Best Perverted Anime Series With Ecchi Scenes

Best Perverted Anime Series With Ecchi Scenes

The world of perverts is very deep and filled with many unique characters. There are many fetishes, from romantic to extremely dirty. Ecchi is a wide genre that includes many sub-genres.

If you feel bored with romcoms and are looking for something to spice up, then we are here with a list of many funny and intense perverted anime.

1. Prison School

Prison School

Hachimitsu Academy was a private girls-only school. But, starting from this year they became a co-ed school. But there are only five guys in this entire school.

So Kiyoshi Fujino was hoping to have fun with girls all around him. But one day, when he and his other male schoolmates try to peep into the girls’ bath, they get caught and end up in a secret prison inside the school.

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There is a suspicious organization inside Hachimitsu Academy called “Underground Student Council”. Kiyoshi and other male classmates are now sent to their disciplinary building and confined for one month of imprisonment.

Among them is a masochist boy named Reiji Ando (Andre), who can’t wait to be punished by the sexy girls of the Underground Student Council.

But, unexpectedly, his dreams are shattered, and he experiences withdrawal symptoms when punishment is put on hold because of another council’s intervention. In this anime, you’ll see many forms of punishment and humiliation done to these five prisoners.

2. Working with Voice!

Working with Voice!

Kanna Aoyagi is a high school girl with a shy and innocent personality. Her older sister Yaoyi is the president of a game company. She asks her sister Kanna to work as a voice actress for their game one day.

But Kanna becomes extremely embarrassed when she knows that the game she is going to work for is an eroge game. Due to her shy personality, she finds it very difficult to speak those explicit lines of the script.

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But she doesn’t give up and starts watching adult content to research and improve herself. But, when she dwells in the world of eroge, she becomes curious about many things and also starts to like her work as an eroge voice actress.

In this story, we see Kanna’s character shifting from her usual personality, and her hidden perverted side coming out due to this exposure.

3. Mysterious Girlfriend X

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Mikoto Urabe is the new transfer student who’s always sleeping on her desk most of the time. She is a quiet girl with an eccentric personality and doesn’t talk much with anyone from the class.

The main character, Akira Tsubaki, finds her behavior very disgusting. But things take a strange turn when he accidentally licks her saliva from the desk.

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After that, he becomes increasingly obsessed with Mikoto and becomes lovesick. Later on, Mikoto becomes aware of his feelings towards her.

Now, to keep his forbidden love sickness in control, Akira has to consume Mikoto’s saliva every day. This doesn’t change even when they become a couple.

But Akira refuses any kisses or physical contact. During the story, their bond intensifies as they love and care for each other. This is a very romantic series to watch, with many lewd scenes.

4. Aki-Sora: In a Dream

Aki-Sora_ In a Dream

This story revolves around Sora Aoi, who has an elder sister named Aki and a twin sister named Nami. Sora deeply admires her elder sister, but gradually, this admiration turns into romantic affection.

Even though they are of age to be in high school, one day, they take a bath together, which breaks the wall of siblings between them and from where their affection turns into a physical relationship.

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As this relationship grows further, they indulge in various intimate acts. But, one day, Sora’s twin sister Nami finds out about their relationship. Now, what will she do?

While Sora has a shy and Timid personality, his twin sister Nami is the complete opposite of him. She is a lively girl with an odd personality. Nami is a lesbian, and she has a crush on her classmate Kana But can’t bring herself to tell her.

So when she learns about Sora’s relationship with her elder sister, She becomes involved with him and fantasizes about her in the role of a male and doing stuff with Kana. Her behavior is very strange and puzzling to understand, which makes the story a little difficult to understand.

5. The Severing Crime Edge

The Severing Crime Edge

Kiri Haimura has a strange obsession with beautiful hair. When he sees some beautiful, long, and shiny hair, he feels a strong urge to cut it up.

Once, he meets a girl, Iwai Mushanokoji, who has beautiful black hair, and due to some strange curse, no one is able to cut it. But, when Kiri uses his special scissors called “Killing Goods” to cut her hair, they become involved in a strange series of events.

Iwai is 14 years old, But she’s got the looks of a loli. She has no parents. Therefore, she lives with her guardian, Kanade Suzumura, a university professor.

But Kanade is a lolicon, so Iwai has to face constant advances from her. Now with the addition of Kiri, Kanade is put into a difficult situation. How will she handle being around both of them?



This story takes place in a world where the government has banned all adult content and dirty jokes. So all the dirty manga, DVDs, games and any literature with erotic or dirty stuff was confiscated and burned.

But, a mysterious organization called SOX started a revolution by spreading erotic literature around. This group is mostly made up of high school students.

Protagonist Tanukichi Okuma, a member of SOX, and Ayame Kaoju, is the leader. Within the organization, Ayame is known as Blue Snow. Dirty jokes are as important as food for her; if she doesn’t get her quota for the day, then she will go into a slump.

So join “Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist” for some perverted comedic moments that will make you laugh.

7. Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo

Imagine entering a new school and suddenly being told to be vice president of the student council. When Takatoshi Tsuda joins a new school, Osai Gakuten, an innocent and pretty girl with long and shiny black hair, approaches him.

She is the current student council president, Shino Amakusa. Later, Shio tells Takatoshi to take the position of vice president in the student council.

Shino is a very exceptional girl who can do almost anything. But, under the face of a perfect girl, there lies a pervert who will go to any length to fulfill her sexual pleasures.

The story of Seitokai Yakuindomo is not only focused on Shino, as another girl named Aria Shichijo, a student council secretary, joins the game. Aria always appears calm and very gentle to approach. She has a beautiful figure and always dresses well. She is also very smart, and her grades are just as good as Shino’s.

But, behind this beautiful angel lies a perverted demon who even leaves Shino in the dust. She is a big fan of SM stories and has a very evil habit of sticking her fingers in people’s butts.

8. Flowers of Evil

Flowers of Evil

Protagonist Takao Kasuga has feelings for Nanako Saeki and one day; he ends up stealing her gym uniform. But, the most hated girl in class, Sawa Nakamura, catches him red-handed. So, she blackmails him and makes a deal with him. This horrible contract will expose his perverted nature in front of Sewa.

Nanako Saeki is tired of acting as an honor student, So during his time with Takao, she wants to act as her true self in front of him. But Takao prefers her usual image of an ideal student.

When Nanako knows of their abnormal relationship, she becomes jealous, and wants Takao for himself.

9. Heaven’s Lost Property

Heaven's Lost Property

Tomoki Sakurai is a cheerful junior high student who’s a little bit of a pervert. One day, a pretty girl falls from the sky and lands on him. She declares herself as a pet Angeloid named Icarus. She is from the aerial city of Synapse and is actually a battle Angeloid.

Icarus has a special ability to grant people’s wishes, which she uses to make Tomoki’s wishes come true. But, one day, she finds out that Tomoki has lost his memories.

But, the King of Synapse sends someone to take back Icarus. So their happy and peaceful life is going to be a short-lived one.

10. The Comic Artist and His Assistants

The Comic Artist and His Assistants

Sahoto Ashisu works as an assistant to manga artist Yuuki Aito. She has a slender body and long black hair. She looks like a character from Aito’s serialized work “Blushing Café Latte”.

Moreover, her personality is also similar to the character in Manga. Aito is Childish, perverted, and often sexually harasses her assistants.

Sahoto works hard as an assistant and also deals with Aito’s sexual harassment. But Aito doesn’t know that Sahoto has an even more perverted and Kiky side that she’s trying to hide.

11. Ladies versus Butlers!

Ladies versus Butlers!

Akiharu Hino looks like a delinquent with Sharp eyes, Scars on their face, and Piercings. Therefore, all female classmates are fearful of him. But, under this menacing appearance lies a very gentle and sensitive person, WHo has a domestic side and loves children.

Shingo Todoroki is an extremely perverted person at Hakureiryō Academy. His actual reason for being here is not to become a butler, but he wants to be around beautiful girls in maid outfits. But despite his perverted tendencies, he looks like an excellent butler with fake glass and slicked hair backward.

12. Because I Don’t Like My Big Brother at All!!

Because I Don't Like My Big Brother at All!!

This story is about a bra-cop girl, Nao Takanashi, who has a bro-con. So, she is always doing naughty things to Shusuke to get a reaction out of him.

Shusuke is also aware of this about Nao. But this doesn’t change anything in their relationship as brother and sister. In front of everyone, they look like a normal brother and sister.

But one day, Ayaha Tsuchiura is transferred to Nao’s class. Ayaha used to fancy Shusuke in childhood, but that hasn’t changed. Her obsession for Shusuke has turned her into a stalker and she starts peeping into his house. Now, what will happen when she knows about the actual relationship of this brother-sister duo?

13. MM!


Taro Sunado is a boy who suffers from an issue of dominant personality. One day, he hears about the Volunteer Club, which has a reputation for solving students’ problems.

So, he decided to consult with them. However, the leader of the volunteer club, Mio Ishigurumi, is known as a highly arrogant and dominating person Who basically thinks of herself as a god.

Moreover, The girl behind Sunado’s M-ness, Arashiko Yuno, his childhood friend, is also there. Therefore, his M-ness is starting to become worse instead of getting better.

Protagonist Taro Sunado comes from a long line of M-men. So, he is always ready to follow any kind of demands and violence from his dominatrix.

This anime is filled with many strange characters, such as arrogant department head Mio, who is also a dominatrix, and Michiru Onigawara, who loves to collect cosplay pictures of beautiful girls.

14. The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil

One day, Haruto Tojo is suddenly told that he now has two pretty younger sisters because of his father’s remarriage. But, his father has to suddenly go on a business trip, so Haruto is left alone with his two attractive sisters. But contrary to his expectations, his two beautiful sisters are demon girls, and he almost ends up out of the house.

Mio and Maria are very seductive, and they are constantly using their beautiful bodies to tempt and harass Haruto.

15. HenSemi


Nanako Matsuka is a very smart student. She has a crush on Komugi, so when she finds out that he goes to a gathering called “Perverted Physiology Seminar”, she also decides to join this seminar to get closer to him.

This suspicious-sounding seminar is a gathering of perverts, so Nanako has a hard time blending with them. Because, in this seminar, many extreme perverts with fetishes that Nnanako has never even heard of are gathered. So, how will Nanako manage to get Komugi’s attention here?

16. High School DxD

High School DxD

After a long wait, Issei Hyodo gets his first girlfriend, and tonight, he is going on his first date with her. But her girlfriend turns out to be a fallen angel, and she kills him on his first date.

Later, he is reincarnated as a demon by a powerful demon, Rias Gremory. She is also from her school and acts as head of the occult research club. So, he joined the occult research club. But Yuma still continues to target him.

Issei is a big pervert who only had one dream when he was alive: to create his harem and become a harem king. He never had a girlfriend, but his knowledge about women was so good that his friends got the impression of someone with a lot of experience. So how will Issei build the harem of his dream in this new life?

17. Kodomo no Jikan

Kodomo no Jikan

Daisuke Aoba is a very hard-working elementary school teacher. Starting from tomorrow he will be working at an Elementary School, where he will take charge of a class from third grade. In this class, there is a girl named Rin Konoe.

Rin lived with her father alone after her mother passed away. Her father loved his late wife Aki very much, and since Rin is a fitting image of her past, he dotes on her so much. But, he is believed to be a pedophile who dreams of having a secret relationship with Rin when she gets older.

Moreover, there’s not only one pedophile around Rin, as the Principal of her school is also a pedophile. He even tried to remove her panties when she had a stomach ache, and he was taking care of her.

18. The “Hentai” Prince and the Stony Cat.

The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat

Youjin Yokodera is a big pervert whose mind is always filled with perverted thoughts about girls. But, he is troubled because he always has to keep another face in front of the public.

One day, when he was discussing with his friend who also has a similar issue, he told him about a cat that never smiles, and if he gives it some offering and makes a prayer, then it will take his troubles and give it to someone else.

So Youjin goes to the cat and makes a prayer, and to his surprise, his wish comes true, so his perverted side is exposed to the public, and he becomes a famous pervert in the entire school and becomes known as Prince Pervert.

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