Best Anime That’s Basically Hentai (Top Uncensored Scenes)

Best Anime That's Basically Hentai (Top Uncensored Scenes)

Have you ever wondered why the Japanese people censor most of their videos, especially the enticing ones? They often do this because of some lousy excuses.

I know you might have come across different kinds of anime like the Shounen, Isekai and the ones of good ol’ romance too. But then you will also agree that there are some anime series you can’t resist so easily.

I’m sure if you have watched shows like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Tokyo Ghoul, you would notice how they censored most of the sexiest scenes, especially the scenes showing big boobs, milk breasts, pussies, and some sexy butts.

We are here to unveil those censored parts to you all in this post. From this list of the best NSFW uncensored Ecchi anime, you will have much fun and feel lured as often as possible.

So you are not in the wrong part. Join me as I take you through the list of these amazing characters and most anime stories without censorship.

1. Kite


For the younger generation, this very anime story might be strange to you, but if you were watching anime until the early 90’s, you might come across this very super amazing anime series known as “Kite”.

But then, by many, it is the most hated anime series you can ever find out there. The fame was so great that they had to form 2 OVA episodes to form a full movie; this is to tell you how this anime was very famous; even now, many people know about Kite.

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This series is considered an all-time dark series because of the strange and explicit scenes that occurred. This is the main reason it’s ever on our list of uncensored anime scenes.

Now, let me briefly describe this very young girl named Sawa. Her parents died, and there was no place for her to go, so a very corrupt police detective brought her in and made her his daughter.

But it will shock you what this wicked man was using this girl to do. She was used to lure men to bed and afterwards kill them. While carrying out her adoptive father’s wishes, she also tries to figure out how her parents were murdered.

2. Interspecies Reviewers:

Interspecies Reviewers

Are you looking for an anime series with sexy characters with comedy scenes that will crack you up? If yes, this very anime series is recommended for you ASAP as it has raw ecchi scenes and so many naked shows that are uncensored.

The two major casts from this anime series are the likes of Stunk and Zel and an angel named Crimvael. In this series, we have seen a lot of humanoid species and humans that are involved in different kinds of sexual experiences.

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And there are so many brothels and prostitutes happening throughout the entire series. But then the very goal of Crimvael, the angel was to find the halo; this only would give her access back to heaven, or else she would be stuck on earth.

For guys who love uncensored anime, this very one is the best because it has everything you want and will entice you and make your day. Enjoy guys.

3. Shinmai Maou in Testament

Shinmai Maou in Testament

Suppose you have been looking for anime stories that have scenes with action, comedy, harem, romance and lots more. Then, I will recommend this series to you, “Shinmai Maou’s Testament”. Also known as The Testament of the New Devil. It also has a lot of uncensored scenes. They also explore other ways of putting on traditional clothes.

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Toujo Basara is one of this story’s most recognized characters. It shocked him as his father decided to marry another wife; automatically, that woman’s daughter would be his sister.

But then, the two individuals are not similar in any way; he realizes that her so-called sister is from the clan of demons. It happened again that there was an exchange of powers, causing the entire scene to be full of war. But then they were all uncensored.

4. Seikon no Qwaser

Seikon no Qwaser

From this very series, we will be looking out at two major characters who played a very vital role in this series, the likes of Mafuya Oribe and Sasha, though there are other characters in the story, especially the sister to Mafuya, Tomo Yamanobe, the two of them were adopted.

This series is one of the most loved and powerful anime series ever. As it has many killing scenes, normally, these scenes are supposed to be censored.

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When you hear any news of where people were killed and slaughtered, the first thing that comes into your mind is the very place it happened; in this series, St. Mikhailov Academy is that very setting where especially young beautiful women are killed and molested.

The two sisters we mentioned earlier who were adopted are the major characters in this story. Once upon a time, they encountered a very young man called Sasha.

His condition was really brutal, and he was considered half dead, but they decided to take him with them to their apartment and take care of him.

Initially, Mafuyu Oribe was very worried about what took the life of her real parents. There came a particular day when she had to witness with her own eyes how people were getting killed.

These people would have also killed her, but luckily for her, Sasha came to her rescue. Afterwards, he revealed to her that he is also a qwaser, which simply means someone who can control things that happen periodically, especially elements like disasters and lots more, by insomnia.

5. Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo

We have this lucky guy called Tsuda Takatoshi. Who attends Ousai Academy? It will shock you that this school doesn’t give males; they are all female students, apart from Tsuda Takatoshi.

That is the reason why I said Lucky him. Some may say he is the luckiest guy on earth because he can enjoy himself with any girl of his choice in a coded way.

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Also, from this story, Seitokai Yakuindomo, there has been so much talk on sex; in Fact, this series is considered amongst the most corrupt anime series ever; all ages and genders talk about their sex experience and the way they enjoy sex. But then, to avoid making it so obvious, they now introduce a little bit of comedy just to balance it.

6. Shimoneta


Have you ever imagined once in your life what if they banned some perverse conversations and sex shows all over the world? I know you can’t imagine that, right? The reason is that the world will just be as boring as hell.

Now, if you have watched Shimoneta, this very act is taking place there, where the government thought by themselves to ban most things that are not supposed to be in public.

According to them, they want their citizens to be morally minded; one of the ways they achieved this was to closely monitor their citizens to see who might probably violate this law that the Japanese government made in this anime series.

Some might say instead of this boring act that was placed by bringing in what was considered SOX, which means an organization that spreads black humour all around, why not bring in Tanukichi Okuma, which is known for making the world a cooler place? What do you think? Do you support the Japanese government in carrying out their agender, or should they not?

7. My Wife is the Student Council President!

My Wife is the Student Council President!

This very anime series, “My Wife is the Student Council President”, from the beginning of the story till the end, was not censored. If you want to watch anime stories full of love and moral lessons, I will recommend this.

The series has a lot of loving and charming scenes that can make you smile throughout the series s it was centred on these two teenage lovers from college. The guy is the main character. Is name is Hayato Izumi; in this series, he became the student present by merit because of his disciplinary characteristics.

During the campaign period for this post he is holding right now, she was helped by this guy called Ui Wakana, who was going about canvassing for Hayato; this guy was going about distributing sex education materials and condoms free of charge without collecting a dime from the student. What do you think? Shouldn’t she be giving a big congratulatory hug for this victory?

After a while, their parents asked them to marry because they once upon a time took a vow by the time they were drunk. Hey, both agreed that the kids would not only get married, but they would also work together in the same college. But then, more especially, the boy was only focused on school work and not romance because the activities in the school wouldn’t allow him to.

8. Amai Choubatsu: Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet

Amai Choubatsu_ Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet

This very episode, especially 1-2 episode hentai OVAs, got a lot of sex scenes, so they removed those sex parts from most public television shows, but now the ones that were not cut off were placed in the DVD/Blu-ray.

Now, this has become an advantage, especially for many who love anime series with sensual senses as they go there and watch it to their satisfaction.

Some of the stories that were really found of all these behaviours are listed below; we have Amai Choubatsu, Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet; in this story, we found out that Saotome Hina was actually found guilty of stealing people’s dollars from many firms and reputable companies and hence she was sentenced one year in prison.

The most insane thing that she did because it happens that she was the only female in that very prison at the time she was sentenced; hence, she was assigned by the chief security officer, Myoujin Gakita, to make sure she served every officer in that very prison with sex and make sure they are well satisfied.

These guards were handsome as they are all appearing in their various uniforms like officers, apart from the chief security officer Myouin who was not putting on this uniform because he appears to be the Schutzstaffel, AKA “SS”, his uniform is from Nazi Regime, This very story Amai Choubatsu, centres on this Hina lady that have gotten herself into so many sexual acts.

However, they skipped some places in this series due to a few restrictions. But it was nice.

9. Shigurui


This very Shigurui has a lot of action-packed in most of the scenes; if you are looking for this kind of anime, I recommend Shigurui. In this series, they also bring to you the samurai anime; these anime characters are known for the way to master the sword when it comes to battle.

If you are an anime fan, you might have heard about the two most interesting friends, Fujiko and Irako. They happened to be both fighters from Kogan School, but one thing led to another, and they were both enemies; if you haven’t, then in this story, they also explain briefly what happened between them.

This whole anime took us back to what happened, how, and where it happened. But then, before we go into history, these two Samurais fighters met in a brutal tournament where they were meant to fight.

Now, let’s dive into what happened between these two folks; it happened that Irako committed what I can call a taboo. He cheated with his boss’s wife, Kogan, while he was still a student in that academy with Fujuki, but then he escaped and killed almost everyone in the school.

This is why Fujuki swore his life to take revenge on Irako. This anime got zero censored scenes; all the killing and weapons, alongside the blood that was shed, were censored at all.

10. Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Golden Boy anime series is one of the most favourite among many anime fans. This is because of the Ecchi Comedy scene packed in this anime series.

From the beginning of this story till the end, you must find a reason to laugh as it has everything in it. This is also one of the most unique anime ever that pushed the boundaries of ecchi. It took it to another level.

As it has been centred on an iconic young boy known as Kentaro, just because he wants to get knowledge, this guy has to involve himself in many jobs.

I think one might say Kentaro has done almost all the jobs on the planet Earth this include, including Computer programming, culinary arts, teaching, and so many others I can’t be able to list. One of the most interesting things that surprises me is how he always finds himself around women. I don’t know how, but he always does it.

Apart from the ecchi comedies in this series, some scenes involve nudity.

11. Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

Pandora in the Crimson Shell_ Ghost Urn

This very anime series, “Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn”, is one of the most sensual anime series ever, so much as you can even compare it with hentai porn, though the nudity is not as like showing everything. But you can clearly view the part where two girls who are considered lesbians are kissing each other in some of the scenes.

But then it also has some strong sexual messages that can entice and excite you the more you watch it. We saw from this series how a dirty, old-looking man is chasing a very young girl to have sex with her. Even from this series you will see some nude pictures flying around throughout the series.

Now, one might say if kissing is the only thing that has been shown in this story, then it should be considered normal. But then you can’t consider it normal because the way the kissing is done is not like the regular kiss you might have seen elsewhere; only sound can make someone start craving sex.

This is the reason why so many parents will not allow their kids to watch such anime. In this story, the characters that were involved normally do all those sexual acts to activate their sexual powers.

Suppose I should suggest to you. If you are under 17 or 18 or you have kids below this age please avoid them to watch this series. Thank you.

12. Prison School

Prison School

Previously there was this very school known as Hachimitsu Private Academy, which was specifically made for female students only, but it was announced recently that male students would be admitted during the next intake.

Hence the school will now be mixed with both boys and girls, not just girls as it used to be.

According to the story that has been told from this series of Prison School in Fact, I think this is the reason why this school was named Prison School because they said five students would be taken to paradise with some limited amount of food and that the students that were selected have to manage this food together until one year. This situation is really bad.

This school is very popular as it is located in Tokyo; Hachimitsu Private Academy is a boarding school, and the quality of education and discipline is nice and recommendable.

All these privileges were only enjoyed by the female students, but as the male students will be enrolled this semester, it will increase the institution’s popularity.

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