Best Anime Killers That Are Known For Smooth Assassination

Best Anime Killers That Are Known For Smooth Assassination

Despite being completely normal humans, we all have some common liking for watching killer movies and anime. Some watch them for fun, some for the thrill of solving criminal cases, and some for learning the killer’s psychology.

But all in all, most people are fond of watching anime killers and their surprising killing techniques and viewing killers in their deadly assassinations.

Some viewers even mention that they are fans of anime killers for their atypical killing style. It won’t be surprising to say that we love our cold-blooded Assassin.

This is why we have gathered a bunch of really great assassins who rule the anime world and have ranked them one by one. You can expect to see brutal, violent scenes, complex storylines, and tragic endings of the killer’s victims. The list goes like this:

19. Suzuya Juuzou

Suzuya Juuzou

Our first anime killer is “Suzuya Juuzou ” who went through psychological treatment in his childhood and doesn’t feel any kind of physical pain in his body.

Wherever he went he went he was always the odd one out. He started killing his victims from a very young age. He is a psychopath killer who feels zero remorse for killing his victims.

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No matter who the opponent is, Suzuya just enjoys the kill. However, he knows that he could end up in jail and will have to face the consequences of his actions.

This still doesn’t stop him from wielding his blade against his victims. The more episodes you’ll watch, the more brutal killings you’ll see at the hands of Suzuya.

18. Shogo Makishima

Shogo Makishima

At the start of the anime, Shogo Makishima is a caring guy who is worried about the world he lives in.

His main goal is to liberate Japanese society and free humans from becoming non-thinking robotic automatons. But his ways to achieve his goals are rather criminalistic. He is criminally asymptomatic.

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In achieving his goals, he turns into a ruthless criminal maniac. He is a heartless killer who can cut the women’s throats and be unfazed about it. He can cut people’s throats in front of his best friend.

His attempts to save the humans end up wiping the humans’ existence. He does this by cutting off the nation’s food supply. Even though Shogo’s intentions must be good, his ways of achieving them are purely inhumane. He is the epitome of serial killers in anime.

17. Vicious


A bloodthirsty assassin who mercilessly kills his victims lives up to his tag, the “vicious killer”. He is an animalistic killer who is engulfed by his vengeance against humanity.

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He enjoys the killing of victims and gets dopamine from his victims’ sacrifices. His goals are as sadistic as his, for he wants to achieve the goal of committing maximum killings. His ambition to kill has no end, and he keeps on committing atrocious crimes.

16. Stain


Stain is the scariest Assassin from the “My Hero Academia” anime. He is the notorious killer who is involved in the deaths of the pro hero. Stain wasn’t always a villain, let alone a serial killer by profession.

It was in the later moments of his life that he turned rogue and became a hero who turned villain. He is a merciless and forgiving villain who suffers from a false sense of being a hero who kills to clean up society.

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According to Stain, the hero society has gotten corrupted, and Stain takes it upon himself to become the hero who cleans the hero society and bears the heroes whom he deems as useless for the hero society.

To kill this hero, he would go even to the lengths of staining his own hands with their blood to eradicate them.

15. Shion Sonozaki

Shion Sonozaki

Differences in upbringing, can lead to differences in the character of many individuals. Shion Sonozaki used to be a simple girl until one day, his love interest, Satoshi, disappeared.

Now, she has turned herself into a murderous killer assassin. She kills people out of her rage and vengeance.

But unlike other serial killers, Shion Sonozaki realizes her wrongdoings and her merciless killing outcomes; she is filled with remorse toward her victims. She ends up asking for forgiveness before she meets her end.

14. Ryuunosuke Uryuu

Ryuunosuke Uryuu

You may have seen people obsessed with things like cars, celebrities, or even people. But that’s not the case with Ryuunosuke Uryuu because he is obsessed with the death and dying process.

He is a killer who kills just to explore what death looks like. He exclaims in joy when he murders young women and children.

The major reason he targets women is because they are innocent and defenseless against his cruel mind. He gets excitement by murdering and seeing fear in their eyes.

13. Yoshikage Kira

Yoshikage Kira

Yoshikage Kira is an assassin who has a weird fetish for female hands. To get the hands of females, he kills them, making him one of the most dangerous killers in the realm of anime.

Yoshikage is the nightmare that no woman wants to have ever in her life. He kills his female victims, collects their hands in the form of souvenirs, and calls them his “Girlfriends”.

Kira’s desire in life is to just kill without showing any kind of mercy to his victims. He doesn’t attach any kind of value to the life of his victims.

He is highly protective of his murderer’s identity and will do everything to protect it from people’s eyes so that he can continue his criminal dream.

12. Yuno Gasai

Yuno Gasai

A psychopath killer, Yandere Yuno Gasai, takes the killings to the next level. She at first expresses her love towards her crush Yukiteru Amano. If you watch the anime in the beginning, you’ll find Yuno Gasai as a perfect model student.

But as we move deeper into the storyline, Yuno starts to reveal her psychopathic attitude, and we get to know how dangerous she can be.

Yuno Gasai shows her obsession as her love. But her obsession can’t be termed as love love. Moreover, she is a psychopath who doesn’t even know what it means to have normal human emotions, let alone the feeling of love.

Yuno kills unhesitatingly in the name of protecting Yukiteru Amano. She is capable of taking advantage of others for her own and Yukitereu’s survival. Her violent actions lead to the bloody deaths of her victims.

11. Barry The Chopper

Barry The Chopper

Barry Chopper is a comedic villain whose character is derived from the 2009 villain anime character.

Initially, Barry is a person full of humor; he used to be friendly too, but soon, he realizes that he receives excitement from killing young women and turning them into his own twisted art pieces.

This anime serial killer resembles the historical Japanese killer who turned his victims into art pieces after killing them.

Barry, in his past life, was a serial killer who chopped his victims into tiny pieces. His sadistic killing has no end.

10. Thorfinn


The killer anime character is heavily based on the historical Icelandic figure Thorfinn Karlsefni. His character may look like that of a protagonist of Wit Studio 2019 Viking Seinen anime.

As a child, Thorfin always dreamt of killing and fighting the war where he could quench his bloodthirst. He wanted to follow the path followed by his father and go into the war. His wish suddenly turns to reality when he faces the tragedy of his father’s death.

9. Death Gun

Death Gun

Death Gun Reaper is an in-game avatar of a serial killer. He can modify guns and has the ability to kill any avatars in a single shot. He can easily take away any player’s life.

You are welcome to the season of Sword Art Online, where the sword art type of characters are appointed to eliminate the Death gun so that he can stop him from going on with his systematic assassination.

Apart from the brutal killer gunshots, you get to enjoy the shounen rife with bombast. Even if you haven’t seen the sword art episodes, you should check this one out.

8. Lelouch vi Britannia

Lelouch vi Britannia

He is a boy with a prince-like appearance, but his heart is full of vengeance toward the Topple dynasty. His name is Lelouch; he holds the power to make people obey him. He can control his victims and use them to carry out his crimes. He doesn’t even have to get his own hands dirty.

7. Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck

The third child of world-famous assassins Zolyck family Killua Zoldyck. Viewers might get confused by Killua’s looks as he can betray anyone with his simple-looking face.

Killua seems like a boy full of contrasts. Behind his humble demeanor he is an efficient killer in reality. But he is fighting his killer instincts to turn into a humble man.

His biggest enemy is his bloodthirst, which he can’t control.

6. Johan Liebert

Johan Liebert

Johan Liebert is one of the best villains in anime history. He appears calm like a river and polite like a wise man, but underneath his nice exterior lies the heart of evil.

He can kill anybody without any motive, without any anger. He doesn’t even need any sort of hatred in him to kill his victims. He kills just for the sake of killing. He kills to experiment with his new killer techniques, and every time, he turns into more of a monstrous killer.

5. Yamori


Yamori is a guy who dresses up as Jason, who is the serial killer from the movie Friday the 13th. What’s more psychopathic is that Yamori even calls himself Jason, or should we say creepy Jason.

Before turning into a serial killer, Jason was thrown into a ghoul prison and was badly tortured by a guard. This traumatic experience turned him into the most feared serial killer from Tokyo’s 13th ward.

4. Yor Forger

Yor Forger

The lethal killer from the “Spy x Family,” Yor Forger, stands out as the most feared anime killer. Initially, she may seem like an ordinary housewife, but she uses it as her decoy mechanism.

But in reality, she is a highly trained and deadly assassin who wields her blade to kill for some ransom money.

She is faced with the challenges of keeping a balance between her everyday life and doing her job as an assassin. She is the perfect blend of domesticity and killer instincts.

3. Orochimaru


Orochimaru is a ninja who turned rogue and chased immortality and power. He even led crazy scientific experiments to achieve his deathly objectives.

But he finds it typically bad and shameful to transfer himself from one’s body to another body. He then starts abducting the people of the village to use them as hosts.

We can estimate how dangerous Orochimaru can be when he corrupts Sasuke and is also responsible for killing the 3rd and 4th Kazekage. In the anime world, he is described as “something more than pure evil”.

2. Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman

Anime fans, keep your hearts in control, as you may now encounter a ruthless and unstoppable killer machine called Levi Ackerman. Just a deathly stare from him is enough to kill.

His dark, narrow eyes create a piercing stare. Levi hates any casualties and is the strongest soldier humanity can offer in the anime Attack of Titans.

Levi is the cruelest attacker, or shall we call him the killer of Titans? He can swiftly take off the heads of his enemies by waving his blade at them.

1. Light Yagami

Light Yagami

Light Yagami is one of the most brilliant killers in the anime world. He is a Japanese high school student who picks up a shinigami’s notebook. This notebook is not a normal notebook because any name written in it can kill somebody. And now Light Yagami has it.

He uses it to create the fear of death among the people. Light Yagami can easily write their names on the death note and send them to the afterlife if they even think of committing a crime.

Yagami continues to kill several thousands of people and ends up killing every criminal whose name he hears from the TV show.

Light Yagami doesn’t feel any remorse because he is completely convinced that his sense of justice is correct instead of following the judiciary system. All in all we can say that Light Yagami is the most tyrannical criminal of his times.

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