10 Zombie Manhwa Full of Gore Not for Lighthearted

As the title implies, ten anime manhwa are full of gore, not for lighthearted; from this post, I’m going to list out their names and the impact they have had so far. But then be careful. If you are not stronghearted, you might not make it through the list because it’s full of characters whose faces are dreadfully stained with blood as a result of violence during fights.

Through most of the series, you will see the characters are so charming and fantastic to watch, but then the characters leave by just struggling to survive. However, a lot of manhwa fans like stories and anime characters light this, especially because they bring a lot of action to the scenes, hence thrilling the viewer.

When it comes to making anime tropes of zombies, the Manhwas are definitely the best set of people. They specialize in creating the best Zombie stories so far. The way they come out with these exciting stories is just something amazing and unique, as they try to combine various themes and stories that look so nice to make the best stories ever.

So far, so good. Their stories hit so hard by the time they go out to the public space. As a result of this, fans never cease to be addicted to watching most of the mega-hit Korean stories. The setup and everything they bring to make up this drama is just so unique and fantastic.

Now, without further ado, let me introduce you to the best amongst the best zombies with a lot of bloodshed that have ever been produced by the Korean entertainment industry called manhwa.

1. All Of Us Are Dead 

All Of Us Are Dead

So, the first on our list today is ‘All of Us Are Dead.’ This manhwa is one of the most popular and unique so far; if you are a lover of Manhwa dramas and stories, you should know this. It has super amazing drama and action scenes that you wouldn’t want to miss at all. It first appeared on the screen in the year 2022.

But then this very manhwa was actually published before this date, in the year 2009, which ended in the year 2011 with a total of 130 chapters in the drama. This manhwa is so classic and super interesting that you will fix your eyes on the screen while watching it.

In this series, you will learn how a student was transformed into a zombie; it all started at Hyosan High School. In this school comes a teacher who started an experiment on a mouse using a virus.

However, the purpose of this experiment wasn’t disclosed anyway. One fateful day, a student comes in contact with this mouse, and all of a sudden, it bites him. Immediately, she turns into a zombie.

By the time they discovered what had happened to her, they had tried to cage her, so they bound her and tied her legs and feet, but then she overpowered everything and escaped from there.

When this happened, the entire school was at risk as this student happened to bite someone else, and the student also turned into a zombie. This became a disaster for the entire school. Do you think there will ever be a solution for this?

After this drama came out at the cinema, most fans around the world all desired for it to be deployed on Netflix, which really happened, and this was in January 2022; you really have to see this for yourself and have a better understanding of the entire story.

Due to this outbreak and the high publicity of this Manwa, it became the most loved and famous zombie apocalypse so far on Webtoon.

2. Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Another famous and loved manhwa that really got the attention of so many fans around the world as it brought so much fun and drama is called Sweet Home. This very Korean drama is really interesting and a must-watch for those who haven’t seen it before, though it was first published in 2020, and then the first ever chapter was released in 2017.

Now, after three years, because of how this manhwa is making waves, they have published 141 chapters. But then, if you have watched this very drama, you will notice that the word ‘zombie’ wasn’t mentioned per se, but then the similar activities that they do are all there.

Let me tell you about one of the main characters, Cha Hyun. He is 18 years old, and his apartment is so amazing. He is a lover of video games but doesn’t do anything other than lazing around. Some might have asked me, Okay, what’s the location of his home? No worries, I will tell you, he stays at 1410 of the Green Home.

No day passes by without him playing video games. So it happened that one fateful day, though this incident didn’t directly happen to him, as he was just in his apartment, he witnessed these monsters fighting and struggling to survive, as they were eating each other’s flesh. Hyuu saw everything that very day while he was in his apartment.

3. City of the Hungry

City of the Hungry

This story is not a typical Zombie drama, as per se; just get ready to be thrilled because you’re gonna be having a lot of fun while reading this very post now. The City of the Hungry talks about a vampire whose name is Jerome le Vlad Stoker. There is this awkward story surrounding him; I’m sure your ears will be itching to know what that is by now.

Sure, let me tell you what happened. It happened that he slept for a very long duration of time, and after waking up, he started demanding some kind of weird things like fresh blood and flesh to survive.

Now, this became so difficult for him because, in this story, almost everyone is a zombie, so getting fresh blood became so difficult because you can hardly find humans anywhere.

One fateful day, Jerome came in contact with this beautiful young lady who was almost infected by these zombies. Though this guy had the opportunity of feasting on her, he did not. Wow, this is so romantic, isn’t it?

Hence, he continued searching for another blood other than this pretty girl. I’m sure you will be fascinated by this story by now. I really recommend that you see this story if you are a fan of the Manhwa drama. It was a lot of fun, coupled with horror, too.

4. Deadlife


Here, Seong Hun happens to be our major character from the manhwa story on our list, Deadline. Even when he got infected by this zombie, confusion arose in his mind, as he became so confused as to whether he was still a human or a zombie.

Though this is not normal where zombies can think, in the likes of Seong, it’s the other way round; he can still analyze thoughts like a normal human. To shock you more, if you ask him what happened to his life previously, he is capable of narrating every detail to you.

Isn’t this amazing? But then, even becoming a zombie, he still keeps and protects his friends, making sure that they are bitten by these other zombies that can’t control their minds and how they think. Now, do you think Seong can keep protecting his friends and not eat other humans, too? Hmm, I really doubt if it’s possible. A zombie is always a zombie.

5. Surviving Romance

Surviving Romance

From Surviving Romance, we should recognize the writer, Lee Yeon (Story and Art). Now, this story is one of the most romantic manhwa so far. A story called Surviving Romance has really captured the hearts of many anime lovers.

It officially got into the public space in the year 2021; during this time, the chapter wasn’t completed yet. But before 2023, every episode of this story was completed. Isn’t that interesting?

This reincarnated romantic girl, whose name is Eun Chaerin, who also happens to be isolated, was made the favorite because of the previous novel that he was obsessed with. Everything that has happened remains in my heart, just as fresh as if it happened right away.

I really think Eun was such an unfortunate fellow because, by the time she returned from her previous life, she got another attack from this zombified Jeha, who she thought previously would have to confess what had happened to her, but then instead, she got attacked. This is so bad to hear; I feel like crying for her.

6. Hive


This story is quite different from our regular zombie apocalypse, as the incident here is just as strange as F, but then they introduce our major character, who happens to be the protagonist of this story; he is just an office man who likes minding his own thing without picking a quarrel from others.

His name is Eun Sung Lee. Just on a fateful day at the office came these deadly insects that bite people and turn them into mindless zombie-like creatures; they bite Seoul, a co-worker of Eun; hence, he gets infected.

But then, Eun was never at peace; he tried to make sure that the family of Seoul was aware of what had happened so far. He also protected the rest of his co-workers who were present at that moment.

This very manhwa is so different from others because what turns people into zombies is not zombies but viruses. Isn’t this spectacular? Well, let me tell you how this interesting story came about; in the year 2014, Hives was just running for four years, manhwa, but then it ended around 2018 with a sum total of 243 chapters altogether.

As said earlier, Lee Eun Sung is just an office man with a deadbeat job, and then, as some may say, he is also a greedy boss as well. This is simple because his main motive for going to work isn’t something that will benefit others but for the sake of his family, his daughter, and his wife alone.

But then, when it comes to office work, he makes sure that everything is carried out accordingly. What do you think about this guy?

7. Dead Days

Dead Days

Dead Days is such a horrible story that it can make you think that nature isn’t fair at all to the city in which it attacks. It all began one fateful day, but then no one really can tell the whole incident how it happened and what was the cause, but we witness how this city encountered a very great and disastrous riot, where the whole cities were filled up with these creatures that are alive but yet dead, do you think people here can really survive this outburst?

Now, here came two souls of vibrant youth that stood to save the entire city from these deadly creatures, but then, as time drew closer, the chances of them getting killed also increased; I even doubted if they would survive this.

If I had to rate this story on a scale of 10, personally, I would give it 9/10 because of the setup; it really made all the scenes look like a real zombie apocalypse, man. Please watch this story so I know what your rating will be so far.

This very anime story wasn’t based so much on just shading of blood, as it were, but teaches so much about humanity and makes the viewers understand that human philosophy is also important. The only reason I didn’t score Dead Days 10 out of 10 is because of this disgusting MC guy.

8. My Daughter Is a Zombie

My Daughter Is a Zombie

Finally, the Korean government declared a zombie-free outdoor thing, but then so many souls were already lost and dead; in fact, there were thousands of them. However, notwithstanding this loving father, Jeong Hwan has a very deep secret that no one has ever thought about, and he tries to protect it.

I know you must be so anxious to know what the secret is. Okay, I will tell you, his daughter is a zombie; yes, you heard me right. No one else knows this apart from him and you right now reading this post.

You might be wondering why he never gave up on his daughter because he had some wish in his heart. One is that she will be normal, and the other is that fate will make her clean again. Do you think his wish for Su-Ah will come to pass?

For what it may be, if I’m being asked to rate this story, of course, I will definitely give it a 7/10. My daughter is a Zombie, which is such a heart-touching story that it can even make you cry. The webtoon is really so interesting, and it’s a must-watch amongst other zombie apocalypse. As much as it’s a Manhwa, you can find some comic scenes here too.

They released this amazing masterpiece of a story in the year 2018, and then it finished in 2020, but this was when they had already completed 90 chapters.

This girl called Su Ah has tried really hard for her ever since this deadly virus by a zombie was injected into her. She also becomes like a zombie, but then her father continually tries to hide and protect her with the belief that soon she will definitely get cured. But now, do you think her father’s wish will be granted?

9. Polar Night. 

Polar Night

Finally, the manhwa decided to create a story that focused on a region that was covered with snow. Here, they call it Antarctica, though it’s isolated but then very dreadful during the night hours. Sometimes, some researchers thought their research domain wasn’t mentioned, but they paid this place a visit, and what happened to them you won’t believe.

They were attacked and bitten by this dangerous virus in this popular Antarctica where researchers normally go, but then they weren’t aware that it is also full of horror. Can any of these so-called researchers ever go into this land and enjoy anything whatsoever and come back breathing? This question is for you to answer.

If I should rate this Manhwa story, I would give it a 9/10 because it’s truly a bloody one at that. For those who love to watch horror dramas, I will definitely recommend this ‘Polar Night’ to you. Meanwhile, this attack never happens during the day, but it always happens at night. This zombie webtoon is really unique.

10. Pontus


The last manhwa story that made it through our list is Pontus. Its focus is on the survivors of those groups of people who were attacked by the zombies that wanted to eat their flesh during the trip they embarked on to the Global Science Base in Antarctica.

Eight of the researchers survived this deadly invasion; hence, a safer route to New York Harbor was discovered, and this was actually through the US Research Ship Pontus.

Instead of protecting themselves by not showing that they were alive, one of the most useless idiots amongst them brought himself for the zombie to flex on. Who knows, maybe they will survive this trip at all.


From this post, you have seen the comprehensive list of the best manhwa zombie genre, full of deadly and blood-shading scenes. Indeed, if you are lighthearted, then this post is not for you at all. But then, in as much as there were horror scenes and stories that became so scary.

We also had stories that brought a lot of fun and humor too. I’m sure you loved this. Thanks so much for reading through. Bye for now till you come our way next time.


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