Best Revenge Anime (Sad Stories That Turned The MC Evil)

Best Revenge Anime Sad Stories That Turned The MC Evil

Unjust actions give rise to rage in our hearts. Whenever there is a constant denial of justice causes people to be revengeful. When we talk about Revenge, you can spell it as a powerful emotion, which makes us do justice in our own way.

Revenge is a common theme of many anime series. Although the theme is the same, their ways of seeking revenge are what attract a lot of viewership to revenge anime. How the characters overcome the troubles and defeat their enemies.

Revenge anime have a thrilling factor that comes attached to them.

Whether the revenge is for self-gain or justice or to fight back against some injustice, revenge explores a different side of injustice.

Our article is about the top 15 revenge anime series that got the audience hooked to them. The stories may be classic, others might keep you on the edge but their intricate plot lines will keep you involved with the stories.

Get ready for a thrilling ride full of suspenseful drama and revenge:

15. Claymore


There are very few good anime female revenge casts. The count is pretty low, where there are female leads who take revenge. But Claymore comes into the picture and breaks this stereotype.

Clare is the female protagonist from the Claymore series. She is an inspirational character who starts from the lowest bottom. She is considered a failure, and remains strong throughout her life.

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Claymore series is a woman’s revenge journey and how she achieves it. The anime story is set around a society where the monsters, called Yoma, blend with the humans by disguising themselves as humans.

These monsters feed on humans. Claymores exist to stop these demons. The female lead is seen in the spotlight of this show, but the dynamics between both genders are a treat for the viewers.

14. Castlevania


Influenced by America’s dark Fantasy action TV series aired on the Netflix platform, Castlevania anime is set around the world where vampires exist.

If there is a negative force, there can also be a positive force in nature. To balance the vampires’ side, there also exist magicians and vampire hunters.

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Dracula wants (at any cost) revenge for his dead wife and he  goes on to create havoc; certain search forces are sent to restore the balance. A series of violent scenes can be seen throughout the anime.

This anime was originally created on the basis of a game series of violent adventures by Konami. Its first two seasons have the story moving around characters like Alucard, Sypha Belnades, and Trevor Belmont, who are deployed to defend the nation of Wallachia from the Dracula army.

The remaining seasons of this anime have similar plotlines to the Castlevania anime’s spin-off games like Curses of Darkness.

13. Hell Girl

Hell Girl

A unique revenge anime, “Hell Girl,” follows an episode-based story. This anime’s interesting plot includes a website, where anybody can enter the name of an individual they hold a grudge against. However, it can be done only at midnight!

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As a result of this action, the Hell Girl, Ai Emma, will send their soul to hell. But there is a very big price the people who write the name have to pay. This price has to be paid with their own life.

This anime has mixed reviews from the viewers, with one of the viewers mentioning – “Anyway, this anime is one of those which you will either like or hate”.

All in all, we concluded that this series is quite hooking for first-time viewers. If you likely didn’t enjoy the anime till its third or fourth part, then you will likely won’t enjoy it till the end.

Another viewer got more specific in saying that this anime has quite a thrilling plot in the 2nd season, but its plot is a bit predictable.

12. Afro Samurai

Afro samurai

Are you a fan of intense Samurai action anime? Well, the Afro Samurai series has some great, fulfilling, revengeful samurai action! The journey of Afro, a skilled samurai who is on a quest to get revenge against the killer who murdered his father.

He is armed with his father’s headband, number two. Afro’s revenge is not so easy; he has to fight off all the obstacles to get his hands on the Number one guy who killed his father to claim his retribution.

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The art style of “Afro Samurai” anime is perfectly built on dark and stylish themes. The anime smoothly flows like a liquid, having many visual feast scenes.

This anime also has a Grammy-winning soundtrack prepared by RZA rappers. Its music adds to and compliments the overall environment of the anime show.

11. Rising Of The Shield

Rising Of The Shield

Naofumi serves in his designated position as one of the Four Legendary Heroes when he is summoned from the parallel world.

Nobody agrees to be on Naofumi’s side. However, Malty S Melromarc, who was the kingdom’s princess, made him trust that she supports her.

One day, Naofumi faces her true colors as well when she falsely blames him for assaulting her sexually.

Naofumi received immense disrespect from everyone because of the tag of being a sexual assaulter. Enraged with the storm of agony and mistrust, Naofumi took on the path of revenge to prove his innocence and become strong. He risked his life to become one of the four shield heroes to get his revenge on the princess.

10. Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal

If you have been searching for an action-packed thriller anime with intense scenes of sword fights, “Blade of the Immortal” anime has it all. The setting of this anime is fixed in feudal Japan. This series follows the journey of a notorious swordsman, Manji. He is cursed with immortality.

Manji is forced to atone for his past crimes. While atoning for his crimes, he joins a young girl named Rin. Manji starts to help Rin in getting her revenge against her parents’ killers.

They both set their foot together on this dangerous journey of fighting powerful foes and redemption. While watching this series, you will get to explore some major themes like morality and the consequences of one’s past irrational actions and revenge.

This anime series is thought-provoking. It is masterfully choreographed for viewers’ thrilling viewing experience built around revenge.

9. Black Butler

Black Butler

Are you excited to watch an anime with an intense revenge story? We have a perfect anime pick for you. It’s Black Butler. The main lead in this anime is Earl Ciel Phantomhive.

He is a young boy whose parents died by being burnt alive due to a mysterious fire. Earl makes a deal with a demon to stick with him in the disguise of a butler to help him take his revenge against people who are responsible for Earl’s parent’s death.

Black Butler anime is full of thrilling scenes that have intense fight moves. Ciel, with his demon butler friend, gets in a nerve freaking fight against Sebastian, who is the main enemy.

Black Butler anime is filled with mysterious and suspenseful sensitive secrets that get uncovered as the anime goes on. This series also explores the moral impact of revenge. The series also focussed on Ciel’s inner struggles which he faces to achieve his goals.

This anime is visually very appealing for regular anime watchers. If you want to see some action-packed revenge, we highly recommend you watch Black Butler.

8. 91 Days

91 Days

What would be your reaction if you saw your own family being murdered cold-bloodedly before your eyes? Angelo Lagusa is fighting against all the people who are from the Vanetti mafia family. He befriended the members of the mafia to get closer to their boss, who is his revenge target.

Innocent Angelo started this revenge but transformed from a naive young man into a hardened criminal.

This anime series is full of exciting action sequences. Angelo uses his cunning skills to take down the mafia boss and track all his minions to get revenge. This anime has a gripping storyline that will keep you hooked to the edge of your seat.

7. Gun Grave

Gun Grave

“Gun Grave” anime is a revenge tale of two friends, Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell. Both of them find themselves entangled in the Millennium Mafia web, it was the most notorious one.

Harry and Brandon both became a part of the mafia organization. Their ambition is to reach the top supreme leader under the guidance of a powerful Big Daddy.

As the story unveils, the viewers are brought into friendship, betrayal and greed. The main course of this anime is Brandon’s unending will to pursue his revenge.

He made this goal of revenge to protect his women from Big Daddy, the main head of the millennial mafia.

Your heart may keep on racing because this anime is full of action sequences along with an interesting storyline to keep viewers engaged. The character development is rich with good depth.

6. Dororo


Dororo anime tells the story of a mysterious swordsman and a young boy named Dororo. This is an unlikely pair of a swordsman and a young boy.

His father offered The mysterious Swordsman to the demons in exchange for granting his father his wish. His father sacrificed the young Swordsman to the demons.

The demons steal this swordsman’s senses, limbs, and skin when he was born. However, the young boy named Hyakkimaru, survives this ordeal.

No matter he had physical limitations, this passionate swordsman trained himself. He met a sculpture guy who attaches prosthetics arms and weapons to set him off in his revenge mission.

His mission was to kill the demons who took away his limbs and made him crippled to get his humanity back. He became a skilled swordsman, and on his journey, he met a young boy named Dororo.

Dororo and the Swordsman face many challenges together and journey their way through the harsh and unforgiving world. Dororo anime is the story of friendship, redemption, and survival in a rotten world that is greedy and corrupt.

This anime is a thrilling revenge adventure that will captivate the viewers via many action and emotional scenes.

5. Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer

“Redo of Healer” is one of the best revenge anime you will watch. This anime develops on the base points like power, revenge and redemption.

A boy named Keyaru is a powerful healer from this anime who was betrayed and used by his trusted people. But our main hero has the supernatural ability to take revenge against the people who betrayed him. This is the main theme of the anime “Redo of Healer”.

Keyaru is burning with a revengeful heart against the people who did him wrong. His heart is filled with anger and a desire for justice.

Revenge wasn’t his first goal, but when he learned the truth about injustice, he decided to get his revenge. Also, this anime includes a lot of hot scenes so be aware of your surroundings before watching it.

4. Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is one of the best revenge anime you’ll see. This anime is totally based on vengeance and betrayal.

Vinland saga has been recently released, and had a great venture taken for telling a revenge story. The anime scores a high score when we talk about well-written characters, gore scenes, and breathtaking animation.

Its anime will get you engaged with it. King Cnut’s Rise to Power and Revenge story plot is centered around a historical explorer character whose name is Thorfinn.

He is the son of a killed ex-warrior who served as a mercenary. The story has many changing twists, which develop and drop to an end. Finland’s story is a great expedition.

3. Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo

Gankutsuou_ Count of Monte Cristo

“Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo ” this anime is a beautiful remake of the popular book ‘Gankutsuou’. The base of this anime is betrayal through a close friend. But this doesn’t let him down, as the main lead returns to take his revenge much stronger than before.

This anime got many good reviews from anime fans and even a good Mal review stating, ” Being able to make your heartbreak and to make your blood boil and also leave you breathless on your couch.

This heart-pounding anime has shown some of the best revenge stories”. This anime will leave its audience speechless due to its unique art style. This anime has a bit of an off-beat storyline if you see its overview. Its great original story is upgraded in multiple ways.

2. Code Geass

Code Geass

There is a war of superpowers going on throughout this anime! Code Geass includes three superpower empires including the Chinese Federation, Holy Britannian Empire, and the European Union.

This classic anime is based upon a political event and moral turmoil of the Holy Britannian Empire, acting as a villainous empire that burns the candle from both ends.

The exiled prince of the Britannia land, Lelouch Lamperouge, has sworn to cause its destruction, which caused his mother’s death. He has inherited the power of disobedience along with the supernatural ability “Geass”.

Using his “Geass” ability, Lelouch creates a super-alter ego with which he can completely bring down the Britannia empire. To do this act, Lelouch uses his high-powered mechs and mind-control techniques to overcome his enemies.

1. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

‘Attack on Titan’ is not solely based on the theme of revenge, but it does have its fair share of revengeful characters and stories. This stuff makes it a neat revenge anime. With a paralleled side revenge plotline and brutal death scenes, Eren’s vow to annihilate Marley gives it a revengeful side.

This anime includes Titans, which are basically humanoid predators in the post-apocalyptic time when humans had to defend themselves from such dangers.

However, this anime isn’t just about how humans defend themselves against titans, the Political and psychological themes are beautifully explained in Attack on Titan.

The beginning of “Attack on Titan” anime is revenge, but it advances to a more detailed plot in the coming episodes.


Out of these mentioned anime, which one is your favorite one? Let us know in the comments section below. You can also recommend your views and anime that you want us to include in our upcoming articles.

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