to take care of their remains after they are no more.

There came a very bloody day in the community as a man busted out from nowhere with some deadly weapons; before anyone could say a word, he began to sweep everyone away with his sword.

Afterwards, he claimed that Ai was his daughter. The name of this man is Hampnie Hambart. Ai did something that surprised everyone as she joined her father in his adventure, but she never forgot that she aimed to be a grave keeper.

Ai has a friend called Dee Ensy. Dee does not have a physical body; she is considered a ghost, but she can control any human being with her supernatural powers. Her powers are so electrifying. The combination of these two entities as friends, Ai and Dee, grew so much with love. But Dee Ensy was having a crush on Alis.

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