Best Gay Anime That Will Make You Interested to Read More in No Time

Best Gay Anime That Will Make You Interested to Read More in No Time

We can proudly say that anime entertainment has been fair as it has shows that accommodate everyone. There is no judgment of characters or personalities in the anime world, which makes it flexible.

If you are truly an anime fan by now, I am sure you are aware of how it brings different varieties of shows. The Anime world works with what you believe, so their shows and series are balanced.

By the way, what is a gay? This guy is also interested in guys and has intimacy with them. The romance that takes place between gays is super duper; it’s unexplainable in words.

These shows are most favorable to the LGBTQ community. This concept of gay when it comes to females they are lesbians. Here is a list for my LGBTQ community and those fond of these shows; let’s get on it:

1. Sasaki and Miyano

Sasaki and Miyano

In this show, Miyano seems to have influenced Sasaki to become a fan of the LGBTQ community and genres. After Sasaki, his colleague, saved Miyano, they became close.

Sasaki was supplied the content to read about BL genres by Miyano. He was smart enough to take it as an opportunity to get closer to Miyano.

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At first, Miyano kept everything concealed and hidden from Sasaki because maybe he was scared of being judged. Some people believe that it was because he was scared of being judged. What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comment section.

2. No.6


The show focuses on some other crucial elements, including gay romance. These two young boys are so much in love and doing everything possible in their power for it to work.

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Their relationship is one of the most amazing gay couples in anime. The two young boys are portrayed as going through many challenges to survive.

No.6 is also a show that vividly captures the life of a gay couple in a society full of problems and hardships. The fact that the show is sci-fi makes their romance more heartwarming and sweet.

3. Super Lovers

Super Lovers

It is so unfortunate that by the time Haru and Ren Kaidou were starting to get along, Haru got into an accident. The most hurt part is that he lost his memory. He had to start from scratch. Ren did everything in his power to remind Haru of who he was.

Ren was Haru’s adopted brother; at first, he was an introvert and not open to anyone. He later got used to Haru and started to open up to him. After the accident, he came to Tokyo five years later just for a reminder. He was successful in reminding Haru of their promise to go to Japan.

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Some will find it weird because these two guys are brothers, but I have a justification. The two were not blood-related, so I don’t find it weird or wrong.

It also shows how Ren has been through a lot before meeting Haru and why he is like that. What do you think about Ren’s first impression? The comment is all yours; your thoughts matter.

4. Semantic Error

Semantic Error

This show focuses on a high school duo that developed their relationship at university. These two guys were together at the same High school and are now working on the same project at the same university.

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What a coincidence that these guys developed something amazing and inspiring. It is one of the best anime series with the most amazing and adorable gay couple.

5. Twittering Birds Never Fly: The Clouds Gather

Twittering Birds Never Fly_ The Clouds Gather

The movie above is based on a yakuza member trying to escape a certain crime. As much as he tries, the world is not on his, and it’s time to face reality.

Many viewers could not find this movie because of the themes brought out in this movie. The themes in this movie are so touching and build up sad emotions. The themes included in this movie are as follows: self-identity and real-life struggle with abuse.

Now, some are wondering what self-identity is. Well, it is not something so complex. It is the perception or recognition of one’s characteristics. It deals with one’s characteristics as a particular individual, especially in a social context.

6. The Tyrant Falls In Love

The Tyrant Falls In Love

Have you ever imagined a person against the gay community joining the community? Well, that is Souichi through his workmate’s influence. This show focuses on Tetsuhiro, who likes his colleague and is so into him.

Unfortunately, the guy is against the gay community and is even in great disapproval of what his little brother did. Souichi’s little brother ran away with another man to get married.

At first, it wasn’t easy for Tetsuhiro to gather the courage and guts to express his feelings to Souichi. However, finally, Souichi started to feel the same way Tetsuhiro felt. Hats off to Tetsuhiro. It was an easy job, but finally, he succeeded and convinced Souichi.

7. Bloom Into You

Bloom Into You

It is one of the most famous and well-known anime shows. Bloom Into You is more of a show that looks into acquiring one’s character. It is less of a romantic show, even though it comprises a gay couple.

The show focuses on two girls, Touko Nanami and You Koito, who are in the same situation. They learned about who they truly were after realizing they were both interested in women, not men.

8. Land of the Lustrous

Land of the Lustrous

This show is from a manga derived from the life of a certain teacher named Kongo. This teacher had 28 Lustrous that he or she led. In this show, somehow, there is confusion about gender, whether male or female, because of the nature of the characters.

It also includes some scenes of war between the Lustroust and Lunarians because the Lustroust are attractive, which is the reason why the Lunarians want their bodies.

9. Paradise Kiss

Paradise Kiss

At some point, you might wonder how this show has qualified amongst the list; well, it qualifies. In this show, there is a girl who is transgender, and she has become the most noticeable girl in the community.

Yukari gets into a lifestyle as she is asked to be the whole advertising thing of a certain group’s items. The group’s name is Paradise Kiss; it only consists of girls except for Isabella, who is trans.

The most important idea brought up in this movie is expressing how one feels. In this comedy, there is no judging of one’s character, but they live freely. This show is about freedom of expression.

There is also the issue of gender identity in the fashion business. In this show, people express their feelings and who they are in person. Lastly, the fashion business included in this show shows how these were also into earning a living.

10. Yuri on Ice

Yuri on Ice

It is vividly captured in this show that love conquers everything. It is portrayed in how two guys fall in love and have a wonderful relationship despite the world being against them. Yuri Katsuri is in a relationship with his Russian coach, Victor Nikiforov.

The problem is that the sport they are into has its own rules and regulations. This sport of skating does not uphold and support the LGBTQ community and its activities.

This challenge to their relationship as what was happening between them is not allowed. These two were perfect together and inspiring even though their actions were prohibited.

Through their BL relationship, they built each other, and Yuri started to believe and trust in himself. It was not easy, but because of her determination and the help of his partner Victor, he made it. Victor and Yuri have different personalities who love and care for each other.

11. Wandering Son

Wandering Son

It is the most relevant and relatable show to the LGBTQ community as it portrays a lot concerning gender. My fellas, this anime show mostly focuses on accepting who you are without shame.

This anime show captures many reasons one would want to change his or her gender. Some people are struggling to accept who they are. This show is helpful to you.

Two people are transgender in this show: one guy who became a female and a female who became a male. Now, the major concern is the uneasiness and discomfort caused by a mismatch between biological sex and gender identity. Ultimately, these two try hard to accept who they are.

In this show, almost every character has problems and challenges troubling them. Some wish to look like someone, and some are not the way they are. It is more like an educational show based on gender, revealing how gender does not decide your fate.

12. Banana Fish

Banana Fish

This series is derived from and references a certain manga from the 1980s. It mostly focuses on abuse, as shown and vividly captured through the character named Ash.

He has a dark past and is living a gangster life to survive and have a better life. Life has not been easy for him. Fortunately, he is the one who becomes the successor of the street gang.

His life is based on a hope for a better and brighter future to make himself a better person. Unfortunately, he seems to be suffering from abuse, and Papa Dino Golzine is oppressing him.

Ash seems to be tied up on a rope of sexual assault, and he can’t tolerate it anymore. Papa Dino Golzine is not only training and preparing Ash for his future position in the mob. He has some other hidden agenda, which is also preparing him and training him to be his gay partner. Do you think Ash is happy about all this?

His life changed from the moment he met a man who was about to die and gave him a note that changed everything. From that moment, he met his partner, who became his love of life. These two were so much in love together and made it through together.

13. Gakuen Heaven

Gakuen Heaven

This show is about a guy who just got accepted at a well-known and famous school only for boys. The guy goes by the name Keita Itou. Something fishy was already taking place on the very first day at school. Most of the guys were attracted and amazed by his appearance.

He was amazed by the way his colleagues were so nice to him, and they were so kind. Keita got close to Kazuki, and he became his first true and loyal friend.

It is also suspicious that they might have something more than friendship. What do you think about these two? Were they friends, or is there something more to it? Don’t forget to comment; the comment section is all yours.

14. Gravitation


This show focuses on a young guy passionate about becoming a music artist. He was happy forming a tag team with his friend, and they even got themselves a label for their music.

The only problem now was that Shuichi had trouble writing songs and finding lyrics. It made his friend turn his back on him, insisting that Shuichi needed motivation.

Fortunately, Shuichi met a well-known novelist and decided to join hands together. The only thing that was in Shuichi’s mind was to show off his success to Hiroshi for dumping him.

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