Best Fanservice Anime That Will Seduce Your Soul

Best Fanservice Anime That Will Seduce Your Soul

If you are a social media user, you must know what a fan service means. Oh, stop blushing; you are not new to it, right? Well, the term fan service in any world means intentionally adding stuff to fulfill the audience’s desire, and it is mostly about humor and sexual arousal.

It is all about precisely offering what the audience craves – sounds, impressions, visuals, scenes, creepy situations, and more. We cannot call it a different genre, but it is common across all anime genres.

You often come across ecchi classics, while sometimes you come across hilarious plots. Well, we cannot forget bouncy boobs and wet panty shorts. What about a fairy tale? I keep it to your level of imagination.

Let me describe some of the best fan service anime to seduce your soul.

1. Monster Musume

Monster Musume

I love anime, where many conflicts are shown between the love couple, especially when they are very different. I am not a true romance-genre lover, but if spices of conflict are mixed, it entices me.

Right now, I am talking about the story of a young fellow named Kimihito, the central character of Monster Musume and in love with a non-human girl named Miaa (I’m not talking about Mia Khalifa). Mia has to take care of this fellow in whatever condition as per a new Japanese law.

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You enjoy the misunderstandings between the two, and some of the coincidences blow your mind off. Miaa is a female alien and a better comedian than humans. Every single episode has something unique, and the perverted part is also highly appreciable.

2. Food Wars

Food Wars

By checking the title “Food Wars,” you must be feeling like it’s some sort of anime based on hooking competitions or so, but let me tell you, this one is full of fan service moments and amazing characters.

I don’t remember watching something better than Food Wars in the culinary genre. The main character, Souma Yukihira, is a top performer. He has passed from a highly reputed cooking academy where he finds some equally talented folks that give him tight competition.

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Well, this guy is brilliant and knows how to set himself apart from the rest of the experts. You might not expect this food series to be that ecchi initially, but as you go with the flow, you come across many scenes that increase your heartbeat.

There is no shortage of nudity, as well, but it is truly delicious. You won’t find fan service moments occasionally, but those that exist are truly amazing.

3. Highschool Of The Dead

Highschool Of The Dead

High School of the Dead can be called a feast for adventure lovers. And there is a lot of ecchi to keep you feeling enticed. There’s no shortage of action, either.

A group of creepy folks is stuck in a school, and they start a fight for survival against the zombie apocalypse. This situation has taken over the whole world.

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These guys have unique skills, which they use to help themselves and each other face brutal situations. It’s very worth appreciating how these guys trust each other.

The fighting scenes are so wonderful you won’t resist sharing with your buddies. A few of the sensual girls truly aroused me while I was watching this one. Overall, High School of the Dead is a pleasurable experience for many anime lovers.

4. Shimoneta


If you love the blend of ecchi and comedy, then Shimoneta is truly a feast. It helps you land in a world where impure and obscene concepts exist. You see the government making attempts to make the environment clean.

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However, they put bans on the right of expression, which is tough to follow. There, you find Tanukichi, a nice, innocent guy who gets dragged into a ruthless terrorist organization. Then he finds himself fighting with these ridiculous new laws and has his way of outraging these rules.

He doesn’t hesitate to show defiance towards the government. There is no shortage of scandalous scenes, and Shimoneta’s screen presence makes this anime a true entertainer.

5. Kill la Kill – Fashionably Fierce

Kill la Kill – Fashionably Fierce

Again, Kill La Kill is a perfect action-packed anime, and you can figure that out just by reading the name, right? A lot of mercilessness is shown in the anime, and many fans seek the same.

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Okay, this is a revenge plot, a perfect storyline, but you must be thinking, what and how can a fanservice element enter such a story, right? Well, it’s the fanservice that pushes extra power to the story.

The visuals are super thrilling, and the outfits are skimpy and perfectly match the personalities. There are a few jaw-dropping fight scenes, but if you find it slightly boring, you’ll always find something hot that arouses you.

6. Keijo


Kijo is mostly a sport-based anime, and from there, you can expect a few perfect body-sizzling girls ready for fanservice, right? In this game, the player has to knock the opponents off from some floating pieces of land into pools.

It is like a TV show I watched in my childhood, Takeshi’s Castle. This sport is not as easy as it seems to be. You cannot use your hands to push the opponent down into the water.

All you can use is your chest and butt. The most interesting character in Keijo is Nozomi – a perfect gymnast. She is hot as hell, and she makes attempts to participate in this game and win it to support her family financially.

The competition is fierce but, yes, full of entertainment. There is everything in this anime that keeps your hormones high.

7. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven

The plot of Trinity Seven is truly weird. Arata, the Central Collector, finds something truly wrong has happened in his town. The bright red sun had permanently stopped shining. The situation seems very fishy and mysterious, but his cousin did a miracle. He constructs an artificial one.

However, he faces the demand of giving up the book or dying. Arata has got some brighter ideas. He enters a magic school not as great as Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, but he has a good enough magic school where he meets six others to learn high-end magic for protecting various worlds from vanishing.

Together, this group forms the Trinity Seven, and yes, you can expect some ecchi things going on in this school. Ah, magic and ecchi things and that too in school – wow, I wish such things were also shown in the Harry Potter series.

8. Prison School

Prison School

There are truly a lot of things to love about prison school, and that is the reason it’s covering such a wide watcher base. Throughout this anime, you keep on laughing and enjoying. There are weird scenes taking place now and then, and this includes fan service scenes as well.

In this anime, a gang of dudes get thrown into a secret prison in a school while they make the mistake of peeking at girls. There, the student council members continuously torture them in the most perverted way possible. This group’s friendship gets tested in various ways.

The cast of characters is truly amazing, with a wide variety of personalities, and this anime has managed to be the crown of its genre. If you love mature jokes, this series has a lot for you.

Who knows, you list a few to share with your friends and make them laugh. Well, jokes are not the only thing you can share – ecchi moments can be even better. This anime is not appropriate for TV because it has crossed certain boundaries.

9. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail has embraced a lot of fanservice throughout the story. This enchanting guild of Fairy Tail has some tremendous scenes of epic battles and deep friendships, and the character’s animation also wins hearts.

This series is not for shy people at all. Similarly, if you like deep stories, this one may not entice you to the limits. However, if you appreciate light stories with hearty adventures and tremendous, high-quality fan service, Fairy Tail should be on your list.

10. Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive_ Mermaid

If you expect mystery and thrill in the anime right from the beginning, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid is the right anime. We are not going to skip the fan service part. Memory ends up being on an extremely weird tropical island, and all she remembers is that she was kidnapped from her gym classes.

She meets a couple of ladies enjoying their day at the beach there. However, they attack her for absolutely no reason. Well, this attack turns out to be different when you find that one of these weird ladies starts touching memory sensually.

The other one was transformed into a ruthless weapon. However, things don’t go that wild because a guy comes from nowhere to protect her. However, Mamori also led a way of transformation after that.

There is a lot in this envelope. Believe me, if you are a fan service lover, there are many spices for you.

11. Chivalry Of A Failed Knight

Chivalry Of A Failed Knight

A few folks, including me, didn’t find Chivalry Of A Failed Knight a very interesting anime. In the beginning, I swear I even decided to leave it in between, but as soon as the story started gripping, I couldn’t resist watching it till the end.

Initially, it looks like a standard harem story but is a very exciting tale of a young dude with no supernatural abilities. You must be thinking, what’s new in that? Let me tell you – in this school, everybody else has got these supernatural abilities, so how is he going to take over his cocky opponents, and what skills is he going to train – that’s what pushes interest.

He has a whole chain of challenges to face and falls in love. Various powerful forces in the school try to power him, but our protagonist truly surpasses all limits. This action-packed Ecchi series has much to entertain, and I’m truly waiting for the next season.

12. No Game No Life – Gaming Galore

No Game No Life – Gaming Galore

I truly appreciate the setup of the anime No Game No Life – Gaming Galore. Well, this anime is about a world that is full of games. Yes, you can call it a game-ruled universe, and you can already expect a lot of adventure to unfold.

There are a few things in this anime that I have never seen before, even after watching 600-plus anime. Yes, the fanservice part also deserves appreciation, but there is much more than that.

Vibrant visuals heavily enticed me. Another thing I loved was the teasing of sensual characters, which made me dream hard. What are the rules of these games? What if somebody wins? What is the prize?

Well, there is a lot of sexiness waiting for you in this anime.

13. Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampir

The protagonist of this anime, Sukune, doesn’t prove to be the most interesting personality in the anime; he is just an average student who has enrolled in a school full of monsters. There is a rule that whenever any monster finds a human on the school campus, it is supposed to kill him or her.

So, the danger exists in every corner of the school, and that’s the reason Sukune tries his best to stay normal and out of anybody’s attention. However, things change when he runs into a beautiful girl on campus.

The hilarious misunderstandings are very funny, and sometimes these misunderstandings also lead to some ecchi moments. The female cast is truly lovable in this harem, and once you start watching it, after just a few episodes, you will be able to figure out why this anime is present in our list of the best fan service anime of all time very easily.

14. Sora no Otoshimono

Sora no Otoshimono

Has it ever happened to you that you had some amazing dream, and when you wake up, you feel slightly emotional thinking about that dream? If yes, then you will easily resonate with Sora, not Otoshimono’s protagonist, Tomoki.

He is always into experiencing angel-related dreams and his interiors when he wakes up. So, he shares this matter with one of his lifelong friends. Now, when they start understanding the mystery and reaching the depths, a weird girl comes from nowhere who calls Tomoki her master.

What do you feel like when such a beautiful girl is ready to follow the rules? What would you have done if you were at the place of Tomoki? I salute your ideas, and let me tell you, Tomoki is equally evil as you.

So it’s going to be interesting, isn’t it?

15. Seven Deadly Sins – Sinfully Alluring

Seven Deadly Sins – Sinfully Alluring

I wonder how the narrator can put so many things into one anime. Yes, Seven Deadly Sins is full of great adventures. You find humor, drama, anger, fights and fan service. It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions if you are a deep anime lover.

The plot is set in a wonderful dreamland world where you see a lot of interesting mythical beasts. Magic tricks are very common. The theme is itself very provoking, and so are the characters. Anime fan lovers will be highly satisfied, without a doubt.

It feels like the narrator has done a lot of favors to the fanservice lovers. This one truly brings you a unique flavor. Your heart will pound hard.

16. Interspecies Reviewers

Interspecies Reviewers


This is an anime for which you would love to reserve your seat. There are a lot of kinky elements in Interspecies Reviewers. There is a gang of perverted adventurers set off to travel the world of various species.

There, they explore the females of this species, sometimes in the most sexy way. They review each of these, determining their type and features, and sometimes, they also enjoy these girls in the most kinky way.

You cannot believe how perverted these scenes are when they try perverted things with species of females that look like salamanders and succubus. You certainly don’t want to watch such a thing in public because you won’t be able to skip such scenes.

By the way, if you are a guy like me, you’d prefer watching them thrice.

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