top 23 orange pokemon I found most interesting 

top 23 orange pokemon I found most interesting

Orange, as a color in general, is associated with creativity, warmth, and energy. Orange Pokemons are one of a kind, and they’re damn cute, I tell you.

Usually, the color orange doesn’t come to our minds when we think of great, shiny Pokemon. It’s a debated color as some love it and others might hate it, although it all depends on how it’s used. It’s marvelous when used right.

The PokemonPokemon world has many great shinies of every color that aren’t as clashing as orange. Looking at the Pokemon series, some orange shinies enhance the PokemonPokemon and restore the color’s warmth. Listed below is our ranked list of the best orange shiny forms.

23. Raikou



Raikou is the weakest among the legendary beast litter.

Although it has the most fetching look of all of them.

It has orange fur paired with noticeable white and black highlights, creating a breathtaking contrast.

The beast looks wild but in a good way. Its presence is impressive.

22. Raichu


Raichu with a tan is just shiny, and shiny Alolan Raichu is way tanner.

He’s still the same person, besides looking as if he’s been to Alola and came back.

Even though we ranked him this low, he still looks amazing.

His fur color is not even as it gradually deepens and becomes darker, making it seem more powerful and stronger. However, he lacks the cheerful and joyful energy of his yellow-bellied pre-evolution.

Overall, Raichu has an energetic appearance, which is perfect since it is an electric-type Pokemon.

21. Cinderace


Imagine if there was a soccer game between Pokemons; Cinderance would definitely dominate the field.

He is built like a football/soccer player.

Even though he looks fantastic, it wasn’t a good design.

The showy sprite, however, has one of the best orange colors ever witnessed in a Nintendo device.

It’s as if it’s a glowing neon lamp. You only check the type of flash for its looks.

It’s a starter Pokemon with a banging entrance.

20. Ho-Oh


Finally, I can add the legendary turkey to our list. Its color palettes were previously one of the most stunning among others. Ho-Oh was full of life, energetic, and attractive.

On the other hand, Shiny Ho-Oh is totally different as it raises the bar high. It’s silver and gold and did you know it’s one of the legendaries for gold and silver. It gives that royalty look.

It has some silver on its beak, and its tail feathers are sparkling silver. What is eye-catching is the noble orange wingspan. It’s slightly different from the original Ho-Oh. Shiny Ho-Oh captures the entire course of Gen II, realistically and symbolically.

19. Breloom



Breloom stands in first place in my list of favorite Pokemon.

With moves like substitute, leech speed, sleep powder, and the ability to heal with the toxic orb. Like why would he be your favorite?

Shiny Breloom set itself apart as a one-of-a-kind case where a simple color change could have easily been overlooked as another version of the regular Breloom.

It doesn’t give that “new, rare “vibe cause its appearance is so natural and seems effortless.

18. Cramorant




It’s a water/flying type bird Pokemon with an orange similar to Shellder’s, strong, bold, and confident.

Its plumage is dark blue with a gray bunch of feathers on its chest.

Shiny Cramorant looks different in comparison to its original form. Instead of blue feathers, it illuminates an attractive orange color. Its shiny appearance allows the orange to be easily noticed and attractive. The bold and lively new color makes it stand out from other Pokemon.

17. Magikarp



Magikarp looks like a small, fish-like Pokémon covered in bright orange scales all over its body. It’s reddish-orange, to be more precise. It is a popular Pokemon and a frequently repeated joke throughout the series.

16. Graveler



The first shiny I ever got was Geodude.

I remember I won it in a Pokemon betting game we usually played with my friends. On that day, I was on fire; its brightness really got the best of me, and I put everything I had on it. (I didn’t win it fair, but I had to cheat a bit; I just had to have it ).

The only difference between Graveler and Geodude is that Geodube is entirely made of gold. Well, that is all we noticed

Like if I had the chance, I would melt it and sell the gold- it looks above 50 pounds at most.

Am sure his screams for mercy, while you melt him, might haunt me; I don’t mind as long I get that gold and money

15. Chimchar


Starter fire-type Pokemon from Sinnoh with one of the best evolutions.

One of CJ’s favorite Pokemons. Chimchar is such an adorable, charming, cute mini monkey. From our view, he is the most adorable little monkey-like creature in the Pokemon franchise.

14. Arbok



There isn’t much when it comes to Arbok. Arbok is just a Pokemon’s dangerous noodle [ as it looks like a deadly snake ]. When it comes to shiny Arbok, their main difference is color, as it becomes a golden danger noodle.

Instead of the purple color, the shiny Arbok is bright golden with little purple markings on its hood [I don’t

know the actual name, but I mean that snake chest area ]

Imagine you are out camping, and you see this. Personally, my soul and body will separate.

The snake in its shiny form doesn’t have much extra stuff added [ in terms of improving its abilities ], but the way it looks passes it as Shiny.

13. Teddiursa


When I first saw Teddiursa, my reaction was, “Why will they make a teddy bear a pokemon?” But after watching its evolution, I got my answer. The cute little rascal evolves into an aggressive and fearsome Ursaring.

12. Mothim


Mothim is an orange-tan moth and a Bug/flying type Pokemon

It can only evolve from a male Burmy, which makes it a difficult creature to collect.

It is worth battling the annoying little bundles, though.

11. Exeggcute



A normal Exeggcute is already egg-shaped; adding a shine to it makes it look like a real egg with similar colors.

Especially in Gen VI, where Game Freak made the colors more realistic.

So now it’s more of a bunch of eggs than before.

10. Paras


To me, it’s just a crab with mushrooms on its back. It’s a Bug/Grass type Pokemon in a mutual relationship with the mushrooms on its back. The mushrooms soon take over its entire body when it evolves into Parasect. Now, it looks like a crab in a mushroom with its legs and head sticking out.

9. Vespiquen



We think Game Freak should show more love to Vespiquen; what do you think?

Because if we look at the role she played in Crown Tundra, it was too short. No, No, it deserves better for real.

Vespiquen resembles a large, stylish queen bee/wasp.

In its shiny form, the yellow is replaced with a much deeper orange, making it one of the most unique changes in the series.

8. Vulpix


The most adored Pokemon across the Pokemon franchise, Vulpix! This six-tailed fiery fire-type fox has gained much popularity among fans. When exposed to a firestone, it evolves into nine tales [ talking of tails, a big shout out to all the Naruto fans ].

7. Bewear


Bewear resembles a bipedal bear.

It’s a Pokemon obsessed with hugging people, but given its strength, it will crush you.

If you remember, his first trainer found out the hard way: he went in for a hug and was squashed.

I think both forms are charming.

The Bewear is all black with a pink head, tail, paws, and back. For shiny Bewear, just replace all the pink in normal Bewear with orange.

I added it to our list because of its amazing background stories.

6. Trapinch


I don’t know who voted in Trapinch; it was my idea, to be clear.

It’s a ground-type Pokemon with dangerous jaw power for a little fellow. They live in the desert and trap prey by digging up pits.

5. Solrock


Many fans underestimate Solrock’s abilities. His is a rock/psychic Pokemon that looks like it belongs in space. Solrock is regarded as a counterpart of lunatone, giving that moon-theme vibe.

4. Flareon


I love foxes, but it’s not that Flareon is one; he resembles a fox. Just check and see for yourself!!!

Of all Eevee’s evolutions, Flareon is my favorite and qualifies in my best Pokemon list.

As for its looks, its shade of orange is quite impressive and well-synced with its peachish tale.

As for shiny Flareon, in our opinion, it is trash compared to its normal form, but I added it because it’s my favorite.

They were too lazy to be creative and just added filters to normal Flareon. It’s just a faded color palette.

3. Arcanine


If you want to evolve Growlithe into Arcanine, you will need a firestone; believe me; you won’t regret this awesome fire-type Pokemon.

2. Mudsdale


This is one fancy horse, and we recently added it to our collection. It’s an Alolan Pokemon you can ride on during the game if needed. Mudsdale is strong and stylish, with hints of orange around it.

1. Charizard



We can’t list the best orange Pokemons without adding Charizard- the mysterious fire-breathing dragon-like Pokemon. It is the final evolution form of the fire starter, Kanto.

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