The Craziest Anime Girls That Broke the Internet in 2024

The Craziest Anime Girls That Broke the Internet in 2024

Why do we watch anime? Mostly to fascinate ourselves, right? Can you fascinate yourself without cherishing interesting characters in the anime? Not. The story itself cannot entice you.

It would be best if you had some characters who do stuff to keep you linked up with the anime. After all, entertainment matters the most. I have watched over 600 anime till now, and I have encountered a few outrageous personalities who have made the stories of the respective anime much more remarkable.

Today, I list some of the most crazy girls in any film series. A few have unpredictable future actions, while a few have some twisted past. Yes, some may even be disturbing, but there are endless possibilities.

No matter what characterization you love, I am sure I will be able to introduce to you some of the most tremendous anime girls who broke the internet.

If you like shy ones, they are there in the list. If you want the destructive ones, they are on the same list again. So enjoy my compilation.

1. Hana Midorikawa (Prison School)

Hana Midorikawa (Prison School)

Prison School anime is full of crazy anime girls, but if you ask me to pick the most enticing and interesting one, I would pick Hana. She is the show’s protagonist. When you understand Hana pretty much like I did, you will feel like this girl is the most innocent one.

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However, when you remove the layer of gentle cheerfulness, you will find a very violent karate expert. She drank so much tea in one scene that you may feel disgusted.

Did you feel a bit confused about why she did so? Well, you really cannot predict her actions. Now and then, she proves you wrong regarding predictions.

2. Alisa Amiella (God Eater)

Alisa Amiella (God Eater)

Alicia Amiella is one of the finest God-eaters in her group. She has faced some dark incidents in her life, which have played a great role in shaping her personality, so we are bound to put her on this list.

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She has faced a lot of trauma in her life, and all these unstable incidents in her life have made her a killing machine. A group of evil scientists have manipulated her brain. She is given orders to kill various folks, but it isn’t as straight as it sounds.

Besides being ruthless, her activities are also highly illogical and worth grabbing your attention.

3. Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi: When They Cry

Shion Sonozaki – Higurashi_ When They Cry

If you love violent anime, then there is a great chance that you have watched Higurashi. This city is full of people with weird mental illnesses, and now and then, you see unspeakable violence.

It becomes tremendously tough to pick out the craziest characters in such an anime. However, if I talk about Shion Sonozaki, then her mental breakdown has reached a whole new level.

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She loves Satoshi. However, she blames a few strong families controlling their town when he disappears. She is truly a demonic personality, and now you can imagine what could have happened after that when a character like her is filled with rage.

This explosive mental breakdown is entirely worth enjoying.

4. Teru Mikami – Death Note

Teru Mikami – Death Note

Well, Death Note is full of mentally ill characters, and most of you will agree that Light Yagami and Elle steal the main show. However, Teru Mikami is also a clear example of a mentally ill character.

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She lives her life in isolation, and she becomes Light Yagami’s right hand. As soon as touching the death note, she starts killing criminals and notices that she starts enjoying the process as well. She feels as if she is a Goddess.

Teru is a very flawed human and not a good character to follow.

5. Motoko Minagawa from Fruits Basket

Motoko Minagawa from Fruits Basket

Mokoto is a fan club’s president and a highly popular club host with Yuri. She is also very suppressive and possessive and hates it deeply whenever she feels like some other girl is trying to come close to Yuki.

You can find her writing crazy poems about him. She is truly a comical character, a mentally ill one. The crazy side is very well exposed in the anime. She sometimes fights with Toro, his close buddy, and her crush, Yuki.

In short, she wants to achieve Yuki anyhow. This jealousy angers her, too. She isn’t just weird; she is disgusting and a very annoying girl.

6. Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui


If you have watched Yumeko Jabami, then I am very sure that at least at some point in time, you have found yourself attracted to this lovely character. This mischievous personality has many fishy qualities. One of them is her love for gambling.

She is a born risk-taker. She likes challenges, and she is pretty unpredictable. Her passionate attitude adds extra charm to her personality. Talking about her appearance, you would love her pink hair.

She wears highly elegant dresses and a few cute accessories throughout the anime series. It does give her the look of an innocent fellow; however, she isn’t. She never hesitates to challenge the authorities and break the rules.

We cannot call her a very inspirational character overall, but yes, a few qualities are there that we can absorb from her. She is a true storm.

7. Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan

Hange Zoe from Attack on Titan

Hanje is shown as a very determined scientist who has the burden of researching titans on her shoulders. She wears glasses, which gives her a very pretty look, and at first, you start generating attraction for her cheery nature, but inside, she is truly a crazy character.

She truly deserves a visit to a psychiatrist. I love her smile a lot – it is pretty crazy (and weird). Her sarcastic jokes also start gaining the attention of the watchers pretty quickly. In many scenes, you find her acting very unreasonable, and you also see her stubborn side.

She is truly the wrong girl to mess with.

8. Akane Hiyama from Love Tyrant

Akane Hiyama from Love Tyrant

Akane Hiyama is undoubtedly a very fishy character, but let me tell you, you cannot generate hate for her. There are many lovers of this tremendously sweet anime character. Her bubbly personality doesn’t match that well with wild mishaps.

You find that most of the time, she is not ready for what’s coming to her, so she is confused. She has a very strong moral code, considering friendship, love, and everything, and she doesn’t let anyone enter her heart that easily.

She has many good qualities that make her a very fulfilled heroine. However, you cannot miss out on her insane antics. Also, her unique look makes you think twice about her core character. Many comedic scenes depict her childishness, but Akane Hiyama’s mind doesn’t work the way a normal human’s mind should.

9. Rebecca Lee From Black Lagoon

Rebecca Lee From Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon, ah, what an amazing anime to watch. There’s truly a lot to enjoy in this anime, which is why I have millions of lovers across the globe. Rebecca Lee is a very strong, wild, and stubborn woman who resembles a lady from the Wild West of the USA.

She fights with two guns, and we cannot question her fighting skills. She has learned from life never to back down. She is fearless and extremely determined towards her missions.

She doesn’t hesitate to take strong actions or tough calls. Yes, she does believe in justice but, at the very same time, wants to keep all the power in her hands. Yes, if you are a fandom anime lover, then again, you will love the character of Rebecca Lee.

Her tough life adds interest to the anime, and yes, she is not very disciplined.

10. Clementine (Overlord)

Clementine (Overlord)

Hey, do you like females and name sadistic characters? If yes, then Clementine from Overlord is your dream queen. I find this character weird because she is almost always sadistic.

I don’t know what can entice her. She is like a monstrous, ruthless torture machine and loves to see people in pain. One can be more psychopathic than that.

If you watch her closely, you may even feel hurt. She isn’t a character you’d love personally, but yes, watching her gives you entertainment.

11. Sekai Saionji – School Days

Sekai Saionji – School Days

Sometimes, the character is quite basic and normal but gets influenced by others, making the person’s personality insane. These words fit very well with Sekai Saionji, a normal girl in her school days, but she gets nuts with her boyfriend’s weird antics.

I truly pray to Lord Christ not to award any girl with such a shitty boyfriend. He doesn’t hesitate to hook up with other girls and considers the same not wrong. One scene is even shown trashing a meal that took Sakai hours to prepare.

This fellow gets pregnant, but her boyfriend warns her about the child. Now you can imagine why this girl went insane.

She is very cheerful, but let me tell you why I have inserted her in this list – she actually steps her boyfriend to death, and again, that is not a thing a simple girl could do no matter how shitty her boyfriend is. So yes, we can count her among the insane and immoral characters.

12. Shouko Kirishima from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Shouko Kirishima from Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

Here comes another highly possessive and immoral character. Shouko’s name is Shouko Kirishima, a character loved by many. She doesn’t want her boyfriend to even look at other girls, and her creepy endings make this chemistry even more interesting.

She sometimes even applies chains and locks when she is together with her boyfriend, and she cannot tolerate anything unfaithful done to her. She wants to get married to her boyfriend, obviously in a legal way.

But do you feel such a marriage can work when the girl is such a blood-sucking parasite? You may not believe this, but she planned their kids’ names even when their relationship was not strong.

Oh, that’s insane.

13. Ophelia (Claymore)

Ophelia (Claymore)

I truly request you not to judge Ophelia by her looks. She looks sweet enough to become anybody’s crush, but a demon exists. She has a very strong attitude, and she has a different level of blood lust.

She likes bleeding others, and this creepily makes her filled with joy. She doesn’t bother about any rules of the world. She just wants to do the things that make her happy from within.

Well, I don’t feel like she’ll be fully satisfied even if she kills thousands of innocent people. She’s not just creepy but a super crazy character.

14. Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

If you like two-faced anime characters, you may love Shiro a lot. She is, again, a very unpredictable character, and her past is full of agony and pain. She has undergone a lot of ruthless experiments and still manages to stay alive.

She has faced a lot of pain, and because of this, she is now wrapped in a very violent and sadistic personality. Well, we cannot blame her for the same, but yes, can’t a person take some steps in changing her self’s personality?

Well, she likes herself the way she is. You can call that ego.

15. Lucy From Elfen Lied

Lucy From Elfen Lied

Lucy from Elfen Lied is a very lovable anime character, and great credit goes to her attractive personality and pink hair. Yes, she does have some sadistic tendencies, but who doesn’t? She has a rough character, as her history is not that smooth.

She has a highly troubled past and faced trauma. That is the reason she is mentally so strong that she has developed highly destructive capabilities which, however, don’t match with her looks. For most of her life, folks around here have dominated her and used her as a weapon.

Throughout the anime, you find her struggling and coping with her life’s matters. Sometimes, even her powers create issues. She is a struggling character living a tough life in a highly oppressive society.

However, her character teaches us to face hardships and never back down.

16. Junko Enoshima From Danganronpa

Junko Enoshima From Danganronpa

Throughout the Danganronpa, I couldn’t take my attention off Junko Enoshima. She is truly a mysterious character full of mischief. Unevil schemes are stupid enough to entice you. She is portrayed as a highly troublesome student thrown out of the school for certain reasons.

I won’t stop calling her a charismatic girl, but her morals are questionable. Yes, she is a very quick learner, but simultaneously, she is a great manipulator. Trusting her is very hard.

She has trained herself to control humans’ minds and sometimes even uses this power for evil purposes. She has got a ruthless heart. If you like playing video games with a creepy girl sitting beside you, call Junko Enoshima to your home.

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