The Most Sexy Feet From Anime to Fulfill Foot Fetish Desires

The Most Sexy Feet From Anime to Fulfill Foot Fetish Desires

What is a foot fetish? Well, foot fetish is a particular interest in feet, toes, and ankles that you even get turned on from it. Every feet lover is different on its own as some people just like normal bare feet, some like them with jewelry, ornaments, and nail paints.

Humiliation is another common element seen in foot fetish content. Why? Because feet are considered as an inferior body part.

But, some people get turned on from this, because they want to be dominated by their partners and feel like lowly servants. Therefore, they like to place their feet on their bodies or faces to feel lower and humiliated.

Foot fetish is one of the most popular fetishes. It has many forms. This fetish is seen in hentai, but not as much as some other fetishes. Hentai has much more potential for foot fetish that needs to be unlocked in more creative ways.

So, if you are looking to fulfill your footy desires, then join us for this list as we talk about some of the most sexy feet from hentai.

10. Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai

Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai

Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai is a hentai anime where you’ll see attractive feet and some foot jobs. Ai Ninomiya is a dominating student council president who likes to bully the protagonist by insulting and humiliating him every day in front of all the other students. Unknown to her, this leads to him developing a certain kind of fetish.

Ai always treats him like a servant, makes him do the dirty work for her, and humiliates him whenever he makes any mistakes. One day, the protagonist gets tired of all this and decides to sneak into Ai’s room.

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There, he finds a grave secret about her. Now, he decides to use this information to take revenge for all the humiliation and insults. When he tries to blackmail her with this secret, he can see the desperation on their face.

Therefore, he decides to have her do something more than he initially thought; he forms an evil plan to use her to fulfill his weird sexual fetishes.

Before the actual sex, there’s some deep foreplay that focuses on Ai’s bare legs. This hentai is your best bet if you like to see foot-jobs and masturbation with Legs. But, if you don’t find anything attractive in feet, then you won’t have much fun, as this is the main theme of Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai.

9. Koakuma Kanojo The Animation

Koakuma Kanojo The Animation

If you like mysterious or horror stories, this hentai will surely hook you with its unique plot of a mysterious DVD. This DVD is surrounded by many rumors that if you watch it, you will be cursed to become a mindless pervert.

The first story is about Akuno Mika who has a crush on his classmate Kazuya, But she is afraid to confess about it. One day, she gets her hands on a DVD and decides to watch it. Now, what fate awaits her?

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The second story is about Kana, who hears about the rumored DVD from her friends, who are scared of it. So, she and her little sister Mai want to see for themselves if those rumors are true or not.

The girls from both episodes are from the same school, but other than that, both episodes are separate, so you can watch them in any sequence.

You may have seen many series with cursed objects, which make you feel horror, but this one will make you feel horny instead. The plot is very simple, but you won’t get bored as a horny succubus, and twins turning into futanaris will come to your service. Moreover? How can we forget those beautiful, thick thighs?

8. Yagami Yuu

Yagami Yuu

This is yet another hentai with some horror elements. But this one has a deeper plot and character history. The story starts off with a young writer who gets admitted to a hospital due to a leg injury. There, he encounters a familiar nurse, Yu Yagami, and becomes captivated by her beauty.

But when the night falls, this cute and charming lady nurse becomes a completely different person; she becomes a hungry sexual beast hunting for her prey in darkness.

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This series shows some of the darkest secrets about human nature. At the same time, some may find things around Yagami Yuu confusing. We can see a story about her past when she tells it to the main character.

So, you will get to know why she became such a messed up person who not only performs sexual acts with her patients but also kills them.

The animation and art style complement this horror-type hentai very well. Even though there are murders and horror elements, they are not focused on too much, so you can enjoy what you came for; that’s hentai. And since we are talking about anime with sexy feet, there are many scenes to fulfill your foot fetish desires.

7. Love 2 Quad

Love 2 Quad

Aoi sensei is the most popular teacher at Akakura Gakuen. But no one knows that she actually works for a secret international defense organization called Cradle.

One day, she suddenly approached one of her students named Wataru and asked for his help to fight against a formidable enemy called 4D. But, to defeat them, he needs to collect a special type of energy.

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Therefore, he asks Aoi about how he should gain this special energy. But her answer leaves him dumbfounded when she asks him to take off his clothes. Then he finds out that this special energy is gained when he gets involved in ecchi stuff with the opposite sex.

Later on, four more girls help him to collect this energy: his childhood friend Honoka, Ermalit, who is a classmate of his; poker-face Mirai, who came from the future; and chibi Chitose, who came from the past.

You will be amazed by the attention to detail this anime gives for everything from character designs to animations. If we talk about the main female, she is a petite cutie who’s got quite some large assets that jiggle when she walks.

Her body’s got perfect curves, and when she wears stockings, her legs will make people around her drool like hungry beasts. And if there are some Loli fans among you, then Loli Chitose won’t let them down with her short appearances to add some funny elements.

6. Fault!! Service: Aratanaru Rival

Fault!! Service_ Aratanaru Rival

Summer vacation is about to end, and the new school term is about to begin. Shuuichi already has to face two girls, Ai and Mio, who are infatuated with him and making constant advances towards him. But, things become more hectic for him when a new transfer student joins their class.

Reiko is the leader of the girl’s tennis club team, and one day, she announces to her teammates that they will participate in the school festival, which is coming at the end of this month. After much discussion, they decided to do a cosplay cafe. Later, she decided to run for student council president for the next term.

This series is the sequel to The Hentai Fault!! And it doesn’t fail to meet the expectations of the audience. This series stands out with its cosplay scenes.

The story is good, but the plot may feel shallow as this is a hentai, and everything is finished in a single episode, so most episodes focus on sexual scenes.

Therefore, We would love to see a separate anime with this story. But, this hentai “Fault!! Service: Aratanaru Rival” is a good choice with attractive characters and awesome scenes.

5. Imouto Paradise!

Imouto Paradise!

It’s summertime, and a perverted guy named Aniki is stuck with taking care of his five sisters because his parents are busy with work overseas. Now that he is left alone at home with his five beautiful sisters, what perverted plans will he come up with?

All the sisters have very attractive characters with different personalities and don’t like to be restricted. One day, when Aniki was having self-pleasure moments while watching his favorite eroge inside his room, her sister suddenly walked in and caught him in the act.

But, he receives an unexpected shock when she decides to help him relieve his stress. Therefore, Aniki’s long standing dream with his Imouto gets fulfilled.

The story doesn’t progress much, So we don’t see that much of a character development. But, it’s easy to get a glimpse of their personality from their actions.

The character designs of all the sisters are quite good. Since there are too many female characters, the series may seem fast-paced. Now, how will things end up as all his sisters fall for Aniki?

4. Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera

Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera

This hentai is divided into two episodes with different stories in each. It is based on a popular adult manga by Miyabi-sensei. The story of the first plot revolves around Konomi Kuramochi, a very shy and timid girl; due to her nature, she gets dragged into a relationship with her pervert classmate Yuuto Jounouchi.

The second story is about Rumi, who has a very flirtatious nature. But doesn’t have a boyfriend yet? With her abilities and charms, she can easily get a boyfriend if she wants to, But she derives more sexual pleasure from showing her beautiful body on the internet with her webcam.

Unlike many hentai, this series has good animations with an art style that brings a perfect mixture of maturity and cuteness; the color scheme and character design make this series very lighthearted and fun to watch. This series depicts the concept of pure love very well.

The next unrelated story is about a shy girl with glasses who enters a new school, where she meets a good-natured guy who has a fetish for mature young ladies in office attire.

Now, he thinks that this girl will grow up to become a perfect office lady of her imagination. Things become interesting as he takes her to the rooftop of the school building, where he makes her play into his mature office lady fetish. So those who are into exhibitionism or have a fetish for the sexy legs of office ladies will enjoy Junjou Shoujo Et Cetera.

3. Cafe Junkie

Cafe Junkie

Masaru is about to graduate from a technical college but can’t find a good job anywhere. Therefore, he remains unemployed. But, there is one thing he looks forward to every day: visiting a cafe called “Hidamari”.

This cafe is run by the parents of his childhood friends Nanami and Kurumi, who also work there. One day, he learns that another childhood friend of his is returning to the town, so he is very eager to meet her.

Cafe Junkie has a good story and provides adequate info about characters before they have any sex scenes, so you will have a better experience. Since this anime is about a cafe, you can expect some attractive girls in maid outfits, so look forward to some sexy legs.

Unlike other hentai, this series tries to strike a balance between the progression of the story, romance elements, and sexual scenes. So, if you are looking for something light-hearted and enjoyable, this is a good choice.

Most of the hentai are based on extreme scenarios, so this is a nice change of pace.

2. Nee Summer!

Nee Summer!

It’s summer vacation, But Yuuta Yamaguchi is still preparing for his high school exams. When his elder cousin Kei Higashide sees this, she takes pity on her little brother and decides to help him with his exams, so she starts tutoring him.

Yuuta has a crush on his classmate Youko Kaji. One day, her skirt lifts up due to a gust of wind, and he manages to catch a pic of her. But when his cousin finds out about this, she can’t stop laughing at his Juvenile actions.

Later on, she doesn’t let go of this chance to tease him by offering her fully-grown body to him. How can Yuuta let go of this golden opportunity that fell on his lap?

As summer goes on, they start to enjoy their tutoring sessions, which turn into hot and passionate sexual sessions. The art style is stylish and detailed.

When talking about character design, the girl has big boobs, an hourglass figure and sexy feet. The story is good, and the ending is even better. Each episode is very short but there is no compromise with the quality.

1. Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo: Sanshimai to no DokiDoki Kyoudou Seikatsu

Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo_ Sanshimai to no DokiDoki Kyoudou Seikatsu

Haruomi Shiki was living his dream life on a small island, But one day, a volcano suddenly erupted, and his home was destroyed. After losing his home, he moves in with a relative of his.

There, he meets with three beautiful sisters, Akina, Natsumi, and Mayufu Orifushi, and becomes captivated by their charms.

After the death of the father of the Orifushi household, Natsumi inherits their family business, The MinMin ice cream shop. Every year, there is a competition held between ice cream shops in the district, and MinMin always takes the first prize in this competition.

But, this year, a new ice cream shop called 101 will open, and they will also be participating in the competition. Moreover, MinMin’s ice cream quality has also decreased significantly after their father’s death.

So, how will they improve their ice cream quality this year? There are a lot of problems to face. How will Haruomi help these sisters overcome this difficult situation and fulfill his indecent desires?

In short, this story follows the journey of a guy whose home is destroyed due to a volcano eruption and later how he becomes the owner of a successful ice cream company.

Also, the development of female characters around him is handled decently, and we can see them supporting the main character very well.

Most of the hentai genre series are focused on sex scenes, but this one spends a good amount of time behind the actual story. Still, we missed the background story of the main character, Haruomi Shiki, like how he got on that island and what he was doing before that.

This marks the end of our article about some of the best hentai to fulfill your foot fetish desires. We hope that you’ll find something that you enjoy. In this article, we tried to focus more on the introduction and story, not much on sexual scenes, so as not to give you any spoilers about that.

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