top 10 best flying type crazy Pokemon by Pokemon fan

top 10 best flying type crazy Pokemon by Pokemon fan

So today, we will be talking about flying-type Pokemons. This typing has made waves across the franchise, with some being considered the strongest Pokemon.

Flying-type Pokemon blends in with many other diverse typings, making it very resourceful and flexible to build your all-flying-type team. Since they can fly, they are unaffected by ground-type moves like earthquakes, bulldozers, digs, and many more.

It can easily avoid earthquakes by flying. But on the downside, they watch out for their weaknesses; moves like electric, rock, and ice-type can cause serious damage. Although many flying-type Pokemon can learn to roost, helping them heal.

Well, now we shall make things easy and simple, rating and ranking them from the weakest to the strongest. We might have excluded a few legendaries but added their strongest representative. Listed below are some of the some of the most powerful flying-type Pokemons.

Pokemon is always growing and evolving, adding up many powerful Pokemon with different, alluring, and fascinating designs. Each generation brings new forms, updates, or Pokemons, maintaining the franchise’s fun.

Flying-type Pokemon have existed since the franchise began; they used to be just simple, basic designed bats or birds, becoming stronger and stronger over the years. Here are the best of the best from the evolving world so far.

20. Gyarados


Gyarados from the Kanto region. It’s a popular dual water and flying-type Pokemon that is available to catch in nearly every game. It has been around since the early games like red and green, yet it still demands a lot in today’s age.

This popular beast has an attack start level 125, making most attacks physical. Even though it has a high Attack stat, its defensive abilities are weak – opponents can’t easily physically attack it. On the positive side, its many special moves can cause serious damage.

19. Noctowl


The day I started fearing owls was the day I first saw Noctowl, not in the Pokemon games, though, but in the anime. In our opinion, he’s surprisingly powerful in the anime compared to the game. It has many Psychic-type moves, but to our disappointment, it only learns a few. Even if it does learn more later, fans were disappointed.

But the way Ash used his Shiny Noctowl in the Sinnoh League showed off its wide range of moves. Noctowl stands out from other flying-type Pokemon because it accesses powerful moves like Sky Attack and Extrasensory.

18. Pidgeot


Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, and Pidgey were frequently encountered as flying-type Pokemons in the early route of many Pokemon games. Then, Starly, Fletchling, Pidove, and Taillow rarely touch the ground. There are many more, and we just gave examples of those caught by Ash Ketchum in the anime. Ash mostly uses them to track down Team Rock, sometimes even to travel to fair places.

If we look at all these Pokemon’s final evolutions, they become mighty flying-type Pokemons with swift and powerful aerial attacks. If you remember Ash’s adventures in the Kanto region and beyond, you know why it’s the most recognized and adored flying-type Pokemon ever.

17. Articuno


It’s important you know that Articuno is a legendary Pokemon bird.

Articunos name is a combination of two words, “arctic” [ the iced region in the north pole ] and “uno” [Spanish word for one. It’s one of the three members of the avian Pokemon with a little Spanish in their names, with Moltres and Zapdos being the other two.

Articuno stays in the snowy mountain areas where it forms snowstorms by freezing moisture in the air since it can control ice. In other regions like the Galar region, Articunos use their psychic energy to freeze their enemies instead of ice.

Articuno is the perfect staller Pokemon during the battle, and it becomes a greater danger the longer you take to defeat it [ so I advise you to give it your all at the beginning of the battle ]. Its frequently used movesets are Roost, Toxic, Protect, Fly, and Snow Cloak [ hidden ability].

16. Rayquaza


Rayquaza is the very first Pokemon to be able to mega-evolve in the franchise, making it powerful enough to face and humble both Groudon and Kyogre. It’s been a while since it was considered one of the greatest Pokemon in the franchise, and it has an amazing design.

Just by looking at its stats, you will get why it was long considered the greatest: with both attack and special attack at 150, it definitely can perform with both special movesets and physical attacks, not forgetting its one-of-a-kind signature move – Dragon Ascent.

Now think of what he becomes when he Mega-evolves. Both attack and special attack Stats are raised to 180. So don’t be surprised when we mention Rayquaza again in our best Dragon Type list [ he deserves the first place ]

15. Dragonite


This generation 1 majestic flying/dragon-type Pokemon is the final evolution of Dratini, the very first Dragon Type Pokemon in the entire Pokemon franchise. It is a historical figure and legend, making fans long for it. It’s the second pseudo-legendary critter on this list.

Well, it’s known for its history and prides itself on its special attacking power and stunning physical attack stat. It’s the perfect ally, special attacker, and special defender.

14. Zapdos


Zapdos feathers create a sparkling sound that is as if it were an electric spark. Scary right

It is a Gen I legendary Pokemon bird usually found in the Galar and Kanto regions.

Zapdos in the Galarian region appear more intimidating, with large legs and orange spiky feathers, while the Kantonian Zapdos region has recognizable yellow-like prickly feathers.

In a PvP match, I would prefer Moltres, one of the three legendary birds. Just look at its stats and move sets. It’s both fire/flying Pokemon.

When fighting against other flying-type Pokemon, Kantonian Zapdos’ Electric typing works to his advantage.

Zapdos’s speed is on another level, but Articunio and Moltres don’t even come close. Kantonian Zapdos has a special attack stat of 125, while Galarian Zapdo’s attack is as high as 125 base stat points, so either way, both give a tough challenge.

13. Rowlet


Rowlet’s popularity among Pokemon fans is mainly because of its cuteness; fighting-wise, it’s not known to be super strong. Rowlett is a starter Pokemon that hasn’t evolved yet, but Litten is now ready to evolve. Ash doesn’t use Rowley as much in combat as he uses Litten.

Even though Rowley isn’t the strongest member of Ash’s team, he sure is the most loved and remembered part of Ash’s team. It’s a shame it doesn’t get as much attention as Ash’s other Pokemon in Alola. Although, it’s still the best option compared to other Pokemon he could have picked.

12. Staraptor & Swellow

Staraptor & Swellow

In terms of their capabilities and abilities, Staraptor and Swellow are unique, but by looking at each of their power levels, it’s difficult to tell which is which.

Swellow is similar to Boat in that both their game plans use the Gen 3 move facade and Gut’s ability to handle server attacks by status ailments. Ash uses Swellow as a speedy flier. Staraptor almost looks like Talonflame; both have amazing attack strategies, but both lack the power compared to their battle strategies. Staraptor is the best regional bird in the Pokemon franchise.

Staraptor & Swallow’s battling skills attract way more attention than Talonflame’s, but with more drafting and planning, both birds can be more.

11. Togekiss


A dual-type- fairy/flying-type Pokemon from Gen IV, the evolution of the famous Togepi.

Togekiss is a work of art, and I don’t even know where to start explaining it. It’s one Pokemon you just have to witness, for yourself, in action.

Generally, every fairy-type Pokemon trained properly max the OP, not to mention Paraflinch. Togekiss’s design is just too simple and on point. So far, I have just named a few amazing things about Togekiss.Don’t even get me started on its move sets and abilities; all I can say is INCREDIBLE! It’s one of my best flying-type Pokemons, without a doubt.

Before adding the fairy type, Togekiss alone was a great flying type, and its addition just made it more amazing. Speaking from experience, Metronome never ceases to amaze me.

Togekiss isn’t even a legendary Pokemon but is considered the second-best Pokemon Bid. It’s so good that I can even compare it with Staraptor. It is powerful enough to take down a powerful Pokemon like Dragonite.

10. Yveltal


Yveltal looks like death to me. It’s named the “Destruction Pokemon” and is causing serious damage.

Its attack and special attack stats are at level 131 [ no wonder it’s named Destruction Pokemon] with 126 HP. The defense-wise can just say it’s fair enough; that’s why it has a solid bulk.

Already, its attack and special attack are at 131; the ability Dark Aura allows it to boost its attack stats and increase Yveltal’s Dark-type moves powers. Oblivion Wing’s signature move is the best flying-type attack, causing serious damage while improving its health.

9. Noivern


Added to our list is Noivern, a Pokedox in both the game Freak’s Pokemon franchise and Nintendo

Gen VI, flying/dragon-type Pokemon that evolved from Noibat. It is well known for its impressive speed.

It can use a boom burst, which allows it to strike multiple opponents simultaneously. Noivern emits ultrasonic waves from its ears, which help it move around and even prevent people from getting lost.

8. Corviknight


The latest member added to our list is Sword & Shield Corviknight. Although, initially, its stats are not looking good, it’s tougher than you think. Corviknight has a fair bulk, and since it’s both Steel and Flying Typing, it can withstand many different attacks. Its two weaknesses are Electric and Fire typing.

Corviknights has several moves to select from, including options like Roost for HP recovery and Bulk Up to improve its power. Its special signature move, Mirror Armor, reflects any stat-lowering moves to the sender.

Let’s say the enemy tries to reduce Corviknight’s defense stat by using mirror armor, and his defense stat is reduced. Also, moves like Pressure drains the strongest moves power points [ PP ].

7. Ho-oh


Ho-Oh, the legendary turkey [ how I call it since it’s well known for being the first legendary Pokemon in the anime series ]. It is among the most popular Pokemon in the second generation.

Its feathers have colorful palettes that can glow in different colors. When it flies, it leaves behind a trail of rainbow-colored feathers – which is why the rainbow Pokemon.

It is believed that whoever comes across the colorful rainbow feathers path or even just sees the legendary Fire/ Flying Type Pokemon will have good fortune and everlasting happiness.

Ho-Oh’s defense and attack are reliable because it’s considered a Pokemon wall breaker. Its special defense stat is at level 154, and its attack is at 130. These stats and its hidden ability allow Ho-Oh to withstand massive damage from electric and water-type move attacks.

6. Charizard


We can’t list the best flying-type Pokemons without adding Charizard- the mysterious fire-breathing dragon-like Pokemon. Charizard has two mega evolution forms: Mega Charizard Y and Mega Charizard, with both forms having a base stat total (BST) of 634. Mega Charizard Y’s special attack stat is impressive, with a base stat 159. Even without Mega evolution, Chizard is still a powerful Pokemon.

Defensive-wise, Charizard still got your back. Its defensive stat is 180, so it can handle extreme attacks. Compared with Gyarados, it has a lower HP and higher special attack stat.

When the ability “blaze” kicks in and is active, Charizard fire-type moves are powered up, making him cause heavy damage to Steel, Bug, Ice, and Grass-type Pokemon. But personally recommend its special fire-type attack, Ember.

5. Moltres


It’s a first-generation Pokemon, one of the three legendary bird Pokémon, along with Articuno and Zapdos. We all know Moltres for mainly one thing: its extraordinary battle prowess. It’s a fire and flying-type Pokemon, often called the Flame Pokemon.

It has a wide range of moves and can learn about fire and flying attacks, special attacks, and physical moves. So you can get confused about which ones to pick.

Overall, its special and physical attack stats are high, along with impressive HP stats. Its lightning speed allows it to attack and fall back if needed. So, regardless of your Moltres moveset choices, Moltres won’t let you down just like that.

4. Landorus


I used to think all flying-type Pokemons must have some hidden wings. I mean How can something fly without wings right? Landorus is a ground/Flying type legendary Pokemon from the Unova region. It doesn’t evolve into or from any other Pokemon.

The non-stop fighting between Tornadus and Thundurus caused thunderstorms and gales for the people on the land. Landorus, another Force of nature, stepped in to protect the people and punish both Pokemons, preventing them from causing uncertain destruction.

Even up to today, both Pokemon stay away from each other to avoid Landorus’s fury.

Despite being the almighty feared Pokemon among other Pokemon, its relation with humans is the opposite. Its tail has energy that supplies the soil with nutrients. In battle its title is “ The Guardian of War “ and off-battle it is “ The Guardian Of The Fields”.

Did you know that Landorus’s base stat total is still higher than Thundurus and Tornadus combined!! This has something to do with its lore.

Its typing combination is rare and gives it resistance to electric or ground-type attacks. It has two weaknesses, ice and water-type moves.

3. Talonflame


Here’s another unusual type combination, Talonflame is both Fire and Flying type. Many Pokemon fans know it as a competitive staple and Ash is not even on that level yet.

Theoretically speaking, its stats are higher than most of Ash’s Pokemon. Of all non-legendary Flying type Pokemon its speed stat is the highest

It mainly relies on basic moves like steel wing and flame charge which are both great but cause minimum damage. Later in his Kalos series, it learns the Brave Bird move. A commonly used move within competitive Talonflames.

2. Tornadus


Tornadus is a member of the forces of nature [ Thundurus, Landorus, and Enamorus ] and All can alter or control the weather in some way.

Tornadus is also one of the three pure Flying-type Pokemons in the whole Pokemon franchise. The other two are Rookidee and Corvisquire.

Unlike the other legendary Pokemon, the forces of nature only cause chaos and destruction in the anime. Team Rocket was the mastermind behind the destruction in “ Unova’s Survival Crisis”

1. Salamence


Salamence is a pseudo-legendary Pokemon. Dragonite is the only pseudo-legendary Pokemon that has the same type of combination with it. Dragon/Flying type.

Salamence has a temper as it has the norm of burning land and mountains when furious. Even though it’s frightening and destructive, Salamence enjoys flying a lot. It has a base speed stat

It has a base speed stat of 100 [ dragonite has 80 so it is way slower], although its other stats are just fair, many people still prefer it in double battles for its skill, Intimidate.

Intimidate reduces the enemy’s attack stat by one stage as soon as Salamence steps on the field. Its hidden ability, Moxie, increases its attack anytime it knocks out an opponent

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