Best Anime With Boobs: A List for Oppai Lovers

Best Anime With Boobs A List for Oppai Lovers

Have you ever seen anime with sexy and shiny boobs? Search no more. We got your back; in this post, I’m going to bring to you the list of the best anime ever with the best boob.

This list is confirmed by the Oppai Lovers, which means the Japanese words for everything related to boobs, breast, breast milk and so on. The anime community believed so much on this list.

As a human, you will agree with me that one of the things that entices a man in a woman’s body is her boobs, especially if it’s big, standing, and shining. But then, in anime, they try as much as possible to make it similar to humans; there is every extra hype, the way they make it so big and sexy.

This alone captures the hearts of many audiences while watching them. Some of these anime characters in many of the scenes showcase their breasts as if it’s no man’s business. Sit back and enjoy yourself as I bring to you some of the best anime with boobs.

1. Musubi (Sekirei)


This very episode centres on some creatures known as Sekieri, who are well known for their exceptional features in forming bonds with the generation of “Ashikabi” Some may wonder how this bond is being created amongst these two entities; well, it is shared more especially when they the Sekireri’s have a deep kiss with them.

One anime from the Sekirei tells the story of a young boy called Minato Sahashi. This guy has other people he bonded with, but some will think he did with only one of the Sekirei called Musubi, which was the real one he bonded with, but this is not true at all.

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Musubi has shared a whole lot of bonds with several other Sekieri’s apart from the original one. This caused many controversies among the Sekierei tribe; as they tried to claim Minato, they broke out a great fight among them. It wasn’t an easy one at all.

Now it will interest you to know that most of these Sekieries are women with really big and sexy boobs. The trouble continues as these big-breasted women fight each other with some supernatural powers. Their breasts are what qualified them to be on our list.

2. Shigure Kosaka (Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple)

Shigure Kosaka (Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple)

Here we have one of the amazing characters on our list whose name is Shigure Kusaka; she happens to be a ninja girl. But one of her flaws is her inability to communicate and socialize freely with people. Sometimes, one might take her as naive and foolish. She is accommodating and sweet with everyone that comes around her.

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Most times, when some people get upset over something, they calm themselves down by maybe drinking, some smoke and so on. But then Kosaka normally finds satisfaction in fighting; that’s the only language that calms her down.

More especially, it will also interest you to know that she is amongst the sexiest and biggest anime characters ever.

3. Lala Satalin (To-LOVE- Ru)


Let me tell you a very interesting story about these two amazing characters: Rito Yuuki and Lala Satalin. If you are a lover of anime, you might have come across these wonderful, amazing characters; their roles in To-LOVE-Ru are super interesting. Now, let’s begin the journey of what happened between these two people.

Rito Yuuki is a very young teenage boy living a normal life till Satalin, the alien princess, falls in love with him. Her agenda was to marry Rito, so she wouldn’t run to her Original planet; she still wanted to continue being a Princess to the aliens. But then the young boy Rito was very young, so we saw from the series that he was shy and wasn’t for marriage.

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Now, here comes the bigger problem in the scene. Rito never loved the princess; instead, he was crushing on someone else. Her name is Huruna, but then this guy is still contemplating how to approach her and tell her how much she feels.

But then Rito is unable to protect this beautiful girl from her pretty concubine. HurunaHuruna’sr is going to destroy his life. Do you know Rito might be in a very big mess now?

One good thing about this story, To-LOVE-Ru, is that from the beginning of the scene till the end you will see an uncountable number of boobs sexier than any other one you have ever come across.

In this story, the main characters, Rito and Lala, from the very beginning, have bathed naked before. So be rest assured that this story if you want to try it out. It is really good for you.

4. Brandish (Fairy Tail)

Brandish (Fairy Tail)

We also Brandish. She is number four on our list; she made it because she isn’t beautiful but has so much supernatural and divine power to make someone or anything small or large. This ability of hers shook everyone.

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She belongs to a special group of all the Spriggan Savages wide world but then amongst the 12 of them, she is the most powerful amongst them. Lucy Heartfilia happens to be in a relationship with her.

5.  Haruko Amaya (Maken-Ki!)

Maken Ki!

From Maken-Ki, we have an amazing character, Ooyama Takeru. He got admitted into one of the most trusted and best schools for martial arts skills they called the Dragon Ball Z.

This school was once upon a time for females, but as times went by, they incorporated the male students too. But this girl called Takeru, his goal and focus was just to flirt around with girls, having fun, partying and the rest.

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Let me give you a brief history of how the name Maken-Ki came about and why this very series was named as well. But before that Takeru has to enroll himself into another school with the intention of hanging out with pretty ladies in the school because most of the students are all female. The name of this school is Tenbi Academy.

As a new student, Takeru never knew any place around the school, but fortunately for him, he busted into his old-time friend Haruko Amaya, who had to show him around the school. As time passed, he discovered that to be a student at that school, you must possess magical and supernatural powers.

They called it “Elements”; these people must also be equipped with spiritual weapons known as Makens. Once in a while in this school, they organize combat fights amongst the students.

In this opportunity, they have to be honest about their supernatural powers. The organizers of this combat art call this event in the school “anti-evil organization”, AKA Maken-Ki, So this is the story behind the Maken-ki series.

6. Reiko Katherine Akimoto (KochiKame – Tokyo Beat Cops)

Reiko Katherine Akimoto (Kochi Kame Tokyo Beat Cops)

More anime fans love to see the character of Reiko Katherine Akimoto as she stands out amongst the rest of the characters from “KochiKame – Tokyo Beat Cops). She is a unique cop who diligently serves her duties, but although she is mixed-race, she has two blood of nationality, Japanese and French.

This icon is too tall and elegant. Her height is estimated to be around 170cm tall, and her bust is 95.3cm. Now, the most interesting path is her waist, which is beyond a normal waist; you can find 59 cm; this alone placed her behind Nico Robin.

7. Seikon no Qwaser (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

Seikon no Qwaser (The Qwaser of Stigmata)

In this story, I will reveal some shocking mysteries of what a woman’s breast can do from the story “Seikon no Qwaser (The Qwaser of Stigmata)”.

The main characters in this anime story are Mafuyu Oribe, Tomo Yamanobe and Alexander “Sasha” Nikolaevich Hell. These guys from this story spent their time in one of the most respected institutions called St. Mihailov Academy.

Now, let’s dive into the mystery. It happens that Sasha is Qwaser; this is considered a person or being that uses some kind of spiritual powers from the breast of a woman to manipulate other things to fight and ensure themselves.

The power is gotten from the Ingesting Soma it’s considered magical. Sasha uses this power to protect all his loved ones, especially those of his closest friends.

This anime series, “Seikon no Qwaser”, is fully packaged with many exciting characters that will satisfy all you ever wanted. In this very series, you will see most of the female anime that are fully loaded with big boobs. If that’s your spec, u got it. Even in this same series you will also see the Tiny breasts as well. So anyone that excites you the most are all here.

8. Sylvia van Hossen (Princess Lover!)

Princess Lover!

This story is fictional but created a huge impression in the hearts of many. This reason alone granted it access to join our list. Once upon a time, one of the richest Japanese business tycoons adopted a very young boy and took him in as a son after his parents passed out in a painful accident that took their lives.

Meanwhile, his name is Arima Teppei. As he grew up, he found himself from one lap of a beautiful damsel to another. I know you must be expecting to see a story of a princess. Well, it was ironic to probe into another story.

9. Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

High School DxD

You are about to be thrilled by this exciting story of a very young boy called Issei Hyodeo. This guy attended one of the most talked about schools in anime history.

The name of the school is High School DxD; I know you have attended so many schools in your lifetime. But have you come across this very school before? I doubt it. Now, let’s see what this school is all about.

The school is like a nightmare; the majority of the people from this very school are supernatural beings; even the devil attends this school, and fallen angels also attend. I doubt you can go to this kind of school. The main character from this series is quite normal among others. But he has crazy tendencies.

Issei became so unfortunate, but he thought it was a blessing to him as this beautiful damsel approached him and asked him out; her name was Yuma Amano. It was after a while, he discovered that this girl was actually on assignment to destroy and kill him; Yuma is also a fallen angel.

She succeeded in taking the life of Issei, but now he was given a second chance by one of the most powerful goddesses known as Rias Gremory, who brought him back to life with her magical powers with the condition of him serving her.

HighSchool DxD has a lot of packages. This is loaded to the extent they even have a department of boob. When you visit this place, you will see female anime characters with big, tiny and standing boobs. That will so much entice you.

10. Darkness Lalatina (Konosuba)


From Konosuba, we have one of the most controversial anime characters ever: Darkness Lalatina. She is among the list of female anime characters ever that have the biggest tits or boobs you can ever imagine. She is so hot and sexy at the same time. Her way of enjoying sex is through beating and punishment; she finds pleasure in it just like that.

Some will call her irresponsible, but Darkness is one of the most caring characters ever, as she can even offer herself for death in place of others. She fights to protect her own. and Darkness share some kind of similarities in the way they talk.

11. Nami  (One Piece)

(One Piece)

Nami from “One Piece” is one of the many anime characters with a unique breast. Have you ever imagined how a boob will be categorized as a silicone mouse pad? This is how her breasts were breaking records in the history of anime.

Nami is extra qualified to be on the list of anime characters in “One Piece” This very series is also the first to include not just one cast but 10 of them and places three.

Compared to the other two characters from this series, the likes of Nico Robin or Boa Hancock. Nami is the shortest among them. She is just 169 cm tall. But her breast burst is far bigger than the others; the size is 95 cm, and her waist seems very tiny as she doesn’t have a broader one, just 55cm.

For anime lovers, you will agree that Nami wasn’t born like this. She was so tiny and didn’t have as big breasts as before, but it was amazing how she grew to have a very big font size. This alone made her to be placed in the topmost list. Many wouldn’t want to remove their gaze from her front body whenever she appears in any scene.

12. Miharu Sena Kanaka  (Girls Bravo: First Season)

Girls Bravo First Season

One of the strangest anime series you can ever imagine is this very one: Girls Bravo: First Season. You might be thinking, why did I say this series is strange? Okay, before we go further, let me ask you: Have you ever seen or heard about a guy who feels horrible and even sometimes faints when an opposite gender tries to touch him? Now, meet the guy who is scared of girls, Yukinari Sasaki; some will say it’s a condition he found himself having right from birth as he is allergic to girls.

This continued to disturb him until he travelled through the bathtub and went to a mysterious community called Serien. This was an unfortunate experience for Yukinari as the population of this very land was all women.

Lucky for him, in this same land, he met this beautiful lady who captured his heart and immediately made her his girlfriend. The good thing is that her touch doesn’t affect him negatively.

Her name is Miharu Sena Kanaka. She followed her boyfriend to the earth realm, where they both came, but other women from this strange land came along.

I’m pretty sure by now you will also know why this very story was listed in our post, as the population of ladies here is so abundant big boobs are everywhere. Were you searching for anime scenes that are full of boobs and sex? Search no more for Girls Bravo got your back.

13. Lucoa (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

Lucoa (Miss Kobayashi Dragon Maid)

Have you ever seen or heard of an anime character that is Dragon, but her Opai shots are distracting and enticing everyone? I doubt it, But here we have one of the strongest and sweetest dragons in the history of anime.

Her name is Lucoa; she is friends with Tohru. But despite how strong and amazing Lucoa is, she tries to avoid troubles; she likes relaxing and chilling around.

By the time she started staying with Shota, the level of how she usually visits Tohru, her closest friend, was now reduced to the minimum. I don’t think you can find it if you are expecting so much from her outdoors. As time went by, she became a mentor to many and an advocate as well.

14. Sohara Mitsuki (Heaven’s Lost Property)

(Heaven Lost Property)(1)

In this series, Heaven’s Lost Property, according to the title suggests, we have had a lot of stories of angels falling from heaven and appearing to a particular person. His name is Tomoki Sakurai. This guy can explain any kind of angelic personality he has found, how big their curve is, how big their boobs are too.

Sora no Otoshimono no doubt has the biggest Oppai in anime history. More of these Angeloids often reveal themselves to him. But this very situation of this young man wasn’t funny to him at all. It became so hectic for him. He also has a childhood friend whose name is Mitsuki. Now, do you think these angels will soon stop appearing to him?

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