Best Anime Prince (List of Handsome & Hot Anime Prince)

Best Anime Prince (List of Handsome & Hot Anime Prince)

Can you tell me which type of anime characters would be your biggest crush? Of course, the charming and adorable anime princes, right? And they have a crush on them.

Their handsome personality and beautiful etiquette make them worthy of having a crush. I also have a crush on some charming anime princes.

It’s not about them having royal attire and living. It’s about how, despite being royal, they have a humble nature. They are always ready to help everyone, no matter what.

Today, I thought, why not reveal some charming anime princes to you all? Here is the list of 16 best anime prince charmings capable of winning everybody’s hearts. So, without any delay, let’s begin with our list.

1. Prince Zen Wistaria – Snow White With The Red Hair

Prince Zen Wistaria - Snow White With The Red Hair

In general, you would find a few princes who would show respect to their servants and workers. Zen is one of those humble princes. His humble nature has stolen my heart, so he is given the number 1 position on my list.

Zen can be thought to be a complete package of every single thing that is required to become a great prince. Not only does he have a kind and loving nature,e but his adorable looks are also capable of attracting anybody’s attention.

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Of course, many of you might not like his looks because Zen was an average-looking guy. His white hair and blue eyes would make him a sparkling being.

You would always find him dressed in a blue uniform, perfectly matching his adorable personality. And his sword would complete his look of the prince. But don’t fix this dressing in your mind. Youas would also sometimes find Zen dressed up casually.

Although Zen is average-looking, his protective nature for his loved ones and companions makes him a star prince. He would never allow anybody to threaten his loved ones.

And, if anybody dares to do so, they would have to face the anger and hatred of Zen. Besides being protective, Zen also has a productive nature. You would be surprised to know that Zen can complete tedious paperwork in no time. It would be hard to believe, but that’s true.

So, now you tell me, with these many qualities, does Zen deserve to be No.1 or not?

2. Prince Arslan – The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

Prince Arslan - The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

Next on the list is the male protagonist of the anime ‘The Heroic Legend Of Arslan.’ Unlike his father, Arslan was a very calm and loving boy. The only weakness he had was that he was not having combat skills. Yes, it might be hard to believe, as Arslan’s parents, King Andragoras and Queen Tahamine, were both amazing warriors.

But, despite having this weakness, Arslan always made efforts to overcome it. That’s why, even after being accompanied by a bodyguard all the time, Arslan would be less dependent on him. This quality makes Arslanm an amazing warrior.

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He became so powerful that one day, he could conquer Sindhura, which was a tough game. Moreover, he also defeated very strong armies like the Turanians. With their powerful leader, Hilmes, nobody would ever think to defeat the Turanians. But Arslan made it possible.

It is always amazing to see Arslan wooing us through his heroic deeds. Arslan’s character becomes inspirational for those who are afraid of fighting back.

3. Prince Lelouch vi Britannia – Code Geass

Prince Lelouch vi Britannia - Code Geass

Following Zen comes another great prince personality, Lelouch. However, Lelouch is an easygoing personality. In terms of looks, you would find Lelouch to be handsome, occupied with violet eyes and an impressive great height. However, he does not have any sort of muscular body. He is thin, but his tallness makes him every girl’s favorite.

But there is something else that would surely make you a fan of Lelouch. And that is his masked personality, Zero. Well, I am sure reading this, many of you would be mumbling your minds, thinking what Zero is. I’ll tell you.

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Lelouch had a motive in his life to find the killer of his mother, who was from his own family. But, being the prince, it would not be possible for him to figure it out. That’s why he wears a mask and names himself Zero, who fights against the Britannian province to seek justice for his mother.

Knowing this, you would think about Lelouch as a socially helping man. This is not true. Lelouch, in reality, is very arrogant. He does not have respect for anybody. This is solely because, during his childhood, he has seen things where he believes that humanity doesn’t exist.

However, while being Zero, Lelouch starts having faith in humanity, and from a hard-stoned person, he becomes a kind-hearted man who respects everyone, including his soldiers and co-workers.

Not only for his heroic deeds, but Lelouch also has a strong fanbase because of his high intelligence power. Yes, despite being easygoing, he can easily tackle his school’s most difficult projects. He even likes to play chess, and he masters that.

So, Lelouch is an amazing prince personality overall with whom anybody can fall in love.

4. Prince Canute – Vinland Saga

Prince Canute - Vinland Saga

When you would have seen Canute for the first time, many of you might have mistaken him for a girl. Even I had the same confusion. Canute’s physical appearance is more like a girl’s. His long hair, bluish eyes, and pouty lips resemble him like a girl.

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But this confusion vanishes soon after Canute when he changes his physical appearance, where he looks like a man. Wondering why? Well, in the beginning, you would be very weak and fearful. He was frightened of fighting back to the extent that he would always have his guard, Ragnar, to protect him.

The real change comes into his life when Ragnar dies. This is when Canute finds that he needs to become strong enough to fight the outside world. Canute’s transformation journey from a weak boy to a strong prince is admirable and worth watching.

5. Prince Alibaba Saluja – Magi: The Labyrinth Of Magic

Prince Alibaba Saluja - Magi_ The Labyrinth Of Magic

When you watch the anime ‘Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic,’ you will find utterly lovable and handsome princes in it. However, there would be very few who would hardly have some time for enjoyment. And Prince Alibaba is one of those few prices.

Alibaba was the third and the youngest son of the Balbadd kingdom. So, you can imagine how Alibaba might have a carefree nature. He always liked to be adored by beautiful young girls.

To find such girls, Alibaba even visited clubs with his friend Aladdin, who was very popular among girls. However, despite these many efforts, he always met muscular and tough girls.

Overall, if you see Alibaba, he is one of those charming prince personalities who always like people irrespective of their position. It is one of the most adorable things that I like about Alibaba. I am sure many of you might also adore Alibaba’s quality.

And Alibaba’s qualities do not end here. There is more to adore. Alibaba is a very powerful and fearless warrior. He likes to deal with unusual circumstances independently, no matter what.

6. Prince Ashitaka – Princess Mononoke

Prince Ashitaka

Ashitaka is a full-packaged anime prince in which you would find everything from courage to calmness to bravery. He is the person whom you would find respecting everybody no matter what. And that’s the reason why everyone loves and adores Ashitaka a lot.

Due to his amazing qualities, Ashitaka has the full potential of touching every viewer’s heart. That’s why even a small hurt to Ashtaka brings a lot of tears to everyone’s eyes. I also cried a lot when Asitaka was exiled. I am sure many of you might have cried a lot, right?

But the best part is how, despite being a prince, he lives a simple life in the forest. You would see him doing every task alone during his exile days. And, the best part is whether he is living in his kingdom or the forest, he treats everyone with utter respect and care, irrespective of their position.

7. Prince Su-won – Yona Of The Dawn

Prince Su-won - Yona Of The Dawn

In the Yona Of The Dawn anime, you might have seen a short-height, cute prince, Su-Won. He has an adorable physique, dark hair extending to his shoulders, green-blue eyes, and white skin. You might think him to be attractive in terms of his physique only. But, what is more attractive to him is his balanced nature.

Despite being a young boy, he completely understands where and in what situation he needs to keep calm and how to deal with the particular situation.

And you can see this when his father dies, and he is just nine years old at that time. Now, what would you expect a nine-year-old kid to do at that time? Of course, he would cry and not be able to handle himself.

But, in the case of Su-Won, it is the opposite. You would find him reacting calmly and handling even his family amazingly.

So, this is what you get to learn from Su-Won on how to deal with difficult situations calmly.

8. Tahomaru Daigo – Dororo

Tahomaru Daigo - Dororo

You would find Prince Charming a lot who look adorable, but the ones who care for their people will be very few. Tahomaru is one of them. Tahomaru was the son of a feudal lord.

Knowing this, you might assume him to be very arrogant. But Tahomaru was very caring. He even played with his servants, Hyogo and Mutsu, without showing any attitude. So, you can imagine how humble Tahomaru would be.

He always worked dedicatedly for the well-being of his people. You would even find him sacrificing his brother, Hyakkimaru, for his people, knowing that his survival would harm them.

So, the Tahomaru anime character teaches you a lot about loving and caring for your people.

9. Prince Ling Yao – Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Prince Ling Yao - Fullmetal Alchemist_ Brotherhood

Ling Yao always had one desire in his life: to get the throne of Xing. But was that easy? Not at all. Because 50 potential heirs were trying to achieve the throne, LingYao had to prove himself to his father, who would assign the throne. That’s why he goes to Amestris to find the secret of immortality.

But, during his secret mission, Ling finds that a king is incomplete without his people. Now, that’s where Ling’s life takes a u-turn. After facing reality, he does things for the welfare of the Yao Clans. He now actually starts living for them.

And, due to his loving and caring nature, Ling finally gets the throne. But at that time, rather than the throne, his people’s well-being was more important to him.

10. Vegeta


Initially, when you see Vegeta, you find him a very arrogant prince. He never cares for anybody. Nor does he respect anybody. All he cares about is himself. Yes, Vegeta is a villain in all forms, and he is a villain, but something has made him on this list.

I am sure you might be confused thinking how Vegeta is being loved despite being a villain. Well, there are many reasons for it. Firstly, though Vegeta is a villain, he is very brave.

Who would like to see a prince who is scared of fighting? Of course, nobody. Vigeta’s fighting spirit and heroic deeds make him an adorable prince charming.

Now, knowing about the second reason, you will surely be shocked. As time passes, Vegeta starts caring for people. Can you believe it? The ruthless person now actually cares for his kingdom and people.

11. Soma Asman Kadar – Black Butler

Soma Asman Kadar - Black Butler

Soma’s name comes first on my list when we talk about immature princes. It is simply because he would always blame others for his problems. He would also never see his faults, which made him a self-absorbed person in my eyes. Of course, you can also tell me your views about Soma.

However, there is one thing I like about Soma, and that’s the only reason I have put Soma on this list. And that is his care for his family and friends, especially Agni and Ciel.

If he finds that anything is bothering them, he would immediately start finding a solution for it. So, despite being a bit childish, Soma is proving the definition of friendship right in all terms.

Though Soma is a brave boy, there is one thing that scares Soma all the time, and that is Sebastian Michaelis. He is scared of him to the extent that he would never speak with him directly.

12. Sanji


There was a man in the anime’ One Piece’ who was heightened and also had blond hair. Yes, I am talking about Sanji. Of course, you might have seen him working in the straw hat pirate group, but he was the prince.

Yes, you read that right. Sanji belonged to a royal family. So, what brought him to the pirate group? Well, let me tell you.

Sanji was the third son of the Vinsmoke family. The family belonged to the Germa kingdom. But it was very abusive. That’s why Sanji broke all ties with his royal family and lived with the pirate group without revealing his identity. It makes Sanji an amazing person who dared to fight against the wrong and his own family.

This shows that for Sanji, goodness was more important than the royal outlook. And this makes Sanji touch my heart in every single way. Did Sanji’s goodness touch your heart also?

13. Hakuryuu Ren – Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Hakuryuu Ren

Have you ever imagined a prince cooking food? Not. What’s the need for a prince to cook? Of course, he doesn’t need to, but one exceptional prince on my list who knows how to cook is Yes, and he is none other than Hakuryuu.

Hakuryuu is very different from the traditional princes. Besides cooking good food, he is a very polite and well-behaved prince – the quality you need to find in a prince with a torch.

Usually, you would find princes not worrying about less important matters. But Hakuryuu is from those princes for whom little things matter a lot. Isn’t it amazing?

And what to say about his amazing powers and personality! It is something that every girl falls for. I am one of them.

14. Sinbad from Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Sinbad from Magi_ The Kingdom of Magic

You would find innumerable princes in the anime, ‘Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic. Out of many princes, one you would find is Sinbad. When you see Sinbad, you will find him occupied with a lot of jewelry made from metal vessels and hoop earrings. His jewelry shows that he is a prince.

His muscular body, purple and white robes, long hair, white turban, and pointed red shoes make him look like a perfect prince.

Besides this, the other thing that I always adore in Sinbad is his confident personality. The way he always carries himself makes him a prince because princes who always carry the jewelry of confidence are hard to find.

15. Hotohori From Fushigi Yuugi

Hotohori From Fushigi Yuugi

Do you know who the harshest anime prince is? He is none other than Hotohori. However, it’s not his fault. He never got that love and affection from his parents when he was young. So, what can you expect from such an upbringing? Of course, a harsh personality.

But you would find him having a mixed personality.

There would be some points in the anime where you would not like Hotohori, but you would fall in love with him at some point.

He would make some harsh decisions when he was on the throne. But, when he is with his love, Miaka, he becomes very affectionate and warm. This is because Miaka gives him a lot of love and care, which he didn’t get in his childhood.

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