Best Anime Characters With a Bowl Cut (Rated by Otakus)

Best Anime Characters With a Bowl Cut (Rated by Otakus)

Mainstream media has repeatedly proved that the bowl cut is one of the most worn. Men from the 90s and ’90s commonly did it, and it reached its peak popularity. Do not be confused by the funny names people have given it; some call it the bucket head, some the mushroom cut. It’s still the same thing.

It can be true that this might not be the most lit cut there is, but we can’t call it cringe, either. It’s just a matter of preference. So now l will give you some anime characters that decided to have this debatable hairstyle. This list has characters from different anime series, both male and female, so here we go.

1. Rock Lee

Rock Lee

Anime: Naruto series

Making it on the first position of characters with bowl cuts is Rock Lee. He was part of the Team Guy crew and, surprisingly, is a ninja who can’t do any genjutsu and ninjutsu.

Can you believe that? He, however, could throw in some simple chakra skills here and there. He could smoothly walk on water and vertical objects.

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He was willing to give up no matter the circumstances and worked hard to become a taijutsu expert. Maito was his trainer, and he also familiarized himself with the Eight Inner Gates. Growing up, he got a job at Chunin Exams as an invigilator.

Lee is one of the people who kept their bowl cut from childhood till they grew up. His son Metal Lee and trainer Guy also had the same cut; what a coincidence. His hair is black, and it looks gleaming.

Parts of his body were bandaged because he wanted to cover the scars he got from the harsh training sessions. You can see him wearing orange stockings and a green all-in-one suit.

2. Doctor Kuseno in One-Punch Man.

Doctor Kuseno in One-Punch Man

Anime: One Punch Man

You might be one of the people who saw Dr Kuseno in One-Punch Man and thought that Dr Kuseno was always wearing his ancestry funnel-shaped hat. To your surprise, that’s just his hair that has so much volume that it goes against the laws of gravity.

He is a man who stands for justice, but they turned him into a robot. He then takes up the responsibility to cater for Genos and be there as a father to him.

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Dr Kuseno is not self-centred, and there is nothing that can be too big to block his way in pursuing justice. He is quite an old man with grey hair, eyes, and a long nose. His hair is cut into a unique bowl, and the first thing that comes to mind when you see him is a mushroom.

Geno wants to make sure that the insane cyborg that took away his family is dealt with, and this is stressing our poor old man. He is someone who puts others first before him. Dr Kuseno has had sleepless nights trying to advance Geno’s weapons and body so long it means that the human race is safe.

3. Hinata


Anime: Naruto

If you have watched Naruto, then you know Hinata. She is a Hyuga by origin with white eyes that appear purple-ish on screen. Her hair is navy blue and is cut into different sizes of lengths.

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Initially, you see her hair with bangs on her forehead, which resembles a bowl cut. Part of her was coming down a bit longer to her chin, giving more definition to her face.

With age, she started rocking her long hair, and it reached to her waist when she was carrying baby Boruto. Hinata maintained her front bowl look at the front regardless of the length of her hair.

4. Nobita


Anime: Doraemon

For those who had anime as part of their childhood, we know that Nobita Nobi is just an average kid from the hood. He is a noob character but very strong when it comes to misusing Doraemno’s gadgets.

However, he was very poor in his studies. He was just a typical lead character you would expect to see from any other kids’ show. His boring character just made his role make sense.

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Talk about his appearance; he was of reasonable height and neither too light nor too dark. His signature look is a pair of navy blue shorts and a yellow shirt.

Nobita’s hair and eyes are black, and she always wears big, circled specs. Only his height increases in each manga and anime; otherwise, everything else remains the same.

Nobita Nobi was the lead protagonist when Doraemon was released, but in countries like the UK and America, his full name can simply be Noby.

Everything that he did eventually came down to nothing until Doraemon saved him. He had come from the future to ensure his future would be bright.

5. Mob Kageyama

Mob Kageyama

Anime: Mob Psycho 100

Of all the characters rocking a bowl cut I am telling you about, Shigeo was the most popular. One of the details now inseparable from him is his black hairstyle. It follows the anime he featured in that was an absolute success called Mob Psycho 100, hence his nickname Mob.

Shigeo is not one of the characters that you would fall in love with at first sight. He is a very powerful psychic with dim eyes and a bowl cut. He is not the type to piss off because once he is angry, there is nothing that can stop him.

Big cities look like toys in his hand; he can crash them easily. Every time this feeling comes, strands of his hair stand up pointy into the air.

Normally, he wears a boy’s school attire from Salt Middle School. His face shows no emotion; it is dull most of the time. Don’t be like Shigeo; you’ll scare people away.

When he was a little boy, he realized that his feelings directly impacted his esper powers. Too many of these feelings on a bad day will make him become a threat to others, and he tries by all means to keep that side of him suppressed.

6. Ikeuchi


Anime: Gleipnir

In this anime, there is a man called Ikeuchi, a Sayaka Koyanagi group member and a collector. People found it easy to mess around with him because of his cowardice. However, he also has a dark side that allows him to use his head for surveillance.

Ikeuchi could capture the moments and transfer them later to the internet or a hard drive for anything close to him.

His eyes were blue and colourful, species that were square-shapes a bowl cut on his brown-haired head, but the undersides were taupe, a mixture of brown and grey.

7. Bruno Bucciarati

Bruno Bucciarati

Anime: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind

Have you ever noticed characters with an impeccable sense of style that you want to be? Well, there are many of them from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind. Amongst all of them, there is Bruno, who decided to step up the game and be outstanding.

His hairstyle is both his signature and statement. He wears this phenomenal white attire with clasp locker patterns to add more spice.

Bruno has one of the cleanest bowl cuts you have ever seen. It is perfectly trimmed and equal on both sides. The hair is gleaming, and hair clips are carefully pinned on his front hair.

This series will continue to entice you with how all the gangsters were killing their looks. Bruno is, of course, one of the best. His bowl cut is not dull but is given character by the bangs that drop down lower to his chin.

8. Sachiya Yoshida

Sachiya Yoshida

Anime: DIVE!!

You might agree that once you see Sachiya Yoshida, he takes the cup for having the best bowl cut. In the Midori Diving Club that he belongs to, he is the odd one out. Everyone else is older than him while he is still in elementary school.

Because he is the youngest, it’s expected that he is the shortest. His colleagues call him Sacchan, and he is someone who puts on a smile all the time. His black hair is cut into a cute bowl cut that makes his blue eyes pop out. Sacchan is also blessed with eyelashes that look so good on him.

9. Gohan


Anime: Dragon Ball

Like most people you have seen on screen, Gohan had a black bowl cut as an infant. It made him one of the cute, lovely kids; however, as he was growing, his hair became more barbed. There was nothing extra about his cut, but it was perfect for him as a child.

Gohan was a child of Goku and partly had Saiyan roots. He was a reserved man who wasn’t a big fan of wars but preferred agreeing through talking. The only time you would see him fighting was when he had no choice; otherwise, it was not his thing.

10. Seto Kaiba

Seto Kaiba

Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Bowl cuts also look good on adults, even though they are not the nicest people. I said this because Seto Kaiba is not the nicest character you’ll see. He was the biggest opponent to Yugi and was a sucker for games.

Seto is the Head of the largest gaming joint business called the KaibaCorps. His ego and arrogance do not care if it’s a work-related or game issue.

They just display themselves. The lives of his enemies depend on his mercy, which he usually does not have. He was admitted to the hospital after losing a game to Dark Yugi.

Seto was blue-eyed, had brown hair and was of sensible height. He wears a bowl cut with a bit shorter front hair than the back hair. His hair is styled into bangs that lie smoothly just on top of his eyes, with a longer standing out from the rest, which comes in the middle of his eye down to his nose.

11. Setsuko


Anime: Grave of the Fireflies

There are different characters of different personalities with a bowl cut. Here you see it in Setsuko, a young girl who had lost her parents and was left with his older brother as her guardian.

She suffered from hunger and starvation during the Japanese Second War, which led to her death at only four years of age. Setsuko had brown hair that was cut into a short bowl cut. Her face was cuteness overloaded like a child would. She has an innocent face and is round shaped, which was made more gorgeous with her full eyes.

12. Maruko-Chan


Anime: Chibi Maruko Chan

Fans from Asia, especially East Asia, were driven nuts when Maruko-chan appeared with a bowl cut, even if it was just a small scene in one episode. You could tell that they didn’t get enough of his looks. Maruko-chan is like Nobita in that they are both so into their roots and culture.

She was usually seen in her adorable fringe but changed her signature look in episode 936. The bangs were trimmed, and she was styled in a bowl cut, referred to as a bucket head by Jiang Xin, an actress from China.

13. Takeyama


Anime: Angel Beats!

Let me give you a little background of Takeyama. He was an expert in cyber security. Takeyama belonged to the Shinda Sekai Sensen and was an Afterlife High School student. Funnily, he was trying to get people to call him Christ, and of course, no one agreed.

He could repeat the value of pi from his memory, which was an added advantage for him against his rivals. For SSS, his chief task was to gather Intel.

Takeyama’s brown bowl cut was sleek and had a middle part. He was short, had blue eyes, and wore specs like almost every other nerd. He would rather sit on his computer than get himself into any fighting.

14. Mako Mankanshoku

Mako Mankanshoku

Anime: Kill La Kill

Of all the people who wore a bowl cut, Mako Mankanshoku was the perfect character to have it. She is a brown-eyed young lady who is loyal and full of life. Her hair is brown and looks perfect in her bowl cut.

Mako’s usual outfit is a uniform from Honnoji Academy. It was a short blue skirt, a short-sleeved white shirt, a blue scarf, a dark brown loafer and a pair of white socks just below her knees.

Mako is generally an admirable character for everything she does, but her cute bowl cut brings her personality together.

15. Ririn


Anime: Bleach

In this anime, Ririn is brought to life by Kisure Urahara. She was a mod soul with an eye for the bounts and later joined forces with Ichigo Kurosaki to try to take down the bounts. If you are wondering what a mod soul is, let me tell you: it’s a being that has an unnatural soul made to enhance the capabilities of a lifeless body.

Of all the other anime characters, Ririn stands out as having never been featured in the manga. Her appearance is that of a toddler with blue eyes and blonde hair. In the series, she is a naughty and clingy girl.

She has a bowl cut almost the same length as her face but a bit longer at the back. At the front, her bangs are so short that they don’t even touch her eyebrows.

16. Jinpachi Ego

Jinpachi Ego

Anime: Blue Lock

With this last one, l give Jinpachi Ego, who was picked by Anri Teieri, to coach the Blue Lock Project. He was chosen because they desperately wanted to get a chance to have the best player who would take Japan to the World Cup finalist.

Jinpachi was passing whatever his beliefs were onto the players he was coaching. He taught them that for greatness to come to you, you must be self-centred.

Of course, he wears a bowl cut with bangs touching his thick-framed specs. His hair was pitch black, and so were his widely round eyes. Ego had light-toned skin and was bonnie and tall.

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