How Old is Zenitsu? Age of All Demon Slayer Characters

How Old is Zenitsu_ Age of All Demon Slayer Characters

I’m sure you opened this post to learn more about this popular anime character that shook the world of anime. Zenitsu is a unique character from the manga anime series; he is known for his skills in handling swords and slaying demons.

Many fans have been of this anime series since the 205 chapters of this manga ended. They have been curious to know more about Zenitsu Agatsuma.

He is the main character in Demon Slayer; his supernatural strength is unbeatable, and when he appears, demons begin to flee for their lives. However, those who don’t know him well might think he is a humanizer.

He is just doing everything he does because of the pretty damsels he sees, but no, he is one of the most kindhearted anime characters you can ever find.

You know, with the way Zenitsu, Agatsuma looks, if you haven’t been told about his age, you can never guess, right, because he looks so young and awesome. He even has short hair that makes him look even younger.

So many fans are eager to know his age; I’m sure you also want to know about him. I worry about knowing more cos in this post. I will be listing out the other demon slayers too, and their ages and also the age of our main character, Zenitsu, and the way he operates, especially during fights. Just keep reading and enjoy yourself.

How Old is Zenitsu in Demon Slayer?

How Old is Zenitsu in Demon Slayer

Finally, your long-lasting question will be answered today; the age of Zenitsu is about to unfold. Though many fans have tried to guess his age, they couldn’t. Some thought he was younger than Tanjiro Kamado, but then the revision is the case.

Zenitsu has such a scared personality, though he is strong, that it seems he is younger because he always hides behind Kamado for security.

Now let me finally break down his age to you; he is 16 years old, and his specific day and month is on the 23rd of September. He is also older than other casts in Demon Slayer, like Nezuko and Inosuke Hashibira.

Amongst the many characters here, the youngest is Nezuko, as she is just 12 years of age. By this age, she starts waging war against demons.

Now, back to Zenitsu, this guy is a unique and extraordinary fighter, though sometimes he looks down on his fighting ability. But when he is charged and prompted to, he can defeat and slay demons in their numbers.

Due to his extraordinary powers, when you mention the Hashiras, who have powerful skills, Zenitsu is the best one. This guy is so good that even while sleeping, he also kills demons.

How Old is Kamado Tanjirou?

How Old is Kamado Tanjirou

You should appreciate this post; from it, you are about to know the age of all the major characters that played different roles in Demon Slayers.

I’m very sure those of you who have watched this anime series may know this character, Tanjirou; his life became a mess when these wicked demons invaded his family and slayed everyone, including his parents.

But then they changed his sister to become something evil. His sister is just 12 years old, and her name is Nezuko.

He couldn’t take it lightly after this happened to him and his family. He decided to join the team that was preparing to evacuate all these demons that were terrorizing the neighborhood, so after he acquired these skills, he went back and fought and defeated them, brought back his sister, and converted her again into a normal human being.

Kamado Tanijou loves his family so much that he goes to even extra lengths to ensure his only surviving sister is alive.

Okay, back to your question: how old is he? His age was 15 years, then his age was going towards 16 by the time he got to his birth month and day, the 14th of July. This is before his mission to become a butterfly mansion.

How Old is Nezuko?

How Old is Nezuko

Also, some gullible fans want to know Nezuko’s age. As you already know, she happens to be the sister of one of the protagonists in the Demon Slayer Tanjiro.

She experiences the worst shock of her life by the time she witnesses the slaughtering of his family right before her. At the age that she saw this, it caused her so much pain.

It became worse by the time those demons that killed her family changed her into a demon when she was just 12 years old, but then her brother brought her back into a human.

But then, by the time she came back for season 2, she had already turned 14 years old. Her birthday, in case you are asked, is on the 28th of December.

How Old is Hashibira Inosuke?

How Old is Hashibira Inosuke

Another character I’m about to unfold his age is Hashibira Inosuke, also from the Demon Slayer. Are you also aware that Inosuke did not consider many things before he finally embarked on this fierce battle? But sometimes, he thinks he is not too strong to contend with some powers.

Inosuke is so different from every other character; when you come across him the first time, you might think he is not a human because when it comes to things that relate to humans, he doesn’t act like one.

For example, he finds it more difficult to be emotional and act like them. But then, in Demon Slayer, he joined the Corps training to defeat the demons, which changed his personality.

Now, he has become more like a human than before. Inosuke is about 15 years old. But then, by the time season 2 becomes 16 years old, you will be updated and born on the 22nd of April. You can also celebrate his birthday. Isn’t it interesting to know all these character’s birthdays and months, even their ages?

How Old Is Muzan?

How Old Is Muzan

This guy is about 1000 years plus; I know this is strange, but that’s his age; he has existed for a very long time now; the reason he lasted so long is because he manipulated his physique in creation as a demon to look younger.

He has spent so much time changing and transforming people to be like him. He happens to be the oldest cast member in Demon Slayer. It would help if you thanked me later for this information. Not everyone knows all this, but we always want the best for our readers.

Let me briefly tell you about Muzan Kibutsuji; he has red-light skin and a height of 172cm, but his Zodiac status remains unknown. One more thing about Muzan is how proud he is when it comes to fighting. He sees himself as a god.

How Old Is Giyu Tomioka?

How Old Is Giyu Tomioka

Let’s also see the age of Giyu Tamioka. Without keeping you in suspense this time, let me just break the news to you: Giyu is 19, but before episode 15, he will be 21 years old.

When he was young, he barely disclosed his secrets to others; this singular act of his has saved him from getting killed by these demons.

But then, one fateful day, he would almost get killed if not for his sister, who saved his life in exchange for his. Isn’t this pathetic? I just feel like crying; what a lovely sister, indeed.

After this incident, he couldn’t bear it alone, so he decided to break the news to the general public, but he became ostracized before he did. His birthday is on the 8th of February, and he is 5’9″ and 176cm. What a handsome young man.

One thing I must emphasize about this young man is his ability to learn many fighting skills; his powers and strength are beyond the norm. It would help if you watched this series, especially season 1, to learn the story behind all the names listed.

How Old Is Muichiro Tokito?

How Old Is Muichiro Tokito

Though Muichiro happens to be younger than Tanjiro and Inosuke, he is just 14, the same age as Nezuko, Tanjior’s younger sister, but then among the 9 Hashira, he is the only one that has his own house and places to call his own home.

This became a big surprise to all the fans as they were all put in a great shock. Isn’t this inspiring? But then he is just two years younger than our main character, Zenitsu.

Merely looking at him, especially knowing his age, you will think he can’t kill an ant, but I dare you to go close to him and look for his trouble, and then you will see the demon in him.

He holds his own Demon Slayer. He got to the position of becoming one of the Hashira after training with them for just two months. Isn’t this super? When he comes to combat, his skills are just so amazing, and again, he happens to be the only one who has attained the level of Mist Breathing user.

His height is just 160cm, but his facial expression resembles a tossing rock. And then his Zodiac status is Leo. Muichiro Tokito is such a multi-gifted young man.

How Old Is Genya?

How Old Is Genya

Next on our list is Genya. Fans also want to know his age and probably the role he played in Demon Slayer. Genya is a male character in this series. He is 180 cm tall and 16 years old, and his zodiac status is Capricorn.

One of the unique things you should know about him is that he always carries himself as a classic crime committer and is very good at that.

Probably, it’s because he always commits minor crimes. He doesn’t always need assistance from people; he would rather carry out the duties alone anyway. This was a little bit dangerous for him.

But then he had the fighting ability, and he really came into the limelight when he helped Mitsuri, Nezuko, and Tanjiro defeat the upper Moon 4, Hantengu.

However, his background wasn’t that pleasant at all. His mother is a demo, and the transformation happened spontaneously n, and nothing could be done about all the alllings dying.

The worst of it all is that his father was abused and molested in a very bad manner. You might know his elder brother, Sanemi. Genya Shinazugawa happens to be his younger brother in this story.

Many fans have now wondered if Genya is a real human or a demon, just like his mother. But I think the answer is no. Please let me know your thoughts on this.

How Old Is Kanao Tsuyuri?

How Old Is Kanao Tsuyuri

Now, when you compare the likes of Shinobu Kocho and Kanao Tsuyuri, their characters differ so much. Tsuyuri always portrays himself as shy and having low self-esteem, but he is different when it comes to Kocho. One might say that’s how she has been, but that’s not true.

The reason for her always acting like this is a result of the experience she had growing up. It affected her negatively. But notwithstanding, she was taking in the government of the Kocho family, and since she came, her character has started changing, as now she can make decisions that benefit her own without fear.

She is so smart and can learn things very fast and easily; she was qualified to be amongst those who will fight these demons that slay people after learning the art of Flower Breathing, which happens to be one the hardest skills ever to learn when it comes to combat. She is 16 years old, her height is quite interesting, 156 cm, and her zodiac status is Taurus.

I think she should also be one of the best female characters in Demon Slayer, as everyone loved her role. The impact she created. Her beauty alone can make you watch the whole season from 1 up to 2. Even if you have watched it before, you would even want to see it repeatedly. She is such a powerful cast.

How Old Is Akaza?

How Old Is Akaza

Often, people ask the following question: How old is Akaza? Sit back with your popcorn as we unfold everything about this character from the Demon Slayer called Akaza; where fans know him most is that you dare not mention respect when it comes to Infinity Castle. Just count him out.

Do you know what became worse for him when he killed Kyojuro Rengoku? After this incident, every Demon Slayer disliked him so much. But then, despite being hated as the most hated Demon Slayer, he never stops going to battle.

This guy takes pride in war and sees it as his hobby. I can categorically say that among the rest of the characters, he is the only one who has faced so many battles more than the rest.

However, though this group is called the Upper Moon 3 demon, they never consider a weaker opponent, referring to Akaza, not knowing he is a senior.

Once in his life, he would have to make one of the most difficult decisions, and making just one option between two choices isn’t this appreciable.

He happens to be one the oldest amongst others in this post. He is 133 years old. The only information I will withhold from you is his Zodiac Unknown. I’m going to keep that a secret. Fans loved this guy’s role so much; I’m also sure that by just merely reading this article, you also love his character.


Apart from the list of characters mentioned in this post, I’m sure you have learned so much about the ages of the characters that played different roles in this anime story called Demon Slayer. You saw how we moved from just knowing the age of Zenitsu to the age of almost all the cast members from this story.

I’m glad you enjoyed reading this article; please, you should recommend this post to someone who might need it the most as well. Spread the good news that you have finally found the anime post that said everything about the vast questions that have been asked over the years.

One thing you should take back from this story is that you should never judge a book by its cover. You read how people misjudged Zenitsu’s age simply because he looked older but did not know he was 12. Please do have a beautiful day until you come our way next time. Goodbye!

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